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1. [DVHH] Epiphany -Three Kings. [1]
Epiphany - Three Kings: The custom of the singer, reminiscent of the travel of the Three Kings is still very much alive in Bavaria and Austria. Beginning with New Years and through January 6, children dressed as the kings, and holding up a large star, go from door to door, caroling and singing a Three Kings' song. For this they receive money or sweets. Formerly the collected donations went to unemployed craftsmen and veterans. Wishing you all, a Happy Epiphany - Heilige Dreikvnige. Alex Leeb. (Admin.) H
2. [DVHH] Stader look-up request [1]
Can somebody please do a Stader look-up for me. I am looking for the name Leyder (or Leyde). First name is Christian. Thanks so much. Mike Polsinelli
3. Re: [DVHH] Fw: [BANAT-L] Who decided that? [1]
Scroll down for the - Victims of the Dresden bombing raid. Alex. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Katharine Samuelson" To: "DVHH-L" Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 9:39 PM Subject: Re: [DVHH] Fw: [BANAT-L] Who decided that? Hello Alex Thank you for the information you so readily gave. But as you may not know my circumstances, I would like to offer the following. On October 22 1944 my m
4. Re: [DVHH] Soundex Codes [1]
Last January, Rose Mary Posted this link to Family Tree magazine with a soundex code calculator. I found it so helpful I thought I would repost it for our new researchers. Most of us have heard of Soundex, but may not have learned anything about why the code was developed. To me, the explanation is still somewhat confusing, but if you input some of your surnames into the calculator, then check them against the key, you will begin to understand why/how some of these alternate spellings came into use.
5. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call 2008 [1]
Hi Helen, In addition to the Gimpels, there are several Ott and Vingeron/Wingeron families in the Kleinjetscha family book. Also a couple of Jochum/Jochaim families and one Peter Rvmisch (1769 colonist from Luxembourg). Are you looking for someone in particular? I'm also happy to scan and send all of them to you. Jane Moore At 10:15 AM 1/3/2008, helen wrote: >Roll Call 2008 > > > >Remich, Uivar/ Gross Jetscha/Szollos > >Romich, Gross Jetscha > >Mutter, Gross Jetscha > >Ott, Gross Jetscha > >Winger
6. Re: [DVHH] Naming children [1]
Yes. That certainly all makes sense. They were Lutheran (an exception to the rule that all DS were Catholic, I understand), but the church records book for Semlak's Lutheran community listed all names used in the records. They appear to be either biblical or Germanic. As was the case with this line of my family, there was very little variance in names: many Martins, Katherines, Elisabeths, Adams, and Josefs. In contrast, I understand that Vietnamese tradition is to be careful NOT to name your c
7. Re: [DVHH] Stader look-up request [1]
Mike A different spelling, but may be your Christian LEIDER/LAEDER - einquart in Ostern/Banat, 2 Per, v 1.9.1786-E Febr. 787. - QU; (5) SKRA-BanA Fasz 35 rNr 156, fol 193b-194, 804b-805 = Abs S 106. 302 Good Luck, Katharine ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mike Polsinelli" To: Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 6:11 PM Subject: [DVHH] Stader look-up request > > Can somebody please do a Stader look-up for me. I am looking for the nam
8. Re: [DVHH] deciphering church records [1]
Yes we sometimes have to initially take our best guess in some cases and then we back it up with fact or dissmiss it. On another subject, Seems I remember our family talking about arranged marriages when I was young. I wonder if anyone has run across proof that such of a thing happened in Donauschwaben area's or Germany? Susan Williams wrote: Kurt --that is true about the analogy. You may not have much use for looking for godparents and witnesses being the same,
9. [DVHH] Mezobereny lookup for Elisabeth Stefan [1]
If anyone has easy access to the Mezobereny records, would you be able to confirm with me if this person is listed? Elisabeth (Elisabeta) Stefan B. 1836 Orphaned child. Married Johann-Martin Wolf 4 Nov 1856 in Semlak possibly. HIS parents are Adam Wolf and Dorothea Sch|tt. I don't know her parents and wonder if she may have moved to Semlak from Mezobereny. Lori (Wolf-Heffner) Straus Researching the towns Ridica, Stanisic, Gara, Semlak, Schvndorf Researching the names: Wolf, Bortscher, Heffner, Wagn
