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1. Re: [Huguenot] Roll-Call DUVALL SEBRELL RAVENETT [1]
My known Huguenot ancestor was Mareen/Marin Duvall of Maryland . He is assumed to have been from Nantes, France, but this isn't definite. The possible Huguenot ancestors were Anthony Sebrell, who immigrated to Virginia from the Guernsey Islands in the 1700's, possibly born in La Rochelle, France. And William Ravenett , also to Virginia, but in the early 1600s. Not sure about the Ravenette one, but the name sounds kind of French to me, although he may have actually been from England.
2. Re: [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot torte [1]
I DISAGREE--I think LOTS of people would like to try the Huguenot recipes. When I make bortch, I think of my Polish grandmother and I would love to have some recipes that might have been used by my Huguenot ancestors. If you have "Huguenot recipe" in the subject heading, people who aren't interested in the recipes don't have to read them. I'm an American currently living in Australia and I tried to copy some 50 to 70 year old Australian recipes and was brought up short by not knowing how much chocolate "a s
3. Re: [Huguenot] recipies [1]
I have the same question.... AmyAnn At 09:44 AM 05/22/00 -0500, you wrote: >Were the recipies posted and I missed them? > >Thanks, >Tina > > <>< ~ I John 4:10 - This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. ~ ><> AmyAnn's Hideaway Message From God Web Ring
4. [Huguenot] French or Dutch? [1]
The plantation in New Amsterdam belonging to Johannes De La Montagne was named, VREDENDAL (Peaceful Dale) Was this a French or Dutch name? Thanks, Jean Cromwell (He was my 8th. Great-grandfather)
5. [Huguenot] copy paper trail available for COPY SLAVE / COPY FOOL [1]
Do archives and libraries keep records on where they bought records? I copied lots of things for my mother when I was a teen- early 60s- at the Charleston Library; wasn't interested at all in family history at the time; my question is where are all those xeroxes now. We had some rather famous folks in our collateral lines and my father thought they'd bring a good price; I think our family records must've gone with them. I have found nothing of archival quality among the bits'n'peices I later found in
6. [Huguenot] CAZENOVE / PEEL [1]
I found my Great Grandmother Margaret Ellen PEEL in the 1881 census living with two aunts - has anyone any knowledge of this branch of the CAZENOVE family or any interest in the name PEEL. RG11/0646 f32 p46 Nightingale Lane, Battersea, Surrey Susan CAZENOVE Head Unm 57 Dividends MID London Mary CAZENOVE Sister Unm 54 Dividends MID Clapton Margaret PEEL Niece 13 Scholar MID Pinner Edith PEEL Niece 11 Scholar
7. [Huguenot] D'ORSAY surname [1]
I am interested in any D'ORSAY reference. Iam particularly seeking information about a D'ORSAY family that resided in or about Sheffield,YKS,England before 1850. The precise element that is of interest is, any information about Jedediah D'ORSAY, who would have been born about 1830, presumably in or about Sheffield; and who emigrated to St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, about 1850. Any and all effort appreciated. Alan Hampshire
8. [Huguenot] Roll Call: REUBY RUBIE REWBIE ROOBIE etc [1]
Just started the long haul. Family tradition says we are of Huguenot ancestry. The Reuby spelling dates back (untraced directly) to c1615/6 in London The 1881 England census has no Reubys , but rather the Rubie, Ruby, Rewbie spelling and others which is a puzzle. My father Charles Leonard Reuby was born in Bermondsey London. His father whose name I think was either Robert or Phillip moved to London from County Claire in Ireland. The picture I get from records is of individuals moving from their count
9. Re: [Huguenot] Re: Plaques in Fr. Huguenot Church [1]
I am SO happy cousin Judy is speaking to me again... I told her about the Dixie thing to entice her to church with me [she was extremely determined to go find various gravesites all over the state of SC as well as the Darlington racetrack and had wanted to leave early], but I didn't tell her that they ALTERNATE the song with My Country Tis of Thee on the assumption she measure the odds and not go... Anyway, am going with William Henry at the moment because of some purported Bible records, but will feel b
Elizabeth, Save your money for the trip to Columbia, you can order the film from your Family History Society (LDS) Memoir concerning the French settlement and French settlers in the colony of Rhode Island by Elisha R. Potter Authors: , 1811-1882 (Main Author) Notes: Reprint. Originally published: Providence, R.I. : Sidney S. Rider, c1879. (Rhode Island historical tracts ; no. 5) Genealogical notes: p. [85]-[136] Subjects: Rhode Island Minorities Rhode Island Genealogy Huguenots, Rhode Island Copies
11. Re: [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot torte [1]
My vote is to share the receipts Ruby
12. [Huguenot] Researching in Charleston, Part III [1]
Researching at the Charleston County Public Library When asking folks on various lists about their favorite Charleston research places, nearly everyone had the Charleston County Public Library on Calhoun Street at or near the top of their list. It is easy to see why. This facility, which is relatively newly built, clearly had researchers such as our group in mind. With a few minor improvements, it ranks up there in some of my all-time favorite spots. But first, I should point out that the three places
13. [Huguenot] RECIPES, ETC. [1]
I would just like to say that the idea of the recipes is a delightful addition to this list. It adds some "spice" to the Huguenot genealogy.!! Forgive me, I couldn't resist!! Sandra Ellington-Freeman
14. [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot-D Digest V00 #158 [1]
At 10:07 AM 5/3/00 -0700, you wrote: >Huguenot-D Digest Volume 00 : Issue 158 > > #5 [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot torte [] > #6 RE: [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot torte [" " ] > #7 Re: [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot torte ["Dena Sabin" #8 Re: [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot torte [" " ] > #9 Re: [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot torte ["Jane Dupee" #10 Re: [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot torte [Huguenot10@aol.
