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1. [BEL-R] 1770 BEL = Heist op den Berg, Schriek, Westmeerbeek [1]
I wonder if anyone can help me find the marriage of Joannes Baptist Smets and Anna Maria Keuls? I know that this couple had 11 children in Heist-op-den-Berg between 1772 and 1796 (see below). Numerous baptisms indicate Jan is from Westmeerbeek and Anna is from Schriek. I was able to find baptisms that confirm this (see below). I believe the microfilms in archives at Beveren-Waas are copies from the LDS library and use the same film numbers. I have access to these films: 0293836 Westmeerbeek DTB regist
Catherine, are you sure it isn't Vergauwen? (g, not h) I have one Joanna M. Vergauwen, May 23, 1739, Haasdonk, died May 9, 1816, married June 3, 1713 in Haasdonk to Joannes Baptiste Cap, 9 Mar. 1740 Krubeke, died June 20, 1791 in Haasdonk. Also I went to school with an Alice Vergauwen (father was Gaston) in Superior, Wisconsin. She is now Mother Shawn Vergauwen, Mother Superior of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist based in Meridan, Connecticut. I think she has done some family tree searches. H
3. [BEL-R] Cap - Lauwers [1]
Looking for birth and death information and parents of Joannes Cap and his wife Joanna C Lauwers, parents of Joannes Baptiste Cap, born 9 Apri 1740, Frubeke, died June 22, 1791, Hassdonk. John Buytaert Cloquet, MN ____________________________________________________________ Protecting your belongings! Affordable Renters Insurance. Click here.
4. Re: [BEL-R] Website [1]
Pat, Hope this is the one you are talking about! Cindy ----- Original Message ----- From: "Pat Fitzgerald" To: Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 1:26 PM Subject: [BEL-R] Website > Periodically there is a Belgian website listed in the messages that takes > you to a page which lists both civil and parish records. The website does > need to be translated into English. I thought I had put the websi
Hello From a memorial death card I have the following: Franciscus Vandere Heeren - Tanghe born Iseghem 27 September 1766 , died 29 July 1832. They had a son Desiderius died 8 December 1869 married Rosalia Vande Putte. I do not have any additional information. The death card was for the Vynckier family, Franciscus mother was Barbara Theresia Vynckier. I hope this helps. Barbara Vandewalle On 2/28/2009 9:19 AM, wrote: > Hi again all listers > > Does anyone have anything at all on these
6. Re: [BEL-R] Translations please [1]
See below. Ed Blomme Researching : Blomme-Vlaeminck- De Groote-Vandezande-Calcoen ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2009 10:59 AM Subject: [BEL-R] Translations please > Hi listers > > Can anyone tell me what the following mean please: > > Geboorteakte (is this a birth certificate?) Birth act or certificate > Huwelijksakte Marriaqge act > Overlijdensakte Death act > Werknemer Labourer > Daghauwerker- not familiar w
7. Re: [BEL-R] Chervil [1]
Thank you!! Great resource... -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Deanna Peters Denk Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 10:17 AM To: Subject: Re: [BEL-R] Chervil For those who remember our discussion of Chervil last summer... I have found a US supplier of Chervil "Brussels Winter" PLANTS! Handy for those of us with short growing seasons and no app
8. [BEL-R] Peninsula Belgian American Club [1]
Ken- Wondered if you know Mary Ann Defnet who was at one time Secretary of the PBAC. Some years ago she found a Belgian relative's birth for me in 1842 Green Bay. I tried to contact her several years ago just to say HI, and her E-mail address was no longer valid. I asked Regine from Belgian Laces and she said that she had heard Mary Ann was in ill health. Wondered if you have an update? Len **************A Good Credit Score is 700 or Above. See yours in just 2 easy steps! (
9. [BEL-R] Buytaert- Van Wauwe [1]
Looking for information on the parents of Nicholas Buytaert, 29 Feb. 1633 and his wife Anna Van Wauwe, 1636 - 31 Oct 1696 Temse, married 29 June 1660, Temse. John Buytaert Cloquet, Minn. ____________________________________________________________ Self-Employed? Need a Health Plan? Click here to get self-employed health insurance.
10. Re: [BEL-R] LIESSE update [1]
David, I also have the LIESSE family in my family tree and I have quite abit of information about them...Like you I have been inactive for several years and would have to "search" my papers to find this information, but I am excited to be able to share it with you and see if we have a connection. My LIESSE family is on my Mother's side of the family. They were from Opprebais and Dongelberg areas. With some help from a wonderful man in Belgian I have information about this family going back to 1720 t
11. Re: [BEL-R] Translation [1]
OK if you want a translation I m ready to help. Send me the english text on my private mail. Joseph. -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Peter Cresswell Sent: samedi 28 fivrier 2009 12:44: VIRUS ALERT! To: Subject: [BEL-R] Translation Hello List, Can someone please help me, I have written a letter to my Aunty in Belgium and I would like it to be translated into Flemish so that she can r
12. [BEL-R] Jacob Eggermont c1828-1891 [1]
Karen- You will likely get more than one reply of this nature. I did a quick check on Eggermont "famillenamn in Belgie" (website below) and found there were 1735 people with the surname Eggermont in northwestern Belgium as of 1998. Mostly around the area of Gent. Also did a quick search of the list archives but only found one inquiry for Eggermont and that was 10 years old. This family was searching for information on their Ggrandfather who was born some 60 years after your ancestor and imigrated to
13. [BEL-R] Moras [1]
Someone recently asked about the surname Moras. I did find one entry as follows: Maria T. Moras, died Vrasene 12 June 1815, wife of Petrus Josephus D'Hondt, died Vrasene, 10 March 1803. If anyone has birth and parentage dates and names of this couple, I would appreciate knowing about them. John Buytaert Cloquet, MN ____________________________________________________________ Click to find information on your credit score and your credit report.
