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1. Test message [1]
Testing maillist
2. 74TH_REGIMENT_OF_FOOT list [1]
List members, Actually my ancestor served with the 98th Regiment of Foot (Prince of Wales) but since his story is similar to the 74th, I joined this list. Patrick DONNELLAN was one of my 3rd great grandfathers: "Born: Roscommon Ireland c.1784. Enlisted 21 Sep 1804 at age 20. Served 1804-1818. Patrick fought on the side of the British during the Napoleonic Wars and, upon cessation, was among a number of the fighting men who were granted land in Canada as a reward for service. Patrick was a Sergean
3. Alexander Stewart [1]
Alexander Stewart b 1793 was my g-g-grandfather. He enlisted in the 74th regiment of foot in 1806 in Inverness Scotland reaching the rank of colour sargeant and served in the army for 22 years. At some stage he was in the United States as i have traced a daughter from his first marriage living in America in the 1830's in Boston Ma. His widowed by the 1840's as he married his second wife in 1844 in Australia. His daughter from his first marriage remained in America. He was discharged in 1828. Can anyone help
4. David CRAIG [1]
My ancestor in the 74th was: David CRAIG b. Oct 1749 Paisley, Scotland d. 16 Dec 1836 St. Andrews Parish, Charlotte Co NB m. bef 1778 Beath Scotland to Mary Steele Their eldest son was David CRAIG (Jr) b. May 1782 Michias, ME d. ? m. 3 Jul 1801 Grand Manan, NB to
5. 74TH_REGIMENT_OF_FOOT list [1]
Greetings, Welcome to the 74TH_REGIMENT_OF_FOOT list. This list is for all persons that are either descendants of the men of the 74th who settled in New Brunswick/Nova Scotia or other persons interested in the 74th. To kick off the list and get some threads started please send in your ancector's name and some data you may have on him, i.e. family, location of where he settled in New Brunswick/Nova Scotia. I'll start out giving my data. My ancestor was James Stuart, who served with the 74th at Castine in t
6. Siege at Penobscot - 74 Regiment of Foot [1]
Hello, I wanted to pass on a website that has some data on the siege at Penobscot. There also is some data on the 74th Regiment of Foot there. Seems like a few of the 74th related web sites just disappeared. I wish I had captured the data from the sites. Please feel free to post any websites that you know of that have 74th data on them. Regards, Fred
7. Ancestor in the 74th [1]
I've just found a death record for an ancestor who died in 1868 age 74 in Edinburgh. On her certificate it stated her husband (Robert Falconer, deceased) was a private in the 74th regiment. They were married in 1811 - so assume they were born around early 1890's. They had 4 children between 1817 & 1826 in Edinburgh. Any ideas where he may have served - and where I might find his death records? I'm sure he was deceased by 1846 (based on some letters written between 2 of Robert's sons between 1843-1846. M
8. Re: Ancestor in the 74th [1]
Karen, After the Revolutionary War the 74th was busy. Below is the timeline. Fred 1787 - raised by Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell at the cost of the East India Company. Part of this 74th Regiment of Foot is what this list is interested in, the one that where stationed at Castine, Maine in suppport of the Battle of Penobscot or Bagaduce as it was named in there time. Most members of the 74th returned to Sterling and where disbanded, but some stayed behind in Nova Scotia/New Brunswick and drew lands an
9. Penobscot expedition [1]
Hi ... I have a Robert Calder ( Campbell of Cawder) from the Glasgow Scotland area, who was in the 74th Regiment of Foot and served at the Penobscot Expedition in July 1779. The regiment returned to Scotland in 1783, but Robert stayed on since he had his family with him.....and settled in the Campobello area of New Brunswick, Canada. Would like more information on this regiment....( I did check the website given : and it is not working. Cynthi
10. Very Important: Delaware Revolutionary War Sites Threatened [1]
Hello, Friends of Historic Glasgow (DE) National Park would like you to visit the following online campaign, by iPetitions: Message: new iPetition: We, the undersigned, petition our Federal, Delaware, and New Castle County leaders to do all that is within their powers to preserve the Glasgow National Historic area, the site of Delaware's only Revolutionary War battle, the running skirmish fr
11. Imminently Threatened by Development: The LaGrange (Barczewski) farm in Glasgow, DE [1]
Imminently Threatened by Development: The LaGrange (Barczewski) farm in Glasgow, DE Christina School District and several private firms are aggressively attempting to purchase and then immediately develop the entire Barczewski farm (also known as the La Grange or Dr. Samuel Henry Black farm). Christina S. D. wants to buy almost 30% of the property, including the historic manor house and granary, so that a mega-school incorporating elementary and middle school facilities can be built. The Barczewski farm's
12. John McAllister [1]
I am sorry this is not related directly to the 74th Regiment but I have a relative who was in the 73rd Regiment of Foot. His name was John McAllister. He left Tasmania, Australia with his family and his regiment in 1815. Do anyone know how I can find his military records? I live in Australia so I would have to send for them. Thank you. Regards S Duggan _________________________________________________________________ Find love today with ninemsn personals. Click here:

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