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1. Re: [BEL-R] West Flanders [1]
Thanks for the information.. Ed.... Sincerely, Genna Claeys Stafford edblomme wrote: Overcome with guilt in the process of a yearly cleanup I've come across correspondence from a few correspondents who asked about connections to members of my family such as Blomme, Vlaeminck , Degroote, Vandezande, Debruyckere, Calcoen, Dhondt, Decorte etc. To make up for any errors and omissions on my part,it gives me great pleasure to recommend the VVF Brugge website who in cooperation with the Pro
2. Re: [BEL-R] Petit Lait [1]
Should be Petit-Leez. Jean-Paul Leburton -----Message d'origine----- De : [] De la part de Linda Houyouse Envoyi : dimanche 6 janvier 2008 17:29 @ : Objet : [BEL-R] Petit Lait Found place of birth on Gustave Houyoux's naturalization and would like to locate where Petit Lait would be? Thanks Linda Houyouse at ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send
3. Re: [BEL-R] Belgian Families Coat of Arms/Crests [1]
Dave DeMeuse wrote: > Although I aware that Coat of Arms or Crests were granted to individuals and not families, it has become in modern times, to associate heraldry to surnames. A lot of companies prey on misinformed individuals; and sell them "family crests" when no such thing exists. Just because there are a lot of individuals that accept these claims made by such disreputable vendors without question does not mean that "it has become in modern times, to associate heraldry to surnames"; it simply
4. [BEL-R] Vlaamse pioniers in Argentina, For chuck Van den Eeden [1]
hello Chuck: Well, we hope this coming year to make some changes in the webpage, because the one that's actually on line it's just to have a presence on the internet, but we're gonna keep your words in mind in case we could make also an english translation. Happy new year, and Kind regards --- Chuck escribis: > Gabrielia - any chance for an english language version? > > chuck van den eeden > Lombard, IL > > My name is Gabriela Lencina Den Dauw and I had just join the list, I woul
5. [BEL-R] Whats wrong [1]
Hello Luc, My messages still do not come back to me so I don't know if they are even reaching the list, and I have subscribed to the list, so is my computer set up wrong. Regards Pete
6. Re: [BEL-R] BELGIUM-ROOTS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 13/Carbonnades flamandes [1]
At 08:24 PM 1/16/2008, you wrote: >The pressure cooker sounds like a fabulous idea. My mother always used one >for beef dishes -- still does -- and the meat is SO VERY tender. This is a funny side note--I have a pot from a pressure cooker that is my totally favorite pot. The little thingie on top that jumps around broke years ago, and my mom gave me the pot when I was moving out and needed something to cook in. I use it almost every day for cooking about anything imaginable. Now, remember, this BRO
7. Re: [BEL-R] Indexing Belgian Records about to be launched [1]
Regine Brindle wrote: > Up until now it has been limited to Courtrai/Kortrijk (West Flanders) Death > Records but within the next couple of weeks this project will be expanded > to include all of Belgium, and will have a Flanders option as well as a > Wallonie option. What time period is being covered by this project?
8. Re: [BEL-R] Louis Missine [1]
For Mavis Moore, Lyon County, Minnesota is located in the southwestern corner of that state. Get a map that shows the state and look for Sioux Falls, SD just over the state line with South Dakota. Find Minnesota State Route 23 that goes north-northwest to Marshall, the Lyon County Seat. The Southwest State University is located in Marshall, Lyon County, MS. Tracy, Lyon County, Minnesota is down a bit, 14 miles south on US 59, then east a hop and a skip to Tracy on US 14. Good luck. Reni and Frances
9. Re: [BEL-R] BELGIUM-ROOTS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 13/Carbonnades flamandes [1]
Those old pressure cookers (lid left open a bit) make good pop corn, too.
10. [BEL-R] Missine Information [1]
Mavis, This obit from Feb 16th, 2000. Tracy Headlight Herald Newspaper (Minnesota): Minnie Drever, 76 Minnie Drever, longtime Walnut Grove resident, passed away Monday, Feb. 14, 2000 at her home from complications of leukemia. Services will be Friday, Feb. 18 at 2 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church in Walnut Grove, MN. No visitation is scheduled. Minnie Drever was born on April 25, 1923, in Edgeley, ND, the daughter of Hattie Rienke and Louis Missine. She attended Russell #4 country school through 8th
11. Re: [BEL-R] West Flanders [1]
Thanks Ed! What a treasure trove of information!> From:> To:> Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008 15:53:29 -0500> Subject: [BEL-R] West Flanders> > Overcome with guilt in the process of a yearly cleanup I've come across correspondence from a few correspondents who asked about connections to members of my family such as Blomme, Vlaeminck , Degroote, Vandezande, Debruyckere, Calcoen, Dhondt, Decorte etc.> > To make up for any errors and omissions on my part,it gives me great p
12. Re: [BEL-R] Louis Missine [1]
Mavis, I live in Lyon County in Southwestern Minnesota and will look at Southwest Minnesota State University History Center which has most of the records in this area. There is a C. Messine farming section 32, 160 acres and an L. Messine section 19 farming 40 acres in Grandview Township, Lyon County in 1902 but Grandview is near Ghent, Minnesota, not Tracy. In a Lyon County History book by A.P. Rose there is a mention that in 1884 L. Messine was the only head of family in this area of Grandview. The only R
13. Re: [BEL-R] Louis Missine [1]
