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1. Re:[HWE] English Will website/ LUCADOU family [1]
I, like Don have also used the site and was very satisfied with it. As he said there is a 7 day time limit, so while you are there, make the copies you need and save it to your computer, because after the 7 days it is no longer available. I did the entire transaction from the USA and I think it cost me about $7 US dollars and it was put right on my credit card. The download was immediate then. I highly recommend if you find they have documents that pertain to you ancestors. Karen JENTER Michigan
2. Re: [HWE] poll book for 1780.lots of names. [1]
Poll books are lists of those who have voted according to Pauline Saul's "The Family Historian's Enquire Within" which gives the answers to many questions. She recommends "Poll Books; 1696-1872; a directory to Holdings in Great Britain" by Jeremy Gibson & Colin Rogers. FFHS. Shirley Arabin Mount Maunganui, New Zealand . ----- Original Message ----- From: "J de Montalk" To: Sent: Monday, 10 May 2004 16:25 Subject: Re: [HWE] poll book fo
Hi Dori I've had a look in the Canterbury and Norwich collections as they are the largest by far. Nothing on the spellings that you have of the name BUT, there is a reference in the general history of the Norwich Walloon Church, the section dealing with the attack on the stranger communities by Archbishop Laud which talks of a Duke de SOUBIZE, speaking to the King (Charles 1). SOUBIZE was a Huguenot, a member of the Huguenot Church and is described as having done much for the Community and a godson and '
To Tony.. I am posting name HOTINE for lookup.. recently found that it comes from French AUTIN they were in Spittelfields and Shoreditch in London in early 1700's.. so whichever list you think might apply?? thanks for any help, Colette Georgia, USA
5. Inmates of the Huguenot Hospital - La Providence - Karyn Martin [1]
Hi Guys In the June edition of the British family research magazine, Family History Monthly, there is an enquiry from Karyn Martin about the abbreviations used in the Quarto Series editions of the Inmates of the Huguenot Hospital, La Providence which some other researchers here may have seen. I think Karyn may be one of our band of intrepid researchers and if so, Karyn, could you post your enquiry here so other people can see what I'm blathering on about. Just to let the rest of you guys know, I've final
6. Re: [HWE] Offer to do look ups - ARNAUD [1]
Hi Jon There are no MOGEONS but one MOGE. I've had another look in the Bristol index, I'm afraid there are no Pierre, Samuel or James Arnauds. Regards Tony Fuller
7. Look up offer [1]
Very generous offer, Tony. Thank you!! I am interested in DECAUFOUR, also incorrectly spelled sometimes as DECAUFOR, DECOFOUR, or DICKAFOR. in the Registers of the Walloon Church in Canterbury. Many thanks Bronwyn Stuckey --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: 6.0.676 / Virus Database: 438 - Release Date: 3/05/2004
8. 189 poll books, various dates . [1]
Hi , Just to let you all know, if you just put Poll book you will get 189 , including Colchester with Mayor Bezaliel ANGIER in. 1788. and Canterbury. I have not tried Walloons yet in the search box. Site is free to use at the moment. best wishes Lynda HALL.
9. English Will website/ LUCADOU family [1]
I tried the English will website and discovered a will for John Daniel LUCADOU dated 8 April 1802 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, a will for Peter LUCADOU of London dated 27 July 1799 for the same court, and a will for Mary Ann LUCADOU dated 9 April 1815 in the same court. I want to thank you for publishing the website address. Has anyone ordered them before? How is their service? Carolyn Lucado Griffin, Ypsilanti MI USA
10. Offer to do look ups [1]
Hi Guys Right folks, lots of responses to my message telling me that you're all still out there, still researching and wondering what's been going on - or not in the case of HWE actually. Now I know that this will make you all sit up and pay attention!!!!!!!!!! For this weekend, and this weekend only, I shall have a number of Hug Soc Quarto Series publications at home, waiting to be sent off to be digitized and released on CDRom. Just to get everybody back using this great site (I promote it wherever I
11. Re My test message [1]
Hi Guys I received this today from one of our intrepid number, the message content is fairly obvious: Hi Tony, I got this message and I am up in Central Java just missing the Osama Bin Laden demonstrations - the US film crew was identified as German - Lucky them huh !! It can get scary but only if American - if I get asked what I am I am going to say French Huguenot ( !!) although a Kiwi is safe anywhere nowadays I think. Cheers Jocelyn Bond Now in the present international climate, that's taking her
12. Re: Shirley asked for information about the Hug Soc AGM [1]
Congratulations on your election to the Council of the Hug Soc. Thanks for bringing us up to date with the AGM news. Shirley
