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1. RE: [Kahlgrund] Gerichte im Freigericht [1]
Hello Hans ich habe eine Frage kennst du eine Schwiger FAmilie aus Hvrstein? Wo mit einer Emma Gast verheiratet war. Mit einem Walter Schwinger bin ich verbindung aber ist nicht der richtige. Gr|_e aus Colorado Claudia
2. Re: [Kahlgrund] Roll Call ? [1]
I am researching these surnames from the Alzenau and other places in Unterfranken in Bayern[Bavaria] ares , ------Brueckner-Holzmeister-KunzmannHoffmann,-Roth-Stein- -Schaeffer-Stenger-Steffelstatter-Weyland ----- Original Message ----- From: "Dr. Michael Rauck" To: Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2001 1:39 PM Subject: AW: [Kahlgrund] Roll Call ? > Hi Paula, hi list members, > > in case of our comparatively small and specialized list I support the idea > of ro
3. AW: [Kahlgrund] My Behl Family Webpage [1]
Thank you Roni for giving us the link. Just a little correction: "Backer" is baker, not beer brewer (beer brewer would be Bierbrauer). I have got a generation before Adam Rosenberger yesterday, by letter from Wolfgang Rosenberger, Andreas Rosenberger Sohn: Johann Adam Rosenberger, Bauer in Krombach * ca. 1711 Krombach + 15.1.1 1783 Krombach oo 30.4.1736 Krombach Eva Schneider (* 28.3.1718 Oberkrombach, daughter of Johann Jakob Schneider and Elisabeth nee Simon) their children, among others: Eva * ca. 1749
4. Re: AW: [Kahlgrund] Information on Kahlgrund locations [1]
The Diozesan-Archiv Wurzburg gave me the name of two researchers in Wurzburg in 1998. They are: Herrn Dr. Dirk Rosenstock, Uhlandstr. 11, 97072 Wurzburg Herrn Dr. Ekhard Schoffler, Bohnesmuhlgasse 2, 97070 Wurzburg I used Dr. Rosenstock and was very happy with his work. He only used German but that may have been because I had a German friend contact him and then this friend would translate all the work he did in English. You could try writing to both of these men in English and ask them what they cha
5. Re: [Kahlgrund] Roll Call ? [1]
Michael, My roll call of surnames of those from the Michelbach/Alzenau, Bavaria area. Botzum/Bozum Heun Huth Kunzmann Roth Schneider Wilz Wolf Ken Wiltz in California
6. Re: [Kahlgrund] Re: Stenger [1]
Yes - all of this is correct! -----Original Message----- From: Ken Wiltz To: Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 1:12 PM Subject: [Kahlgrund] Re: Stenger >Arlene, >I just ran across the following: >Frank Stenger married to M. Elizabeth Streit >with following children: >Margaret born Nov. 28, 1840 at Lourdes, Worth Township, Woodford County, >IL >Theresa born June 05, 1845 >Andrew born April 05, 1848 >Catherine bor
7. AW: [Kahlgrund] Roll Call ? [1]
Hi Paula, hi list members, in case of our comparatively small and specialized list I support the idea of roll calls. And maybe later we can put the surnames on a table. Michael -----Urspr|ngliche Nachricht----- Von: Paula Pompeii [] Gesendet: Dienstag, 5. Juni 2001 15:50 An: Betreff: [Kahlgrund] Roll Call ? Hi list, Maybe we could start a roll call , where every member lets the others on the list know what surnames they are researchin
8. Re: [Kahlgrund] BRUECKNER Family from WASSERLOS [1]
Steve, In my tree I have an Elizabeth BOCK, of Michelbach a near to Wasserlos village, now both are part of the city of Alzenau. Elizabeth married Sebastian Trapp at Horstein, also a part now of the city of Alzenau. Their son Franz Peter Trapp married Gertrud Bergmann who was the daughter of Kilian and Klara (WILZ) Bergmann. Klara was a sister of my great great grandfather Peter WILZ. Do you find Elizabeth BOCK in your tree? I need her parents information. Ken Wiltz Historian of the WILZ/WILTZ families.
