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1. [BEAVON] New calandar web site. [1]
Happy New Year To you all I saw this new web site and thought for those with an interest in calculating dates and time, the following websites may be of use... Take Care Regards Marilyn
2. [BEAVON] Doncaster [1]
Hello Listers I have had a few inquiries as to the whereabouts of Doncaster Doncaster is in South Yorkshire, England. Easily located on www.multi Take care Marilyn
3. [BEAVON] Very usefull website [1]
Good Morning Listers Came across this new website, and thought it may be of use to you...happy hunting Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year Regards Marilyn
4. BEAVON in Staffordshire [1]
Hello, I would like to start the list off by introducing myself and posting the details of my BEAVON ancestors. My name is Marilyn and I am the gt,gt,gt,grand daughter of Thomas BEAVON b. c. 1795 in Staffordshire. He was married to Mary, and they had at least one son George, b. 1823 or 1825 possibly in Bilston. George married Maria 1857 in Walsall, and had the following children........... Ann b. 1858 Wolverhampton George Gideon b. 1861 Wolverhampton (my line) E
5. Census information [1]
Good morning everyone. I have just seen this on another list and I thought you might be interested. Read in yesterdays paper (18/9/2002) a short news article, that the PRO has signed an agreement with My of Utah, allowing them to put online the British Census records from 1841 to 1901 starting with the 1891 census on their ancestry UK site. The paper states two subscription prices of #20 for three months or #70 for the entire year. The further census records will be added over time. Just checke
6. Hotmail and MSN accounts [1]
For the past several days I've been receiving bounced messages like crazy from Hotmail and MSN accounts... Do you have a Hotmail account? Did you sign up with an email addy like ? If so, you should know that your email address is now coming out as . Do you have an MSN account? Did you sign up with an email addy like ? If so, you'll want to know that your email address is now reading ! How long this will
7. BEAVON Births [1]
Hello List, Here are some BEAVON births I have collected on my research, do any of them belong to you, please drop a line to the list if you recognise anyone . BEAVON BIRTHS Taken from IGI Parents Occ DATE Name Area quater Index no. Parents if known 1816 Hannah Maria Wombourn 17.Nov Wm 1835 Harriett Wombourn 11.A
8. for Vanessa [1]
Hello again Vanessa, Would you like to post on to the list the Annie/Elizabeth Beavon Death you are looking for as Sheri says she may be able to help you. Do you know where and when she was born? or where she may have been living at the time of death? Regards Marilyn
9. Marriage Banns etc. [1]
The following was submitted to another list by a retired clergyman and I think it helps to explain very clearly the various forms of marriage. There have been some queries recently on banns and entries on marriage certificates, so the following information might be helpful: I am writing only about the Church of England. Roman Catholics, the Free Churches (e.g. Baptist, Congregational, Methodist, URC, etc.) and the Church of Scotland have different laws and regulations. I write as a retired C of E cl
10. Vanessa [1]
Hi Vanessa, I dont appear to have any more dates of death. Whose death were you looking for? Next time I go down to the research room I will have a look for you. regards Marilyn
11. BEAVON Deaths [1]
Hello List, Here are a few BEAVON Deaths for you age DOD area quarter ref no 1825 Samuel 75 1750 Bilson 27.4.1825 1877 Sarah 73 1804 Wlv 4 6b 403 1877 Harry 1 1876 Aston 1 6d 225 1879 Ann 38 1841 Wlv 2 6b 359 1880
12. Census [1]
Just to let you know that the Family Search website has added the census to its online databases: h_census.asp You will find the 1881 UK & Canadian census and the 1880 US census. Take Care Marilyn
13. A2A web site [1]
Some of you may not be familiar with the A2A. So I wanted to bring it to your attention. "A2A allows you to search and browse for information about archives in England, dating from the 900s to the present day. These archives are cared for in local record offices and libraries, universities, museums and national and specialist institutions across England, where they are made available to the public. To find out whether archives are of interest to you, it is necessary to consult a catalogue or other findin
14. more BEAVON births [1]
Hello List, A few mor BEAVON Births, date name area quarter & index ref 1861 George Gideon Wlv 2 6b444 My Gt G.father 1861 Alfred Mile End 2 1c577 1862 Esther Wlv 4 6b409 1863 John Samual Wlv 2 6b565 1865 Bertha Ann Wlv 3 6b536 1865 Henry Aston 2 6d312 1865 James
15. In General [1]
Hello everyone, As this is a new list and still very small, I think it would be a good idea if we all contacted one another on List, and also post the replies even if its negative, you never know it may help someone else. That way we all get to see message and help one another. Take care Marilyn
