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1. Thomas J. Cole [1]
I am trying to determine if Thomas J. Cole, a private in Company I, 11th Texas Cavalry, is Thomas Jefferson Cole, born in Montgomery County, Ar about 1845. The muster records indicate that the Thomas J. Cole was 20 in 1861, which makes him about 3 years older than my relative, but lying about age was common, especially in that age group. His service closely parallels the family lore about Thomas Jefferson Cole's service (some service in Georgia and Carolina). The only other Thomas J. Cole that I have be
2. [11TH-TEXAS-CAVALRY] Co. C.. Saddler service records.. [1]
This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Surnames: Sadler, Saddler Classification: Query Message Board URL: Message Board Post: D. M. Saddler Enlisted in Confederate States Army on February 25, 1862 in Washington County, Arkansas by W. C. Young. On detached duty on December 31, 1862 at Cleveland, Tennessee, Captain J. J. Bradford Commanding Detachment of General McCown's Division, Smith's Corps. Present for remaini
3. [11TH-TEXAS-CAVALRY] cemetery headstone [1]
I am the assistant coordinator for an OKGenWeb site. I am canvassing and transcribing cemeteries to be placed online. A few days ago at a small country Choctaw cemetery I encountered a headstone with the following. " Pvt Maurice Cass, 1836 - 1926, CO. H Walker's Reg, IND TEX Cav, CSA" . Can anyone help with the information on this headstone. This cemetery is located in Haskell County, S.E. Oklahoma. This person was born in this area and enrolled by the dawes commission. James Brown
4. [11TH-TEXAS-CAVALRY] record [1]
I am looking for any info on Thomas Strother from Houston County. I believe he was with the 11th under R H Prigden. Thanks Carla Boehm
5. [11TH-TEXAS-CAVALRY] Regiment formed from Hunt and/or Fannin Co., TX [1]
This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: CarolHuff17 Surnames: Graddy Classification: queries Message Board URL: Message Board Post: My GGGrandfather John J. Graddy is listed as a Pvt Beat #2 Hunt Co., TX. This Company of Militia was formed in Jul 1861 in Hunt County. I know that some Officers were in Sharp Shooter Regiments during the Civil War. John J. Graddy "disap
6. [11TH-TEXAS-CAVALRY] NPS Summary and Roster [1]
Here is the National Parks Service's capsule history for the 11th Texas Cavalry: 11th Regiment, Texas Cavalry 11th Cavalry Regiment was organized with 855 men at Camp Reeves, Grayson County, Texas, in May, 1861. Some of its members were from Clarksville and Mt. Pleasant, and Bowie County. This regiment, along with the 8th Texas Cavalry, was one of the best in Confederate service. It was active in the Indian Territory and Arkansas, then was dismounted when it arrived on the eastern side of the Mississippi
7. Claim to State for services rendered [1]
Hi, I am excited to see this list, and looking forward to hearing from others the stories of their 11th Texas Cavalry member. My great grandfather John Roberson Diamond from Whitesboro, Grayson County, has never been listed as a member of the 11th Texas Cav. Yet the State of Texas sent me this copy of his claim. If he wasn't a wagonmaster with the 11th then what is this claim for? Can anyone out there explain to me what I did receive. Thanking you in advance, Nancy from Brownsville From the holdi
8. Claim to state for services rendred [1]
Tony, Thank you, that makes sense. John R. Diamond had a Blacksmith shop on his horse ranch and it was the second stop in Texas for the Butterfield Overland Mail Stage on its way to San Francisco. Being a Wagonmaster was in keeping with what he did for a living. Before the war he was running a regular freight line to Jefferson , Galveston and back to Whitesboro. John Roberson Diamond later became a Lt. Col. with Bourland Texas Calvary Regiment, sometimes called the Border Regiment. Nancy
9. Re: Claim to State for services rendered [1]
Hello Nancy, I may have an answer to your question regarding your great grandfather. I recently read "The War Child's Children: A story of the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry" by Calvin Collier. (The 3rd Arkansas Cavalry Regiment was part of Harrison's Brigade along with the 11th Texas Cavalry.) Mr. Collier provides a Roster for the 3rd Arkansas in his book and at the end of the roster he adds a separate list of teamsters for the regiment. Along with the list of names he includes the following explanation: "The T
10. NEW MILITARY MSG BOARD: U.S. Medal of Honor Citations [1]
This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Classification: Military Message Board URL: Message Board Post: NEW MILITARY MSG BOARD: U.S. Medal of Honor Citations A new military message board exists for research on military personnel who were awarded the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor for heroic service in wartime. This includes all wars. Please use the board to post any information you may have about individuals who

Viewing 1-10 of 10 matches from 40,277,485 documents

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