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1. [DBY] MORLEY BURIALS 1837 - 1839 [1]
Hi list, more from Morley MORLEY BURIALS 1837 - 1839 7 Feb 1837 Ann GRACE Morley Moor inf 13 Mar 1837 Alice WOOD Drby inf 18 Apr 1837 Faith OXLEY Morley 889 15 May 1837 Lucy Wilmot SITWELL Stainsby Hall 78 18 May 1837 Patience SHAW Morley 80 11 Jun 1837 Samuel WHEATCROFT Smalley 56 2 Aug 1837 Mary WHEATCROFT Morley 80 21 Nov 1837 Hannah MARTIN Morley 71 3 May 1838 Jane MORRELL Breadsall 6y 6m 20 Sep 1838 Isaac WOOLEY Derby 84 10 Dec 1838 John HANSON Ilkeston 44 14 Mar 1839 Catherine COOKE Heanor
2. [DBY] Hope Registers [1]
Thanks for all the replies re Sam Wolstenholme. Does anyone know if the records have been filmed? Perhaps I could send for them. I'll have to put on the thinking cap as to what to do next.................a real brick wall. he seems to keep returning to Norton so he may have some connections there Kay in Melbourne Australia
3. [DBY] Ashton Containers [1]
When my grandfather died in the 1930s (he was a pit deputy at Parkhouse) it was still running. However many of my mother's family (CROFTS) worked at Parkhouse. To my limited memory I believe most miners were re-deployed to other pits either over the Notts border or Chesterfield which was a large one and one of the last to close. Some of them worked for a tobacco firm in the Notts area. From what I remember them saying about Ashtons it was mainly lower paid packing work, with mainly female workers. Although
4. [DBY] St Paul Hasland (Marriages) part 148 [1]
St Paul Hasland (Marriages) Names Featured 1913 (This includes: Bride, Groom, Fathers, and Witnesses) More details available on request part 148 Ada CLAY Ada CLAY Elizabeth Ann BARRATT Elsie Edith CUPIT Rose WIDDOWSON Ethel HOLMES Selina Jane ASHMORE Florence Ada GOACHER Mary MUSGROVE Emma Florence CARTER Mary Ann SMITH Ellen CARR Mary WATSON Mabel Emily SAXTON Annie NORTON Sarah Lilian NEWHALL Frances Alice BROWN Frances Alice BROWN Dora NEEDHAM Nellie BUNTING Sarah Ann DRING Julia KELLETT Nellie GODLE
5. Re: [DBY] joiner/carpenter [1]
Hi, A Joiner, carpenter and cabinet maker, in a village situation, may well do a bit of each but a joiner will normally make window frames, doors and more solid pieces of furniture; a carpenter will do heavier work like trusses and a cabinet maker will do the fine work necessary for good furniture. From one who has done a bit of each. Mark JOANNE HIBBARD wrote: Hi all, This might seem like a stupid question but I have a descendant born in the late 1700's, who
6. [DBY] St Paul Hasland (Marriages) part 138 [1]
St Paul Hasland (Marriages) Names Featured 1907-1912 (This includes: Bride, Groom, Fathers, and Witnesses) More details available on request part 138 Harriett WOOD Charles WOOD Ethel OSBORNE Ethel METCALFE Annie HASLAM Harriet KENT Blanche NEWTON Annie MILES Harriett MARRIOTT Ada ALLEN Nellie HENRY Annie SWIFT Kate GUNN Lily ENGLAND Walter HOOLE Elizabeth LOWE May ARNOLD Harry MOSELEY Maud Mary KEYLOCK Elsie WILSON Eleanor SIMPSON Daisy ULYATT Florence Emily COX Edith PENN Mary Elizabeth HASLAM Sarah Eliz
7. Re: [DBY] Marriage in Mellor or Castleton [1]
Mellor was in the parish of Glossop so marriages took place there - officially. There were marriages that took place at Mellor when they shouldn't have but these are not recorded. Richard Tetley wrote: Hi, I'm trying to trace back a John Potts/Pots (1792-), who gave his birthplace as DBY Castleton in the 1851 census, and DBY Mellor in 1861. His wife was shown on the 1851 census as born at Mellor. John Potts was a miner, so I'm assuming that he was employed as a miner in the C
8. [DBY] Reckitts blue-bag [1]
When I was at grammar school my friend's mum rinsed her PT blouse with Reckitts blue-bag, but my mum didn't use it. I always felt like the rather sad one in the Persil advert, with a grubby blouse, stood next to the girl with a sparkling white one! I was no good at games or PT either! I remember my (Derbyshire) mum using a ponch, and there were also 'dolly legs', which was rather like a milking stool at the bottom of a big stick. They were both used to 'agitate' the clothes in the dolly tub. God
