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1. [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: Welcome William Hodges of Goochland [1]
Welcome William Hodges of Goochland Above we recited that one of the objectives of the Goochland inquiry was to determine is Welcome William Hodges of Goochland, who appears about 1734 and died in 1771, was the William Hodges in the 1728 deeds involving the property of William Hodges, deceased, and thus probably a son of the latter and brother to Robert and John Hodges. That hypothesis was based on these records: Here are the records I was referring to: Welcome William is called simply William
2. Re: [HODGES] John M Hodges son of Chrisley Washington Hodges [1]
Thank you Gerry. Point taken I will try to get more involved with some of the Eastern societies in an effort to solve my roadblock. I am not a proffessional researcher, but am somewhat of a bull about finding the answers I need. Some times this can be more of a deterrant than actual blocks. LOL. Anyways thanks. I do have a thought, perhaps I am wrong in my approach but it makes sense to me. I DO NOT match any other Hodges or Hodge line posted to the hodges surname project, So my
3. Re: [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: New Year's Resolution [1]
Tell me about John A. Hodges, B 1820 in GA. I have a Hodge in my past but cannot find anything but a marriage license issued in Barbour County, AL in 1844 to a John Hodge and Sarah Hill. reply to: Thanks ----- Original Message ----- From: To: ; Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 5:13 PM Subject: Re: [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: New Year's Resolution > > Bob, and others, > > Reading this I see I made a typo. John
4. [HODGES] OBIT - Judy Kay Hodges (Mrs. Charles Paul HODGES) [1]
Source: newspaper, Corpus Christi, TX Caller-Times of 4 Jan 2008, page 5B. JUDY KAY HODGES Judy Kay Hodges 68, of Katy, passed away January 2, 2008. She was born on November 10, 1939 in Refugio to the late James Clifton and Addie Lucille Rodgers Oswalt. Judy is survived by her daughter Lisa Elaine and William Wilson of Baycliff, Cynthia Lynne and Tom Russo of Katy; son James Prentice and Lori Ann Hodges of Katy; and sister Sandra Jo Wilson of Corpus Christi. She is also survived by her grandchildren
5. [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: Goochland Odds, Ends and Problems [1]
While we have presented a lot of information on the Lineage III Hodges of Goochland County, there are still problems. One of the first is what happened to William Hodges after Robert Hodges deeded land to him. There is no further record that we have found of William. >From these records, we considered the possibility that William was Welcome William. But now we think there is information that makes it likely Welcome William of Goochland is a Lineage I family. The next problem is that we do not ha
6. Re: [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: New Year's Resolution [1]
Hi Gerry. It's been a long time since I've corresponded with Ken. I don't know if he's on the list or not. Regards, Tim In a message dated 1/10/2008 5:28:12 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: Bob & Tim - Wasn't this the line that Ken Hodge of Orlando researched? Is he still with us? Would sure like his thoughts on this line. Gerry HODGES Hackley in Corpus Christi, Texas "Sparkling City by the Sea" ----- Original Message ----- From: To:
7. [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: William (Miller) and Jesse (Part 4) [1]
Jesse The 1805 deed for Lucy Hodges' property identifies Jesse son of Lucy as having married Susannah. Now that we have some more information, we can state a little more about Jesse and his family. Here is Jesse in the land tax: Jesse 1807: Hodges Jefse of Mary Barker & other heirs of Abraham Poor dec'd 194 > 1814: 194 > and 166 1818A: adj Thomas Poor etc. 16 MNW 1819A: 360 > 1820A: 196 > 166 1822: Jesse Junr. 196 166 8 > 1828: Jesse Junr. 196 166 1843: Jesse dec'd 196 166 1846 Jess
8. Re: [HODGES] HODGES Digest, Vol 3, Issue 11 [1]
Bob: It appears you posted Hodges Lineage III: William (Miller) and Jesse (Part 2), then skipped to (Part 4). I did not see (Part 3). Was that by design or did we miss a part? I assume Part 3 is information on William (Miller) children. Thanks as always for sharing. Family Tracker
