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1. LOW, Walter Savill, and William Temple [1]
I am looking for some facts concerning my Grandfather Walter Savill LOW and his brother William Temple LOW who I believe were living in Salisbury during the period 1904 to 1907. I wonder if someone might have access to any directories for that period which would provide their address and occupations. The names of any other LOWs would also be of interest as their were several other brothers. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Derek Low Chilliwack, B.C. Canada
2. Re: "Bulawayo Chronicle" [1]
Hello Bob I printed your emai and went off to the National Archives in Harare with it. In a short space of time they produced some microfilm which I went through and very easily found the article you are looking for. I have ordered a photograph of the page - they cannot do a photocopy and it will take two weeks. If you would like to send me your snail mail address I will post it to you. Please will you also remind me to collect it in two weeks time as I am emigrating from Zim to UK in four weeks and life
3. Re: LOW, Walter Savill, and William Temple [1]
Hello Derek, I have a huge quantity of captioned photos in albums, taken by my grandfather who was in Salisbury from 1900 - 1915. I haven't transcribed all the captions but remembered having seen the name LOW: PHOTO 32: With bicycles & a donkey & trap Picnic given by Mr & Mrs Gordon HUNTLEY near Brown's Farm about December 1902 LOW Mrs LOW Miss GOLDNEY Mr & Mrs HUNTLEY Another of the same people (32a) - or might this be a little early? The "about Dec 1902" was the date grandpa wrote when he compiled the
4. re "Bulawayo Chronicle" [1]
Hello from Australia. I wonder if some very kind and knowledgable person can help me? In 1877 my Great Uncle, Charles Welch was in what was then Rhodesia. He shot a "wild pig" and soon found that it was a lioness that he had wounded. The Lions chased him and he managed to get to a tree in time and spent some time there, no doubt reflecting on his stupidity!! The story was published in "Bulawayo Chronicle"on Sat 24 Dec 1898. I have a photo copy of a photo copy of the article, which is barely legible. I wrot

Viewing 1-4 of 4 matches from 40,277,487 documents

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