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1. Re: A few additions and corrections to the _Great Migration_ volumes [1]
1620 (Edward Gibbons) ESTATE: ... The inventory of the estate of the late "Mrs. Margarett Gibbons, relict of Major Generall Edward Gibbons, deceased," was taken presumably in late 1658 (undated) and totalled #28 10s., and swearing to its accuracy were Susanna Gibbons and Capt. Samuell Scarlet [SPR 3:231]. ... MARRIAGE: By 1631 Margaret _____; "Margarett Gibbons" was admitted to Boston church as member #134, which would be in the summer or fall of 1632 [BChR 14]. She had died by 1658 when her inven
2. Re: Children of Isabel of England (Died 1241), Wife of Emperor Frederick II [1]
Leo is quite obviously back on the sauce again. Drinking and posting is NEVER a Good Idea... But Leo does it constantly... Hence the gibberish he broadcasts below. Princess Margaret Beatrice Feodora is the granddaughter's name. Her mother was Princess Royal Victoria Adelaide Mary who married Kaiser Friedrich III. DSH Lux et Veritas et Libertas "Leo van de Pas" wrote in message > What have you been drinking? I
3. Re: Sir Geoffrey de Marsh, Justiciar of Ireland (died 1245) [1]
Douglas Richardson wrote: > Reputable scholars post their sources and their weblinks. taf hasn't > learned this yet. > Including erroneous material from Wikipedia?
4. Re: George MacDonald Fraser (1925-2008) -- Real Brit [1]
On 3 Jan, 19:28, "D. Spencer Hines" wrote: > An honest, straightforward, unbiased obituary from _The Scotsman.... > The Scotsman obituary does not do justice to the range of his work. "The Steel Bonnets" is a first rate factual account of the historical business of Border Reiving. Anyone with family roots in the 'Bateable Lands could do worse that start by reading this book. "Quartered Safe Out Here" is (in my opinion) one of the finest personal accounts of an ordinary soldiers e
5. Re: The mysterious demise of Hugh Mortimer of Richard's Castle [1]
On Jan 1, 11:31 pm, Douglas Richardson wrote: > On Jan 1, 10:02 pm, wrote: > < I noticed this discussion in the archive, which appears to be about > < Hugh Mortimer of Richard's Castle (d.1304) who's wife Maud was > accused > < of poisoning him and also of sending her men to kill Hugh de > < Kyngsmede. Maud was the daughter of one William le Marshal, and a > < cousin of Eleanor, queen of Edward I. An inquest held after Hugh's > < death found his heirs to be
6. Re: Wikipedia is exceeding its own record of stupidity [1]
In a message dated 1/5/2008 11:50:23 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes: <> Not quite. The references have to be non-trivial, and multiple. If you have an example of a Wikipedia biography about a person who has not had non-trivial or multiple ci
7. Fw: Children of Isabel of England (Died 1241), Wife of Emperor Frederick II [1]
Hines is at it again, ignore the message and attack by being picky. In my original message I said that Heinrich had lines to the present. Hessen Darmstadt, a term replaced before the times of Victoria, do not go to the present, which is why I did not mention them, but Hines jumped to the conclusion that they were.. Sauce? Out of which bottle did you get that Alice, Grand Duchess of Hessen und bei Rhein was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria? You are slipping, is senility beckoning you? Give it up,
8. Re: Children of Isabel of England (Died 1241), Wife of Emperor Frederick II [1]
