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1. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Bryan Marsh [1]
I have always had a particular interest in Bryan Marsh and Co. C of the 17th Tx Cav. because my g-grandfather, Marquis de Lafayette (Pal) Price, served in Co. C under Capt. Marsh and saved his life in July, 1864, at the Battle of Atlanta. At the time, for various reasons, there were no field officers of the 17th present, and as senior company officer, Capt. Marsh was acting Colonel of the regiment. During an attack on a Union position, Capt. Marsh was shot down with severe wounds to his right arm and left h
2. Re: [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Bryan Marsh Letters [1]
See them also in the Dallas Public Library. rch -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Toby Turner Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 9:41 AM To: Subject: [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Bryan Marsh Letters Bryan Marsh, from Smith County, Texas, enlisted in 1861 and served in Company C, 17th Texas Cavalry, becoming captain at Little Rock and, later, colonel after the 17th was consolidated with the 18th,
3. Re: [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Bryan Marsh Letters [1]
The greatest source of information yet has come from someone on the mailing list for I got a trial member ship and was able to print out copies of muster papers and death information about my gggrandfather George W. Martin Texas 17th Infantry, Co. D. I found he died of fever/pneumonia in Belton, Texas with rank of Sgt. His brother's Honorable discharge gave me probably the most vital , info of all as it lists his county (Lincoln) Tenn. birthplace. Just wanted to share footnotes was a ric
4. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Bryan Marsh Letters [1]
Bryan Marsh, from Smith County, Texas, enlisted in 1861 and served in Company C, 17th Texas Cavalry, becoming captain at Little Rock and, later, colonel after the 17th was consolidated with the 18th, 24th & 25th regiments on May 23, 1863. His surviving letters to his wife date between May 5, 1862 and June 20, 1864. While I did not find any of the names for which I was searching in these letters, they do show exactly where Company C was located on specific dates and do contain names of various men. Marsh
5. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Dallas Co Indigent Records [1]
Re: Ed C Powers and Indigent Families Hello: Would anyone have access to the book by Linda Mearse, Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas 1863-1865? I'm trying to find more info on Ed C Powers who I've found in an index. I'm not sure of the unit he was in for the Civil War - but he was from Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas. I've looked and can't find him as yet in cemetery records or other records. I believe he was the father of Julia Blanche Powers - listed as E C Powers on the 1860 census. Ag
6. 17th Texas Cavalry Sightings on the Internet [1]
See more sightings below: Biographies and genealogical data of soldiers who served in the 17th Texas Cavalry: Beard, John: Clinton, Jackson R.: Cox Families (several entries): Culpepper, William Jefferson: Gilbert, John Floyd: Lambert, Hamilton: http://familytree
7. 17ty Cavalry Sightings on the Web [1]
Please find below a continuation of a project to search out information on the 17th Texas Cavalry on the internet. Biographies taken from Civil War Soldiers Service, Pension and other records: PVT. Francz "Frank" Grzegorczyk: PVT. B. B. Walker: PVT. David A. Walker: Texas Civil War Pension Records ind
8. 17th Texas Cavalry Sitings on the Internet [1]
Hi all: The 17th Texas Cavalry is mentioned in various locations on the Internet. Perhaps we could compile a listing of every site where the regiment has been mentioned. A Web based bibliography might lead us to a more complete understanding of the details, experiences and history of this unit. I will try to submit a few each day. Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System: This site offers the opportunity to download a listing of every soldier in the 17th
9. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Mearse-Indigent Families [1]
Would someone out there have access to the "Confederate Families of Texas" compiled by Linda Mearse? I'd like the information from that book on Ed C Powers, Dallas County. I believe he is the E C Powers found on the 1860 census in Lancaster, Dallas County living with his wife, Sallie or Sarah or SAE Powers and daughter, Julia Blanche. Thanks much for your time. Eleen Robinson
10. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Salutations 17TH-TX-CAVALRY [1] -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ If a group of N persons implements a COBOL compiler, there will be N-1 passes. Someone in the group has to be the manager. -- T. Cheatham
11. RE: Tragoutt (Thomas) Hildebrandt [1]
The following information is available on the Milam County, Texas in the Civil War web site: Confederate Pension applications are listed for: Hildebrandt, T. 32540 Hildebrant, T. 20222 I think you mean the 17th Infantry, not the 17th Texas Cavalry (dismounted). He is registered with the 17th Texas Infantry (Allen's Regiment). See The Campaign's of Walker's Texas Division by J. P. Blessington for a detailed description. Ronald C. Hall -----Origin
