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I took on the ENGELMAN and ENGELMANN lists and started the ENGLEMAN list recently. There are only a very few subscribed to the lists. 6 weeks ago I had surgery and have been recovering and many things have not been done. I will start off the Engleman information with the following received a few months ago from Frank Duff who has done a lot of Engleman research. "I live here where the earliest Engleman families settled in Virginia. They traveled with many other families which I have direct ties to.
2. [ENGLEMAN] Re: [ENGELMAN] Michael Engleman [1]
I'm making a guess that you want to look into the family of Peter Engleman who was born in Pa about 1750. Philip is his brother born 1752. Philip and all his children removed to Indiana before 1820. Peter stayed in VA. I don't have names of his children. I would guess that Michael is a grandson of Peter. Please share if you find anything. At 05:53 PM 1/27/00 -0500, you wrote: >Hi, > >I am new to this list and thought I would send some of what little data I >have in the hopes of making a connection.

Viewing 1-2 of 2 matches from 40,277,463 documents

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