9. [DBY] St Paul Hasland (Marriages) part 142 [1]
St Paul Hasland (Marriages) Names Featured 1907-1912 (This includes: Bride, Groom, Fathers, and Witnesses) More details available on request part 142 Alice HICKLIN Ethel FISHWICK Emily BAGSHAW Ethel RANDALL Mary BEER Beatrice Annie MARRIOTT Mabel Emily SAXTON Emma BURTON Mary Ann RIGGOTT Mary RUSH Mary Ellen DUMELOW Clara SOMERSET Edith WATSON Annie LLOYD Bernard MATHEWS Frank SMITH Sarah Hannah HAWKINS Hannah HEATH Thomas William REEVES -- ---------------------------------------------------------------
10. [DBY] TIDESWELL BURIALS 1819 May - Dec [1]
Hi Mildred, no fear you being ancient, you're a spring chicken. TIDESWELL BURIALS 1819 May - Dec 3 May 1819 Samuel ROBINSON Tideswell 78 18 May 1819 Jane BRUNT Litton Frith 21 22 Jun 1819 Henry SPENCER Apprentice Cressbrook 14 29 Jun 1819 Eliza dau of Thomas and Mary WHELDON Little Plumpton, Lancs. 7wks 18 Jul 1819 Ann OLDFIELD single Litton 62 28 Jul 1819 Isaac DAWSON Tideswell 75 4 Aug 1819 Samuel BENNETT Tideswell 84 late clerk 22 Aug 1819 Hannah CARTLEDGE Tideswell 49 3 Oct 1819 Hann
11. Re: [DBY] St Paul Hasland (Marriages) part 124 [1]
Hello Jon, I think you've found another in my family line. Could I please have details for Horatio Nelson from St Paul Hasland (Marriages) Names Featured 1907-1912? I think he's a brother to the two you gave me earlier. Thank you, Regards, Heather
12. [DBY] MONYASH BAPTISMS 1813-1825 [1]
Hi Cyrilites, baptisms from Monyash MONYASH BAPTISMS 1813-1825 21 Apr 1813 Samuel of Ellen HEATHCOTE Crongston servant 6 Jun 1814 Beucer Richardson son of John and Sarah BROWNE Bakewell Minister of Gospel 15 Jan 1815 Ann dau of George and Rose BAILEY Knotlow farmer 17 Sep 1815 James son of George and Mary MYCOCK Stockport lab 6 May 1815 William son of James and Sarah WILD Fairfield lab 25 Jan 1818 John son of Parmenes and Sarah LONG Haddon Common miller 8 May 1818 John son of Thomas an
13. Re: [DBY] Data storage obsolescence [1]
----- Original Message ----- From: "Keith Whitehead" To: "John Palmer" Cc: Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 5:37 AM Subject: Re: [DBY] Data storage obsolescence > > > gigabites of storage for not a lot of money...of course you must > save as > GEDCOM file first. Whilst programs may change, GEDCOM is a standard > format for FH files which is unlikely to alter.. (or so we hope !!) Gedcom already comes in differen
14. [DBY] MENTIONED IN WILL 1867 [1]
Hi Mildred, get the furry boots ready. MENTIONED IN WILL 1867 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41 Mary CRADOCK Hurworth ,later of Aycliff, Co Durham later of 5 The Crescent, Buxton, widow, mentions; nephew John Boazman BATES Rotherham innkeeper niece Mary Ann BATES Buxton spinster John D EADE Clerk Aycliffe Durham witness R --
Hi list, last chance to find someone in DSW for 1836 DERBY ST WERBURGHS BURIALS 1836 Jun - Dec 5 Jun 1836 Mary DODDY Bold Lane 3 19 Jn 1836 Ann GOLLINS Bridge St. 3 days 6 Jul 1836 George CALLADINE Agard St 1 day 7 Jul 1836 Ann ARMSTON Sadler Gate 64 8 Aug 1836 Sarah CALLADINE Agard St 30 5 Sep 1836 Sarah ECCLES Wardwick 92 10 Oct 1836 Sarah WHITE Kensington St 86 12 Oct 1836 Thomas WALLIS Monday St. 76 15 Nov 1836 Hannah LATHBURY St Werburghs Poor House 78 20 Nov 1836 Mary MACKENNEY Devonshire St. 65
Hi All Would anyone be able to tell me if a book by David Owen "THE OLD ROAD TO FAIRFIELD" is still available and where I am able to purchase it. It was first published in 1996 Evidently it has a photo of a Coronation Day Party in 1910 on North Road Fairfield. My Mother was born in North Road in 1909 and 'maybe' the family could be included. TIA Jen (Australia)
