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1. Re: Clue to identity of Margaret, 2nd wife of John Welles, 5th Lord Welles [1]
Dear Newsgroup ~ Since posting the record yesterday regarding Margaret/Margery, wife of John Welles, 5th Lord Welles, I've discovered another item in another episcopal register which mentions Margaret/Margery de Welles' ownership of a moiety interest in the advowson of Saltfleetby St. Peter, co. Lincoln [Reference: E.F. Jacob, Register of Henry Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury 1414-1443, 1 (Canterbury and York Soc., vol. 45) (1943): 343]. This record is dated 1425, during the period in which Margaret wa
2. Re: New PA Line to Jane Lowe [0.969449]
Sunday, 30 June, 2002 Hello All, A question has arisen (how unusual) in connection with the current thread, as a result of the Sacheverell connection which brought the manor of Denby, co. Derby back to the Lowe family. The marriage of Mary Lowe, daughter and heiress of Clement Lowe of Denby, brought that manor to her marriage with William Sacheverell of Stanton-by-Bridge, co. Derby (d. 1558). Their daughter Dorothy had Denby (or a moiety thereof) as her maritagium when she married Jasper L
3. Re: New PA Line to Jane Lowe [0.969449]
Dear Sarah Kay is absolutely correct in what she says and this can be checked in the archives which are at A search will reveal an interesting and sourced discussion on the Camvilles, IIRC in 2000. For checking on the earls of Huntingdon, Cokayne's, 'The Complete Peerage' would be the best source. Cheers Rosie ----- Original Message ----- From: "Sarah Reveley" To: Sent: Mond
4. RE: Longford - Montgomery - Foljambe - Clarell - Gresley [0.969449]
Peter, Mardi Carter, Rosie Bevan and MichaelAnne Guido have done a lot of Longford research. Unfortunately, Mardi is off in Colorado until fall (and off-list as well) and I believe MichaelAnne is also otherwise involved. So if expert help is not forthcoming presently, you might try again in the fall. I expect Rosie will have seen this post and may already have replied to you. Best regards, Henry Sutliff -----Original Message----- From: Peter Sutton [] Sent: Tuesday, Jul
5. Re: Siblings to Alice de Harcourt? [0.969449]
In message <> wrote: > Hi, > Robert S Baxter ( soc.genealogy.medieval for > 2001-05-27 wrote: > > "Dear Tim, > > I have the following siblings including Alice. > > 1. William de Harcourt m Alice Noel dtr of Thomas Noel and Margaret le > Strange, dtr of Guy. > 2. Oliver de Harcourt > 3. John de Harcourt > 4. Robert de Harcourt m Dionysia dtr and co-heir of Pipard > 5. Alice de Harcourt m (1) John de Limesi (2) Waleran de Ne
6. late ESTE Family [0.969449]
I have Aldobrandino III D'ESTE (son of Obbizo III and Lippa ARIOSTO) x Biatrix DE CAMINO (daughter of Richard) Please, i would like to know the ancestors of aldobrandino and Biatrix Thx jl
7. Edgar The Exile King of England [0.969449]
Who did King Edgar the Exile marry. Was she descended from Scots Royalty. Le
8. Re: Walter STEWART possible cousin to King Charles Stuart, II [0.969449]
I have been asked where The Scots Peerage CDROM may be found and the answer remains: which is S&N Genealogy of Salisbury, England and which firm provides technical support for the CDROM. The CDROM is contains PDF files and will run on a wide variety of systems, including RISCOS and, even, Wintel. I have also been asked if it has the Bruce kings on it and yes it does, all Scots kings from Malcolm III Ceanamor until James VII and II, and includes the styled Charles III and Henr
9. Re: Umfrevilles and Reveleys [0.969449]
Hi Group: Would someone in the group post the ancestry of Hugh Morwick III that Rosie mentioned below?. Thanks in advance. Joan Burdyck In a message dated 7/3/02 1:16:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes: << e following is from Constance M. Fraser, "The Northumberland Lay Subsidy Roll of 1296" The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1968 p.178. "REAVELEY (Reveley) Member of barony of Alnwick, being part of the manor
10. Re: Constantine de Mortimer [0.969449]