15. [Huguenot] A note from Maryd0318's Daughter [1]
I would like to ask all of you for your prayers for my mother....She is in the hospital. The doctors found clogged arteries in her heart. Everyone here is her "Extended" family. :-) Thank You and God Bless Kathryn Bletch (Next Generation of Mouzon) Bunn, NC
16. [Huguenot] Researching in Charleston, Part Two [1]
METHODOLOGY In order to better understand my comments, perhaps it would be helpful for me to explain how I went about researching. Thus, shortfalls that might be due to my own shortcomings might be more readily exposed, rather than placing the burden unfairly upon the research facility. Comments, questions, suggestions for improvements welcomed. Advance Preparation: Knowing that my time would be very precious in Charleston, and knowing that my research would cover several lines over many generations [f
17. Re: [Huguenot] A note from Maryd0318's Daughter [1]
Mary has alway supplied great info. My God bless her and your family. John "The Huguenot" Eutawville, SC Elizabeth Russo wrote: > Maryd0318, a/k/a Betty Dunn, is one of THE most generous souls I know. > Nearly every time I have mused out loud [that is, on this list] about > some question or another, I soon find in my email or my snail mail box > something from Betty that either answers the question in spades, or > gives me a great foundation for researching the answer. She has sent me > entire wills, p
18. [Huguenot] Huguenot La Forces [1]
I am searching for info and or descendants of Renald Rene La Force, reported to have been from Guyenne, France and a leader of a Huguenot group who bought land on the VA/NC border but settled in Manakintowne, VA instead. I, too, am searching for info on the Huguenot settlers of VA prior to Manakintowne.
After going through some of the land records for New Rochelle,I have come to the conclusion that there were more Huguenots floating around than the books give credit for. Morgan Secord in an old map that he found and pieced together , had all of the lots in New Rochelle numbered . However he failed to provide the key for the numbering to identify the people.!!!!! Especially for a good number of the lots down on the shore. I believe if one were to locate this key, then all of the original lot owners c
20. Re: [Huguenot] Re: Huguenot torte [1]
I enjoy using a small Quaker receipe booklet which I aquired while visiting Lancaster Co.,Pa while visiting and researching Quaker ancestors. I would like to see some of the Huguenot receipes. Virginia Tempe,AZ
21. [Huguenot] ROLL CALL- LAMOON [1]
Am researching LAMOON. Family legend says they were French Huguenots, but I can not link it yet. Any suggestions and help appreciated. Cheers Pam from London (UK)
22. [Huguenot] No Mail [1]
I had not noticed the lack of mail until you mentioned it. Many of the same people belong to Dutch Colonies list, too., so I had not noticed. But in checking, I have not had any mail from Huguenot-List since: sometime last week or more. Elsie Wilson
Hi, Concerning the Bonyot mentioned on the New Rochelle, NY, Hudson Park Huguenot monument. This , I believe , might be the same Bouniot that is listed on the plot map for Frenchtown , in Narragansett . He is between Lemoine and Taurrier ( Traverrier who married my ancestor's widowed cousin , Marie ( Arnaud) Perlier.). Jon A.
24. [Huguenot] Roll Call: [1]
Still searching for Dutart(Dutarque, Dutartre), Johnson, Huger, Finley, etc. Family lore says they were French Huguenots. Still trying to get the connection. Jean
25. [Huguenot] Hanchard Family Spitfields London [1]
I have not been receiving many Huguenot mailings since subscribing. Is there a problem with the list? I am researching HANCHARD. I believe they were in Spitfield and at St. Matthews, Bethnal Green, east London area early 1700's. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Michael Cheeseman Western Australia

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