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1. Re: Andrew Gist [1]
Interesting. I found this 1880 Andrew Gess on the 1870 census in Dekalb Co., AL. Dekalb Co., AL borders Jackson Co., AL, which borders Franklin Co., TN. In 1870 he gives his age as 34. He is living next door to a 32 year old Josiah GUESS. Andrew is also listed as "GUESS" on the 1870 census. His oldest child in 1870 was William, who was 9 years old and was born in GA. So this family should appear on the 1860 census in GA, although it is possible that Andrew may not have been married by 1860 and is sti
2. Aaron GIST born KY died AL [1]
I'm still looking for the parents of Aaron GIST b. c1807 KY and his wife Nancy Jane ____ b. c1815 KY. Their son, Elijah Andrew GIST (b. 1833 KY, d. 1878 Colbert Co., AL), married Mary Catherine Rebecca JEFFREYS. Reva Bradford
3. GIST in Lawrence Co. AL. [1]
Hi all. Below is an article today I found regarding a deed record which pertains to Levi and Andrew GIST of Lawrence Co. AL in 1824. I am pasting the article in its entirety so that credit is given where credit is due. This article appeared in the "Natchez Trace Traveler", Volume 2, Number 2, May 1982. If you are familiar with Andrew and/or Levi, I would appreciate knowing more about them. Thanks. Rex Bertram *****Please note my new email address is PO Box 651 Redkey, I
4. Andrew J Gass, Franklin Co,Tn [1]
Here is another twist on the name: Possibly same one? Andrew J Gass m Malinda Stephens who was b 11/13/1837 in Franklin Co., dau of Meshack & Elizabeth ( Pack) Stephens. Andrew J Gass was CSA Co F, 34th Ga Inf. They was both buried in the Gass Family Cem in Franklin Co,Tn They had one known dau - Elizabeth Louvina Gass b 3/8/1877, Frnaklin Co Tn and married Ernest Shetters.
5. AL GIST's [1]
Hi all. A few days ago there was some discussion on the list about Thomas GIST who married Nancy RONEY. Since I am pretty much convinced that all of the GIST/GUEST etc., who were in AL prior to 1850 are related, I have been try to piece together some of it. So I am interested in knowing more about this Thomas. Where was he born? When was he born? Correct me if I am wrong, but Nacy Roney Gist is the Nancy GIST who appears on the 1830 AL census in Walker Co. Correct? Also in Walker Co. in 1830 is Chri
6. Alabama GIST's [1]
Hi all. Tis I again. Still working on this GIST puzzle. Good news is... after some very diligentwork today, studying the Jackson Co. AL GIST very closely, I have found some great pieces of the puzzle. There seems to be now question that my Thomas, who was born 1809/1811 was closely connected to Jesse GIST who appeared in Jackson Co., on the census in 1840. Jesse was born about 1802 according to the Dorsey book. Jesse's oldest child was Rufus, who was born in 1832. Rufus married Judith Catharine GIPSO
7. Help!! [1]
I have an old email from almost three years ago from a Susan Colon in regards to the GIST family. She has a definate connection to one of our subscribers, and probably a connection to my GIST line as well. But her email bounced back. Does anyone know who she is, and maybe, have a more current email address for her? Rex --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
8. Thomas Gest & all [1]