14. Re: [BEL-R] My ancestors emigrated from Rolaix, Belgium to Phi... [1]
Hi Pat, Are you sure of the spelling...there is a Roubaix France just across the boarder from Mouscron Belgium. My great grandparents lived in Mouscron but my grandfather was born in Roubaix. Marie ----- Original Message ----- From: "Patricia Montero" To: "" Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 9:29 AM Subject: [BEL-R] My ancestors emigrated from Rolaix, Belgium to Phi... > > My ancestors emigrated from Rolaix, Belgium
15. Re: [BEL-R] My ancestors emigrated from Rolaix, Belgium to Phi... [1]
Patricia, Rolaix do not exist in Belgium. Maybe a misspelling for 'Roulers' (french for 'Roeselare'). It could help when we know the names of your ancestors. Hubert Goetschalckx On Wed, 11 Feb 2009 17:29:28 +0000, you wrote: > >My ancestors emigrated from Rolaix, Belgium to Philadelphia in 1906. >I can't locaste this town or anythig close. >Any comments would be greatly appreciated. >Thank you. > > > >Patricia Montero
16. [BEL-R] Dens- Sloot [1]
Seeking information on Petrus Joannes Dens, 1770, Geel, died 10 April 1821, Vrasene, and his wife Barbara Sloot, 1765, Lanswaark (?), died 2 Feb 1842, Vrasene. Her parents are listed as Gerardus Sloot and Maria De Prekel. I would appreciate information on both parents' ancestors. John Buytaert Cloquet, Minn. ____________________________________________________________ Click to get Medical Insurance options that meet your needs.
17. Re: [BEL-R] BELGIUM-ROOTS Digest, Vol 4, Issue 32/Belgian database site [1]
TO: Pat Fitgerald Could it be you are looking for? __________________________________________________________________ Instant Messaging, free SMS, sharing photos and more... Try the new Yahoo! Canada Messenger at
I search last name GOEDGEBUER, in Gent, Sint-Amandsberg, sorry my english is basic. Thanks. Sergio Gustavo Lspez La Plata - Argentina
19. [BEL-R] Luyckx - Cornelis [1]
Seeking ancestral information on the following couple: Livinus Luyckx, 3 Oct 1774, Vrasene - 7 Jan 1830, Verrebroeck, and his wife Joanna F. Cornelis, 1764, Meerdonk - 30 July 1805, Verrebroeck, believed married in Verrebroeck on 4 April 1796. John Buytaert Cloquet, Mn ____________________________________________________________ Click here to find old friends, lovers or family.
20. [BEL-R] BELGIAN DAYS -- Brussels Wisconsin [1]
Last year I promised more advance notice: BELGIAN DAYS Brussels Wisconsin The 48th annual BELGIAN Days festival will be July 11 and 12 at the Brussels Wisconsin Town Park: I assume Saturday there will be a Belgian Heritage Tour directed by Bill Laatsch (Professor at UWGB). The tour was a sold-out event last year with a waiting list. The Peninsula Belgian American Club (PBAC) will have a booth with Historical Pictures and genealogy information. Web Site
21. Re: [BEL-R] BELGIUM-ROOTS Digest, Vol 4, Issue 19/Wightman [1]
To: Mike. No Wightman was found in the Antwerp phone book. Of course, not knowing Lina's maiden name puts severe limits on research possibilities. The city of Antwerp has its own website. You might find the proper address there where to obtain a copy of Lina's death certificate from civil records. Writing in English shoulkd be no problem. Good luck with your research. __________________________________________________________________ Reclaim your name or Get your new em
22. [BEL-R] Smet- Bogaert [1]
Looking for information on Petrus Smet and his wife Judoc Bogaert, parents of Anna C. Smet, July 29, 1765 - Aug. 31, 1813, Vrasene, married April 29, 1784, Vrasene. John Buytaert Cloquet, Minnesota ____________________________________________________________ Free health insurance quotes. Great rates for individuals and families. Click Now.
23. [BEL-R] Translation [1]
I have found some more letters from my grandmother in flemish. Anyone interested in translating? Sincerely, Kathy
24. Re: [BEL-R] Chervil [1]
For those who remember our discussion of Chervil last summer... I have found a US supplier of Chervil "Brussels Winter" PLANTS! Handy for those of us with short growing seasons and no appropriate place for seed starting. (Yes, I just ordered two plants. I'm very excited!) --- Deanna Peters Denk myheritage [ at ] PETER / PIERRE / JARBOE / LAMAR HINTON / HORNSBY / TAYLOR / STANFORD -----Original Message----- From: belgium-roo
25. Re: [BEL-R] Translation [1]
I'm willing to try a couple. Ed Blomme Researching : Blomme-Vlaeminck- De Groote-Vandezande-Calcoen ----- Original Message ----- From: "Robert &" To: "Belgium Roots" Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 11:02 AM Subject: [BEL-R] Translation >I have found some more letters from my grandmother in flemish. Anyone >interested in translating? > > Sincerely, > Kathy > > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to

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