12. pictures of 17th cav troopers [1]
9/5/02 does anyone have pictures they would like to share?i have the published picture of jamie westmoreland with 3 revolvers and saber also a menber of 17th consloidated. many thanks scotty hall
13. 17th Tx Cavalry - Muster roles [1]
The 17th Texas Cavalry was formed in Harrison County in the spring of 1862. Soldiers were recruited from a number of adjacent counties in east Texas. Does anyone know where the original muster roles are stored and can they be viewed? Ronald C. Hall
14. Re: Muster List [1]
I've read other compilations of muster lists that were very helpful (including one where the researcher carefully noted dates, where possible, when soldiers were wounded or killed). So, I, too, would love to know where copies of all the muster lists for this unit could be found. I have a copy of Stewart Sifakis' Compendium Of The Confederate Armies - Texas. I don't believe this book is currently in print. It lists the organization, first commander, field officers, assignments and battles in which the 17
15. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] (no subject) [1]
16. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Ezekiel Barron (1830-1864) / William Homer Black (1823-1897) [1]
Hi... I am researching my ancestry and I have traced roots back to Ezekiel Barron (1830-1864) - (3rd G Grandpa) and William Homer Black (1823 - 1897) - (also 3rd G Grandpa). B Both were Civil War Veterans and both fought in the Battle of Mansfield and Battle of Pleasant Hill, LA in 1864.B From my research I found that Ezekiel was killed during the battle and William Black was captured. B I was wondering if this matches your records? B If so, then my 2nd G Grandpa, Solomon L. Barron (1861-1934) who was Ezeki
17. Re: [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Ezekiel Barron (1830-1864) / William Homer Black (1823-1897) [1]
Sorry, but I have no information whatsoever other than the fact my gggrandfather was in the 17th cavalry.B I know my Ggrandgfather died from pneumonia in the hospital at Belton, Texas.B IB found enlistment and death records on That's about it.B Keep searching, and the best of luck to you. On Sunday, March 20, 2016 8:38 PM, Monte Barron via <> wrote: Hi... I am researching my ancestry and I have traced roots back to Ezekiel Barron (1830-1864) - (3rd
18. Re: [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Complete Roster [1]
Hello, Do you have the 17th Cavalry Roster posted? I must have missed the original message about this. I am looking for several Davis family members. Alice Braddy Dolores Kinsey wrote: ----- Original Message ----- From: "Chuck" To: <> Sent: Saturday, December 01, 2007 8:53 AM Subject: [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Compl
19. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Gregg County Picnic [1]
Here is a listing of veterans at the 1905 picnic, but no picture in included: Toby
20. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] (no subject) [1]
Is the time and place for today still scheduled?
21. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Complete Roster [1]
I see that several people are interested in the roster for the 17th Texas Cavalry. I found a complete roster, listed in the book "THIS BAND OF HEROES" by: James A. McCaffrey. I was able to get this book from my local library who borrowed it from Tempelton University Lib. in Texas. The book has as complete a history of this unit as I have seen. If anyone has information or pictures of the 17th especially company G or information about Pvt. Richard H. Sanders or Pvt. Thomas J. Knight please correspond or p
22. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Camp Douglas [1]
A&E did a documentary (80 acres of hell) about Camp Douglas, on DVD.
23. Re: [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Complete Roster [1]
George W. Martin is listed in Company K, Seventeenth Texas Calvary Regiment. This is the same regiment my great-grandfather was in. The book is available on for 19.95. Edie Youts searching for George W. Martin in the 17th Texas
24. [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] (no subject) [1]
I wish I could offer to look up names on the following site, but it would just be to time consuming. A 1 month membership cost me less then $8 and I found 20 documents concerning my GGF in the 17th. I found 3 docs for my friend for Paschal Williams and over a hundred for his different Shrum relatives. You an search first and if you find relatives buy to print them out. They also have a per document fee. Chuck Sanders
25. Re: [17TH-TX-CAVALRY] Complete Roster [1]
Hello Alice, I found the following troopers: Co.A Davis, John L. Co.B Davis, Samuel B. Co.D Wade, William Wade Woodson O. Co.E Davis, Nathen Davis Thomas L.* Still with unit at final surrender Greensboro, NC 4-26-1865 Co.F Davis, Thomas Jefferson Loyd, Elijah W. Sorry, couldn't find any others I seem to remember something about early deaths in the unit from disease while still in Texas, maybe one of the others that own their own copy of book can go through and find info on the August 1862 date you

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