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1. Re: [CFTW] CFT-Win Ver 3.04 [1]
Quoting Ira J Lund ( > Ver 3.04 posted last night. Most bugs taken care of. I do have 1 or 2 that Ira, I suppose you track down your changes in some kind of CHANGES file. If so, what do you think of posting this file to the list when you announce a new release of CFT? This would be a small helpr for those of us who reported somehting in the past so that we see if our wish/bug report has been corrected?
2. Re: [CFTW] Indexed Book [1]
I hope this isn't off topic or at least not far enough off to cause a problem so here goes. I have seen several of you mention a duplex printer. Where in the world does one obtain one. Have never even seen them advertised. Bill Phillips Perry, Florida _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at Share information about yourself, create your own public profile at
3. Re: [CFTW] Bug : No more shortcut keys when using french language [1]
(CC: to Henri and list) Quoting Henri Correard ( > C'est moi qui ai commis la traduction de CFTW3, et dans un disir de bien > faire, j'ai trop traduit: j'ai par exemple traduit [F-Key] (go to father) par > [Touche P] (aller au phre) sans me rendre compte que cela itait excesif, > j'aurais du traduire par [P-Key]. Je suis en train de reprendre tout cela, et > je pense l'envoyer assez rapidement ` Ira, mais si tu le souhaites je peux > te faire parvenir une copie du fich
4. [CFTW] Print Preview Limit? [1]
G'day Ira, I seem to be having a problem with Print Previewing an Ancestral Story covering 5 generations. There are 23 records involved and I have ALL events included. The "Preparing Report" gets to 65% and then the prog is "Not responding". My system Resources meter shows System Resources 68% free, User Resources 68% free and GDI Resources 80% free. I do not have any trouble if I restrict to 4 generations. There are 13 records and the result is 15 pages. These pages contain those persons with the bulk o
5. Re: [CFTW] Bug : No more shortcut keys when using french language [1]
Why did I receive this message 6 times? At 07:17 PM 11/12/00 -0500, you wrote: >(CC: to Henri and list) > >Quoting Henri Correard ( > > > C'est moi qui ai commis la traduction de CFTW3, et dans un disir de bien > > faire, j'ai trop traduit: j'ai par exemple traduit [F-Key] (go to >father) par > > [Touche P] (aller au phre) sans me rendre compte que cela itait excesif, > > j'aurais du traduire par [P-Key]. Je suis en train de reprendre tout >cela, et > > je pense l'envoyer ass
6. RE: SV: [CFTW] Bug in 3.03? [1]
> -----Original Message----- > From: Ira J Lund [] > Sent: Monday, October 30, 2000 6:54 PM > To: > Subject: Re: SV: [CFTW] Bug in 3.03? > > > At 11:17 PM 10/28/2000 +0200, you wrote: > >I have the same problem with 3.03. As soon as I open an > event for editing, > >the place and miscelaneous data changes automatically. I > have rebuild the > >indexes and after that the place names, misc, addresses, > sources etc are not > >sorted at all. When I typ
7. Re: [CFTW] Bug [1]
At 02:22 PM 11/4/2000 -0600, you wrote: >Ira - I think this is a bug. I tried to do a Descendant List type report. When I clicked on the Fields icon and began to fill out the fields, everything went OK until I tried to put a tag on the Death date or place field. No tag was available. Neither Initial or Full Description would produce a tag. I found that it wouldn't work for Burial either. I tried quite a few other events, including user defined events and it worked fine. > I'll take a look and see what I c
8. RE: [CFTW] Name Search and Name Change Event [1]
>I use name change quite a lot. Younger generations with parents separating >tend to sometimes change to the family name of the other parent - typically >changing to the mothers surname. > >Also, I always have people named in the name field by their given names >regardless of later name changes (this seams to be the standard used in >(older) family books in this country). Sometimes I wonder if it would be a >good idea to use the name change event to record and show the name presently >used by a person - typ
9. [CFTW] CFTW3 Gedcom [1]