women, and a fear of arousing race-prejudice, unfitted the Chinaman for coping with the American women,--Miss Culbertson, the pioneer, now sainted, Miss Lake, Miss Cameron and Miss Davis, who have fought their brave battles for many years, to deliver the captives from the hand of the spoilers, often at the risk of life, unaided for the most part, unappreciated and unsympathized with, by a guiltily ignorant Christian public, and too often persecuted by corrupt officials. Yet they have never stood alone, but
9. Re: The Natural Aristocracy -- Jefferson Was NOT An Egalitarian Democrat [1]
On Jan 17, 5:46 pm, "" wrote: > On Jan 17, 1:51 pm, "D. Spencer Hines" wrote: > > > "The natural aristocracy I consider as the most precious gift of nature for > > the instruction, the trusts, and government of society." > > > "And indeed it would have been inconsistent in creation to have formed man > > for the social state, and not to have provided virtue and wisdom enough to > > manage the concerns of the society." > > > "May we not eve
10. Re: Zouche-Ingham [1]
Dear John, The following is clearly supposition but I will suggest it needs a deeper look. This is the Sir William la Zouche of Blaketoriton, Devon. What part had William retained? 1268 Mar. 24. Whereas the king, by occasion of trespasses done to him of Walter de Stivechworth, gave all his lands, except those which he had given in Pappewrth, to John Tibetot and William la Zuche, son of Alan Zuche, to wit. A moiety to each; and the said John has surrendered and quit-claimed his moiety to Master
11. Fwd: New immigrants in 2006 edition of Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants [1]
An older post from John Higgins quoting Douglas Richardson quoting the website on the 2006 edition additional lines: Regards, Steven C. Perkins ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: John Higgins Date: Apr 3, 2006 2:19 PM Subject: Re: New immigrants in 2006 edition of Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants To: GPC appears to have corrected their website this morning. As of Sunday night, the description which is quoted below by DR
12. Re: Sons of Aubry II of Mbcon [1]
"Stewart Baldwin" wrote in message > "Peter Stewart" wrote: >> >> On checking Rameau's work I see that the Tournus charter he cites was >> dated 14 January 974 - a son of Ermentrude could hardly have been a >> sub-deacon by that time, if she was the daughter of Alberada of Lorraine >> whose children appear to have been born in the 950s. I don't think there >> is any record of Ermentrude being married to Aubry befor
13. Re: What was a king anyhow? (was Re: Granada - king or Emir ?) [1]
On Jan 27, 8:04 pm, "M.Sjostrom" wrote: > "There are few recognizable genetic traits that are on > the Y chromosome except those directly related to > being male. Most of the genes on the Y have analogs > on the X that effectively do the same thing, or are > poorly characterized but are not linked to any known > trait. Yes, there are several that when mutated give > you crypto-gendered or hermaphroditic phenotypes, such > as SRY and TDFY that are required to be male, but it > is not like
14. Re: Sir Geoffrey de Marsh, Justiciar of Ireland (died 1245) [1]
On Jan 2, 5:14 pm, wrote: < Dear Douglas, Todd and everyone else, < I guess it depends < on in what light you view this list. Several things, such as Douglas` < assignation of correct spelling of names are merely a matter of personal preference For clarification, one more time, I accept the convention developed by modern historians of the modernization and standardization of names, both given and surnames. Whatever style or spellin
15. =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Re:_Fw:_Ida_de_Tony, _mother_of_William_Longesp=E9e, _E?= arl of Salisbury [1]
and expect us to accept that this was a genuine enquiry. The answer is yes.
