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1. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Frederick Seymour Peirce [1]
Hi Sadly i have discounted the 1851 census entry as he has been found still in marylebone. The Seymour part of his name keep leading me back to the Urchfont families. My man says he comes from Devises which is very near Urchfont i just can't prove anything - but i feel there must be a connection Best wishes Dave ----- Original Message ----- From: "Stanley Robert Archer" To: Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 11:06 AM Subject: Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE]
2. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] SAY family Bradford on Avon [1]
Molly, A warning from my experience of records of that time - Say and Lay were often confused by transcribers - I always check the Says when I am looking for Lay family members in Wiltshire. Max Lay ----- Original Message ----- From: "Molly & Bill" To: Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 3:00 PM Subject: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] SAY family Bradford on Avon >I have received some really good news from John Gould of Wiltshire Family >History Society. He has found
3. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] William ISLES [1]
I also have a William ILES in my tree. Don't know his origins but he married a Mary BEAR in Everleigh (Everley, Everly) in 1713. I know of one child, daughter Mary ILES who married a John COLLINS in Everleigh in 1749. BTW, ILES is not an uncommon name in Wiltshire. The current Bath and West Wiltshire phone book has about 30 ILES listed. -- Arthur Pye In message <002801c85efd$13f55080$0b1a9aa5@PC209861279227>, Nancy Frey writes >I too have ISLES in my family tree, but just a few
Hello list, I have a HANNAH WELLS from Box Wiltshire on the1851 and 1861 Census living in Bathwick BATH where she married I believe she had died before the 1871 Census I am searching for her marriage and death cetificates now. Thanks pete. she married Joseph WELLS from WOODBOROUGH >----Original Message---- >From: >Date: 10/01/2008 19:24 >To: >Subj: Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] HANNAH LEONARD 1861 CENSUS 1871 Census > >T
5. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] WEAVER Arthur WW II "Old Mans" draft Card [1]
No apologies needed, I was afraid of that and suddenly thought that I should have said that they were US draft cards. But I am not sure your man didn't travel to the US he (or someone) showed on a ships list Eliz On Jan 16, 2008 5:15 PM, patricia marszalek wrote: > OOPS!, sorry, I thought you were talking about uk draft cards.I need to > clean my glasses more often!. P. > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Eliz Hanebury" > To:
Anthony, Are you sure you have the right Edwin Waite? There is only one Edwin b1874 in the 1881/91 Censuses but his father is Charles. There is an Edwin Wait(e) born 1868 (Devizes 5a 03) and his father is Edwin. Could this be your man> Andy ----- Original Message ----- From: To: > Hi Folks, > I am searching for the 1881 census entry for the above gentleman. Free BMD > tells me that he was born in 1874 JAS Pewsey 5a 155. His marriage cert to > my g
7. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] 1841 and 1851 Census - Henry Perrett [1]
Sent off-list Mike Could I please ask some kind person with access to the above Census,if they could please locate the following person: PERROTT Henry born 1810 - 1820 - Milston, Wiltshire. Possibly living in the Milston, Bulford area.
8. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Charles PIKE Death 1896 [1]
That just seems so very wrong, I tried to find them in 1881 with no luck so far. Using any of the information from the 1891 I am not getting them, I do wonder why. Eliz On Jan 1, 2008 4:33 PM, Mike wrote: > I have asked some curly questions over the last years about PIKEs and > especially Malmesbury PIKEs. I think the following takes the biscuit. > > There is a death in FreeBMD of a Charles PIKE, Age 7, in Malmesbury (5a > 29) during the Dec Q 1896. > > That implies a birth in
9. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] 2 Questions [1]
Dorothy Go to this one: Then Wiltshire Not yet. Working on it. --- Dorothy Spence wrote: > Hi Jim, > > I would love to but when I tried your URL it came up as an error! Will you > give it to me again please. > > Any news on the changes to burial plot numbers in the Non Com Frome? > > > > > Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 21:19:33 +0000> From:> To: >> Subject: Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] 2 Question
10. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Box Wiltshire [1]
Hi Box is near Corsham and Chippenham in Wiltshire. If you google Box, Wiltshire there is quite a bit of local information to be found. Its a lovely area, quite near Bath. Linda wrote: Please could someone help me. Under which parish would I look for a birth in Box, Wiltshire in the IGI. Any help will be gratefully received. ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsub
11. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Benoni White of Devizes [1]
John, While I'm not tracing Benoni White, there is a reference to him in my newspaper index (odd how certain names ring a bell) not sure whether you have seen it or not Regards Richard Heaton
12. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Finding some of my tree - FERRIS [1]
Ah yes, I just enjoyed following the trail. I completely forgot what the original query was. Let's hope the info is relevant. -- Arthur In message <007d01c857c0$05b69bd0$0401010a@acer7fd9a64054>, Patricia O'Shea writes >Thanks Arthur, good sleuthing - I guessed that the presence of a stepson >named COUZENS in the household meant that Harriet may have been married >previously. I think Leon is still trying to establish which Emily FERRIS is >his, so my posting was just a bit of circum
13. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] steepl ashton.James Sims [1]
Hi Martin Thank you very much,this is very helpful. Much appreciated ----- Original Message ----- From: "Martin Samson" To: Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 2:54 AM Subject: Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] steepl ashton.James Sims > In the 1871 census for Steeple Ashton > > Sims James 51 Head Ag Labourer Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire Duck > Lane, Steeple Ashton > Sims Harriett 48 Wife - Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire Duck Lane, > Steeple Asht