10. Re: [DVHH] Word look up please - Dienstknech [1]
My father was raised on a farm in Bavaria.? He told me that they always had two "helpers" on the farm: a man called a Knech (or knecht?) and a woman called a "Magd"? (I don't know the spelling)? The Man would help with the farm chores, and the woman helped in the house and with the chores a woman would do. ? Since I know the word Dienst means "service" I am would asume this is someone who is in service to the family, ? There is probably someone with a better explanation. ? Marilyn --
11. [DVHH] Express condolences [1]
We are sorry to advise that Jody McKim's father has passed away on January 18. The burial will be Tuesday, January 22. As many of you have come to know Jody personally, we have set up a memorial page with a guest book, so we may all express our condolences. (These will not be archived on Rootsweb.) We will be sending some flowers on behalf of DVHH and anyone wishing to contribute a small amount toward flowers may contact Jane Moore . We all extend our deepest sympathy to Jody a
Hi Annette, Maria Elisabetha Huth oo Peter Friedrich Steigele in 1841 he is the brother to Jakob Steigele oo Sophia Lerch they were colonists in Krtschedin ca. 1860 - which by the way is the village surrounding my brick wall. Jakob and Sophia's daughter Christine oo my great grandfather Jakob Dautermann in Krtschedin and I haven't been able to find proof of that or anything that could give me the name of Jakob's parents. A big find that would most likely tie me into a family tree going back to a Otto Dau
13. Re: [DVHH] Reversing Camps? [1]
Hi Eve There is a great difference between the interment camps during Hitlers reign and the turned into refugees concentration camps after the war was over. The refugees concentration camps which served our German people from the East and Southeast Europe were not interment camps they were primarily concentration camps from where people were disbursed as fast as soon as opportunities for them were found elsewhere. However, they were in operation for some ten years till most of the people living there
14. Re: [DVHH] The name Schwindt. Argentina/Russia. [1]
Alex--Where did you find the l895 census for Argentina and Russia? Thanks. Susan ----- Original Message ----- From: "ajleeb" To: "DVHH-L" Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 3:35 PM Subject: [DVHH] The name Schwindt. Argentina/Russia. > Hi Annette. > > I've been surfing the Internet lately, in the 1895, Argentina and Russian, > census I discovered the name Schwindt in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and > Russia. > In the 1760's, many people from Germany, imm
15. [DVHH] Kovil Szent Ivan [1]
Can anyone tell me if the LDS has film for this village? I did a search as I normally do and didn't see anything that resembled this village name, but thought there was another name for it that wasn't close sounding. I am almost positive I saw something in my beginning searching faze in regard to this village. Any help greatly appreciated. Eve
16. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call [1]
Hi - I checked through all the notes that I have and cannot find anything in there for URSCHEL, I am going to guess that it is from a previous search for another person that didn't pan out. I will star this email for future reference. I don't have any info for the Bulkes area. Eve On Jan 13, 2008 6:55 AM, Dreyer wrote: > The only village I am aware of is Bulkes > > ----- Original Message ----- > *From:* Eve > *To:* Dreyer
17. [DVHH] DP Camps [1]
Dear Listers, Earlier there were mentionings about Displaced Persons Camps. My husband's Mom and Aunt were released from Camp Gross Wilfersdorf. I have a copy of a card which I guess acted like their release papers. It is very small and has their ages and Nationality being J.V.D. It was signed by Camp CMDR Hungarian Camp (signature which I cannot read) D.P. Section H. O. M, G LAND Sieiermark. I do not know where this particular camp is located (country or town), It might be part of a larger camp syste
