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1. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] List(s) [1]
found him....Asa Jr. Bearse b 1765 d 1856 married to Rhoda Weston they had Lucinda Bearse, Sylvania Bearse, Anna Bearse, Asa Bearse, Oren Bearse b 1798 d 1883 he married Susan Harlow , Sophronia C. Bearse, Sophronia C. Bearse, Polly R. Bearse, Lucy Bearse, Abigail Bearse, Simeon L. Bearse, hope this helps, Wendy
2. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] List(s) [1]
ASA B 6-14-1736 M. MARY RANDALL THINK HE WAS BAPTISED 7-4-1736 ASA JR B.1765 D.1856 M TO RHODA WESTON...SON ASA B 1796 D. 1879 M. TO LUCY BRIDGHAM.... is this the right info.....
3. [BEARCE COUSINS] Recent Events [1]
> First I'd like the current List Members to know that > I agree with KAREN > FISCHER's comments 100%. I'm proud of my BEARCE > Heritage,but I'm ashamed of > the current subscribers > .Thank God I don;'t let my GRANDchildren read the > slop of thier "relatives" > that has been appearing on this list. > God Bless You All and good riddance. > BOB FENECH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aren't things painful and heartbreaking enough without adding these kinds of letters to the recent, and b
4. [BEARCE COUSINS] Eva Bierce obit [1]
I went to the Panama City News-Herald and found the obituary that was listed in today's email from the Obituary Daily Times. EVA K. BIERCE Mrs. Eva K. Bierce, 80, of Panama City, passed away Friday, Nov. 10, 2000, at Bay Medical Center. She was a native of Mars Hill, Maine, and had lived in Panama City for 20 years moving her from Amenia, N.Y. She was retired after 30 years service as a housekeeper for the State of New York, and was a member of The Rock Church. Eva was loved and respected by every one she
5. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] List(s) [1]
Char Bearce on the old Bearse list is working on an article on Asa and his brothers. I hope she pulishes it soon, because she wants to protect her information until that time. Have you seen the Annals of Oxford? I believe it can be obtaines from Maine libraries. Sharon wrote: > I am in the same b oat you are in Jennifer and I agree wholeheartedly. Want > to help with family research . nothing more. I did ask for anyone connected > to Asa Bearse to write me their lineage . But no one answ
6. [BEARCE COUSINS] John Jacob Bearce and Sarah Holmes [1]
Can I add to the confusion??? I know (well, I'm pretty sure anyway) John Jacob Bearce, son of James and Experience, married Sarah Holmes. I also have Sarah married to a Jacob Bearce, but I don't have any other information. Can someone help? Thanks Susan P.S. Why do so many people have to have the same name?????????? Sure makes things difficult sometimes. :) _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at http://www.hotma
7. [BEARCE COUSINS] Another Bearce obit [1]
WATERFALL, Adele B (BEARCE); 78; Worcester MA; Worcester T-G; 2000-9-22 This listing was in the Obituary Index today. Jennifer Rice, VA
8. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] Taglines URLs [1]
Cousins, Please be patient. More info is going to come thru. I think sometimes things were'nt coming through. Do not worry it's on the way. Take Heart. Take Care, Teri
9. [BEARCE COUSINS] Surname List posting [1]
Cousins, our BEARCE-List reference posting is finally been set up. Please click on this thing::: and check it out. All the spelling variations are there. Why not keep track of them or file them or something. Jimmy __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? >From homework help to love advice, Yahoo! Experts has your answer.
10. [BEARCE COUSINS] OOOPPSSS - Un-Moderated list [1]
Cousins, Just to correct my typos in the previous letter: > Rootsweb [hates] (should be RATES - Freudian slip???) its listowners on a scale of one to 10. > One being very lenient and 10 being very strict. > On > the Ogilvie list, I was about a 5. A family that > also > has a progenitor, like us, but goes back about [50] (should be 500) > years or so more and has a lot more cousins. The __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? >From homework help to love advice, Ya
11. [BEARCE COUSINS] GenSwap - Online Census Genealogy Data [1]
Cousins, here is a site that was sent to me from my other list. Don't know if you've seen it before, but just in case, it may be helpful for those of you who are still looking for that "connection" __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Thousands of Stores. Millions of Products. All in one Place.
