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1. Re: [BANAT-L] swimming and fish - Kaule, Marosch [1]
>===== Original Message From ===== >As Dave said, the villages had those "Kaule" (plural of Kaul), meaning >"ponds". In Alexanderhausen we had a "Grundkaul" (with black soil or mud at >the bottom), a "Sandkaul" (it actually had a lot of sand at the bottom, so >the water was less muddy), and also a "Hanfkaul" (where hemp was being >'pickled'; no swimming there!). > >Both adults and children used the ponds, especially the "Sandkaul", for >cooling dips on those very hot summer days, the a
2. [BANAT-L] Family SABER [1]
Thank you, John, For the translation. - Rosina ME GUSTARIASABER = me gustaria saber, I would like to know. JMM Hello, I am from Argentina. My name is Mariano and I would like to know and am looking if I have relatives in your country or in some part of the world. My name now is Mariano Illacich. Regards, many thanks Mariano
3. [BANAT-L] [GenRoG] --Banat_artificial construction_End [1]
I'm missing something here? I was giving you SEVERAL [clear and well known!] examples [and I have a LOT more examples!] of villages from where the Romanians "were kicked out from their villages [and forcedly moved to other locations]" in order to make place for the new coming colonists and you replay that "but we do not know of any case where the Austrians have dislocated/deported the Romanians in order to put their own colonists into Romanian houses"! This is quite hilarious! More, I was mentioning that th
4. [BANAT-L] Jan Hus from Czech Republic [1]
Hello all! Maybe some of you know Jan Hus was a Bohemian Catholic priest from Husinec, Czech Republic. He was burned at the stake in 1415 in Constance, Germany. Hus was considered a heretic because he was saying some of the same things about the Catholic Church that Martin Luther repeated some 100 years later. In 1999 the current pope apologized for the death of Hus. My maiden name is Huss (Huss in USA/Hus in Czech). My father, Philip Peter Huss, was born in a village near Timisoara (German St. Peter)
5. Re: [BANAT-L] [GenRoG] --RE: Habsburg Possessions [1]
Hello Sorin, I am enjoying the discussion. Can you explain to me the situation of the Lutherans/all Protestants of Hungary at this time. I know that Hungary was Protestant: did Maria Theresa force Catholicism onto her citizens when the Banat was brought into Hungary? I am interested in trying to trace my Lutheran forebear in Hungary, and I would like some guidance about the movements of the now marginalized Protestants in Hungary. Even though there was the Edict allowing the profession of all
6. [BANAT-L] Fra nz Hoffman [1]
Hi Listers, I'm looking for the family or relatives FRANZ HOFFMANN *circa 1895 in Rudolfsgnad. It is quite certain he and his family eventually settled in Germany. I found his name in correspondence (1948) to Christof Dornstauder, (Canada) his cousin. If anyone on the list is aware of this family please let me know. Frank D.
7. Re: [BANAT-L] Travel France to Romania [1]
M. Hilaire, Thank you for this interesting contribution. I'm so glad to see you on the List. Regards, Cornelia ----- Original Message ----- From: "Daniel HILAIRE" To: "Tim Kotsay" Cc: Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 3:49 PM Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] Travel France to Romania Bonjour Tim, Let me try, with my bad english, to explain what was the economical situation in Lorraine during the years 1769-1772, when most of our ances
8. [BANAT-L] Families Book Obradovac-Boroc-Oberndorf [1]
Hello Donauschwaben, Great news! The families book for OBRADOVAC - BOROC - OBERNDORF in the BATSCHKA by WILHELM BUSCH will come out shortly. It will have its own webpage: Rosina
9. [BANAT-L] [GenRoG] --Schag / Sag Church Books [1]
----- Original Message ----- From: "Dave Dreyer" Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] Anna Taugner Born about 1894 ... > Schag church > book (KB) records are not readily available. ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There exist all the Schag / Sag RC church books [from 1810 and up to date]. The only problem is that these are split in 4 places and is more time consuming to consult them. S o r i n
10. [BANAT-L] Wiki and stuff [1]
Hi, as I'm fairly new on this mailing list I read with deep astonishment all the information that is going round. I am Helmut Tenz from Munich, Germany, and I am the son of Maria Tenz-Horwath who wrote a book about her youth in the camp of Rudolfsgnad. She spent her childhood in Wei_kirchen. Last year she passed away in early February. My profession is dealing with databases and documentation. We don't need to talk about the quality of wikipedia. But I can see the need of one common source of information.
11. [BANAT-L] German/Romanian/Hungarian specialties [1]
Hello Cornelia, I just noticed the link you have on your page for Hungarian foods. I have another link for you with food and wine from Romania. It is worth checking out. From what I remember they ship to the US two for those of you living there. Ruxandra
12. Re: [BANAT-L] Fra nz Hoffman [1]
Hello Jean, unfortunately, my book doesn't say anything about HAGER or STOBER. But that doesn't mean anything. Actually, the data in there is fairly rough. You could look upon it as the frozen state of 1944. The author, Lorenz Baron, lists people by house and name, and what they did in 1944: flee or stay. No birthdate given. As I have no birthday of KATHARINA STOBER HAGER I just don't know whether she left Rudolfsgnad before 1944 or not. I think there must be more useful information about Rudolfsgnad than
13. Re: [BANAT-L] Surnames: Dietz, Augenstein and Yergesitz [1]
Alice; Please see below; ----- Original Message ----- From: "Alice Gentry" To: Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 4:34 PM Subject: [BANAT-L] Surnames: Dietz, Augenstein and Yergesitz I am new to this mailing list. My grandmother, Hedwig Dietz, immigrated to the United States from Hatzfeld in 1903. She was born in 1886. I have confirmed (via her ship manifest entry) that she did immigrate from there and I assume she was born in Hatzfeld but I have no confirma
14. [BANAT-L] Magyar & Horvat [1]
Denise, Magyar = Hungarian. But also Horvath = Croatian. There are many Hungarians with the name of Horvath, so it is no surprise to find a Croatian with the name of Magyar. Rosina
15. [BANAT-L] Research in Sankt Georgen [1]
Can anyone direct me to some good online resources for genealogy in the Sankt Georgen an der Bega/Begaszentgyorgy area? I believe my Urban ancestors came from that area.
