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1. Schubkegel [1]
Hi All: Got this from Alex Leeb in Calgary. I think what Alex says I would take to the bank. I know of no one that is more aware of things in that area of Europe than Alex. Chops OK Chops, ...I found the pictures. "Schubkegel" - is the last name of the mason who laid the tomb stone. After most of the German people left to Germany after 1950. They would ask somebody in the village to put a tomb stone on their grave. They people in Germany would pay him. So the person who laid the tomb stone on t
2. church records [1]
Hello Banaters, I am wondering what a particular column on the pages of birth records in the Taufindex 1858-1944-FHL INTL film [488237] Hungary, Temes, Liebling-church records mean. One column has BD v/S or BD 5/L. I realize the v or 5 means 5 because some of the other pages list BD III/S and the III must mean 3. Below this title in the column numbers are listed with a dash. For example: 55-139. Does anyone have any idea what this means? Susan Collard
Stefan; Johann Porte has, as I understand it, organized the available KB data for Pardan and the closely related Modosch into Familienbuch format and it is presently in manuscript form. Since Porte no longer feels he can pursue this work, these manuscripts have been turned over to Philipp Lung and he is arranging for someone else to take over this work in order to make them available for publication. This will involve adding additional information which has become available in the intervening years as wel
4. Port of Bremen or Hamburg [1]
P. Subity wrote: Is there a website for ships that left the port of Bremen or Hamburg in the late 1920's and early 1930's? I have the dates and names of ships that my Banat relatives arrived in Halifax on, and am interested in the dates that the ships left. I remember seeing once that the voyage took about a week or 10 days. Dear P. You could try the site: They have access to their database up to 1905 and it will be continuing to grow up to 1934. Gail
5. Re: BANAT-D Digest V05 #265 [1]
Thank you very much for your suggestions concerning my trip. You all have great ideas. Annabelle
6. Re: [BANAT-L] Banater Schwaben versus Donauschwaben [1]
Actually, I had intended this to go to the list in case there was interest but made a typo. So here is my reply to Scott. TH In a message dated 8/28/05 8:54:31 PM, Tonawee writes: > Hello Scott, > > I guess I wasn't real clear here. Those from Alsace, Lorraine, Luxembourg > and the middle Rhinelands were descendents of the Franks, one of the major > German "tribes" along with the others I mentioned. Now I don't really know if > they were "tribes" in the strict anthropological sense, as for instance
7. Re: [BANAT-L] Schubkegel [1]
Schubkegel is a surname associated with Liebling. Dave Dreyer ----- Original Message ----- From: "Rosina Schmidt" To: Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 3:30 PM Subject: [BANAT-L] Schubkegel > > Fran; > > Schubkegel has to be a family name, as it has no usage in other German terms. Nick's idea that the name could be of the monument maker is most likely a correct assumption. > > Rosina > > > ==== BANAT Mailing List ==== > Remember to include relevant information ab
8. Re: [BANAT-L] Joseph Kleitsch's birth place? [1]
Teddy; I finally got around to reading the page on Kleitsch the address of which you give below. Another New York ship entry. Ship Columbia arrived 3 May 1902 from Hamburg. Kleitch Josef 20 occupantion painter. Last residence Temeswar. Going to join nephew, Jacob Pfeiffer. Dave Dreyer ----- Original Message ----- From: "Teddy Forsyth" To: Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 10:09 PM Subject: [BANAT-L] Joseph Kleitsch's birth place? > Where exactly in Banat was
9. Tom Pollard [1]
To Tom Pollard's Family; It is with great sorrow that we read that Tom has passed away. He will be in our thoughts and prayers. Rosina Vancouver Island ----- Original Message ----- From: Tom & Lorraine Pollard To: Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 9:20 PM Subject: [BANAT-L] FYI I am not sure who will receive this, but Tom passed away on June 1st. ==== BANAT Mailing List ==== Please keep your messages to the subject of our list. This list is interested in the BANAT and surrou
10. Re: [BANAT-L] Port of Bremen or Hamburg [1]
Paula; It was generally regarded that the Bremen records were lost during the war. It turns out that the Russians found them in a salt mine at the end of the war and took them to Russia without telling anyone. When the wall came down there was an agreement between Germany and Russia to return national cultural treasures back to the previous owners so the post WW I Bremen records came back to Germany and they were turned over to the Bremen genealogical society which is slowly abstrcting them and making them
11. a question on illegitmate children [1]
Eintrag in Bemerkungen: J. F. als Leiblicher Vater. = entry under 'Notes'. J. F. as natural father An illegitimate child was back than the same way alleviate as it is today. Being alleviate 90 years ago was not such a stigma though, as 150 years ago. At that time an alleviate child could not own property, could not learn a trade, etc. It was mainly to try to prevent children being born with no father to help raise it around. Since your parents did not talk about the alleviate status of them or their
Cindy; As you might know Richard Jaeger is scheduled to publish his Neupant family book next month. It should contain the data on all your Neupanat ancestors. If you want to have a copy it might be wise to contact Jaeger now and tell him that you would like to order a copy, since these books are often pulished in limited editions and quickly go out of print. You can write to Jaeger at Dave Dreyer ----- Original Message ----- From: To:
13. Donauschwaben....... [1]
Dear Listers, The discussion of what we are called and what we should be called, perhaps, raises the question, in view of us and our ancestors having lost everything: "Does it really matter?" As far as I am concerned, the name we were given or should have been given, for that matter, does not change anything! Banat provided me with an excellent background and education, as I am sure it has done for all of us, and I am very grateful for that. When I speak with someone from Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
