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1. [GAGE] REF: Archaic Medical terminology [1]
1) Take a look: Archaic Medical Terms [From Linda in California] 2) Interesting causes of death given by Pathologists since 1985 which may answer some queries. I will list them below with a laymans guide as their meanings in brief. For fuller meanings visit your medical dictionary or web sites. Haemopericardium...............Rupture of Heart Artery Honeycomb Lung..................Distortion of Lung preventing the oxygen to circulate Athe
2. [GAGE] NGI: Repositories of Primary Resources...World wide! [1]
A listing of over 4900 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar. All links have been tested for correctness and appropriateness. Those added within the last thirty days or so are marked {New}. Search for Civil War Soldiers by name Note, I just type in the surnames and get all of them.
3. [GAGE] Gage, Jame b. 1754 NY md a Ross in NC [1]
On Gage Message Board Arkansas- Gage Author: Tina Cannon ReevesDate: 27 Jan 2002 2:33 AM GMT Classification: Query While looking for my Cannons in Northwest AR, I came across this information. I hope it helps. This is from, " Arkansas Pensioners 1818-1900, Records of Some Arkansas Residents Who Applied to The Federal Goverment for Benefits Aarising from Service in Federal Military Organizations (Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Indian and Me
4. [GAGE] Andrew Gage to AR [1]
>From: "Message Boards" >Subject: Message Boards: My Notifications >Date: 2 Jun 2002 01:43:22 -0600 > >My Notifications > >Board : Boards > Surnames > Gage >Subject : Ark, Gage- Andrew, Dollie/Dallie, Amanda, Arville ? >Author : Pamela Smith ( >Date : 1 Jun 2002 6:04 AM GMT > > Ark, Gage- Andrew, Dollie/Dallie, Amanda, Arville ? Author: Pamela SmithDate: 1 Jun 2002 6:04 AM GMT Classification: Query Look
5. [GAGE] Mrs. David Gage [1]
Hi list, I pass a very small cemetery twice a week now and today decided to stop and see how much of the wording I could make out. I will need to bring a charcoal pencil and paper with me next time, but I was able to read quite a bit of the names and dates. The cemetery lies just outside of Mt. Upton, NY on route 51 towards Gilbertsville. It isn't fenced in nor does it have a name that I saw. All the stones had dates of the early to mid 1800's. Some where just flat stones without any carvi
6. [GAGE] RES: Arlington National Cemetery- Headstones & historical info! [1]
Arlington National Cemetery: 27 pages of headstones and other historical info! Good luck, Ella
7. [GAGE] GAGE/SANDERS - Chickasaw Nation [1]
Matilda GAGE married "Elick" SANDERS 186l in Jack County, TX. In 1890 they were living in Chickasaw Nation, IT. Does anyone have additional information on this couple?

Viewing 1-7 of 7 matches from 40,277,463 documents

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