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1. Re: [CROLEY] Battle of Point Pleasant [1]
Janet Dixon wrote: > I have a question and hope I'm not being a pest. If > DAR supported Point Pleasant as the 1st Revolutionary > War battle at one time, as it seems to me to have done > after reading these emails and links, then has anyone > been accepted into DAR or SAR using Samuel Crowley as > the patriot in the past? > I asked the NSDAR on their Patriot look-up site, (several months ago, they asked me to 'prove' that congress declared the Battle to be within the Revolution) and they responded t
2. Re: [CROLEY] John J. Crowley (ca1808-1830) -from Va. to Tennesee in 1826 [1]
This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Author: ELFINNO2004 Surnames: Classification: queries Message Board URL: Message Board Post: IN REVIEWING ROOTSwEB.COM SEARCH SITES AND ANCESTRY.COM i FOUND INFORMATION FROM RELATIVES OF WILLIAM M CRALLE that this name later became crowley- same phonetically - check sites and see Important Note: The author of this message may not be subscribed to this list. If you wou
3. [CROLEY] Battle of Point Pleasant [1]
West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd in 1991: "Mr. President, I ask my Colleagues to join me today in remembering those whom many believe to be the first military veterans in our Nation's history. I am speaking of the militiamen of the Battle of Point Pleasant, a battle waged in my home State of West Virginia- at that time, Virginia- and officially recognized in 1908 by the 60th Congress as the First Battle of the Revolutionary War...."
4. Re: [CROLEY] Battle of Point Pleasant [1]
Please note that Sen Byrd said "whom many believe" I have said to others, I worked in DC for many years, and the Senate & House passed many resolutions daily w/o asking for proof of validity. Sue -----Original Message----- From: jrolff To: Sent: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 6:38 am Subject: [CROLEY] Battle of Point Pleasant West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd in 1991: "Mr. President, I ask my Colleagues to join me today in remembering those whom many believe to
5. [CROLEY] Lord Dunmore's War [1]
Hi Everyone, The Battle of Point Pleasant was not any precedent to the Colonial War for Independence from England. It was an assertion (attempted or otherwise) of power by British authority against the American Indians (the Shawnees specifically) in an effort to gain possession of land in the territory of the Ohio River Valley, which consequently opened Kentucky to settlement. This was instigated by John Murray, Earl of Dunmore (AKA Lord Dunmore), and named Lord Dunmore's War. He was named governor
6. [CROLEY] Congressional Record [1]
Hi Everybody: Today I recieved from Stan Crowley 17 pages of the Congressional Record, excepts from the 58th, 59th, and 60th Congresses. All of these pages include information about the Battle of Point Pleasant, which I'm sure interests all Crowleys, and all Strongs too since the widow of Samuel Crowley was Elizabeth Strong. I'll make a report of what I've found in these pages. In the 17 pages the phrase "battle of the Revolution" concerning the Battle of Point Pleasant is used 16 times. Most of these page
7. Re: [CROLEY] Congressional Record [1]
What would be the evidence for this "belief"? Marc A. Crowley > Many historians have believed that Lord Dunmore, British Governor of > Virginia, when he led the Virginia militia to meet the Indians on the Ohio > River, and split his army to meet up later, planned to never make this > meeting, because he knew the Revolution was about to start, and this other > half of his army commanded by General Andrew Lewis was the militia od > Augusta, Botetourt, and Fincastle Cos., frontiersmen and the most >
8. Re: [CROLEY] DAR & SAR [1]
