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1. Vol 1, No. 3, Hooper Compass [1]
Hello all, To those of you who are already subscribers, you may want to know that I mailed the third issue of the Hooper Compass Thursday morning (May 11). If anyone else wants to subscribe, just send me an email with your postal (snail mail) address. Please put the words "Hooper Compass" in the subject line. For all of Volume 1 (November 1999, February 2000, May 2000, August 2000) I am absorbing all the research, copying, and postage costs. The price for subscribers is really good no
2. Hooper Compass Goof [1]
Oops! While preparing the index, I noticed an error in this issue (#3) of the Hooper Compass. Would those of you receiving it please correct Note 1, page 40, from Nancy Hooper (Mrs. James) Shelton to read instead Sarah Hooper (Mrs. James) Shelton Thanks and happy family tree climbing while you all visit with your mothers. Anne Goodwin
3. East Tennessee Hoopers [1]
This message is for subscribers to my quarterly (paper) newsletter, the Hooper Compass. The info updates what was discussed in the article "More Lessons" beginning 21 of the May issue, and concerns Margaret Hooper Hooper Bell, daughter of Revolutionary War soldier Absalom Hooper. All of the info is from sworn affidavits within the bounty land application made by Margaret on the basis of her husband's 1836/7 service in Captain Thomas Jefferson Caldwell's unit. The widow Hooper had to file twice, once in 1
4. [HOOPER-TENNESSEE] Hooper DNA Table Updated [1]
Two new participants have been added to the Hooper DNA Table: 1) Participant Number 30774 on (current) line # 1-06 - ancestor hails from England. 2) Participant Number 65540 on (current) line # 2-06 - ancestor is Obediah Sr. If you've taken the DNA test and are not yet on the Hooper DNA Table - please email me a mini family tree (see the mini family tree of any participant on the table by clicking on their participant number) with the required information and format - and - email me a permission sl
5. Hooper in North Carolina [1]
Hi everyone, I am new to this list and I am hoping that someone here will be able to help me. My great grandfather was Cary Wesley Henry (b 22 Oct 1887 d 3 Jun 1979) according to his death certificate his father was Zeb Henry and his mother was Artie Cooper. According to his application for a Social Secrurity number his father was Ele? Henry and his mother was Artie Hooper. I am wondering if Artie is a nickname or if anyone has any information on a Artie Hooper from the mountains of NC. Any and
6. [HooperTN] Hooper family DNA project funds [1]
Hello all, We would like to remind everyone that funding is available for those wishing to join the Hooper DNA project. In order to participate directly (by having your DNA tested) you must be a male with an unbroken male only Hooper line. Essentially men with the last name of Hooper. Getting funding for a test is easy. You can send an e-mail to me or to anyone you may know of that is involved in the Hooper project. To find out if you know anyone with a close involvement with the project go to http:/
7. [HooperTN] New DNA Results Posted [1]
New DNA Results have been posted on the Hooper Connections Website today for Participant 11373 = Ancestor - Ezekiel Hooper 1819. Although these results are only 1 mutation off Joseph Hooper 1770, there would need to be the complete 25 markers done to verify their actual connection. Clay
8. [HooperTN] Churchill Hooper Will [1]
I've just posted a copy of the ORIGINAL will created by Churchill Hooper (who died in Tennessee in 1808) at the following site: Enjoy. Anne G.
9. [HooperTN] Hooper DNA project fall news [1]
Hello friends and relatives, The Hooper family DNA project is now more than a year old and in the last year we've learned so much. We now have results for 46 Y-chromosome DNA tests and have several more on order. We've also just gotten an order from our first international participant. Welcome to Gary from Australia! Maybe some of the American Hoopers will soon have a new cousin Down Under. All of the received results are from American Hoopers and they fall into eleven different families. One recentl
10. [HOOPER-TENNESSEE] Early Hoopers [1]
From: _robertajestes@att.net_ ( Hi Wade, I've done some work on the early occurrences of Hoopers in Virginia and NC. I'm attaching a short summary after my signature. Would you mind taking a look and seeing if you have any candidates for descendants from these various men? Please feel free to pass this on to any of your project members if you think it would help them. Thanks, Roberta Estes 1. From the Virginia Magazine vol IV pages 316-318 on records in
11. [HOOPER-TENNESSEE] Fwd: Early Hooper Families [1]