14. Re: [BANAT-L] Urbarium-Urberi tabellak [1]
Dear Richard and Deborah: I have previously researched VAULT films at the FHL. This means you must call or email to reserve them from the VAULT. It usually takes 2-3 days for them to arrive and they have been readily available for research when I arrive. Betty Wagner Richard & Deborah Owens wrote: >Dear Banat List, > >There is a very interesting record group of 272 rolls of microfilm available from the FHL centers. It is very early Banat material dealing with the Banat in what is now Hungary, Slov
15. Administration of the Banat [1]
Thank you both, Dave and Nick; For refreshing our history knowledge. Rosina I would like to elaborate on a small point brought up by Nick. It is a matter of convenience on the LIST to refer to the Banat as a part of Hungary but it all depends on the time period. As Nick indicates between 1718 and 1778 the Banat was a Crownland of the Habsburgs(like Siebenburegern) and was not part of Hungary----much to the annoyance of the Magyars. Then as a payoff for Hungarian help in the Wars of Austrian successi
16. Deutsch Zerne Research [1]
For those researching ancestors from the town of Deutsch Zerne in the Banat! Link to the following site: You will find the Deutsch Zerne Legacy Exchange at the bottom of the page, where you can register to share research information with other members. There is Hans Tabar's Heimatbuch in English, and now German. If you are searching for specific ancestors in Hans Tabar's Heimatbuch, go to the Table of Contents and click on Addendum. You will ge
17. RE: [BANAT-L] Transylvanian Saxons [1]
Steve, This is the information that Gert Liess, a descendant of the Transylvania Saxons (Siebenbuerger Sachsen), gave to me about their history. I've translated this from German for your convenience. "The Siebenbuerger Sachsen settled 850 years ago in the area between east, south, and Westkarpaten. They originally came from the area that is now Luxembourg, south Belgium, and West Germany. All Siebenbuerger Sachsen have been of the Evangelist faith since the reformation of Martin Luther in the 16th century
18. Seeking tour guide in Budapest and Pecs [1]
I would like to plan my first visit to Hungary in 2006. I would be interested in locating a guide for a private tour for two people at a reasonable rate. I would like to visit the historical places in Budapest and Pecs and the nearby small village of my ancestors. I would appreciate any suggestions and contact information. Joseph Martin Romeoville, IL
19. STUMPF - Timis-Torontal to Canada [1]
Hello all, I have been 'monitoring' your list for a while and have learned a lot about the region my family came from. A lot of things make more sense to me now! I am finally checking in with my first dilemma. In passenger records from 1929 when my gr-grandfather, Mihai Stumpf (or Michael -b. 1898 in "Katalinfalva"), immigrated to Canada his birth place was listed as Me?dsoana and place of residence was listed as Bulgarus, jud. Timis-Torontal. (The microfilm copy falters half way through the birth loca
20. RE: [BANAT-L] A question of accuracy [1]
As a rule of thumb, my personal preference is to use the geographical location as it was known "when they were there". The majority of the area was known as the Austrian-Hungarian Empire up until 4 Jun 1920. If it falls in the Hungarian portion, I refer to it as Hungary. I do this for a primary reason. The LDS FHC microfilms are catalogued this way. GermanY was sort of a republic at the time as well. What with Baden, Prussia, Bavaria and so forth. The LDS films again are catalogued in the same way.
21. Donauschwaben = Danube Swabians [1]
Cindy; Danube Swabians translates into Donauschwben, so it does not matter which term you use. It is not for us to decide how our 'tribe' is to be called, it was done so already in 1920 or there about and legally known as 'the youngest Germanic tribe'. Now we are living in all the corners of the world, - Argentina; Australia; Austria; Canada; Belgium, Brazil, Germany; New Zealand; USA, etc., etc., and even some stayed still back 'home'. One name will do for all of us. Perhaps in a generation or two no
22. Current Jam [1]
Does anyone out there know of a recipe of making Current (Rivisel) Jam. I have searched the internet and found only Goose Berry Jam. We are loaded with black Currents this year and even the robins are filled up. Bill
23. begejci torak [1]
Ted, The other language is Serbian using the Latin alphabet. If you click on the photo showing the flood in the village you will see the Russian alphabet. The introduction says the same as Nick translated it from Romanian. Rosina Ted, One of the languages is Romanian (which I understand); the other is either Serbian (or Croatian? neither of which I understand). The intro translates as following: Toracul (Mic si Mare), respectively Beghei~i of today, are part of a row of ancient Romanian settleme
24. Re: [BANAT-L] Banater Schwaben versus Donauschwaben [1]
That "Donauschwaben" is a misnomer in describing all the ethnic Germans of the Banat is I believe quite correct. The "Donau" part may be common as the route they took, and I have to wonder if this part wasn't come up with not as a result of the areas where they came from or lived but rather how they came. So far so good. It is the "Schwaben" part that is misnamed because, as has been pointed out already, the Banat Germans came from many areas of the "old country". To give the old "tribal" counterparts
25. Re: [BANAT-L] Banater Schwaben versus Donauschwaben [1]
> It is the "Schwaben" part that is > misnamed because, as has been > pointed out already, the Banat Germans came from > many areas of the "old > country". To give the old "tribal" counterparts of > "Schwaben", they were Saxons, > Bavarians, Austrians, and Franconians (or Franken), > this last group being > descendents of the old Frankish peoples and > including those that emmigrated from > Luxembourg, Alsace, Lorraine, and all else west of > the Rhine and some parts east > (Franconia or Franken). As

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