9. Re: [Kahlgrund] Village Location [1]
Albert, I believe you mean Alzenau in Unterfranken, Bavaria. It is in the far northern and western part of Bavaria. It is east of Frankfort and north of Aschaffenburg. It is now a city made up of the following former villages in the area: Horstein, Wasserlos, which are south of Alzenau proper, and Kalberau, Michelbach and Albstadt which are north of Alzenau proper. Seek driving instructions for Horstein to Albstadt from and you should get a map showing all of the area and Alzenau in
10. Re: [Kahlgrund] Roll Call ? [1]
I am mainly interested in Rosenberger and Fleckenstein, both from the Krombach area. My 2nd-g-grandfather, John Rosenberger was born in Krombach in December 1849. Father's name is unknown. Mother's name was Rosina Otilla (Otilla Rosina) L(*)(*)z. His wife was Maria Anna Fleckenstein, born November 17, 1851, in Krombach. Her father was Michael Fleckenstein. I believe Michael but can't confirm that Michael had a brother named John who had at least four children who emigrated to the United States:
11. [Kahlgrund] George Trageser [1]
Hello! Does anyone know of the Trageser family in Alzenau? I'm looking for information about George Trageser, who was born there on 7 July 1844 and by 1873 had settled in Portage County, Wisconsin. He remainded there until his death in 1921. Weiss jemand etwas von der Familie Trageser in Alzenau? Ich suche Informationen ueber Georg(e) Trageser. Er wurde am 7. Juli 1844 in Alzenau geboren, und 1873 lebte er sich an Portage County, Wisconsin ein. Da blieb er bis seinen Tod im Jahre 1921. Mit vielem Da
12. [Kahlgrund] Re: [Kahlgrund] Old name lists of Geiselbach and Sch ├Âllkrippen on the web [1]
Michael, The link to the 1867 Schvllkrippen list won't work for me. Thanks, Paula ----- Original Message ----- From: "Dr. Michael Rauck" To: Sent: Monday, June 25, 2001 5:49 PM Subject: [Kahlgrund] Old name lists of Geiselbach and Schvllkrippen on the web > Please visit also the following links: > > > pre-30 Years' War Geiselbach families, including their spreading through the > Kahl
13. [Kahlgrund] Roll call-- Schwenkner & Mahnke [1]
I was lucky enough to visit Alzenau in April, but am only on this list as a shot in the dark, so here goes: Barbara M\LLER was born in Burgsinn (50km E of Alzenau) in 1830. She married Johann Karl SCHWENKNER, date and place unknown; their daughter Bertha was born 1859 and married Wilhelm MAHNKE about 1880, place unknown. Their daughter Anna was born 1882 in Germany, and son Otto 1883 in New Jersey, where the name was altered to Mahnken. Barbara's family and Otto's descendants were Catholic, so we assu
14. AW: [Kahlgrund] Information on Kahlgrund locations [1]
Hello, Joyce, I believe Neff and Pfaff are not the same. You are right, the parish records are in W|rzburg. I'm thinking of doing some research in the Krombach records, and Schneppenbach belonged to Krombach before - I am not exactly sure until when. I am not sure when I'll have the chance to travel to W|rzburg (almost 350 km one way), and my schedule is usually very tight there, and it's difficult to get an appointment in the archives too. Should a try to find a researcher? Michael PS: I hold a doctorate
15. Re: [Kahlgrund] George Trageser [1]
Hi: My great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Trageser. She was born in 1820 in Alzenau. Her parents were Johann Trageser (1760)and Julianne Speigel. She married Heinrich Weber in 1844. Their second son was named George Weber. Perhaps George was a family name. Their daughter Magdalena Weber born in 1854 was my great grandmother and she came to New York City in 1868. Johann Trageser's father was also named Johann(1721) and his grandfather was named Reinhard (1695). That is all the information I have a