I have a few comments to the Gedcom export from CFTW 3 and the eventual import back into CFTW 2.5 1. I have CFTW3 set to a non English language (Danish). Dates with text like ABT, AFT, FROM etc. is not translated to English in the Gedcom file, but is erroneously written in the language being used. CFTW 2.5 is therefore unable to import these dates correctly. 2. A person with more than one set of parents get the parents indicated as f.inst. 1 FAMC @F000001@ 2 PEDI birth 1 FAMC @F000002 2 PEDI adopted This
10. AW: [CFTW] Name Search and Name Change Event [1]
I agree wholeheartedly with this principle concerning maiden names. However, in the formal records (parish records, censuses etc) the woman may well be referred to by her married name, even as a widow or divorcee. Thus, the question is, not how the woman is registered in the database (obviously by her maiden name), but how well does the database support the fact that she may have changed her name several times during her lifetime and that searching for her in the records is thus more difficult. I have sev
11. [CFTW] U.S. & Canadian Official Postal States/Province Abbreviations [1]
In case any newbies have joined up during the past 3-4 months, I am posting this list of Postal abbreviations again. Many users, who are involved in genealogy (and many who are not), often need the official U.S. and Canadian States/Territories/Provinces abbreviations and don't know where to look for them. [If anyone is interested, I have this neatly formatted, and in multiple columns, in MS Word/WordPerfect format with American and Canadian flag graphics. If you want the file, send to me privately: mail
12. RE: [CFTW] Name Search and Name Change Event [1]
> I don't recall everything I say. Not sure what the point was when I said > that not many people used the NMCH or ALTN events. I suppose I > didn't think many people were using it. > > In any case was there some request you had made about this for > some feature or other that I have failed to fix or add in the program? > Trying to understand how we got on this subject anyway. > Ira Ira I didn't post the original, I just reacted on your statement about not many using the NMCH. But there was something about
13. Re: [CFTW] Group Sheet Report printing [1]
Yes I would like that too. Rina >>More specifically, I would like the option to print a Family Group Sheet for >>an individual without having to go through the selection process. For >>example, I would like to be able to choose Print Reports, Family Group >>Sheet, then enter the IRN of an individual without having to create a >>selection list.
14. Re: [CFTW] CFT versus TMG [1]
I have used CFT since it's DOS days. Every now and then I have a look at an alternative program (usually because I get a free or promotion copy), I have still not found a program to beat CFT! It is not perfect but it is the best!! Ian Westergaard New Zealand
15. [CFTW] CFT 3.04 Feedback [1]
Hi, Ira! I have to say that I _really_ like the new option to view and set Selection List entries from the Family Group window. I wonder, would it be possible to show the name of each of the five groups selected as pop-up help when you mouse over that position of the column title bar? That would sure save a lot of round trips to the Options, Database Configuration menu. Also, here are a couple of "anomalies" I've found (not specific to 3.04) and some suggestions: 1. The Show button on the Relati
16. Re: [CFTW] Print Preview Limit? [1]
>As to the way the temp files are erased, on a normal exit, cftw does erase them, >but not so when it ends in error (I'm only familiar with your 2.5x versions - do >not know the way 3.0x deals with it) Yes, this makes sense. I had thought that they got erased but as you say an error won't get rid of them. Ira ------------------------------------------------ Mr. Ira J. Lund E-mail: Web: Cumberland Family Software, 385 Idaho Springs Road, Clark
17. [CFTW] Redirected Post by Subscriber [1]
Ira, I have a question: when I have an individual which owns several properties (all properties are already listed in "Place" directory), do I have to enter them separately or is there a way to enter them in one sentence (pasted from "Place"), one by one, separated for example by a semicolon? This would be very convenient and will save me a lot of time. Regards Jerzy Jerzy Czartoryski 844 Pink Road Aylmer, QC, Canada J9H 5C9 Tel: (819) 684-0469, Fax: (819) 684-1855 E-mail: an
18. SV: [CFTW] "Abt"="ca" in french? [1]
