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1. Re: [BOYD] Boyds in American colleges pre-1776 - Samuel Boyd [1]
The First WOULD APEAER TO BE the last child of Rev Adam Boyd of:- R2 Adam Boyd, b 1692 (Ballymoney, Co. Antrim), d 23/11/1768 (Parkesburg, Chester Co. PA), bu United Congregation of Upper Octorara, Lancaster Co., PA, m 23/10/1725 ( , ), Jane Creaghead/Craighead, dau of Rev Thomas and Margaret (nee Wallace) Creaghead, of White Clay, b 17xx (Ireland), d 9/11/1779 ( ), bu and had issue:- S11 Samuel Boyd, b 11/6/1747 ( , Chester Co. PA), d 1790 ( ), bu , m 17xx ( , ), ??? Brooks, dau of Col. Brooks, of
2. Re: [BOYD] Thanks [1]
Hi Karen: Your messages have to be sent in plain text, not multipart/alternative (HTML) or Rootsweb bounces them. I am leaving your original on as I know it did not go to the list. Mike's computer can read Word files or Family Tree Maker (FTW) files as he does have a copy of the software. Probably Adobe Acrobat as well. He uses Word for what he does and it would be the easiest for him to be able to lift text and copy into his file. A pdf file would not, usually, generally, allow him to lift the text and
3. Re: [BOYD] those 100 and over [1]
It looks like I will now have to start a FILE on those Boyds that are now 100 or over or who died over 100 years. I can then send that regularly to Editor Kevin for Dean Road. Mike Boyd Historical Committee, HBS ----- Original Message ----- From: "Don Mellen" To: Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 4:39 AM Subject: [BOYD] birthday > Hi to y'all out there in Boyd land. Please help us celebrate a milestone > birthday for my mother - Edith Boyd Mellen - who hits the
4. Re: [BOYD] Boyds in American colleges pre-1776 - Samuel Boyd [1]
Don't trust these guys (not NEHGS but the original index) as a good source. They have no genealogical proof attached to there records so they could be way off. No other Adam Boyd-minister is in this area and Samuel is clearly his son from both records. For vitals specifics I would rely on better primary or secondary records. Colin Brooks In a message dated 8/1/2008 7:48:42 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes: The First WOULD APEAER TO BE the last child of Rev Adam Boyd
5. [BOYD] Will be away from 23 August for 5 weeks [1]
Just letting the list kown that from 23 August - 9 days time - I will be leaving to lead the Tour of County Down for its week's tour and then going to visit other Libraries, etc in Antrim and Scotland, so will not be back until 26 September. So if you are going to send me "something", could you please wait until 1 October. I will unsubscribe from a few of of my lists, so I do not have too many Emails to clear when I get home. I have asked my daughter to cover over each week to download my messages
6. [BOYD] Alexander Boyd in RW. [1]
I have just come across this information on Alexander Boyd of Boydton, VA. "Alexander Boyd, a native of Scotland, born 1743 or 1747, Aug. 16 and died Aug.11, 1801 Married 17 Ann Swepson born Jan 22. 1750 Alexander Boyd 1778 enlisted in Maryland Dragoons in ???? line in the continental Establishment and continued in the service of the Revolutionary War until the close of the war. For his service received bounty land of 1000 acres of land see mil. warrant 1470 and letter from Nancey Boyd, his daughter,
7. Re: [BOYD] Considered going into DNA register? [1]
So far my husband's 67 marker DNA sample has not matched any other DNA sample in the database, Boyd or otherwise.? We had hoped and are still hoping for a match since he is the only son of an only son of an only son whose father died when my husband's grandfather was very young. We have hit a brick wall in finding out who his relatives were.? He was a miner, John Henry Boyd,? who left PA in late 1880's and moved to Jerome AZ .? Still need to research? probate records from Scranton about 1904 when my husb
8. Re: [BOYD] those 100 and over [1]
Eleanor It must be that Canadian Water! I will set up a FILE those Boyd who have passed 100 years, so it can be included in the Background Chapter on Clan Boyd. (When I get time to re-edit it) So what details should be include? i) Full name ii) date of birth and location; iii) date of death and location - if person is dead; iv) do we need parents? v) any other details? Mike Boyd Historical Committee, HBS ----- Original Message ----- From: "Eleanor Haggarty" To:
9. Re: [BOYD] birthday [1]
Hi Don: This is wonderful! I will pick up a card on my ventures about town today. Have you notified the White House so the President will send her a card? I look forward to the day we can all send YOU a card for your 100th! Yours Aye, Lauren
10. [BOYD] Fw: Captain Robert Boyd of 6th South Carolina Reserves [1]
Perhaps some of the Chester County, SC Boyds, may be able to tell us who this Captain Robert Boyd belonged to? Thank you Charlotte for passing it along Mike Boyd ----- Original Message ----- From: charlotte shields To: Mike Boyd Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 8:38 PM Mike, I thought that this may be of interest. I typed in Captain Robert Boyd in the search box and found the information below and also the web address as follows, but
11. Re: [BOYD] just found this - Alexander Boyd of Augusta Co., VA - 1761 [1]
Mike, I suspect that the first Alexander (in Karen's number one) is a different Alexander. That would very possibly be the Alexander who lived in Augusta, Wythe and Pulaski Counties. However, the number two I believe might be the same Alexander as the Boydton, Virginia fellow. See this map Click on 1764. Mecklenburg is about to be formed that year, from Lunenburg. As far as the family link with the Halifax Boyds, it is hard to guess whether there is on
12. [BOYD] (no subject) [1]
Just got this back from Rootsweb, so will try sending it to the group again. Maybe someone can find the missing link. Hi Frank. Thanks for your offer on helping me find my Alexander Boyd, Frank. And thanks to Lauren, I have been able to open the files Mike Boyd sent me that were in Word2! I haven't been able to tie my Alexander into those families yet, but hope to some day. My Alexander was born in 1821 in Halifax VA and married in Greene Co., OH in 1847. He served in the civil war from Iowa, w
13. [BOYD] Recent updates [1]
Dear Cousins: Rootsweb Boyd List: I recently received a really nice comment about the welcome message for this list that caused me to review it and update it. If you do not have a recent copy, you may want to unsubscribe and resubscribe to trigger the server to send it to you. OR -- you can email me at my adminsistrative address of and I will send it to you directly. House of Boyd Society Website: I have updated the following pages on the Society's site:
14. [BOYD] 2 minister biographies [1] JOHN CALVIN BOYD: PG 447 Son of Robert and Mary (McMaster) Boyd, was born in the city of Steubenville, Ohio, June 27, 1814. His father was an accomplished scholar and teacher, and his mother was distinguished for her piety and traits of Christian character. His religious and literary training early fitted him for becoming a teacher of others, and in
15. [BOYD] Boyd Covenanters- PA western counties [1] BROOKLAND. Under this heading will be included all the societies which have been known by different names, and located in the north-western portion of Westmoreland County and the Allegheny River PG 286 In June, 1854, the Rev. Robert Reed was installed pastor. The extensiveness of the field had been somewhat curtailed by the organization of new congregations, and, beside the Brookland charge he m
16. Re: [BOYD] Any members of this List member sof DAR or SAR [1]
Mike: Michael Boyd of Scot's Valley, CA is a member of SAR. You will find his contact information in last years and the year before's Dean Road. He had been on the Executive Board. Yours Aye, Lauren -----Original Message----- >From: Mike Boyd >Sent: Aug 3, 2008 7:28 PM >To: >Subject: [BOYD] Any members of this List member sof DAR or SAR > >Are there any members of this list who are members of the Daughter of the >American Revolution or Sons of the American Rev
17. Re: [BOYD] Agnes Boyd [1]
Mindy, Was there any mention of Benjamin Franklin Boyd of Elizabeth City on the Mon? He had a son that relocated to Beaver, where he died. Dave ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mindy" To: Sent: Friday, August 15, 2008 10:02 AM Subject: [BOYD] Agnes Boyd Whilte researching my husband's Boyd line I came across a book that might be of interest to someone on the list. The book is titled "Monongahela Valley Family Records Vol. I" This book contains severa