16. Re: [Kahlgrund] A Question About This Site [1]
Roni Dillon, Would you provide the web site address for the Behl family? I have a couple of Behl family members now living in Michelbach in my tree. Would like to see if there is a connection. The towns are in the same former county of Alzenau, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. Thank you for a reply. Ken Wiltz in Novato, Marin County, CA
17. Re: [Kahlgrund] Re: Bieneman(n) surname [1]
I have been seeing many family connections. Does anyone have the surname Neff...Henry or John A.? Henry left Germany in 1851 He was Catholic. Thanks Joyce
18. Re: [Kahlgrund] Roll Call ? [1]
RJ What do you have on Roth? I have a Margarethe Roth who married Johann Adam Wilz but so far unproven parents of Johann Wilz born Dec 19, 1721, Michelbach, Bavaria. Ken Wiltz in California
19. Re: [Kahlgrund] webpage [1]
thanks for the info - this could be my line, too C> G> Burton ----- Original Message ----- From: "R J Mander" To: Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 9:51 AM Subject: Re: [Kahlgrund] webpage > I have "STENGER"s from Unterfranken,Bavaria, DEU > 1--Joannis Adam b-1669 in Alzenau-- sp-Elizabeth, ?? b-1673 Alzenau > 2--Johann[Joannis] Peter[Petrus] chr-12 Jan 1701 Schollkrippen --sp-Barbara > STEFFELSTAETTER > b-1705 in Sailauf 3--Johann Mi
20. Re: [Kahlgrund] Lookup requests for Geiselbach and Krombach [1]
Dear Michael, If you have the chance and of course time to do one of 2 lookups for me, I would be forever indebted to you. >>I have a Johann Adam Behl that married a Regina Rosenberger, on Feb. 15, 1791, in Krombach. They had a son, Michael Behl, born on June 4, 1802, in Krombach. >>I let you choose which one would be the most beneficial, though I was lucky enough to find an LDS entry for Michael Behl's birth information, with his parents named on it, but I have not been lucky enough to document what I
21. Re: [Kahlgrund] ROLL CALL [1]
On my mother's side - Prudell Behnke Klein Beix Bienemann Hand Christman Baltes Duker Ukerman Thank you, Mary Hicks
22. Re: [Kahlgrund] Roll call-- Schwenkner & Mahnke [1]
Any STENGER's / ROTH's / STEIN's / BRUECKNER's / KUNZMANN's in your searching ? ? ? Bob Mander in AZ USA ----- Original Message ----- From: "R. Kyser" To: Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 9:29 PM Subject: [Kahlgrund] Roll call-- Schwenkner & Mahnke > I was lucky enough to visit Alzenau in April, but am only on this list as a shot in the dark, so here goes: > > Barbara M\LLER was born in Burgsinn (50km E of Alzenau) in 1830. She mar
23. Re: AW: [Kahlgrund] My Behl Family Webpage [1]
My family name is GRUMBACH is there any relationship between the city of KROMBACH and the family name GRUMBACH? John Grumbach
24. Re: [Kahlgrund] Roll Call ? [1]
The spelling seems to vary. My ggg grandmother was Anna Maria Staab. She was born in Kalberau in 1792 and died there in 1867. Audry ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 8:15 PM Subject: Re: [Kahlgrund] Roll Call ? > In a message dated 06/05/2001 11:23:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, > writes: > > << In what town did your Staab family live? >> > > Audry, > > I am not really sure what town they came fro
25. Re: [Kahlgrund] Families [1]
Michael, Rereading a message you sent last month, I find familiar names in your ancestors as in mine. John Alig married to a Heil Amberg married to a Huth Reising (note one "S") married to a Heininger Rosenberger married to a Haas Stenger married to a Wilz I am from Wilz family of Michelbach I am from Huth family of Michelbach Others above are collateral families. But all have ancestral homes in Alzenau County of Lower Franconia. Could we find a connection? I can be more specific. Ken Wiltz

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