Thank you for the info that you sent. I am a novice genealogist and am still learning how to look things up. I hope to visit MN this spring or summer and it will be helpful to know where I can go to look things up. Mavis In a message dated 1/28/2008 7:07:13 P.M. Mountain Standard Time, writes: Mavis, I am not sure where Lyon County is located......don't have a Minnesota map handy right now. Two suggestions: Contact the Minnesota Historical Society on Kellogg Street, St. Pau
14. Re: [BEL-R] BELGIUM-ROOTS Digest, Vol 3, Issue 15/Schol en... [1]
TO: Dirk Thyssen "Schol en doe ze nog es vol" - now here is a toast I had forgotten. Thank you, this one goes straight into my collection of sayings. Have a very nice weekend. --------------------------------- Be smarter than spam. See how smart SpamGuard is at giving junk email the boot with the All-new Yahoo! Mail
15. Re: [BEL-R] 1895 Argentinian census [1]
Dear Alejandro & Gabriela A friend of mine recently wrote me that she was stopping all of her activities and sadly so because she might have been able to help you better than anyone else. Her name is Huguette DeClerk. For some years she was Head librarian for the Belgian Parliament and had made a project of gathering all the emigrants going anywhere. She sent me a book recently that she was sending for reprinting but I can't get my hands on it just now. I understand only too well what yo
16. Re: [BEL-R] Found an Ancestor!!!! [1]
Hello Hoping someone can help me. I have a copy of "Act of decease" of Pierre Arams, My great-grandfather. Deceased 03/11/89 in Charleroi, Belgium and born 29/06/1850 in Brussels of unknown parents. Would Pierre be a foundling or were the persons who declared his death not close enough to the deceased to have known the parents of Pierre Arams? If he was adopted would there have been a record kept and if so where would I write or e-mail in Brussels for records? Thank you for any considerations. Sinc
17. Re: [BEL-R] [Fwd: Belgian family: PROVE & DE SCHRIJVER (Gent/Lochristi 19th century)] [1]
There was a De Schryver family living in Allouez, the Belgian end of Superior, some years back. I want to say Henry and Marie but not sure anymore. John B.
18. Re: [BEL-R] Petit Lait [1]
You should try "Petit- Leez" near Gembloux. There are also " Petit - Roeulx-lez-Nivelles" and others....Try with Google (Belgium). Phonetically "Lait (milk)))and Lez or Leez it's almost the same. We could translate "Lez" by "near". Regards Andri -----Message d'origine----- De : [] De la part de Linda Houyouse Envoyi : dimanche 6 janvier 2008 17:29 @ : Objet : [BEL-R] Petit Lait Found place of birth on G
19. Re: [BEL-R] How do I write for information in Pont- à -Celles? [1]
Hi Ellen, If Francois Molle was married in Pont-a-Cellers, Hainaut, Belgium that does not mean he was actually born there it was where his wife was born (marriage took place in her parish). It is possible marrying earlier his parents died and the guardians raised him. I found other versions of the spelling for Molle..such as Mollet, Mollez. You might try googling Pont-a-Celles and see if you can mustard-up the address for the city hall. Marie ----- Original Message ----- From: "Imarc Training Skra
20. Re: [BEL-R] 1895 Argentinian census [1]
Bruce & Regine: Thanks for the info, we knew already about this on line census, but before this census were published on the web we went to Buenos Aires, to the General Archiv of the Nation, and asked for the books of the 1895 census, of course we didn't see all the entries for the whole country but we took the part of the census were Villaguay city was mentioned and take notes about the belgians who appeared there...but having acces to this on line census is really great. But there is one problem here in
21. [BEL-R] Language barriers hobble Belgians [1]
Some of you may find this interesting Lau van Bilsen Language barriers hobble Belgians In this Brussels suburb, where neat houses on twisting lanes stand a few streets away from NATO headquarters and the glassy towers of multinationals, Jean-RenC,B? Delval is packing up his home of 32 years and moving with his wife to Spain .
22. Re: [BEL-R] Found an Ancestor!!!! [1]
Hello, I am looking for a birth record for Emile Georgel born at Namur, Meux, Gembloux, area of Belgium December 03 1882 . I know his family came from these towns. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Richard Georgl _rdjgn@aol.com_ ( **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
23. Re: [BEL-R] Look Ups- Did I miss Anyone? [1]
Laura I'm sorry I missed your original post. What specific source are you using for look-ups? Also, are the look-ups for a specific area of Belgium? Bill -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Laura Edwards Sent: Friday, January 18, 2008 8:21 AM To: Subject: [BEL-R] Look Ups- Did I miss Anyone? Hi Belgian Roots listers- If any of you sent me a request for a look up and have not heard fro
24. Re: [BEL-R] Petit Lait [1]
Would this be the site your are seeking? PETIT POT A LAIT SAINT- UZE Google Earth coordinates. 45: 7.337'N; 5: 7.46'E Best regards, Denis Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. George Bernard Shaw On Jan 6, 2008, at 11:29 AM, Linda Houyouse wrote: > Petit Lait
25. [BEL-R] DEMEUSE/LECOCQ, Sart-Walhain > Kewaunee Co. [1]
Jacques Joseph DeMeuse (b. 25 Apr 1813 Sart-Walhain, Brabant, Belgium d. 12 Sep 1880 Kewaunee County, Wisconsin) was a passenger on the David Hoadley in 1856. According to "Our Marchant Relatives", or so I've gathered, Jacques Joseph DeMeuse is listed as having both Jean Baptiste Lecocq (b. 1798) and Josephe Lecocq (b. 1799) as step parents. This doesn't seem plausible as Jean Baptiste Lecocq would be 15 and his wife 14 when Jacques was born. In addition, according to passenger records of the David Hoadley

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