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1. [CENSUS-CHAT] Census Upload Report [1]
\\\\\\\ The USGenWeb Census Project R /////// ///// \\\\\\ ________ /////// Census Upload Report \\\\\\\\ ________ ________ /////////// 14 January 2008 \\\\\\\\\\\ ________ AK / Second Judicial District / 1920 (Partial) Dist/Twp/City part of ED:1 and part of ED:10 Transcribed by Timothy Miller Proofread by Rachel Nicholai and George Smart
2. [CENSUS-CHAT] Census Upload Report [1]
The USGenWeb Census Project . Census Upload Report 11 February 2014 FL / Washington / 1910 Partial Dist/Twp/City: ED 119 Transcribed by: Robert Daniels Proofread by: (needed) 5 index files _partial.txt ed119-pg061a.txt ed119-pg068a.txt GA / Madison / 1940 Partial Dist/Twp
3. [CENSUS-CHAT] Census Upload Report [1]
The USGenWeb Census Project . Census Upload Report 21 February 2014 IL / Cook / 1850 Partial Dist/Twp/City: Chicago Boats & Vessels Transcribed by: Linda Talbott Proofread by: J. Talbott 1 index file partial.txt pg0448a.txt IN / Wabash / 1850-Mortality - Complete Dist/Twp/City:
4. [CENSUS-CHAT] Census Project Upload Report [1]
The USGenWeb Census Project . Census Upload Report 3 February 2014 CA / Colusa / 1860 Partial Dist/Twp/City: Monroeville Twp Transcribed by: Martha Wattier Proofread by: Debbie Leenutaphong 1 index file partial.txt pg00437.txt MA / Bristol / 1800 Partial Dist/Twp/City:
5. [CENSUS-CHAT] Census-Aroostook Co [1]
To Iceman 884, Yes I did check the ssdi but no Ferdinand or Julia Speed. Thank you, Robin
6. [CENSUS-CHAT] 1880 CHristian or Finley townsips of Missouri [1]
My brick wall is C.R. Hill, wife David Ann, children, Charles, Zay, Zeffie, Burley, Mollie, James, and Perry. Lena
7. [CENSUS-CHAT] Stark Co., Ohio census look-up and copies, please [1]
look-up, please, in Stark Co., OH 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 Joseph John CROSS d. 1925 Mary Jane ESSNER d. 1930-1940 children George CROSS Charles CROSS Mary CROSS Martha Elizabeth CROSS Gertrude CROSS Stella CROSS Stephen CROSS Emma CROSS Florence CROSS I only know the film and page # for the 1880, received today from an FTM CD look-up volunteer. 1880 Stark Co., Ohio Cross, Joseph, Massillon ward 3, Stark Co., p. 218c the rest need to be looked up in the soundex and m
8. [CENSUS-CHAT] Chart - Federal Census Dates/Time Allowed [1]
The below census chart may be of interest to some of you. But first, a public thanks to all who responded to my recent question about CD 318 (1860 indexes). Recently someone asked about the date of a certain census. By now s/he has probably received an answer. However, I thought I'd share the below chart. I did a test mailing of the chart and see that some (but not all of you) will receive this with crooked columns; hopefully you'll be able to figure it out anyway. I think they beco
9. Why not transcribe? [1]
Some people do not know that there is a site like this to check for completed transcriptions also you can check to see which ones have been assigned and even sign up to transcribe a county. It really isn't that expensive, just time consuming and you can also help by getting the information online. I am waiting for Flathead County MT census to arrive. My way of finding out my needed information and a paying back all those great people who have been so helpful to
10. [CENSUS-CHAT] 1900 Lycoming Co PA [1]
I'm looking for a Jules (possibly Gould) McClain and family in Lycoming Co PA in 1900. One son is Anson Jay McClain b. 1893. Any info would be greatly appreciated Mary Boone "We are all a quote from each of our ancestors"
11. Re: [CENSUS-CHAT] Interpret age of child [1]
Hi Josanne: The MN Genealogical Society told me that 8/12 would represent the number of months old the child was. So..April 15 the child was 8 months old.. probably born in August of the previous year.It will not help you with the exact birthdate of the child....i.e the child could be 9 months old one week after April 15th. However it does work out.. On those occasions that I have later found out the exact birth date it has been correct within 4 weeks. Hope this helps. Carol Ontario, Canada Josanne Shaver
12. [CENSUS-CHAT] 1870 & 1900 OHIO CENSUS [1]
Would someone who has access to the census for Lawrence County, Ohio, please look for Peter and Catharine McMahon . They are found in the 1880 census in the town of Ironton with only 3 children. I am trying to find out if there were more children. After 1893-4 after a write up in a society magazine they just seem to disappear. Could someone look in the 1900 census of Lawrence County for either Catharine or Peter (he may have passed away by 1900, he was 60 years old in 1880). Regards, Anne Marie
13. [CENSUS-CHAT] Demise of the 1890 Federal Census [1]