Has anyone got access to the Calne registers?.. if so, would you be able to check out the baptism for Jane Mappet born circa 1755 in Calne. I'm after the names of her parents please (and any other info if available). Many thanks Nell ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message ________________________________________________
15. [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Joseph HULL (1858 - >1928), Grocer and Wine Merchant of Sutton Benger, Wilts, England [1]
I seek to make contact, and to exchange HULL family history research notes, with any descendant or researcher of my cousin, Joseph HULL (1858 - >1928), of Sutton Benger, Wilts. Joseph HULL was born in Sutton Benger on July 5th., 1858 and baptized there on August 15th., 1858. On July 22nd., 1885, at St. Peters Church, Oundle, Northants, Joseph married Annie BARNES. In the 1881 census, Joseph 22 was a cheese factor; in the 1891 census, Joseph 32 was a wine and spirit merchant & grocer, living at Pa
16. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] HANNAH LEONARD 1861 CENSUS 1871 Census [1]
Or BRUTON in Somerset? Linda "Richard.Self" wrote: Heather Have sent you a copy of 1861 census off list. I agree with Jim it is more likely to be Burton rather than Buxton. As there are two Burtons in Wiltshire and no Buxton. Richard ----- Original Message ----- From: "Heather Coombs" To: Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 7:24 PM Subject: Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] HANNAH LEONARD 1861 CENSUS 1871 Census > Thankyou Richard, Can you tell me please if Hannah was a widow an
17. [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Thomas DAVIS at Corsham [1]
Hello List, My husband's family were in Corsham in 1851, including 2xg grandfather Alfred bc.1834: 1851 census; Corsham (3/148), Greenhill DAVIS Thomas, 37, Stone Quarry Labourer, Corsham, Wilts. Elizabeth, 46, West Ashton Alfred, 16, Stone Quarry Labourer, Corsham Robert, 11, Corsham Eliza, 7, Scholar, Corsham Jane, 5, Scholar, Corsham Could SKS look-up the family in 1841 please? TIA, Jenny Davis
18. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Thomas DAVIS at Corsham [1]
--- Jenny Davis wrote: > Hello List, > > > Could SKS look-up the family in 1841 please? Jenny Green Hill CORSHAM Thomas Davys [sic] Age 25 Labourer Elizabeth Age 25 [sic] Sarah Age 9 Alfred Age 6 Robert Age 4 All born in County (Wiltshire) The only likely contenders. Could not find on Ancestry, but found on British Origins Jim Parsons ___________________________________________________________ Support the World Aids Awarene
19. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] City Directories 1830 and 1942 [1]
Thanks ELizabeth, all those Stent's where mine. Wonder what the Stent's Yard is though!!!! Dorothy > Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 13:07:14 -0500> From:> To:> Subject: Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] City Directories 1830 and 1942> > Okay, pleased to say you got a hit Please forgive the OCR but I feel it> is better to give you as good an idea as possible> > 1830> > WARMINSTER, &C.> SHOPKESPSRS .,. DEALERS> IN SUNDRIES.> Bartlett James, Heytesbury> Bristow James, High stre
20. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Finding some of my tree [1]
Hi, Gilly Name:Emily Gertrude Ferris Year of Registration:1898 Quarter of Registration:Apr-May-Jun District:Chippenham County:Wiltshire Volume:5a Page:83 Leon
Hi If you are indeed referring to the 1886 Edwin Waite son of Edwin Waite [abt 1867] and Eliza Grant bap 28 Jul 1867-they had a daughter Emily WAITE Abt 1886[My 8th Cousin 1Rem] who married Thomas Lee on 2 Nov 1904 This line travels then travels up to join the main Sloper family lines If you need more on this line then contact direct. > > > ------------------------------- > > -- Cheers-Stanley
22. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Emma Newman b 1840 [1]
Hi Rosemary - do you have her in 1851? or an occupation for William? Cheers, Patsy - New Zealand. > Sent: Friday, January 11, 2008 8:09 AM Subject: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Emma Newman b 1840 >I am new to this list and hoping for some advice and help from fellow > listers. > > My 3xGr Grandmother Emma Newman lived in Chewton Mendip Som, but she > always > said in all the census that she was born in Colerne Wilts about 1840. I > have failed to find a birth registered for her, or a marriage for her > parents, a
Hi All, This was going to be an easy thing to do and thanks to Adrian and Julia I would find out which Church Harriet married in. Didn't happen :)) My second cousin in New Zealand has not come back to me as to which Church she married in. I am tracking my maternal side. Peggy tells me that Harriet married Joseph HONEYBONE on the 12 December 1818. He later married Susanna JENNINGS in 1838, but our Emily HONEYBONE was born on the 22 December 1822, in Ramsbury. In fact we have her sister, Isabella (26 Dece
24. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] Finding some of my tree [1]
Leon, You didn't state the years on your information. These are the Emily's I found. Judy FERICE, Amelia Christening Gender: Female Christening Date: 8 Feb 1876 Recorded in: Kelloe, Durham, England Father: Solomon FERICE Mother: Sarah Ann Source: FHL Film 1514618 Dates: 1857 - 1900 FERRIS, Emily Christening Gender: Female Christening Date: 29 Feb 1880 Recorded in: Rowde, Wiltshire, England Father: Charles Henry FERRIS Mother: Mary Ann Source: FHL Film 1279345 Dates: 1667 - 1904 FERRIS, Em
25. Re: [ENG-WILTSHIRE] WHATLEY family Warminster [1]
Ok will do Hilary Mark On 04/01/2008, Hilary Gadsby wrote: > > Mark > I have a Sarah WHATLEY in my tree b circa 1799 Heytesbury. She could be a > relation of your Edward. Her father was William and her mother Betty > GULLIVER. > Let me know if you find any link between your family and mine. > yours > Hilary > > > On 04/01/2008, mark pinches wrote: > > > > Hi all, > > I am lookin for any info on Edward James WHATLEY born around the end of > > 1878 > > in W

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