Well said, sister Diana! David Tyrone Crowley Prattville, Alabama -----Original Message----- From: []On Behalf Of Diana Williams Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 16:02 To: Subject: [CROLEY] DAR & SAR Someone told me once that DAR did not accept it but that SAR did. Someone out there should have access to those records. To me, the bottom line is that few historians even agree on things. Each writes from his own agenda. I
9. Re: [CROLEY] CROLEY Digest, Vol 3, Issue 10 [1]
Jim, I'd like to buy your book - tried to email you and it bounced back. Regarding the following questions, here is what I have - not much, actually: Benjamin Franklin Crowley p. 486, I have a William Crowley b. 1822 MO who was the son of William Crowley and Abigail Kimsey. He married Louisa A. Perkins 11 Sep 1845 in Howard Co., MO. Squire Crowley p. 486 also is a son of the above William and Abigail - b. aft 1810 TN; m. Nancy Murray, daughter of John Murray on 3 Jun 1840 Henry Co., MO. Don't know abo
10. Re: [CROLEY] Robert Dean Wood [1]
I was just reading over some of his information that he had posted about Point Pleasant. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. We are having a Crowley reunion in May and I wanted to get all this Point Pleasant business clear in my mind and was checking over what he had wrote. He will be missed! --- wrote: > I am sad to tell you that Robert Dean Wood(aka > Woody), the descendent of > Greenberry Crowley, died January 1, 2008. Woody was > one of the first Crowley > cousins that I met online
11. [CROLEY] Congressional Record [1]
Hi Everyboby: Congressional Record: 60th Congress: Memorial at Point Pleasant, W.Va.: MR SCOTT: I ask unanimous consent for the consideration at this time of the bill (S.160) to aid in the erection of a monument or memorial at Point Pleasant, W. Va. to commemorate the battle of the Revolution fought at that point between the colonial troops and Indians October 10, 1774. There being no objection, the Senate as in Committeeof the whole, proceeded to consider the bill. It proposes to appropriate $10,000, to b
12. Re: [CROLEY] Congressional Record [1]
Once again, here is the response from the National archives: Legislative Archives < > wrote: > Dear Mr. Scism: > > The Federal Government, via two Library of Congress web sites, has > placed online bills into the 1870s, and very recent bills. Bills for > your time period are not online. > > *S. 160 (60th Congress, 1st session) passed the Senate on February 21, > 1908. It did not pass the House, and never became law.* > > It was
13. Re: [CROLEY] Benjamin Franklin Crowley 1822; [1]
I am sitting here with the book in my hands. (It takes two :) On p. 482 it says: Following are the children of William Crowley. You just have to go back and forth to follow the lines. I did not check all the names you list, just the first two. A basic chart of the numbers given would have helped but I am not complaining. You just have to do some of the work your self. I think Jim wanted us to. Am I explaining it correctly Jim? Diana wrote: James Rolff's magnificent book is
14. Re: [CROLEY] CROLEY Digest, Vol 3, Issue 10 [1]
Jean, hope you don't mind my jumping in here. I am descended from William Crowley Sr. m. to Abigail Kimsey through their son William Crowley Jr. but I have his birth as abt. 1816 and have him married to Elizabeth Gladden. I have his siblings as Daniel C., Littleberry, Elizabeth, Jeremiah, Samuel, Esquire "Squire" also known as "Buck", and Benjamin Frankiln Crowley. William Crowley Jr. would be my Great Great Grandfather and his son James William Crowley is my Great Grandfather. James William's son Alexande
15. [CROLEY] 1752 tithes, (Jeffery Crowley listed) [1]
Edwin "Tex" Irvin wrote: > Source: > Subject: [VABEDFOR] Lunenburg tihes 1752 > > > > For 1752 > > List taken by John Phelps > > Tithes > Stephen English > Jno Haynes ............................................... 2 > Jno. Turner ................................................ 1 > Jno. Adams ...........................................