16. New TV Series [1]
NEW TELEVISION SERIES A new TV series has been commissioned that focuses on the impact of the 1st World War on communities in Britain. The production company, Wall to Wall (producers of Who Do You Think You Are) want to examine the lives of those affected by the conflict by looking at war memorials, not just those of the armed forces, but including nurses and civilians killed during the war. However, case studies are urgently required, and Wall to Wall would be keen to hear from family historians a
17. [BEAVON] BMD Newsletter [1]
Hi all For anyone who orders their certificates online for family research , here's a newsletter ----- Original Message ----- From: Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2003 7:15 PM Subject: Research UK RESEARCH UK (website address: March 2003 NEWSLETTER INCREASE IN GOVERNMENT CHARGES FOR CERTIFICATES We have been advised by the UK Government that the price of birth, marriage and death certificates will be rising in price as from the end of March by
18. [BEAVON] A few Marriages [1]
Hello Listers, Here are a few marriages that I took note of when researching my line, I have the GRO record number if anyone wants them 1843 Beavon James West Brom 1843 Beavon Ann Wlvn 1844 Beavon Mary Ann West Brom 1846 Beavon Martha Wlvn 1846 Beavon Eliza Wlvn 1847 Beavon William Wellington Spa 1847 Beavon Mary Wlvn 1847 Beavon Margaret Wlvn 1848 Beavon Sarah Wlv 1849 Beavon Frances Wlvn 1849 Beaven J
19. [BEAVON] Welcome to our new members [1]
Hello Listers Just to officially welcome newcomers to the BEVAN lList and to say that we now have 10 subscribers to the list. If you haven't posted to the list yet, please do - if you wish, you can post a brief introduction about yourself (optional) and who/what you are researching - and whatever else you'd like to share (so long as it's to dowith family history/genealogy or related to the area where your family lived.) the more people we can tempt into subscribing, the more chance we a
20. [BEAVON] Dinner Guest [1]
"If you could invite any one ancestor to dinner - who would it be and why." Be very interesting to read the guest list and you just may find your missing person on the list Hello Listers, here is a question for you............ If you could invite an ancestor to dinner and ask a question, who would you invite and and what would you ask?
21. [BEAVON] Canada's Genealogical Website [1]
Good morning Listers, I thought this web site may be of use to someone (from another list.) For those people that are researching ancestors in Canada, Canada's first national genealogy website, the GRL (Genealogical Research Library), is now on line! The GRL is Canadab
22. [BEAVON] 1901 census India [1]
Good Morning Everyone, I thought you may find this interesng............... When I pointed out to my MP that some of the 1901 census transcription> had been done by people on the Indian sub-continent, who did not have> English as a mother tongue and who had no experience of English place> names, occupations and personal names, he was frankly incredulous. I> suggested he put a parliamentary question on this. Here it is with the> reply...>> DL: "To ask the Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's D
23. Roll Call [1]
It is time for a Roll Call - let's try to find some ancestors and cousins! Please send a post to the list about your Beavon ancestors. Remember to include all the information you have available about when and where they lived. Perhaps there is someone else on this list who is researching that same line, with the data you need! To make your query more productive, remember to change the subject line when you reply to this post, to indicate something about the ancestors you are hunting. U
24. Roll Call-- Robet Beavon Wolverhampton, England-Ohio, USA [1]
Robert George Beavon, Sr. b. 08 Jan 1852, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England d. 06 Sep 1933 815 Kammer Ave., Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio married Ellen Deakin b. 14 Aug 1849 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England d. 02 Mar 1930 424 N. 7th Street, Martins Ferry, Belmont County, Ohio Children: 1. Sarah Jane Beavon b. 06 Dec 1869 Wolverhampton, England d. before 1882 Wolverhampton, England 2. Joseph Hen
25. Will of Charles Beaven (abt1640-1699) [1]
Hello Beaven/Beavon Researchers: We have just added the will of Charles Braven (abt1640-1699) of Prince George's County, MD. to our web site, Go to our web site at: On that page is listed the link FAMILY PAGES INDEX. Enter that link and you will see the Will listing there. Enter that to view the Will. This is a FREE SITE and all interested parties have free access to all our pages. Happy Hunting Harold Oliver Director America's First Families

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