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1. [HUMPHREYS-L] Bret Howard Holcomb [1]
Can anyone tell me how to contact Mr... Holcomb, the Humphries biographer? Thank you so much, Mary Nolte
2. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] Thomas Humphreys [1]
Dear Mitzi: I would very much like to have a copy of your fiction(?) leneage of your Humphreys. My gggrandfather was William Humphries of VA, later North Carolina and South Carolina. It is tradition that my William was born in 1750 in Yorkshire, England, but I can find not substantiate that. It could be possible that he originated from the the line you mention from Wales. Dan Walker,, 908 Temple View Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89110 Thanks in advance.
3. [HUMPHREYS-L] John H. Humphrey b. 1851 Ga>AL>TX>AL [1]
Hi, With all the action on the list I thought I would once again throw my Humphrey's out for someone hopefully to nibble on. I am looking for info on the William H. Humphrey family. Wm. was born in Ga, ca 1828, married Sarah Eidson(father was John), ca 1850, marriage record has his name spelled UMPHEY. In 1851, John H. Humphrey was born, and his siblings were Wm. J. b. 1853 Thomas J, b. 1857, Sisily A. b.1857(married F. M. Brown) (they were twins), these were b. in GA. They then moved to Alabama,
4. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] The new Humphreys [1]
You did good, yes Im would love to have any info that you have on. Try Yorkshire, NY, it make be just the ticket you need. We are coming up this week-end hope to see ya. Marnellie
5. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] Wilson HUMPHREY [1]
Rose, Who is your Granny from FL? Got a bunch used to live there. Maybe a connection? ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Monday, July 24, 2000 5:24 PM Subject: Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] Wilson HUMPHREY > My family (Humphrey) are basically from Knoxville except my granny who was > from Florida. > _sara > > > ==== HUMPHREYS Mailing List ==== > Find out how you can help sponsor ROOTSWEB, visit: > http://www/ >
6. [HUMPHREYS-L] Alexander Humphries [1]
According to what I have, Alexander was the son of William Henry Humphries of Orange Co., VA and an unknown wife (Mary White perhaps?). Alexander had two brothers, John Giles ( b.1794/96 in Granville, NC) and William Westmore. John Giles and Jane G. Jones were the parents of my gggrandfather, William Henry Humphries (and 21 other children). William Westmore was the bondsman for the marriage of Susan/Susannah Baird? D. Davis? Gentry and William Henry in 1843 in Person Co., NC. Let me know what you think.
7. [HUMPHREYS-L] Mitchell [1]
Kat, I found Mitchell in Jefferson Co., FL in 1845 Juror list and 1850 census; DeKalb Co., AL for 1850 and 60 census. Land deeds in Talahassee in 7/10/1844 and Centre Land Office in Huntsville in 01/01/1859. Went through the freebie (for the month) and found them, but the DeKalb census was only index, but it was Humphreys, Mitchell B., and the only one in the world to claim the name! In the Jefferson Co., FL, there was a Benjamin living with the family, age 73.. Think we have a lead on th
8. [HUMPHREYS-L] Gedcom files [1]
re: message received from a researcher: ["Could you send me the file in a gedcom file.... makes it easier to read and add to mine"] ~~~~~~~ At the risk of sounding like a dunderhead, could someone please tell me how to send a gedcom file? I've heard the term but have never sent one. Thank you for your attention and assistance. M. Davidson
9. [HUMPHREYS-L] need address [1]
I have been trying to locate a cousin. Last I had heard was he was living in Jacksonville, Flordia area. He was working for or owned a Sign place. His name was Clarence Dale Humphrey, so could be any combition of Clarence Dale. When I was younger we use to visit his parents at Mt. View, Missouri. I know his parents have both died and he had no brothere or sisters. Thanks. Ken Coolidge
10. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] The new Humphreys [1]
I am interested. Mildred
11. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] Thomas Humphreys [1]
Please contact me thru my e-mail. I have Humphreys, Brooks, Gentry, Critchfield, Mcrae, Coats, Starks, etc.