18. Re: [DVHH] deciphering church records [1]
Yvonne -- sometimes marriage witnesses werre the couple's godparents- godfather,to be specific. Marriage witnesses were always men. Godparents were in many instances (if not all) married couples; Occasionally, I have seen just one person listed, in my case it has been a godmother. I have early records where I was able to trace marriages of one person because the same people were used as godparents for the children of both marriages. The information about godparents being marriage witnesses can hel
19. Re: [DVHH] Passing German down the line [1]
Thanks Lori -- I will be sure to take a look at your work. Susan ----- Original Message ----- From: "Lori Straus" To: "DVVH Liste" Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 10:36 PM Subject: [DVHH] Passing German down the line I certainly don't mean to toot my own horn, but this is a resource that may be of interest to some: ltheffner2002.pdf It is my Master's thesis which I'd written several years ago. For it, I intervi
20. Re: [DVHH] Query [1]
Kurt I found the missing manifest in the Ellis Island Records--just to let everyone know-if a manifest doesn't appear--keep searching!! My uncle Paul Wagner was supposed to have his manifest on page 491 and after persistant searching, finally discovered him five pages away on page 496 stating he was headed to NY to an uncle!! Perhaps his sister, my great-grandmother Maria is close behind! On Jan 6, 2008, at 9:31 PM, Kurt McCrary wrote: > Hello Kati, > Go here "One Step" > Click on the Manifest butto
21. [DVHH] Roll Call 2008 Schwabisch Turkei [1]
My surnames are all from Tolna County in Schwabisch Turkey IZMENY Koller Huth Trapp Ruhl Nass Frey KALAZNO Becker MURGA Koller (originally Izmeny) Trapp Ruhl Franz Weidlein Brautigam Becker Justuss Nagel Teffer Hanzel Hock Lerch Goldmann Jahn Resch Haass Krauss GYONK Kehl Resch Becher Scher KISTORMAS Schaff Rohr Heinemann (Heynemann) Heilmann Wascher Betz Pfaff Schindler Merz May Edler Eyrich (Eirich) Edling Wagner Walter Buss Greifenstein KOLESD Bitz VARSAD Schaf Reit (Reith) Stallknecht Till Ge
22. Re: [DVHH] Trenton. [1]
Alex, that is correct. The Trenton DS Club, with the Philly DS Club, attend these services every June in Philadelphia, PA. Our Club also holds a memorial service every November at our genocide memorial site at Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery in Hamilton, NJ (outside Trenton). Dennis -------------- Original message from ajleeb : -------------- > > Dennis Bauer. > > > > In your Danube Swabian Assoc. Inc. Trenton, page, one of the church pictures
23. Re: [DVHH] Roll Call 2008 Piringer - Bogarosch [1]
Hi Nick, When I saw your roll call I was atttracted by the fact that your ancestors were said to be coming from Lothringen. Just a day before I found some of my Lothringen ancestors in French websites and as I was bored I thought: why not google Nick's names  and there they were! I have no connections to your people and I never heard of Bogarosch before. When I googled Ripplinger Lothringen Bogarosch only the Pese-Website came up. Yes, the Website is confusing. He has lots of subjects there other tha
24. Re: [DVHH] Bezdan OSB - Look Up [1]
Can someone please tell me if there is a Bezdan OSB? If there is and if someone might have it, I am looking for information on the following families: ZIMMERMAN, Josef b. Oct 17, 1836 in Kolut and married RISILI, Magdalena b. July 11, 1844/45? I am interested in their children Elisabeth who married a Josef Frank and any others who might have been born after Anna in 1877. SCHLOTT, Johann b. Feb. 4, 1841 in Stanisic and married RISILIE, Marianna b. Sept 20, 1846 in Kolut. I am looking for informati
25. [DVHH] Gara, Hungary [1]
My grandfather, being retired and having lots of time on his hands, is traveling to Australia for a month and leaving in about three weeks. During that time, he's lent me his copy of the Ortsippenbuch for Gara. If anyone needs me to look up a name or two, please let me know. The more details, the better. Asking me to look up a Johann Heffner will not yield a favourable response from me :) Lori (Wolf-Heffner) Straus Researching the towns Ridica, Stanisic, Gara, Semlak, Schvndorf Researching the na

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