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1. Re: [DNA] GENEALOGY-DNA Digest, Vol 3, Issue 112 [1]
What about Soros, may keep him bussy for a while doing something usefull. Martijn ------------------------------ Message: 10 Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 11:21:40 -0500 From: Robert Hughes Subject: Re: [DNA] Wife of Google co-founder wants to test DNA of 98 percent ofthe World! To: genealogy genealogy-dna-l Message-ID: Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Ken wrote; That's 6
2. Re: [DNA] re Etruscans [1]
Virgil is how it is spelled in the states. Teresa "Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro, 70-19" ----- Original Message ---- From: "" To: Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 7:36:34 PM Subject: Re: [DNA] re Etruscans In a message dated 1/10/08 5:06:43 PM, writes: > Does anyone have any idea how Virgil should be spelled? I can hardly > believe that I've misspelled it; and I can hardly believe that it's not in the > dictionary.)
Thanks for the tip about a break for adoptees, but I already have everything rolling at FTDNA (see below). As you've kindly advised, I have chosen the option to cause "my matches to be set against the entire database." I found the Adoptees DNA Project you mentioned. There appears to be no "Request to Join" link or even an email contact. So I will call the friendly folks at FTDNA on Monday and make my request verbally. KIT# N47554 Stu hays (Search ID 9MHB2)
4. Re: [DNA] Proposed New SNP Law [1]
TIC! TIC! or an early 1 April 2008 ----- Original Message ----- From: "Rebekah Canada" To: Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2008 5:00 AM Subject: Re: [DNA] Proposed New SNP Law > Ken, > > This is very much a 'weights and measures' issue. I think that every > last STR sold should have a link to the primer set being used and > every new SNP should have its exact location on the y-chromosome > disclosed and its extended STR profile published. > > But why get
5. [DNA] Insurance coverage for genetic testing and counseling [1]
Back when deCODEme and 23andMe first came on the scene, there were some discusions about the possibility of insurance coverage for the tests. This article from AIS (Atlantic Information Services), a publisher serving the health care industry, gives some insight into the current thinking. Ann Turner ************** Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
6. Re: [DNA] I1a-ultraNorse 13-15 (Diana) [1]
Do a Kittler test for your 385 and see if you are low / high order. ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 8:15 AM Subject: [DNA] I1a-ultraNorse 13-15 (Diana) > Just looked at your ultra norse 13-15 Hansen N45223 for Danish Demes > where you show no matches in y search. My husband is a match. His > earliest paternal grandfather was from Sweden. I thought he was in > ysearch and > mito as H5ZQC. He was adopted
7. Re: [DNA] Chances for Finding Clade-separating SNP [1]
----- Original Message ----- From: "Tim Janzen" Excluding M173, this would suggest that there > are 132 SNPs that have occurred between the ancestor that Watson, Ventor > and > the HUGO Reference Sequence male (who in haplogroup R1b1c) share in common > and the ancestor that Watson and Ventor share in common who was in > haplogroup R1b1c19 (S21+). Did I miss presence of another reference sequence in the analysis? For instance, could not some fraction (indeed maybe a large fract
8. Re: [DNA] FTDNA Maintenance Window Tonight - May affext YSearch, Mitosearch, AfricanDNA, etc. [1]
I'm looking at: and none of the pdf's can be downloaded. "The requested URL /ScienPapers\Deconstructing_Jaco_Genetic_Heritage_of_an_Afrikaner.pdf was not found on this server." _________________________________________________________________ Express yourself instantly with MSN Messenger! Download today it's FREE!
9. [DNA] Thomas Krahn's Palindromic Presentation [1]
I am having no luck at viewing Thomas's Palindromic presentation. I have downloaded and installed the latest Open Office and downloaded and extracted the file multiple times. What am I doing wrong? Gary Blakely
10. Re: [DNA] Science Breakthrough of 2007 [1]
Yep, Ken - and that is the huge strength of science over any sort of "fundamentalist" "belief, the best-fit answer vs "truth". Cheers, Bob Murkland --- On Sun, 1/6/08, Ken Nordtvedt wrote: > From: Ken Nordtvedt > Subject: [DNA] Science Breakthrough of 2007 > To: > Date: Sunday, January 6, 2008, 2:41 AM > This news is a week old, but Science Journal and its > publisher, American Association for Advancement of Science, > picke
11. Re: [DNA] Markers - How many and which ones? [1]
Colin wrote: > I reexamined your ISOGG paper to see how you > handled this. So far as I can tell the effect has been modeled as > though these markers were no different than the non-palindromic > markers. Well, a difference is still there -- a mutation to any copy of a multi-copy marker is counted as a mutation to the marker collectively. However, the rate determined collectively is then expressed as a per-copy rate for the purposes of comparing against the non-palindromic markers and/or computing an aver
12. Re: [DNA] I1b2a1-Isles Scottish [1]
Hi Yes, I've done that. I now need to encourage an American DURYEA to undergo Y-testing, to settle a long-standing mystery BD
13. Re: [DNA] mtDNA analyses at FTDNA [1]
You mean I took K when I could have had a V8? Bill H. >Bill, > > Have you ever counted the sub-clades >of V? V8 is the stuff of dreams.;-) > > >-- >Regards, >Rebekah
14. Re: [DNA] R1a1 DIfferences [1]
The latter with 388 = 10 is what I called the "English" R1a clade, although I can't confirm you other marker values without checking. It was originally found in robust quantity in southwest England and Wales. Since, 388 = 10 R1a has been found in Norway as well. I'd have to look again at the extended haplotypes, but I think the Norwegian version and English version had a difference. There are some real aficianados from England who have this clade of R1a and have organized the data concerning it.