18. [BOYD] Dr John Boyd of Bertie Co., NC - 1730's [1]
In some private correspondence, I was given this website:- I found the following on this Rev. John on the NCGenWeb State Page of Bertie County - web address: Which says:- "An almost equally flamboyant case was that arising out of the career of John Boyd. Dr. Boyd came to Bertie around 1730 after seven years of practicing medicine in Virginia. He had received his medical training at the University of Glasgow. Armed with t
19. [BOYD] Fw: Ship the "Boyd" - Te burning of the Boyd [1]
G'Day all This is a part of ongoing discussions regarding thre burning of the sailing ship "Boyd" about 220 years ago, by the native Maoris in the Northern part of New Zealand. Nick Freeman who has a team currentyly diving on the wreck seemed to think it was possible to raie the ship. In all his research on the subject he has still to find out why it was named "The Boyd" or who it was named after. Has ayone any clues? You can view the wreck underwater by checking out the web page Nick has created a
20. Re: [BOYD] Fw: Fw: Captain Robert Boyd of 6th South Carolina Reserves [1]
Tom I was checking on the ship Hopewell - just to make sure the grey cells were working - when I came across that I did have the names of the 5 ships for Rev Martin: "Surname Summary of those who came with the Rev Martin These are the surnames which came with the Rev Martin as well as the ships that they arrived on. Surname Lord Dunluce Hopewell PA Farmer Free Mason James and Mary " I was told in 2007, that a lady in the US has done a passenger list for these ships and there were a number of Boyd's o
21. Re: [BOYD] Homecoming events - Tour of Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh July 2009 [1]
Mike If you go to the Edinburgh Infirmary, Not far from Edinburgh Castle, you will find a marble statue to one of the Boyds who was a major benefactor of that hospital Best wishes Brian Boyd Melbourne ----- Original Message ----- From: Mike Boyd To: ; Eddie Boyd ; Boyd-L Cc: HBS AGM Yahoo Group Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 8:14 AM Subject: Re: [BOYD] Homecoming events - Tour of Glasgow, Stirling,Edinburgh July 2009 The DRAFT PROGRAM IS:- Gathering 24 - 26 J
22. Re: [BOYD] Homecoming events [1]
I have not left yet Madam President. I still have another 12 hours before I shut doen my PC, but I do have to pack my bag, etc. Mike Boyd ----- Original Message ----- From: To: "Eddie Boyd" ; "Boyd-L" Cc: "HBS AGM Yahoo Group" Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 2:48 AM Subject: Re: [BOYD] Homecoming events > Dear Eddie: > > A resounding AYE! I feel we should work in some time on Bute. It is a > shame that Mike
23. Re: [BOYD] Scottish influence in Oklahoma ? - Boyd's Bottoms?? [1]
Hi Joyce. My great-grandfather James Edward Boyd participated in one of the "Runs" into Oklahoma in the early 1890's, along with my grandfater James William Boyd. My mother Cyntha Cecil Boyd was born in Ryan, Indian Territory in 1906, and I was born in Maud, Oklahoma in 1940. My grandparents were married in the church at Avoca, Oklahoma Territory in 1897. I and a couple of Boyd cousins have quite a bit of Boyd in Oklahoma information, and may be able to help, if you can be more specific about the location
24. [BOYD] Homecoming events [1]
Dear Boyds, I was at a meeting this morning to discuss an application from our local FHS (Bute Sons & Daughters) to get some funding from Argyll & Bute Council to lay on a few events for Homecoming Scotland 2009. We applied for some of the funding available from the Scottish Government but were unsuccessful. They are funding only 60 events and most of those are pre-existing big events like Celtic Connections, the Cowal Games and so on. Anyway, Clan Currie visit our Highland Games every year and have stron
25. [BOYD] 1888/1788 [1]
Sorry a slip of the finger. Only 100 years off, Should have been 1788. My point was that there was a William Boyd in the 1790 Census in very close proximity to Allegheny County. Thank you Charlotte for the PA web site. The next time I need something for Pennsylvania I will try it out. Zippity Doo Dah Joe Boyd Williams SRT Sons of the Republic of Texas Founder House of Boyd Society Cape Carancahua, Texas

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