17. [DBY] St Paul Hasland (Marriages) part 117 [1]
St Paul Hasland (Marriages) Names Featured 1907-1912 (This includes: Bride, Groom, Fathers, and Witnesses) More details available on request part 117 Alfred GILDING William George BRAILSFORD William George BRAILSFORD Joseph CINDREY John William WHITEHURST Thomas MILLINGTON Samuel ASHMORE Samuel ASHMORE Daivd RUDD Samuel ASHMORE George Allsop SHERLOCK Richard CHANDLER Richard CHANDLER Joseph JONES John TAYLOR James Richard COLLEY Frederick CUTTS Frederick CUTTS Henry HOLLINGWORTH Henry HICKLIN Joseph WIDDI
18. [DBY] David Oates [1]
Hello List members, I hope that this isn't a misuse of this list. In 2002 I was corresponding with David Oates re our HUNT ancestors in Denby. I was out of commission until 2007 and now I want to contact him but the email address I had back then is no longer valid. Does anyone know David Oates and if so, how may I contact him? researching HUNT, GREATOREX, GRACE, LANCASHIRE, BRASSINGTON, BROUGH, FLETCHER, HATTER, HOCKLEY, MILLERSHIP, PEDLEY, STAPLETON, SYMS, TABERER, WILD. Thank you so much Veronica
19. [DBY] Writing up family history [1]
My thanks to the many people who have given me lots of new ideas and of course lots to think about as I embark on my "scribbling" journey Cheers Frank
20. Re: [DBY] Toilets [1]
Yes, that's right. The Sergeant's lady and Sir William's lady met at the Post Office, agreed they liked the look of the new Constable and the Sergeant was instructed on how to solve the village's new problem. Hey presto, no more . . . . On Jan 8, 2008, at 11:18 AM, David Marriott wrote: > Another small victory in the class struggle! Superb... > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Jim Whetton" > To: > Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 11:25 AM >
21. [DBY] Herbert GREEN tobacconist mid 1870 Chesterfield [1]
In one of the photographic books on Chesterfield there is a tobacconists shop and it says, "Herbert GREEN established his tobacco retail and wholesale business at No.1 Holywell Street on the corner of Tapton Lane in the late 1870's, and it was carried on by his family until the retirement of the last proprietor, Robert Green, a well-known and popular figure in the town, in the 1970s." I have a Herbert GREEN but I don't think it's him. Does anyone know who Herbert Green is? Cheers LIZ www.btinternet
22. [DBY] LITTLEOVER BURIALS 1835-1841 [1]
Hi list, back to Littleover. LITTLEOVER BURIALS 1835-1841 6 Aug 1835 Sarah MATHER Sinfin Moor, Normanton 76 13 Sep 1835 John BENTLEY Derby St Peter 10m 3 Oct 1835 John RADFORD Mickleover 16 6 Feb 1836 Thomas NORRIS Derby St Peter 46 10 May 1836 Mary Ann SLATER Littleover 1 2 Aug 1836 John CHEVIN Ockbrook 57 9 Apr 1837 John Robert HEMMINGWAY Derby St Werburgh inf 1 Mar 1838 Joseph WAIN Derby St Peter 2 3 Jul 1838 Emma HUNT Derby St Werburgh inf 24 Dec 1838 Sarah MORLEY Normanton 2 17 Jan 1839 Joseph
Hi list, forgot to mention that there are a few Hartington Bastardy added as well to the site. Thanks Neil for adding these, then I forgot to mention them. mike --
24. [DBY] St Paul Hasland (Marriages) part 124 [1]
St Paul Hasland (Marriages) Names Featured 1907-1912 (This includes: Bride, Groom, Fathers, and Witnesses) More details available on request part 124 John WHYSALL Barnet GRANFIELD Thomas HEATH George HICKLIN Oliver FISHWICK Richard YEOMANS William BARKER Horatio NELSON John WHITE Thomas CLARKE James WOOD Joseph PERCIVAL Samuel Stephen GODLEY John DALTON George Thomas SOMERSET Horatio NELSON John SMITH George HARRIS George HARRIS John HAWKINS Sam Bacon HEATH Thomas William REEVES Thomas William REEVES --
25. Re: [DBY] Goose Hill Hall and Loose Hill Hall, Castleton [1]
If you but Google the name of either hall, you will find a variety of link to more information. Harry Needham 74 Abbeyhill Drive Kanata ON K2L 1H1 Canada +1.613.831-1068

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