12. [HooperTN] DNA Results [1]
Notice: There are new results from two participants now added to Hooper Connections. Clay
13. [HooperTN] DNA Update [1]
Two DNA participants have results back that are now posted on the DNA Table! A third participant's results are back also, but we're unable to post those until further information is supplied. An email has been sent to that particpant and hopefully his results will be added soon. Clay
14. [HooperTN] Re: [Hooper] Hooper project year end report [1]
Hello Bert, I haven't heard of this Samuel Hupper and the DNA project can't help you unless you know of a direct male line descendant of Samuel. You could possibly post a family tree containing what you know to the "Family Trees" section on the Hooper family webpage. The webpage is at If you want to post a family tree contact the webmaster Clay Hooper at clayhooper@di
15. [HooperTN] Hooper DNA [1]
Hello Folks, Just wanted to update you on what Wade, Clay & Hal and others are doing on the Hooper DNA project. We are not the only family doing a DNA project. A number of them are and some have many more volunteers that what we have. But they have been at it longer. As of now we have a total of 30 who have sent their DNA samples in, and 27 results have come back. There have been a few surprises, we have found that a number of families match, indicating a common ancestor further back than we have bee
16. [HooperTN] Email Trouble [1]
Sorry to bother you all with this - trust me, it's a bother for me too. However, in trying to upgrade some computer stuff, I've lost ALL the emails that came within the past month - that I was waiting to reply to because they were sitting in my InBox and that box was wiped out. So, if you're waiting on me to reply and I hadn't already, you may want to resend your message. I don't have a habit of not replying, although sometimes, it does take me a little while. Some of those email gone now were on
17. [HooperTN] Interesting DNA article [1]
Hi, I found this article interesting even though it's not Hooper specific. It has some good links also. DNA tackles a familyb
18. [HooperTN] DNA Results Updated [1]
Hello ~ There are new Y-DNA results now posted on the Hooper Connections website, including updated Genetic Distances and Unique Haplotypes. Clay
19. Re: Hooper in Chattanooga [1]
I am intrested, my line is from Ark. Arnold & Debbie Hooper wrote: > Hello, > My name is Arnold Hooper. My family comes from Cheatham Co. in Middle Tennessee. I have some information on our branch but I need to type it into Word. My cousin has researched the Hooper line we are in back to the middle to late 1700's. Once I get this info enter I will send it if anyone is intrested. > Arnold Hooper
20. william a hooper b1820 tn-rebecca b1821ky [1]
hi from cottontown again + does any one have birth records for ky and will look for :::: jesse hooper b1850ky martha hooper b1855ky francies hooper b1857ky elizabeth hooper b1859ky wm hooper b1860ky nancy dora hooper b1865ky rechard coleman hooper b1867ky thank you again..charles...:o)...
21. william a hooper b1820 tn [1]
hi from cottontown again ++ looks like between 1860 and 1865 william was not home , because no children were born, and this was the time period f the civil does any one have any records for ky or tenn, union or confederate for a 40 year old william a hooper? i have been trying for 3 years to find this family, and have been all over, and have bought lots of books, but just cannot find william...either he was a orphen and given the hooper name, or he was born a hooper an
22. Re: Hooper in Chattanooga [1]
Fred: I see your Hooper line is from Arkansas. SO IS MINE! I'd be interested in sharing info, although I don't have much. I'm stuck! email me if you would like to share. Thank you. Brenda Oklahoma
23. Cheatham Co. Hoopers [1]
Thanks for all the interest I was unaware of this mail list and am glad I found it. I will be getting all my info together and posting it ASAP. Arnold Hooper
24. Re: Cheatham Hoopers [1]
Anne Goodwin: I'll be checking out your other sites for the Hooper family. Can I subscribe to the quarterly newsletter, "THE HOOPER COMPASS" thru one of these sites? Please let me know. My mother's maiden name was Hooper and I'm having a hard time tracing her family. Maybe this would help. Thank you. Brenda Baker Oklahoma
25. Re: Cheatham Hoopers [1]
Hi Brenda, Welcome to the mailing list. I am sure the other subscribers, like me, are delighted that another Hooper is on the search. You can get subscription info on the Hooper Compass at this site: and then just go to the third link, the one that says "Hooper Order form." I focus on collecting information on families dating from before 1900, so I doubt I would be able to help you unless you can stretch back one more generation. I prefer not to write about later Hoopers, after

Viewing 1-25 of 305 matches from 40,277,485 documents1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 | Next

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