Hal Bradley wrote: > Does anyone have the ancestry of Constantine de Mortimer as found in > Cokayne's "Complete Peerage," v. IX? Thanks. The article on Mortimer of Attleborough, on pp.243-250, gives: (1) Robert de Mortimer probably temp. Henry I (2) William de Mortimer, s and h, d before 1180 (3) Robert de Mortimer, s and h, d 1216 or 1217; m possibly Alice, da of Warin de Muncheney by Agnes, da of Payn FitzJohn, living 1192 (4) William de Mortimer, s and h, living 1242 (5) Robert de Mortimer, s and
11. Liber Vitae and the family of Roger and Ida Bigod [0.969449]
Today I had a look at the two volumes from the Surtees Society volumes covering the Liber Vitae of Durham. They are: v.13 - Liber Vitae Ecclesiae Dunelmensis: Nec Non Obituaria Duo Ejusdem Ecclesiae, edited by J.Stevenson (1841) v.136 - Liber Vitae Ecclesiae Dunelmensis : A Collotype Facsimile of the Original Manuscript, edited by A.H.Thomson (1928) The Liber Vitae is a volume compiled over a period of 600 years which consists of the names of the benefactors to the Church of St Cuthbert, Durham. It was
12. Irish Mandeville [0.969449]
"Although it has been claimed that MacQuillans are the gaelicized Mandevilles, there is nothing of descent from Hugelin de Mandeville if such a person ever existed. Rather, it appears likely that they were Scottish mercenaries called galloglasses insofar as about this time period Richard de Mandeville conducted raids on the Isle of Man with both Irish and Scottish freebooters, and they may indeed have been related by marriage to both the O'Neills and Mandevilles for which their descent is variously claimed
13. Longford-Montgomery-Foljambe-Clarell-Gresley [0.969449]
It seems probable to me that the solution to the chronological conundrum raised by Mr. Sutton is that Maud Montgomery, wife of Thomas Clarell, was daughter of the first Sir Nicholas Montgomery, d. c. 1424, who was grandfather of the Sir Nicholas Montgomery who married Margaret Foljambe. Roskell 3:761 says that the first Sir Nicholas had only one surviving daughter, Margaret, wife of John Curson of Kedleston, but does not seem to cite proof for this assertion.
14. Re: Countess Ida, Bigod, Longespee [0.969449]
Dear Ray and Peter Yes, thank you for this very significant post confirming the Bigod and Longespee association. F of F Suffolk 9 Oct 1199 [Barbara Dodwell, ed. 'Feet of Fines for the County of Norfolk for the Reign of King John 1201-1215 ; for the County of Suffolk for the Reign of King John 1199-1214 (London. Pipe Roll Society, 1958). p.143/4] has Hugh son and heir of Roger Bigod being granted the manor of Staverton by Hubert de Monchensi (Munchensy, Monte Caniso). If he was an adult at the time that wo
15. RE: The Henry Project -- One Year Later [0.969449]
> -----Original Message----- > From: Clagett, Brice [] > Sent: Monday, 29 July 2002 10:03 > To: > Subject: The Henry Project -- One Year Later > > > Kelsey Williams refers to the "Syadenos family on [the] mother's > side" of Eudokia Komnena. > > According to ES 2:177, Eudokia's mother was Maria Dukaina. > > Could Mr. Williams post what he knows a bout Eudokia's maternal > ancestry, with sources if possible? Eudokia (renamed Maria) Komnene who married
16. RE: Eudokia Komnene [was: The Henry Project -- One Year Later] [0.969449]
> -----Original Message----- > From: Stewart, Peter [] > Sent: Wednesday, 31 July 2002 9:40 > To: > Subject: RE: Eudokia Komnene [was: The Henry Project -- One > Year Later] > > > > -----Original Message----- > > From: The Williams Family [] > > Sent: Wednesday, 31 July 2002 5:55 > > To: > > Subject: Re: Eudokia Komnene [was: The Henry Project -- One > > Year Later] > > > > >
17. Query Turner/Backshell [0.969449]
Can anyone help please. I have found a reference to a possible ancestor from Keymer, Sussex in the LDS Ancestral File - Mr BACKSHELL(born abt 1672) who married Mary TURNER, whose ancestry is quite extensive on the site. Does anyone know if it is possible to contact the submitters ' Medieval Families' in Salt Lake City?, to find out where they would have got there information from, or indeed does anyone know if there is a medieval connection with the 2 names TURNER & BACKSHELL. Thanks for your help Val