12. [BEARCE COUSINS] Re: Cape Cod reunion [1] we go..fill in your preferences on the Poll listed on the Myfamily site as far as where to stay on Cape... I have also listed a couple of choices for the locals as to whether anyone is interested in opening up there home to a distant "cousin"......Once we get the votes in we can line up the place. If you are not on the myfamily site send me your name, email address and birthdate and you will be added to the web page and invited to come to the site.....register your votes!! NO SECRET BALLO
13. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] Asa [1] this your long lost missing Ford? I hope !!! Wendy
14. [BEARCE COUSINS] unsubscribe [1]
I can't keep up with my email. Please change from mail mode to digest mode. Thanks, Sue D __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Thousands of Stores. Millions of Products. All in one Place.
15. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] Asa [1]
I have James as April 13, 1717 and Rebecca as Dec 9, 1742. Sharon Chris L Colvin - Cronin wrote: > I too have James a being born 4/13/1717 Plympton, MA. for Rebecca, I only > have 12/1742 Plympton, MA. > > ~~Chris > > On Tue, 7 Nov 2000 23:51:00 EST writes: > > In a message dated 11/07/2000 1:08:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, > > writes: > > > > > > > > Austin BEARSE b.16 July 1714 > > > > James BEARSE b.04 December 1717 > > > > Miall BEARSE b. 02 Febr
16. [BEARCE COUSINS] New Poll [1]
I added a poll to The Bearse Family site. Vote on which genealogy software you use. I thought the results would be interesting and might be helpful to those thinking of making a change or upgrading. Jennifer Rice, VA
17. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] Re: Reunion Update!! [1]
Keep us posted. Trying to talk the spouse into a fall trip. It may not be easy as he doesn't like the cold weather >From: >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: [BEARCE COUSINS] Re: Reunion Update!! >Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 09:56:43 EST > > The reunion committee is looking at the last weekend of Oct 2001 for >the >days of Oct 26,27,28... > I will get some room rates and maybe do a poll on the motel >choices..... >the leaves should be colorful a
18. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] Asa [1]
James and Abiah married September 23, 1713
19. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] Taglines URLs [1]
Sharon, I might have more Eldredge than what I have in the data base.. my Aunt the left me her genealogy notes was married to an Eldredge.... Funny, we just hired one at work last week too..smiles... left me know if there is a particular name or names I need to search for.Wendy
20. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] Asa [1]
I dont have a second wife Sharon wrote: > Thank you Sharon Now I need James 2nd wife and when they were married , if > you can. > Dorrine > > ==== BEARCE Mailing List ==== > > Check out the archives of past letters to the BEARCE-List at: > > > ============================== > Search over 600 million names at! >
21. [BEARCE COUSINS] Info request [1]
Does anyone have any info regarding the below? I had someone email me and ask for info on these folks, and I don't have them in my data base as yet. If anyone does, I would appreciate the info. Thanx Dave from Lapeer, MI I am trying to locate information on Ellen/Eleanor Burse/Bearss who married John B. Medcalf in Ellington, Tuscola Co., Michigan. There are a number of Bearss' in the county, but I can't connect them. Supposedly here parents were David Burse/Bearss and Elizabeth Wood.
22. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] Asa [1]
Don, t know if this is the same ASA you are talking about or not, but in the book Hyannis Sea Captains, by Dr.C>E>Harris there is two A.Bearse's Bearse,Asa:born in 1777,died 1852, age75 years. Bearse,Asa Jr.Born in 1812,died in1879,age67 years. Coaster. Schooner Alert. Built in Barnstable 1820. Mrs.Cleone Chase,a daughter , survives him. Don't know if this helps or confuses more. There are listings for 27 more Bearse sea captains in this book.
23. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] Here is my line [1]
I, too, am interested in Gauche. Florence
24. [BEARCE COUSINS] Fwd: My Line [1]
Hi Scott, Sachem Linda's Addy is Also, please remember, when writing to the list, to only use the addy: The addy you used, in your "cc:" field, is for subscribing to the list. Good luck, Jimmy --- Scott & Ellen O'Connor wrote: > Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 21:12:13 -0800 > From: "Scott & Ellen O'Connor" > Reply-to: "" > To: "''" > CC: "'BEARCE-D
25. Re: [BEARCE COUSINS] List(s) [1]
Thanks, Susan Sharon susan allen wrote: > Sharon, > The following is some of the information I have on Asa Sr. As you can see, > there is a discrepancy in dates of death for him. I'm not sure, but I tend > to lean towards the one on the tombstone. Hope this helps. > > Susan > > "Annals of Oxford" > Asa Bearce of Halifax, Massachusetts was a Lieutenant in Captain Thompson's > co., commissioned > June 6, 1776. He wan an early buyer of land in Shepardsfield, securing five > or six lots prior to 1786. H

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