16. Re: [CROLEY] CROLEY Digest, Vol 3, Issue 11 [1]
If you'll check what I wrote again, I didn't say William Jr. married Miz Perkins. I said Benjamin Franklin Crowley did. My information originally came from Janet and yesterday she sent me again what she had. We agree. > [Original Message] > From: > To: > Date: 1/10/2008 12:03:51 AM > Subject: CROLEY Digest, Vol 3, Issue 11 > > > > Today's Topics: > > 1. Re: CROLEY Digest, Vol 3, Issue 10 (Jean Creswick) > 2. Re: CROLEY Digest, Vol 3, Issue 10 (
17. Re: [CROLEY] DAR & SAR [1]
Jim: Excellent analysis and conclusion. The second book arrived last weekend. Thanks again. I am finding all kinds of treasures within it--names, dates and places that were unknown to me. Magnificent job. I hand-delivered the second book to the Family History Center and their exact comment: "This is a wonderful gift--so much detail--some well prepared; this will be a treasure for many researchers!" So, my thanks for giving me the easy part--just delivering it! Any more projects up-your-sleeve? A great beg
18. Re: [CROLEY] MYTH BUSTED 60th Congress, Senate Bill 160, February 1908 [1]
Hi Everybody: Regarding this letter from Rodney A. Ross of the Center for Legislative Archives, I've found that this is a part of the National Archives, and Mr. Ross is not the Director but likely one of the 20 employees. I don't know how expert Mr. Ross is on Senate Bill No. 160 or the Battle of Point Pleasant, but in his letter he stated that part of the title of this bill was "to commemorate the BATTLE OF THE REVOLUTION". Mr. Ross then says: "The bill makes no mention of the battle being the "firs
19. [CROLEY] Logan's Lament and Dunmore's War [1]
For an explanation of the relationship of the American Indians, Lord Dunmore, and the colonists in 1774, please see the following: Anthony Wallace, Jefferson and the Indians: The Tragic Fate of the First Americans (Cambridge, 1999). Gary B. Nash, The Unknown American Revolution (Viking, 2005), especially pages 166-172. Merrill Johnson, The Founding of a Nation, (Hackett Publishing, 1968, repr. 2004) Randolph C. Downes, "Lord Dunmore's War: An Interpretation", The Mississippi Valley Historical Review (1
20. Re: [CROLEY] Congressional Record [1]
Preliminary Survey of Sites Associated with the Lives and Deeds of Foreign-born Heroes of the American Revolution Delivered by the United States Commission for the Preservation of Americas Heritage Abroad to the Committees on Appropriations of the 107th Congress of the United States of America July 4, 2002 American Revolution We have defined "American Revolution" as the entire period of struggle by which the thirteen colonies of the Atlantic Seaboard of North America won independence from Great Britain a
21. Re: [CROLEY] Battle of Point Pleasant [1]
Just when I think i've decided Point Pleasant wasn't part of the Revolution, something like this turns up. Was this Senator wrong in what he said? Did the 60th Congress actually recognize Point Pleasant as the first battle of the revolution? I appreciate everyone's posts, thanks! I've been in contact over the last two years with DAR and each time they say someone is supposed to contact me but they still have not. That's a little disappointing but whether the battle that Samuel died in was part of the Revo
22. Re: [CROLEY] Thanks for the cards [1]
I received several cards and letters of get well Thank you very much, they meant alot to me Anita White 14321 Lark Meadows Dr Venus, TX 76084 THANKS AGAIN!!!! Anita white wrote: Jim, This is Anita. I have been out the picture for awhile due to a stroke, and just getting back. I am interested in obtaining this book, everybody is talking about. I can help a little with the info the Georgia Crowleys, since I was there and got all the info I can. I now live
23. Re: [CROLEY] Congressional Record [1]
jrolff wrote: > Mensa #1006297 > > Jim Rolff and this is in response to? -- Jeffery G. Scism, IBSSG ~~ Blacksheep Ancestors in your Family? 'Blacksheep Genealogy' is a registered California Sole Proprietorship. The International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists is a Social Organization Identified by its members using IBSSG after their signatures. Visit For The Blacksheep website, Montgomery County, Putnam County, and Fountain County USGenWeb sites. MORE...
24. Re: [CROLEY] DAR & SAR [1]
The Battle of Point Pleasant was a sanctioned campaign set in motion by the then British government. It was 1.5 years before the Declaration of Independence, and it had no relationship to the eminent revolution. It was a "campaign" that was key in the settlement of the Northwest Territories in the forks of the Ohio river. The issue was European settlements, and tribal raids. As the earlier referenced website indicated, the Battle would have occurred, whether or not the revolution was looming. The
25. Re: [CROLEY] Benjamin Franklin Crowley 1822; [1]
I'm descended from the William that's being mentioned and I've got the siblings the same but it seems that some of my dates are not matching up. Sigh! Can someone give me the information on this book and how to order it, cost, etc. Thanks! Janet Crowley Dixon --- wrote: > James and Diana: > Great system; great response... > Pardon my too-rapid reading or I might have > discovered it without bothering you. > Again, it's a marvelous compilation. > Drew > > -------------- Origina

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