13. Offer to do look ups [1]
Hello Tony, I' am looking for any DORANT. In the Walloons and their Church at Norwich, their History and Register, 1565-1832 Register de I'Eglise Wallonne de Southampton Thank you very much, Kind regards, Madelon
14. Look Up the surname RUAN please [1]
Greetings, Would the kind soul offering to do lookups please see if there is any entry for the surname RUAN? I have my RUAN family only back to 1730s in the Islands of the West Indies. I have other allied families from the late 1600s that have some RUAN family entries that far back but have not been able to directly tie them to my line from 1730s on. Though we do know it is the same family. Interestingly a Mary ROWANE has just popped up in Anguilla (very relevant island) for the late 1600s that may p
15. Re: [HWE] Offer to do look ups - ARNAUD [1]
Hi Jon Which book do you want me to look in please? Tony Fuller
16. Naturalization and Denization Records [1]
Hi Guys Just crossed my mind that many of the families that I've had enquiries about would appear on the denization and naturalization records that the Hug Soc put out. I'm NOT offering look ups on these, there are far too many and I just don't have the time. However, they are available on CDRom. Regards Tony Fuller
17. Look up offer [1]
Hi Guys Do me a favour please, read the original message. I'm getting multiple names in multiple books!!!! Don't mind one name (leave the derivations for me to sort out) in two/three books but not several in several. Regards Tony Fuller
18. Re: Hessel - Thanks [1]
--=======2F836081======= Content-Type: text/plain; x-avg-checked=avg-ok-58734706; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit >Tony Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you. Garth --=======2F836081=======--
19. Re: [HWE] poll book for 1780.lots of names. [1]
Thank you for this Lynda - I found two references to my Martin DEWING of Cawston - in Polls for 1714 and 1734. (They may be father and son). Can anyone give me some background on these Polls and what they were for? Are they actually for electing members to Parliament? The title on the one I found is "A copy of the poll for the Knights of the Shire for the County of Norfolk, taken at Norwich May 22 1734. " and then there's a list of candidates. Regards, Jeanette (NZ).
20. Re: [HWE] Offer to do look ups [1]
Hi Don Ok, here we go with this one, and this is JUST the Canterbury references and none have given names in the index, just family names. Le Reux, 2 references Le Rou, 70 references Le ?Reu, 1 reference Le Rou, 1 reference Le Roud, 1 reference Le Roue, 3 references Le Rous, 1 reference Leroux, 1 reference Le Roux, 78 references Le Row, 1 reference Le Rowe, 1 reference and then you bet onto the dreaded Le Roys!!! There are just far far too many to post Don - looks like either a trip to South Carolina or
21. Re: Lagrange [1]
Hi Jef Your query was : Is there any le Granse, la Granse, Lagrange, Legrange or delaGrange inside one of your registers As you didn't specify a register, I've looked in Norwich and Canterbury, being the biggest of them and unfortunately there are none in either of them Regards Tony Fuller
22. Re: [HWE] Request for look ups - FRANCFORD [1]
Hi Phyl "Francford (possibly anglicized the spelling of the name). Probably in Thorney. Also possible in Canterbury". Nothing on that name, or anything similar in Thorney or Canterbury I'm afraid. Regards Tony Fuller
23. Correction- Concordat of 1802 [1]
My fault - the search works much better if I spell it correctly as "Concordat of 1802" The request still stands though- any suggestions about good books to research Napoleon and why Protestants might flee his government after the Concordat of 1802? Thanks, Chris >From: "pioneer genealogy" >To: >Subject: [HWE] Concordant of 1802 >Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 15:03:10 -0500 > >A bit off topic, but does anyone
24. Re: [HWE] Look up offer - DECAUFOUR [1]
Hi Bronwyn "I am interested in DECAUFOUR, also incorrectly spelled sometimes as DECAUFOR, DECOFOUR, or DICKAFOR. in the Registers of the Walloon Church in Canterbury." OK, 4 references in the index although 1 & 2 seem to be the same, DECHAUFOUR and DE CHAUFOUR. All the spellings are as contained in the extracts: p.405: Oct 27 1723, Lowy, fils de Jean DE LANOY et de Anne DURIE. Tem. Lowy FABER et Magdeline DE CHAUFOUR. Naquit 25 de dit mois. p.363: 27 Mars 1698, Marie Madeliene, fille de Jaque MORIL
25. Re: [HWE] English Will website/ LUCADOU family [1]
I have used the service twice before and found it very simple and very quick. Once you pay online, you can download the PDF file. One recommendation, however...there is a time limit placed on the download (I believe possibly 7 days). It would be beneficial to download immediately after ordering and save to your computer. Don >>> 05/15/04 05:02PM >>> I tried the English will website and discovered a will for John Daniel LUCADOU dated 8 April 1802 in the Prerogative Court of Canterb

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