9. [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: David, Jesse and Massie, children of William [1]
David Hodges b. Jul. 15, 1774, Goochland Co., Va. m. Nancy Ann James, Dec. 21, 1799, Goochland Co., Va. d. after 1840 Census, prob. Calloway Co., Ky. David first appears in the personal property tax lists with his father William in 1793. He is on his own in 1796. He appears in 1797, 1798, 1805, 1806, 1809, and 1810, and not thereafter. He appears in the 1810 census for Goochland: 1810 Census David 426 20010-00110-00 2m(1800-1810) m(1765-1784) f (1784-1794) f (1765-1784) Nancy Ann J
10. [HODGES] Gil HODGES, MLB Player/Manager (Article by Arthur Daley in NY Times Apr 4 1972) [1]
Arthur Daley A FOND FAREWELL TO GIL HODGES There is a fundamental difficulty in writing about Gil Hodges. Voices in the background keep screaming for restraint and yet every instinct is to succumb to temptation and spill forth the superlatives. Today would have been his 48th birthday. He didn't make it. A massive heart attack felled him on Easter Sunday just after he had completed 27 holes of golf, and death came with stunning swiftness. He was such a noble character in so many respect
11. Re: [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: New Year's Resolution [1]
I am going to LVA and spend the last week of Feb. or first week of March doing research on the first Goochland HODGES (John, Welcome, Robert and William) as well as my other lines. I hope to "follow the land" with these HODGES if I can, since we can't seem to find any documentation proving for sure their relationships to each other. I still have not proven for sure (although I have that circumstantial evidence Bob has just posted to the list today that I originally emailed the HODGES list in 2
12. [HODGES] Seth T. Hodges [1]
There has been so much wonderful information on the Hodges lines posted on this list. Yet it is very interesting that nothing yet has developed to give Seth T. Hodges, b 26 Oct 1788 Alabama ( or the Mississippi Territory) a family connection. He died 18 June 1841 in South Palmyra, Macoupin, Ill. It is suggested that Seth's parents are Joseph Hodges b 1752 possibly in North Carolina, died 1805, and Mary Polly, (no surname). Joseph and Mary Hodges also had a daughter Jane born 1805, the yea
13. Re: [HODGES] John M Hodges son of Chrisley Washington Hodges [1]
Gerry, I visited your website, and have sent an email to you from your link there. My family is from Illinois, not Indiana. I am not related as far as I can tell to any of the three other Thomas Jefferson Hodges that I have located. All are about the same age, and one of them even lived briefly in the area of Illinois we are from. If, as you say, we are probably related to the North Carolina Hodges, then why does my 37 marker DNA not match to that lineage 1 DNA? I am so confused. Frank Hodges. At 0
14. Re: [HODGES] HODGES Digest, Vol 3, Issue 13 [1]
Re: the article included in the email string below pertaining to Hugh Hardin Hodges (my father's "Uncle Hugh"). To further advance information about the lineage, I must offer this: the brother (as listed in the article) of Hugh Thomas Hodges was John T. (Tillman) Hodges of Plemons (not "plenous")(No longer exists but is eastsoutheast of present-day Stinnett) Texas whose children included my Father (John Mitchell Hodges) who died December 20, 2007 in Lampasas Texas. John M has 5 children (2 sons = myself
15. [HODGES] John M Hodges son of Chrisley Washington Hodges [1]
A history of Tennessee and Tennesseans : the leaders and representative men in commerce, industry and modern activities B Pages 1349- 1351 John M Hodges, an important factor in any community is the bank. To him the patrons of his institution and others look for guidance in their financial affairs and upon the advice which his investing experience enables him to offer they often make decisions regarding their own problems. The stability of a bank is largely measured by the character and conservatism, the w
16. [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: William (Miller) and Jesse Hodges (part 1) [1]
When we posted the information about the children of Johnson Hodges and Lucy Page, we noted two things: First, Dolores Rutherford identified Jesse Hodges who married Susanna Page as the son of Johnson and Lucy named Jesse. We know that they had a son named Jesse with wife Susanna from the deed of Lucy's property after her death. There were three or more Jesse Hodges in Goochland in this timeframe, so deciding which is which can be a problem. We have some more light to shed on that. Second, we gave a