18. Re: Pero Gomes Barroso's wife's ancestry [0.969449]
Nat, I will plead for the marriage Pero Gomes Barroso x Chamoa Fernandes de Azevedo. This is Pizarro's view. I've also found a better line from her to the Abunazar. Just give me a few moments; I'll give full references. Best, chico --- Nathaniel Taylor escreveu: > At 1:45 PM -0300 7/30/02, Francisco Antonio Doria > wrote: > > >On your doubt about the Conde D. Pedro text: yes, > the > >wording is ambiguous, but it seems to indicate that > >Fernco Peres was the son of another w
19. Re: Isabel, wife/wives of William de Felton (d.1358) [0.969449]
Hi Chris You seem very adept in finding more questions than answers with this family! The papal reservation confirming the marriage of Isabella of Fife and William de Felton is an excellent find and shows that they did indeed have issue as Duncan is undoubtedly named for her father, and is a younger son. The only problem with the Isabel of 1331/2 being a Grey is that her theoretical sister Isabel was married toWilliam, Lord Heron and still alive in 1362. Assuming there weren't two siblings with the same
20. abunazar to ayala to england [0.969449]
Nat, Could you please post the link Barroso ---> Ayala ---> England? I must say I didn't keep it, because I thought it didn't work. I of course have changed my opinion ;-)) chico _______________________________________________________________________ Yahoo! PageBuilder O super editor para criagco de sites: i gratis, facil e rapido.
21. Re: Another puzzle: Faucomberge and Felton [0.969449]
> > Rosie Bevan wrote: > > > I am beginning to wonder whether Eustantia and Constantia are actually > the > > > same person. The letters of the names would look very similar in > > > contemporary handwriting and I am wondering whether there has been a > > > transcription error somewhere along the line. It doesn't make an awful > lot > > > of sense for John to have named his daughter after his father's first > > wife. > > I replied > > The big problem is the appearance of Margaret, Elizabeth and Constance, a
22. Re: Maldred's children [0.969449]
From the Learned Cousin.... I would like very much to see the data showing all the children assigned to Maldred fitz Crinan, Lord of Carlisle & Allerdale, d. 1045 and AElgitha of Northumberland, heiress of Raby b. 1010-15, dau. of Uchtred Earl of Northumberland, jure uxoris, murdered 1017, and AElgifu of England. Their sons: 1. Gospatric I, Earl of Northumberland, 1st Earl of Dunbar, d. abt. 1045. 2. Maldred fitz Maldred, Lord of Carlisle, King of the Cumbrians, occ. 1084; had two sons:
23. Thanks [0.969449]
Dear Listers Wanted to thank you all for the help you have given me. I was hoping that Durham University Durham, England would place their Durham Liber Vitae online, but will have to wait several years. This I think will be a big help in anyones research. Thanks Le
24. Re: Notes & Queries [0.969449]
In a message dated 30/07/02 12:15:41 GMT Daylight Time, writes: I should have said "I guess this is Series One", but I now see that No 187 does not cover the pages p. 222-5. This Web site has a run of the first 20 years of N&Q, but using the search facility for "Curson" there is nothing referring to your page. There are a few hits around Vol 1 3rd series (12) Mar 22 1862. Adrian > In a message dated 30/07/02 06:12:57 GMT Daylight Time, > writes: > > I gue
25. Earl of Arundel/Duke of Exeter [0.969449]
The Oxford Concise DNB states that Thomas [12th - CP numbering] earl of Arundel (1381-1415) escaped from his half brother to the continent. From CP Vol I p 245 he was for some time in ward to John Holland Duke of Exeter...but managed to escape to the Continent. This implies that John Holland Duke of Exeter was half brother to Thomas earl of Arundel, but I cannot see how this works, I assume DNB is wrong? BTW John Holland's wife was Elizabeth d of John of Gaunt and after his murder she m Sir John C

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