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1. [DUTTON] An Interesting Coincidence [1]
I was watching the Cadfael episode "The Devils Novice" on public television tonight. It's set in the time of King Stephen while Empress Maude was threatening the throne (ca. 1140) and, from what I can make out, in Cheshire or close by. One of the characters was a Master Dutton. Funny how fictional detective story can contain factual information so far removed from the actual occurrence. Perhaps the author was from the area. I'll see if any mention of the manor of Dutton is made in future episodes.
2. Re: [DUTTON] An Interesting Coincidence [1]
I had started reading that set of books and wandered off to New England Town Histories lately working on genealogy, I might just have to go back to them. I remember they were enjoyable but must not have gotten to the one with a Dutton--that would have sparked my interest right off. Reading some fiction would be fun and a rest I may well need though last night was a productive one and made up for some of the boring ones. It makes you wonder whether the author had real names from the time, if he does some

Viewing 1-2 of 2 matches from 40,277,462 documents

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