12. [HUMPHREYS-L] 1807 Humphreys PA [1]
Hi, There are several Thomas Humphreys in my line. Thomas Humphreys 5-16-1813-8-24-1891 came from England per his son Charles on the Milford, DE, Sussex County (1900) Census. He had a son born in DE in 1841. He was Thomas E. Humphreys and is buried in The Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, PA. Elder-Thomas married Elizabeth Willets from DE per 1900 census and also from a distant relative. They had their first son in DE and then moved to the Reading, PA, Montgomery County area. In the Civil War pe
13. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] 1807 Humphreys PA [1]
no sorry
14. [HUMPHREYS-L] Humphrey/Humphries names [1]
There has always been confusion about the positive identifications of many of the Humphries (any spelling) I have researched. Three reasons for this, at least in my experience, has been 1. the pervasive illiteracy of the times and resultant phonetic spellings of names, both given and surnames; 2. the country of origin or port of exit for a given family (thus Umphress and Humphress, and 3. the fact that many families followed the 'family naming pattern' that was the fashion of the day (generally the late 18t
15. [HUMPHREYS-L] Humphreys Society [1]
Would appreciate email information concerning the new Humphreys Society. Thanks.
16. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] The new Humphreys [1]
Will this include HUMPHREY also? I would like to join if it does? Shirley Annis
17. [HUMPHREYS-L] While we are on "Thomas" mine is from NC [1]
Thought I'll put MY "Thomas" on the list again, while we are on Thomas'. I had thought my Thomas Humphries was a son of Charles Humphries, a descendant of Evan Humphries. This has proved to be untrue. He might be a descendant from Evan, but not through Charles. Thomas Humphries was a Methodist minister. It is not known when or where he was born. He died 10/20/1820 NC. In his will he states "I Thomas Humphries of the State of South Carolina, and District of Sumter, Planter and minister of the Gospel"
18. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] The new Humphreys [1]
Yes I am interested. Let me know when you start up. Dorothy Wogh ----- Original Message ----- From: Maureen & David Humphreys To: Sent: Saturday, July 22, 2000 8:40 AM Subject: [HUMPHREYS-L] The new Humphreys > A new Society has just started. The Humphreys Society (and all various forms of the surname) will add to the history,culture, geography, and genealogy of the surname's heritage. Family reunions of single line families can be promoted in the newsle
I am going to try this one more time. HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Looking for information regarding Wilson HUMPHREY, born @1800, Va. Believed to be the son of James HUMPHREY and Elizabeth WRIGHT. Wilson married Elizabeth WAITS on 6 May 1823 in Davidson County, Tn. They had the following children, all born in Davidson County, Tn. Alexander, born 4 Feb 1824, died young. Mary Ann, born 24 Feb 1826, died @1861, Shelby County, Tn., married James William POYNER on 8 Nov 1849, Davidson County, Tn. Eli W., born 9 Aug 1828
20. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] Alexander Humphries [1]
According to the Person Co., NC book the father of Alexander was Henry Humphries. If this is so then Henry, I believe, was married to Peggy Pettypool. In her parents will it only lists Henry and children, so it is hard to identify. I will get out my folder and see, if I remember correctly the marriages that your William Henry signed, and the one my Alexander signed. Alexander married Edny Day and her sister Lucy, which is the line I come off of. Edny died, so I assume Lucy raised her children and her o
21. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] The new Humphreys [1]
22. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] One more time, HUMPHREY(S) & STATHAM in VA [1]
> Was there a Elijah Humphrey in the Uriah Humphries line<<<<< Yes, the following may help..... Joseph Humphris, b. 11/8/1702, d. 1769. wed Elizabeth Tigner. Joseph also wed Hannah Bearcraft, I believe. Children with Elizabeth: 1)Elijah, d. in 1796, in Halifax, NC 2)Uriah, d. in 1817, in Clarke Co., Ga. married Sarah Statham and Nancy Burke. 3)Joseph, d. 1810, in Jackson Co., Ga. wed Rebecca Phelps. 4)Spencer, d. in Wilkes Co., NC wed Milly Gordon. 5)Sarah, d. in Halifax Co., NC wed John Damero
23. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] Wilson HUMPHREY [1]
Could that be Caswell County instead of Caldwell?
24. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] Need address Of Annette Lucas [1] (Nettie Mae)...last address that I have. mary anne humphreys
25. Re: [HUMPHREYS-L] The new Humphreys [1]
I'll ante up for the Humphreys Society, but so far I have found about 48 ways to spell it. Mitzi Hamond Perkins

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