Nick wrote: > Does anyone know what really did happen to the 1890 census??? I have > heard many stories, from burning in Washington, to theft. Thanks Nick, For information about the demise of the 1890 census, please check out this fascinating article at the National Archives and Records Administration web site: "First in the Path of the Firemen"; The Fate of the 1890 Population Census by Kellee Blake Though many believe that the census was destroy
14. [CENSUS-CHAT] Re: Census question [1]
In a message dated 5/30/00 , writes: > >In the family below the mother(widowed)is living with son, daughter-in-law >and grandchild > >Can anyone tell me what this means ? ( Mom i l ) >Thanks >Suzy > >1880 Lee Co.Tx. >PG# LN# DW# FM# LAST NAME FIRST NAME COL SEX AGE MTH RELATION > > SGL MAR WID DIV MYRO OCCUPATION OTHER R/W BIRTHPL > >F.BORN M.BORN REMARKS > > >22 19 195 204 Jackson R S W M 22 . . >
15. [CENSUS-CHAT] Rapides Parish, Louisiana [1]
Hello Listers, I have a family of Rainney Lee (8/02/1795-l2/30/1877) born LA and Elizabeth Gordon born KY. They had ll children. Rainney is buried in a Liverpool cemetery in LA - Rapides Parish. Have a need for names of children. 1860 census indicates several children, but they seem to be grandchildren. Can anyone help? Many thanks. June
16. Re: [CENSUS-CHAT] Fw: Census Project [1]
You would submit the DBF file to Connie and Ron. Connie would choose a File Manager who would process your transcription, a process that includes checking for obvious errors and uploading. The File Manager would notify you of the u/l. What specifically do you mean by '...who would be in charge...'? After the file is sent to a file manager, at that point the FM is in charge of the file. Connie stores a copy on GenNet (Connie, if I am wrong, please set me straight.) The files are u/l to:
17. [CENSUS-CHAT] Look-up [1]
Hello, Does anyone have access to the 1860 Washington County, AR census? I am looking for Edmonds, Calvin State : AR County : Washington Co. Location : Cove Creek Township Year : 1860 Page # : 504 Thank you, Rita
18. [CENSUS-CHAT] 1920 CENSUS [1]
My gggrandmother, SOPHIA DERSCH MARTY, is listed in the 1920 Census as living with her son Jacob, along with her daughter, Sophia. At the top of the index is a line to indicated citizenship. On my gggrandmother's it says Un Un-. Can anyone tell me what that means? Also, would the actual census records list her place of birth more explicitly? On the index it is only listed as Hessen, which I take to be in Germany. I only have one more question, as to this index. Why is there no house number and stre
19. [CENSUS-CHAT] Addison Co., VT [1]
Could someone check the household for Stephen Burroughs, Addison Co., VT, on the 1850 census, page 223? I would very much appreciate it. Sibyl in Texas
20. Re: [CENSUS-CHAT] Purchasing Microfilm of Census [1]
You can get them from NARA, but I think the price is somewhere between $35 & 50 per reel. A better price is available from Heritage Quest (if you're a member you get a percentage off)... Or you can get reels from Census expeditors for $12.95. He has about 90% of the census on hand to copy, but is really slow about back orders! Karen
21. Re: [CENSUS-CHAT] Interesting [1]
Linda, 5 years ago I could have been in the seat with no show of hands. Oh, I knew my grandparents names and visited them but I did not know them. NOW.... I can put myself four generations back and I swear I can feel, hear, and see them in my dreams. I love genealogy... What a great email from you Thanks Josanne McIntee Shaver ----- Original Message ----- From: "linda gilchrest" To: Sent: Sunday, May 14, 2000 12:02 PM Subject: [CENSUS-CHAT] Interesting > T
22. [CENSUS-CHAT] 1880 census [1]
Hi all, Could some kind soul help me find an online source for 1880 census, Monroe County, Pa. Looking for William and Albina (Beatrice?) Abbott, parents of Arthur Charles Abbott DOB 3/11/1881 Delaware Water Gap, Monroe County, Pa. Figured if he was born in 81 his parents were probably in area in 1880. Be happy to pay out of pocket expense. Thanks, Bill Abbott
23. [CENSUS-CHAT] 1890 Census -Chicago [1]
I'm new to the list and live in Christchurch, New Zealand.Can anyone please help me to look up William H.BINNS in Chicago in the 1890 census? I would like all details of age, birthplace, occupation and address. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Elizabeth Kelly
24. [CENSUS-CHAT] 1920 Cenus [1]
Does anyone know in what month the 1920 Census began? Thanks Arlene
25. [CENSUS-CHAT] 1920 Census date [1]
Many thanks to all who replied to my question regarding the starting date of the 1920 Census. You are all really great! Arlene

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