Hi everyone, Thank you for helping out. I do not know if Thomas Gist/Gest died between 1825-1830 or if he deserted Nancy (Roney) Guest. I do not know the son's name b. c. 1823-25 However, Harriett Guess/Guest was born approximately 1818 (she is his only sibling) some census records say TN, one says Alabama. I know that they show up in Memphis in 1841 when Harriett marries David B. Brown (prob son of John Brown and Mary Black md. Lawrence Co., AL; Dec. 23, 1820) Harrie
9. Gist & Guest Information [1]
Rex, I wonder is this might be the person you are searching for: Samuel Gist's father was Joseph Gist, Sr., Major b. September 30, 1738 who married Elizabeth Elder. Samuel born December 27, 1779 died 1848. He married Ann Baxter on July 01, 1804 in Ohio Co., VA. It became Brooke Co., West Virginia. He also married Sarah Baxter on April 11, 1816. Ann and Sarah were the daughters of Samuel Baxter, Sr. and Sarah Chenoweth. I don't have a family for Sarah Chenoweth. She is the only Chenoweth I have i
10. Thursey and Russell Gist [1]
Hi, I just located some information concerning my late husband's great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather, in the archives of the Gist list. I had hunted and hunted for years, and just found this. I was so thankful, but wish I had been able to locate this while my husband (Henry Charles Lankford)was alive. He just died in March. Henry's father was William Ferguson Lankford, whose father was Henry Lankford, whose father was Parks Lankford husband of Thursey Gist. I found where Thursey's brother
11. Nancy Roney [1]
Carla, Just in case you haven't found the husband of Nancy Roney, I found this on my marriage CD: Descendants of Thomas Gist 1 Thomas Gist .. +Nancy Roney m: November 06, 1818 in Lawrence Co., AL I have no parents for Thomas. Some of the marriage dates given on the CD are actually the date a person applied for a license, not necessarily the date they married. Pat Lemonds
12. Lawrence Co., AL [1]
If the SUSAN that married Lewis BOWLEN was a child of Martin GUEST, then who did the other SUSANNA belong to? OR, were they one and the same? I haven't found Lewis BOWLEN anywhere in the 1830 or 1840 census, but in the 1850 census in Warren Co., TN ( adjacent to WHITE CO) I found this family (are they the same?). 1850 census - TN - Warren Co., pg 43a ... hh 575 / 575 .......... enum date: Oct 4th BOLIN, Lewis .............. 45 .. SC .............., Susan ............. 50 .. NC .............., Norvell ...
13. Re: Lawrence Co., AL [1]
That certainly sounds plausible. Temperance was nee SANDERS/SAUNDERS and her husband was named LEWIS. *IF* the 1850 Lewis and Susan BOLIN are the same ones that married in Lawrence Co., AL - what were they doing in AL? Was Lewis a younger brother to the Alexander and James M. BOLING listed in the 1820 Lawrence Co., AL census? AND was Susanna perhaps a widow GUEST? If she were born in NC in 1800 and married Lewis BOLIN when she was 24, perhaps she had been married previously. I believe the other Susan
14. More on AL GIST/GUEST [1]
Here's more I just noticed which I had on the AL GUEST. This should be of particular interest to Carla because of a LOONEY connection. I found a burial record of a Mary LOONEY. Burial record lists her as the daughter of Moses and Darcus GUEST. Mary was born 17 Oct. 1791. She died 27 Jan. 1857. This was in Morgan Co. AL. Mary GUEST was the wife of Moses LOONEY. The burial record of Moses LOONEY lists his parents as John and Elisabeth LOONEY. Moses LOONEY was born 6 Aug. 1780. He died 9 Jan. 1855.
