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1. [BRITISH-JEWRY] Latvian State Historical Archives [1]
Angie, The address for the above is: Latvian State Historical Archives Slokas Isla 16 Riga LV -1007 Latvia At the time of my inquiry the initial cost was $50.00 and then was notified of all records available and costs. Annette Young
2. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Adding S to surnames [1]
Debbie, I too have experienced this with my SAMUEL surname. Only mine changed from SAMUEL to SAMUELS upon their arrival from England to the USA in the 1880's. In England, it was always SAMUEL. In the USA it has always been SAMUELS. Luana Debbie Bozkurt wrote: > In other peoples experience have you found over time on records that a > surname, for example, the one I am looking at is ISAAC, can vary from ISAAC > to ISAACS. I have found the same record translated differently from the GS > records, s
3. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] BRITISH-JEWRY Help with my Cohen research [1]
I am wondering if your Abraham could have been a brother or cousin of my David Morris Cohen, a tailor who was born in 1864 somewhere in Russia, although Lithuania is supposedly somewhere in our history. David's father was Max Cohen, but of course it could also be any Hebrew or Yiddush equivalent that would have been rendered as Max in English. Some of my U. S. relatives have mentioned their parents discussing Manchester as well, for some reason. tc
Unless I missed it, you didn't mention where they lived or where the brother was born! If it was a particular district as a likely candidate, I would search the FreeBMD for all Igor's born in your time period in that area. I see you have already registered the surname at the JewishGen Family Finder at Remember W and V are equivalent sounds, and that P and B also are very similar. So, I would do a search in the birth indices for all the other spellings that turn
5. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Missing Bulletin Up-date Michael JACOBS [1]
Debbie Don't know if this will help but I found 1888 divorce documents for a relative in the Supreme Court archives of Sydney. It was a gold mine - letters from family, detailed affidavits and even a photo of the bride one Marie KEYZOR nee JOSEPH, daughter of Alfred JOSEPH of London then Sydney. By proving I was related, even though distantly, I was able to get copies of everything. If they divorced in Melbourne there should be something similar. If you can find more details I would be happy to look t
6. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Missing Bulletin Up-date Michael JACOBS [1]
They were divorced in London (so I have those papers) but maybe Michael/ Alfred went back to Australia so I will bear in mind. Thanks for you offer and sharing information on where I or we can look up things - never thought to try Australian Divorces. Debbie Bozkurt On Jan 23, 2008 6:35 PM, Keira Lockyer wrote: > Debbie > Don't know if this will help but I found 1888 divorce documents for a > relative in the Supreme Court archives of Sydney.
7. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Brethren of the Covenant [1]
[Dear Sherry, - Many thanks for you advice. Hope this will do. Best wishes, Poul] Dear Barbara As a follow-up to my previous mail, I should like to draw your attention to the homepage of the Merseyside Jewish Community ( It brings a notice on "Leisure, Education and Charity", which will tell you much more about the Brethren of the Covenant than "Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire" would. Let me q
8. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Searching JewishGen London Database & Old Bailey [1]
TC (Please give first names please) It's and the site provides many databases and information for Jewish genealogy around the world. Simply click on the databases link and you'll see what's available. Jackye Sullins > How about posting a precise link to the database for those of us not > great with explorative navigation? I kind of know JewishGen, but > don't know which section you are talking about. > > Thanks, > tc
9. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Colney Hatch [1]
If he was a member of the Federation, Edmonton cemetery is the closest. Try the on-line databases for this and West Ham. Regards, David liss
10. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Searching JewishGen London Database & Old Bailey [1]
You don't have to pay $100. I did, but my year has run out and I can't renew this minute. So Debbie is correct, you can log in and have a search, but only for one thing at a time--you can't search for Solomon of Back Church Lane, you can search for Solomon or Solomons under surname, BUT, here's the trick. If you have a street, or even a variation of it, change the search. Don't do "surname" do "any field" and then choose "sounds like" or "is exactly" and...have fun. Once I knew "Manuel Solomons" was
11. [BRITISH-JEWRY] Pre 1791 Records for the Great Synagogue or pre census records [1]
Hi there from very soggy cold and windy Stornoway. Probably a silly question, did any pre 1791 marriage records survive the blitz in any format from the Great Synagogue. We are trying to trace our David JACOBS (hebrew name david b jacob litzin/letson), who died in 1809 aged approx 83. All his sons that married after 1791 were registered at the Great Synagogue, Unfort. my 4x great grandfather Philip JACOBS married just before. David was in his 50s when his children were born in the late 1760 and 1770s, he w
12. [BRITISH-JEWRY] Passing Information On To Others [1]
I have been following the debate concerning information being given to others for either relatives or non-relatives as the case may be and whether information concerning the living should be disclosed. I am a firm believer in that information should be shared. As far as people disclosing who gave them that information - ethically - one should. I have been developing my family tree and all its connections for nearly two years - I confess that without the valuable assistance that I have received from all corn
13. [BRITISH-JEWRY] Yiddish [1]
I would like to add a PS to my earlier posting regarding Yiddish, particularly in Melbourne. I omitted to mention that Yiddish is a VCE (matriculation) subject. There is also a Yiddish language course at Monash University and also a Yiddish theatre (Kadimah). I'm not certain if there is still a Yiddish programme on a regular basis on SBS radio but there certainly was until recently. Melbourne fortunately has a particularly rich Yiddish culture. Naomi Barnett Melbourne, Australia
14. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] re Aliens in Brussels [1]
Bea, You'll find the information on the National Archives on the website: The other Brussels archive you mean is probably the records of the Vreemdelingendienst - Office des Etrangers. You can mail Louis Philippe Arnhem at If you are looking for the aliens records of the city of Brussels, the e-mail address is : Jan BOUSSE, Oostende, Belgium ----- Original Message ----- From: "Bea"
15. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Help with my Cohen research [1]
Hi Naomi, Probably no relation, but I have a g grandfather, Harris Cohen, who came from Kovno to Manchester around 1872, but by 1881 was living in Fashion St., London, later Booth St., Spitalfields. He married Leah Gold in 1890, and he was a furrier. His Hebrew name was Herschel ben Haim Eleazer Hacohen, and his mother was Hanna Schatofsky (now there is a unique name...) Anyone else connect with this? Happy new year, David Levy
16. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Clueless about British-Israeli Genealogy [1]
TC - two things: I checked on the Israel white pages and there are about 22 different phone numbers which include cell numbers. These 22 are also some duplicates like for example Ludmila appears twice. If you want me to send you more phone/address information please write to me off line. Also, I would suggest you email what you wrote to BJ to: JFRA , the local Israel group - everyone understands English.... Regards Angie Very cold but sunny Israel --- the cohens
17. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Places to Visit in London [1]
Hi Gillian I live just outside London & a year or so ago went on a guided walk called organised by the excellent London Walks (I have no commercial interest in the company). It was on a Sunday morning, took around three to four hours, cost a few quid and included a visit to Bevis Marks where one of the synagogue members gave a talk about its history. It was very informative and entertaining - the walks are led by blue badge guides who are very knowled
18. [BRITISH-JEWRY] getting started [1]
There are a few people interested in ALEXANDER on this list. If it was me, and there is no certainity that this will work, I would go to Free BMD and enter both surnames in the fields and hit search and hope ;-) Basically, it's not an easy search and there are no short cuts in this life. best Sherry My great grandparents Heyman Cohn and Leah Alexander migrated from Poland to England before 1898. They had two children, then migrated to the US. I have found them in the 1901 census and have birth records
19. [BRITISH-JEWRY] I need assistance with passenger lists for New Zealand [1]
I know this is slightly off the topic for B-J but as I regard the members of this list so highly I hope I will be permitted to post a question which isn't directly related to B-J. I am keen to look at passenger lists (or shipping arrivals) for Wellington, New Zealand in 1939, probably from April onwards. My parents emigrated there and I would like to fill in some gaps in my own family's research. All suggestions gratefully appreciated. Naomi Barnett Melbourne, Australia
20. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Places to live in London [1]
Dear Kerry , I read you fascinating letter although i am a londoner and have done these walks which are always excellent. My eye caught your last s;entence about your ancestors being master and mistress of an old people home. Was in the Sephardi Bet Holim in Mile end road because my Abendana ancestors were also well contected to that. Could it be the same. with best wishes, Louise ----- Original Message ----- F
21. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] United Synagogue Marriage Authorisations and Dutch research... [1]
These items may be of interest to all. They came from the current Avotaynu newsletter: Some British Jewish Marriage Documents To Be Indexed The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB) and the United Synagogue have reached an agreement whereby JGSGB will index the synagogue's Marriage Authorization documents, up to and including 1907. The content of the documents changed through the years, but they can include the names of bride and groom (both in English and Hebrew), current address and b
Brenda, I tried the link but it says "restricted access" - did others have this problem? Regards Angie Searching: RAYKH-ZELIGMAN/RICHMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/Leeds COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds MAGIDOWITZ, Jurbarkas, Lithuania/Leeds KASSIMOFF, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds ----- Original Message ---- From: Brenda Habshush To: Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 9:55:12 PM Subject: [BRITISH-JEWRY] JEWISH HISTORICAL ROOTS
23. Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Old Australian Newspapers on-line [1]
Not really, just trying to trace known family and I use JC here as have it on-line but can't seem to find anything on-line for Australia, I guess there must be. One of my 'Cousins' died in 27th June 1911 Bendigo City David Jacobs, he had a few children and I wanted to see if I could trace him. I have found the Bendigo Society on line, might try them but not sure they did individual look up names. Debbie Bozkurt On Jan 27, 2008 11:35 PM, Mary Heppell wrote: > Hello Debbie, > > I do
24. [BRITISH-JEWRY] naming a child [1]
Dear Sherry, Just realised I attributed your message, responding to mine, to Jeremy rather than you! Apologies to you both. Angela
25. [BRITISH-JEWRY] Naming a child [1]
>Alfred and Louise are correct. Ashkenazim never name after the living where as Sephardim do. < 'Never' is an absolute and, as we should all have learned by now, such affirmations are best avoided in Anglo-Jewry. My Great Grandfather, Michael b. May 1847 died 1938 was very much alive when his grandson also so named was born 1899. Such occurrences may not have been "usual" but I'm sure they were not that "uncommon". I suspect there may have been a difference in the practice of families newly a

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