There is probably no one disagreeing with you George, however that is not the issue! Why use an abbreviation if you do not need it? Just to keep up a "dead" language? Again, abbreviations should be avoided when not absolutely necessary. Reidar -----Opprinnelig melding----- Fra: George W. Durman [] Sendt: 29. november 2000 12:25 Til: Emne: Re: [CFTW] "Abt"="ca" in french? Since "c" and "ca" ("circa") have been used for centuries to mean "about",
19. RE: SV: [CFTW] Bug in 3.03? [1]
>Now I have found out what is happening with the pictures. They are stored >with the individual with MS-dos 8.3-filename and the media editor and >reports use lfn. That explains why the sort order of the photos change in >the report if I not replace the photos with 8.3-names for each individual >with the long file names. (It happens that the MS-dos names changes when I >replace or add files.) I am not sure I understand what is happening here. Are you saying that CFT-Win is storing a long file name as a sh
20. Re: [CFTW] Bug : No more shortcut keys when using french language [1]
>At this time, do what you feel is better, Henri. Maybe one idea would be >having *two* french translations : one where keystrokes are translated and >one where they are *not* translated. Don't know if this is possible. > >For the future, Ira, I think it would be nice to have an option somewhere in >CFTW configuration for either using "translated" keystrokes, or us original >ones. There also, I don't know if it would be possible...or easy to achieve. I will consider this. - Add it to my list to check into
21. Re: [CFTW] Bugs - A4 Paper Size [1]
> 2. I think that there may still be problems with some priting of reports on > A4 paper. If anyone has problems here please let me know - specifically > which report, etc. I need to duplcaite the problem to fix it. If I cannot > duplicate I may need to get a copy of your database. > > Thanks, Ira Ira, Yesterday I have prepared a message to send to you about some reports related to A4 paper size. But I verify that the problem is present in all reports: (the foot notes is not shown, they are out of paper a
22. Re: [CFTW] Age calculation [1]
Has the original poster responded about his/her system having an incorrect date set on his/her system? If so, I haven't seen it. I'll bet he/she is too embarrassed to reply. To whomever it was, don't worry about it - we have all done similar things in the past. SgtGeorge At 09:26 AM 11/20/2000, Ira J Lund wrote: *********START OF ORIGINAL MESSAGE TEXT********* >At 03:18 PM 1/1/1998 +1300, you wrote: > >When entering a date of birth with no date of death the calculated age > >displayed on the family gr
23. [CFTW] Footnote Alignment - Printed Reports [1]
Ira and List, When odd right/even left page numbering is selected the footnote is right justified on even pages. My second line of the footnote is short and when displaced to the right it looks out of place. Footnote lines can be padded with spaces to eliminate this displacement, as long as there is a character which will terminate the line following the spaces - carriage return does not work. Some lines may have information which lends itself to the insertion of spaces between the 'words' to adjust the l
24. Re: [CFTW] Reports-change field [1]
At 10:30 PM 11/24/2000 +0100, you wrote: >In some reports there is an option select other fields than std birth/death >etc. I here refer to the ancestral list. For BIRT the title is Birth, >DEAT - Dead, but when I use the OCCU-tag the title show <110C>, LIVD >displays <11LI> and so on. Is it possible to make the report(s) use the >title for the actual event? I have only tested this with norwegian and >english language. I'll have to look into this. It should use the actual title like birth and death. M
25. AW: [CFTW] Bugs [1]
Ira, 1. I cannot print reports with 3.04 with my HP 610C. It locks up on preview and print, and doesn't print a thing! 2. I mentioned a problem with the Database Structure report some time ago. If the list of disjunct trees is large (e.g. many unconnected persons) there is a single widow line on the second page and a normal continuation on the third (i.e there is only one line on the second page although there is more to print). (I don't think this is only a problem with A4 though) 3. Unless my memor

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