16. [BANAT-L] Resettlement from central and Northern Hungary totheBanat -Protestants [1]
Nick, There are same group of people. However, the colonization of freed Danube Basin started in 1688. That is one hundred years earlier. Rosina > According to historian Ingomar Senz, the Josephinian Colonization (1784 to > 1787), on the basis of the "Toleranzedikt", allowed Protestants to migrate > to 'Hungary'. Consequently, many "Evangelische und Reformierte" from the > Palatinate were among the 45,000 migrants. They settled mainly in the > state-owned "Kameral" lands in the Batschka, the Banat, a
17. Re: [BANAT-L] Resettlement from central and Northern Hungary to theBanat. [1]
Rosina Those who came to the Banat from further north in Hungary did not get concessions from the Government. They were not recruited by the authorities to come to the Banat but came on their own volition. Likely some of them again ended up again on estates run by Hungarian nobles---the Zichys, Kiss, etc, or places run by ecclesial organizations----the bishop of Agram(Zagreb) was a big land owner in the Banat. It must have occurred in much the same way that settlers from the Batschka moved to Slavon
18. Re: [BANAT-L] Who decided that? [1]
Thank you Susan, Tina, Eve, Lena, Nick, et al, for responding to my question about how it might have been decided and by whom to which Austrian Fluechtlingslager (refugee camps) we displaced Donauschwaben were assigned after World War II. While there seems to be no clear answer, I get the impression that it might have had at least something to do with whether people were able to perform work in homes, farms or small businesses in neighboring communities. My war-widowed mother, with three children unde
19. Re: [BANAT-L] Jahrmarkt Familienbuch [1]
Dave, I noticed that recently, you requested a copy of the Jahrmarkt Familienbuch. I followed your lead, and emailed Helene for a copy. Do you know if I will receive a reply from her that she ordered the book, and what the cost will be? I am asking you, since this is all new to me. Thanks, Tim -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Anni Lorenz Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 8:46 AM To: Susan Clarkson; Dave Dreyer Cc: Banat List Su
20. Re: [BANAT-L] BANAT Digest, Vol 3, Issue 13 [1]
Hi, Dave, When one publishes a Familie Buch, does that mean that it is simply put on line by email? Or does it involve installing a website to put it on, with photographs? I completed, as best I could, a history of my mother's Marx ancestors, and I am now adding an addendum before it is ready to publish. I didn't know if there is a formal procedure. Thank you. ~Eleanor, San Diego ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Thursday, January 10
21. Re: [BANAT-L] Banater Kalender 2008 [1]
Hello Boglarka, That's what I found it too: interesting. Who knows how many such interesting people are still to be discovered among our people - which shows us once more the importance of secondary sources when we want to find out more about our families' past, once we have built our family tree, based on the church books. Or to be led to the relevant churchbook by them. Your pointing to what a Croatian name Alexander Magyar is makes a lot of sense. This shows us once more how difficult genealogical
22. [BANAT-L] Gant, Fejer county, Hungary [1]
Is anyone on the list researching the village of Gant (Kanta) in Fejer county, Hungary? Many of the German residents of Fejer migrated south to the Banat in the late 1700's. To date, the only Gant church records I've been able to find are in the FHL ranging from 1783-1895. Does anyone know if earlier church records are available? I have access to Hengl's 1768 - 1772 census records of Fejer and a Tornstauder is mentioned there. I know from other sources that the DORNSTAUDER/TORNSTAUDER family was in Gant in
23. Re: [BANAT-L] Jahrmarkt Familienbuch [1]
Hi: On the fourth picture there is a cement pole and on top it looks like a nest. Is that a Stork nest? chops ----- Original Message ----- From: "Tim Kotsay" To: "'Anni Lorenz'" Cc: "'Banat List'" Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 8:32 AM Subject: Re: [BANAT-L] Jahrmarkt Familienbuch Anni, The photo's are an absolute treasure to me. Now I know what Jahrmarkt looks like! Thank you so very much for including the web sites. Tim Kots
24. Re: [BANAT-L] Magyar & Horvat [1]
Thank you, Boglarka. I just intended to ask you to elaborate on this because, not speaking any Slavian language, I was curious how a Croatian would call a Hungarian - but I got my answer now. Vengerski - I learnd something again. Regards to Budapest, Cornelia P.S.: I keep writing the pilot's name both Endres and Endresz because I realize that, while being of DS descent, he became a hero to the Hungarians. Do you think that there are more details to be found out about him in Hungarian books or arch
25. Re: [BANAT-L] Travel France to Romania? [1]
Sorin correctly points out to me that I had oversimiplified the status of the Banat and that the Banat was not part of Hungary as I indicated below. The Banat was a crownland, hence the personal property of the Habsburgs. The Banat was transfered to Hungarian administration in 1778 as a payoff for Hungarian help in the Seven Years War. Dave Dreyer >I concur with all that Nick says except for what some may regard as a minor > point, e.g. as Nick says the lands which came to the Emperor by the tready >

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