15. FW: my Hardy-Gist ancestors [1]
I am forwarding this email with permission from Fran, who descends from Hannah Gist. If anyone has any additional information to share on her, her ancestry, or her Hardy husband, we'd sure appreciate it I already have a Gist connection in my ggg.grandfather, "James Harve Gist", born 1836 in Wayne Co. KY., who moved to AL., about 1855 and married Nancy Jane Pace, a close neighbor to Christopher Gist of Old Hancock Co., at the time. I believe James's father was Aaron Gist, found on the 1850 Whitley Co. KY.,
16. Andrew Gist [1]
Hi to everyone, I have come across an Andrew Gess that in the Tennessee 1880 census is in Franklin county, TN. Andrew was born about 1840 and I noticed that he had several children but they weren't all born in TN but GA and Alabama as well. What I'm getting at is this guy seemed to move around a bit. I noticed some what of a pattern that most of our Gist ancestors lived in counties that border the Tennessee river. I believe that Richard Gist lived in the Scottsboro area of Ala. I can't say that I blam
17. Gist puzzle [1]
Hi all. I would like some help in solving a GIST puzzle. This relates to the Benjamin GIST (ca 1728) and Mary JARRETT line. I know there are many of you familiar with this line and, hopefully, some of you can help. I firmly believe that this is my line, but I am missing a piece or 2 of the puzzle. I believe my Thomas GIST born 1809/1811 is a child of William GIST born 1784, or, maybe a child of his brother, Thomas, born 1784. William and Thomas were children of an elder Thomas (b. 1764) according to D
18. Andrew Guess [1]
This is in reply to Rex's query. Thanks to Shelley Brown who sent this to me. Forgot to keep the date. Sorry Shelley. Ignore the Gist spelling. I checked the Andrew Gess/Guess/Gest/Gist none found in AL in 1880. Also checked for Native American Andrew and none found in AL in 1880 Pat Descendants of Unknown (Guess) Gist 1 Unknown (Guess) Gist .... 2 Andrew (Guess) Gist b: 1833 in GA d: in 1870 census living in DeKalb Co., AL b: Sulfur Springs P. O. ........ +Milinda (No Maiden Name) Gist b: 1
19. Aaron Gist [1]
Good Morning, The following is from Livingston Co., KY. Does anyone know who this Aaron Gist is? He "died" about 1810. A lot of folks were sueing over his estate. I believe that Aaron Gist was once "high sheriff" in Livingston Co. After his death there seemed to be a great deal of "suing" from various parties - this I learned in abstracting the county court order books. The above paragraph was sent to me by a person who worked in the county office. She was not related to any Gist. I don't know what
20. Moses and William GUEST [1]
Anyone on the list who descends from Moses or William GUEST who were brothers and both served during the Revolutionary War? If so, I have some info that may be of interest. William states that he served in 1777 at the age of 15. He states he was born in Frederick Co., VA 30 Dec. 1762. He died 8 July 1841 in SC. Hen enlisted in Wilkes Co., NC. Capt. Moses Guest was his older brother. He applied for pension 11 March 1833. Rex Bertram PO Box 651 Redkey, IN 47373 I do Free Genealogy Look-ups f
thought you might read over these and see if any of them are related. I didn't see that they were but you might Hope all are well, we are doing good. Love you much. Pat
22. Thomas Ghist/Gist [1]
Hi All. I have located a Thomas N. GHIST (probably GIST) on the 1830 AL census in morgan Co. Anyone know who he is? He is shown between 40 and 50 years old. He has a male child 10-15, and a male 15-20. Has 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 15-20, and 1 female 30-40. Who the heck is this guy? Rex Bertram PO Box 651 Redkey, IN 47373 I do Free Genealogy Look-ups from many sources. Check out my web page. -----------------
23. Great census tool [1]
Hi all. Recently I found an excellent form for tracking your ancestor over the various census years. It allows you to track a family in each census year and keeps it organized for you. This is an Excel document. If you have Excel and would like the census tracker, let me know and I'll email it to you. Tracking an ancestor through the census can be very helpful. I am working on a tracker form for each of the GIST's who were in Jackson Co., AL in 1840. I began with a census tracker sheet on each of the
24. Docia Guess/Father, Richard [1]
Hi, I started to send you an e-mail address so you could get in touch with someone who is related to this family. It turned out to be you : ) You wrote me in June of 1998. Sorry to say, I did not find any of the people you listed, in the book "Guest - Guess and Related Families" by Alta Louisa Biggs Martin. There aren't many Gists in the book. Most are Guess. They seemed to come from SC, some stopping in GA and then others settled in MS. Look at the marriage record below. I know you have the date b
Going right along with Carla's message as well as the message below, there is a Richard GUEST on the 1830 Walker Co. AL census. As Carla pointed out, Walker Co. is just below Lawrence Co. The Richard who appears on the 1830 census certainly seems to fit with a Richard whom married in 1821. This Richard is listed with 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10yrs, 1 male 20-30, 2 females under 5, and 1 female 30-40. Seems to me this is probably the same Richard who married Jane in Lawrence Co. in 1821. 2 other GUEST'

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