17. [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: Children of William, son of John [1]
Here is a summary of William's appearance in the Goochland land tax records: 1782-1809: 100 1797: William Senr. 100 1801-1802: William Bull 100 1803: William (Bull) 100 1804-1806: William Bull 100 1807: William B. 100 1810: of Susannah Hodges comm'r 40 conv'd to Thomas James 60 Hodges Wm. B. 100 the same that is charged above Here is William and his family as they appear in the Goochland personal property tax lists from 1782 until 1782: William Hodges
18. [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: David and Thomas, sons of John [1]
David Hodges and Thomas Hodges Based on the Goochland tithes, Georgie Byerly thought the family of John Hodges included sons Johnson, John, Jr., Joseph, William, David and Thomas. David and Thomas are problems because Edmund Hodges, who also lived in Goochland, also had sons named David and Thomas based on his will probated in Pittsylvania Co., Va. in 1782. There are two David Hodges marriages in the Douglas Register: David Hodges and Elizabeth Page, both of this parish 1758 ffeb: 2 David
19. [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: William (Miller) and Jesse (Part 2) [1]
1805A: Thomas (exempt) 1805B: Wm Sr., Wm Jr., Joseph, David, Jesse, Johnson, William & James, Jesse, Lucy, Jesse 1806A: Thomas (exempt) 1806B: William (B), Joseph, William Jr., William (M) & James, Jesse, David, Jesse, Johnson, Jesse 1807A: Thomas (exempt), Joseph 1807B: William Jr., William M., Jesse & Robert, William (B), Jesse, Johnson, Thomas Jr., Jesse 1809A: Joseph, Thomas (exempt) 1809B: David, William Jr., William, Jesse & Robert, Johnson & John, Jesse of William, Jesse, Thomas 1
20. [HODGES] Multiple E-Mail [1]
Gerry - I have no problem deleting the extra copies but I have to read all the mail to make sure it is not a new letter Posted under the same Subject . A lot of us are Guilty of that . Two copies are not bad but six is not good. Keep Searching and posting until we fill in all the blanks. hth
21. [HODGES] Multiple copies of an E-Mail [1]
I sent Two replys and received five back. Now I know it is not the sender . I know One Went To Hodge List One to Hodges List . I do not understand How I got Five replys. I am sending this only to the Hodges list ,One copy. H T Hodge
22. [HODGES] (no subject) [1]
I ran across this during my research and transcribed it, thought it may be useful to someone- ? ? History of Henderson County Kentucky written by Edmund L. Starling- Henderson Kentucky 1887. ? ? Joseph Anthony Hodge M.D. was born in Salem Livingston County Kentucky, February 2d, ?1829, his father Edwin Hodge, a farmer, born in the same locality in the year 1805 was a son of Robert Hodge, who some years previous had immigrated from North Carolina to that county. The grandfather of Robert Hodge, with t
23. Re: [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: New Year's Resolution [1]
Bob, and others, Reading this I see I made a typo. John A Hodges was born 1830 Ga not 1820. Michelle -----Original Message----- From: Bob Hodges To: Sent: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 8:25 pm Subject: [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: New Year's Resolution Dear cousins: After a hiatus for the holidays I am going to crank up our march through Lineage III again. But before we get to that, I want everybody to make a New year's resolution Go look something up. Nothing
24. Re: [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: David, Jesse and Massie, children of William [1]
>From Bobb
25. [HODGES] Hodges Lineage III: William, son of John, and Susannah Lovell [1]
William Hodges and Susannah Lovell William is a son of John Hodges under Georgie Byerly's reconstruction of John Hodges' family from the Goochland County tithe lists. Tim Spradlin is the one who sorted out the problem of the third generation Williams in Goochland. John Hodges had a son William and Welcome William also had a son William. Here is Tim's explanation: To all. Looking at my 2002/2003 research at LVA in Richmond (as I should have done before I started this controversy on the list) I

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