15. Re: [DNA] New J2 SNP may be equivalent to DYS413 [1]
I checked my credit card records and I was billed by EA on 08 Sep 2007. I already had a DNA sample with them. :-( > Rebekah Canada wrote: >I must say I am equally puzzled. I have always found the people at EA >pleasant and helpful. > >The potential SNP for the Irish cluster is great. EA has always been >open to investigating. Lets hope that any delays are do to something >exciting and new. > > >
16. [DNA] FTA Cards- Archival DNA Storage [1]
About 10 days ago I posted an economical source for FTA cards. Unfortunately, that source can no longer supply. An alternative, at less than $20, can be found at FTA cards, developed and patented by Whatman, have been shown to preserve a buccal DNA sample at room temperature for at least 15 years. The kit comes complete with info, swabs, and protective storage pouch.
17. [DNA] DNA Testing Times [1]
Can someone tell me why it takes so long for testing to get results? I am not complaining was just wondering what it all entails? Do they have to let it sit for a few weeks in a solution or something? I had a kit received on 1-26 and it was started like on the 26th of Jan..but not expected backuntillMarch.So long to be waiting... Debbie Waiting on kit 77326 for Surname Morrow **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
18. Re: [DNA] FTDNA's Gene Testing - Imminent? [1]
On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 21:50:45 -0700, Ken writes: > They will probably test genes pertinent to the attribute of "patience" And, I bet you can hardly wait! Now, if anyone wants to venture a less obvious guess, I'm sure the List would be interested. I'm thinking - maybe, BRAC1 and BRAC2, or Type 1 and 2 Diabetes? Ron Scott
19. Re: [DNA] Batch 532 : still waiting -- 232? [1]
Hi Didier, My husband's tests came back on the button and my mtDNA came back early, as did my cousin's DNA. When I just tried to log-in, I got "service unavailable" so I'm hoping when FTDNA is fully back online, our results will post too. I believe the 37 marker upgrade was "due" 12/31/07. I can't help but watch the pot! Jennifer Didier VERNADE wrote: Ann, The 6 weeks take into account the necessity to repeat some tests. I prefer inquiring "what's going on with my res
20. Re: [DNA] News item: blue eye color may be traced to a single commonancestor [1]
The place (northwest side of Black Sea) and time (6 to 10 K ago) for the founder of the SNP mutation responsible for the Main brown/blue eye dichotomy is mentioned in a paragraph of the paper which comes out of the blue and void of reasoning as far as I can see. If someone caught the line of argument in the paper which led to that short paragraph I'd be interested in where to find it. Has anyone checked yet whether this specific SNP is included in the Icelandic and Google genome samplings? Ken --
21. Re: [DNA] Sorenson, MTdna [1]
John & Mike, Thanks for looking at this for me. What surprises me is that SMGF has 369 exact matches for my cousin but Genetree has only one and he is not it. Gary Blakely -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of John E. Mellick Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 2:41 PM To: Subject: Re: [DNA] Sorenson, MTdna Gary, try this. On the SMGF "Search" page, type your four deduced mutations into the val
22. Re: [DNA] Are these SNP's tested by deCodeMe ? [1]
On Sun, 6 Jan 2008 12:09:56 -0600, Ron wrote: > For comparison of this region with Watson's list: > or The above links are now deactivated. I've, instead, incorporated Watson's NUMT Chr1:554327..560167 and NUMT chr5:79981597..79983766 (see - Watson/Venter DNA). Watson's SNP list does not have sequencing for NUMT chr5:99409541..99418335 NT_034772.5 18054
23. Re: [DNA] Bad Variances and Good Variances [1]
What evidence? On Jan 12, 2008, at 3:34 PM, Ken Nordtvedt wrote: > With the evidence growing that many of our STR markers have up and > down mutation rates that are different, it is important to use the > right kind of variance of haplotype populations
24. Re: [DNA] Dr. Craig Ventner's BBC Speech [1]
Off topic. The educational system is the only failure. Our culture can take some blame.....a big blame. -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of bbailey.lowedna Sent: Sunday, January 20, 2008 2:24 PM To: Subject: Re: [DNA] Dr. Craig Ventner's BBC Speech Don't worry, we have a 40% drop-out rate in Texas (50% in Houston) so we are providing the DNA gene-pool with lots of prospects for the govt.
25. Re: [DNA] R1b1c7 and DYS 439 [1]
Using John McEwan's R1bSTR19Irish there are 74 that tested M222+ They are displayed at:- 59 of the 74 have DYS439 = 12 Dennis -----Original Message----- From: []On Behalf Of Sent: Wednesday, 23 January 2008 5:15 PM To:; Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b1c7 and DYS 439 In a message dated 1/22/2008 10:53:06 P.M. Central Standard Time, jcarrgens

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