16. Re: Children of Isabel of England (died 1241), wife of Emperor Frederick II [1]
Dear Newsgroup ~ I just checked a biography of Emperor Frederick II on the internet at the following weblink: As far as I could tell, no mention was made of either Isabel of England, or her children in this account, even though there was a list provided of the children of Emperor Frederick II. Be that as it may, the following sources were listed as the bibliography for Emperor Frederick II. * Klaus van Eickels: Friedrich II., in: Bernd Schneidm|ller/Ste
17. Re: A London web: Brown, Shelton & Comberford [1]
On Jan 24, 10:37 am, wrote: > > I have been looking into the relationships between the Brown, Shelton > and Comberford families of London in the early Tudor period. This > network of individuals, many of whom were members of the Mercers' > livery, illustrates the extent to which inter-relationships > flourished, at a time when consanguinity was still an effective bar. > Part 2 of 2 (C) The Browns Some details of the family of Sir Humphrey Brown, justice of the Common Pleas, appears
18. Re: New Henry Project pages - Maine [1]
"Stewart Baldwin" wrote in message > New pages have just been uploaded to the Henry Project for the following > individuals: > > Roger, count of Maine > Rothilde his wife I think it is a mistake to identify this Rothilde, daughter of Charles the Bald, with the abbess who died on 22 March, as Philippe Lauer and Auguste Molinier along with others have done. >From Flodoard's references to the daughter of Charles the Bald as a mother-in-l
19. Re: Doubts about Richard Bellingham's royal line [1]
In article , John Brandon wrote: > * * * * * > > Perhaps the chronology was not quite as tight as I had thought, since > it would be *barely* possible if both Susan Disney and Frances Amcotts > were 16 or 17 at the birth of their child. However, it is troubling > that the HOP biography of Richard Disney specifically states that wife > Jane died without issue. I've recently discovered there is a reason > for thi
20. Re: King of Man? [1]
On Jan 14, 12:46o?=pm, wrote: > Emmett we're talking however about the *Stanleys* and so what happened o?= > centuries earlier isn't going to be relevant. o?=Unless you're making a *new* o?=claim > that the "King of Man" title was never properly vested by the Sovereign in o?= > the Stanley's in the first place. > > And then of course I'm the King of Man. > > Will Johnson > > **************Start the year off right. o?=Easy ways to stay in shape. o?= o?=
21. Re: Sir Edmund Hillary [1919-2008] -- Real New Zealander & Stalwart [1]
What do they have that others don't?... Physiologically. DSH wrote in message news:fmd8k2$ef9$ > Peter Jason wrote: > >>>>> "In 1960, Sir Edmund Hillary >> >> >> He cheated. He used oxygen! > > Better put: everybody else (on South Col route) cheated, they followed his > route > > There are lots of people who can easily do it with oxygen, > but, no matter how hard they try, would die without it. > > Different people react differently to extreme altitude. At m
22. Re: Henry VI when and where was he crowned king of France? [1]
On Jan 17, 6:48 pm, "Leo van de Pas" wrote: > David Williamson gives in Kings and Queens of Britain, page 91, 16 December 1431 Notre Dame, Paris > > Elizabeth Hallam in Plantagenet Encyclopedia says only 1432 > > The Oxford illustrated History of the British Monarchy, > 310 Henry VI was crowned in 1431 in Notre Dame > but > 239 maintains he was crowned in Saint Denis _near Paris_ in 1431 > > And so we for date 16 December 1431----and just 1431------ and just
23. Re: Was Susannah nee Turtle the wife of Edward Hutchinson and the mother of the Hutchinson immigrants to New England? [1]
On Jan 1, 4:30 pm, John Brandon wrote: > The 1634 Great Migration series contains a biography of immigrant > William Hutchinson which gives the following information: > > BIRTH: Baptized Alford, Lincolnshire, 14 August 1586, son of Edward > and Susanna (----) Hutchinson [NEHGR 20:363]. > > Likewise, the 1620 series states something very similar about his > brother Edward -- > > BIRTH: Baptized Alford, Lincolnshire, 20 December 1607, son of Edward > and Susanna (----) Hutchinson [N
24. Re: To Renia and group [1]
Peter wrote: > Was it a medieval meat loaf, if not it shouldn't be on this group ? Did you go to the link? I didn't. Is it the kind of meatloal I'm imagining? > > Peter > > > "Renia" wrote in message > news:flific$qv7$ > >>Gwynep Bennetdottir wrote: >> >>> My husband is full of surprises. The other day he actually fixed the >>> most wonderful meatloaf I've ever tasted. Then he fed me, what a >>> romantic!! I didn't think he had it in him!! Anyway I had to
25. Re: What was a king anyhow? (was Re: Granada - king or Emir ?) [1]
I don't know the answer and haven't looked for one, but some have studied identical twins to try to figure it out. How much behavio(u)r was a result of genetics, and how much was a result of environment? Why stop with the periodic table? A Chart of Nuclides is a graphic in which nuclides are drawn such that the x-axis contains the number of neutrons and the y-axis contains the number of protons, which defines the element. This system of ordering nucl

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