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1. Indian BDM information request [1]
Hello all, I am researching a soldier, Patrick Kearns who served in the 53rd Regt, 101st Bengal Europeans & 12 Regt & served throughout the Punjab Campaign & the Sepoy mutiny of 1857. I have a record that he married Annie Flynn at Peshawar [1850-53?] with whom he had a son named James [DOB 1853?]. Can anyone advise me where I might discover the date of this marriage with Annie Flynn and when exactly in 1853 their son James was born (presumably in India?). Any information would be most welcome, Many th
2. British soldier in India [1]
Hello all, I am researching a soldier, Patrick Kearns who served in the 53rd Regt, 101st Bengal Europeans, 106th Royal Bengal Fusileers & 12 Regt & served throughout the Punjab Campaign & the Sepoy mutiny of 1857. I have a record that he married Annie Flynn at Peshawar [1850-53?] with whom he had a son named James [DOB 1853?]. Can anyone advise me where I might discover the date of this marriage with Annie Flynn and when exactly in 1853 their son James was born (presumably in India?). Any information
3. Is anybody out there? [1]
Hello all, This is my fourth attempt to gain information (or even acknowledgment) of my question posted on this list. I really only joined this list a few days ago in order to ask a specific query but those on this list seem more interested in bickering than sharing their knowledge (which I thought was the purpose of this discussion list). Therefore before I unsubscribe I'd like to ask this same question just once more in the vain hope there is someone out there with the information I need (see belo
4. signing off [0.974932]
With all the resignations these days, this is not the best time to be leaving the List. But I am going on hols for three or four weeks, and will be unsubscribing for that most innocent of reasons. Cheers, all. Gordon
5. Clarke [0.974932]
Win My husband's grandmother, Winifred Ella (nee Clarke) left us some handwritten notes about her ancestors. She had obviously been interested in tracing her roots. Part of it reads as follows: "My father's uncle, Mr.Thomas George Clarke, was magistrate at Madras in 1850 and died at Madras. The vault at St. Mary Cathedral R.C. in Armenian Street is still at the entrance of the Cathedral" So I wonder is there another Thomas Clarke mentioned in Monuments of Madras. I am not sure when he died but he
6. Karachi 1897 - List of Employees of Messrs. Ralli Brothers Agency [0.974932]
Dear Administrator, I am sending you the following as I am not sure how to post onto the India Mailing list as yet. My Gt Grandfather, John Henderson was Superintendant at Messrs. Ralli Brothers' Agency in Karachi (all his working life) Upon his retirement in 1897 he was presented with a small 'Purse' as a token of esteem from all his employees along with a certificate of very kind words which lists all of their names as follows:- Beet, Geo Billia, R D
7. Re: [India-L] LDS Bombay Burials /WESTWOOD [0.974932]
Hi Richard: Thanks, she's my great grandmother!!! Glenys Wall Canada ----- Original Message ----- From: "Richard Dracup" To: Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 3:14 PM Subject: [India-L] LDS Bombay Burials /WESTWOOD > Hope this helps someone.. sorry there was only this one listed between 1930- 1948. > Volume # 164 Westwood, Rosetta A. folio # 297 died 1940. > > > ==== INDIA Mailing List ==== > For answers to basic questions about finding birth, death and marriage
8. LDS Bombay Burials /DRACUP [0.974932]
hope these help someone... from LDS film # 0498572.. Volume # 2 Dracup, Edwin A. folio # 338 died 1909. Vol# 106 Dracup, John W S. folio # 314 died 1911. Vol# 108 Dracup, Issac folio # 299 died 1912. Vol# 109 Dracup, Hope S. folio # 246 died 1913. Vol# 121 Dracup, WM J . folio# 255 died 1919. from LDS film # 0498573 ... Volume # 145 Dracup, Ellen . folio # 232 died 1931. Vol# 158 Dracup, Mary M. folio #221a died 1937. that's the lot !!
9. OIOC lookup [0.974932]
Hi List I have been on the track of Patrick BOWIE for awhile now and Mary Anne who was at a family history meeting at a LDS suggested I request somebody on the list who goes to OIOC if they would look up in the card system the name Patrick BOWIE. So would some kind soul do that for me. Regards from Melbourne Australia John Hosie
10. RE: [India-L] Re: Anglo indian Community in Blacktown area [0.974932]
Stefany, there are two AI Associations in Sydney - One is the Rangers Club. I shall endeavour to get the details to you soon unless someone else can do this in the meantime. Happy AI day - 2nd August! regards Kerry in Canberra ----Original Message Follows---- From: "Stefany Dower" To: Subject: [India-L] Re: Anglo indian Community in Blacktown area Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 21:12:53 +1000 Dear Listers(in Sydney Australia) My dear (new) neighbours are an
11. Re: [India-L] first step [0.974932]
Hooray I can help some one with my website. Audrey, Go to my website at follow you mouse through the genealogy section to the india section thence to the indexes and you will find Charley boy in the 'Index to cadet papers" then you can make a note of the film number and then get thee hence to Thy friendly LDS FHC and order the film it should show you where and when he was born and a bit about his army service. Pleased to have been of service ( the door in Hitch Hikers
12. LDS Bombay Burials/ MCGOWEN [0.974932]
From LDs film # 0498573 Burials 1930-1948...Index.. There were only these two for this last name.. Vol# 155 McGowen, Doreen folio# 221 died 1936. Vol# 169 McGowen , Andrew folio# 187 died 1943 Hope it helps!! Kathy.
13. Indian Rly. specialities [0.974932]
The 'chai wallah' The bisque fired earthenware cups were promptly smashed after drinking the contents ..... good hygiene ! I have a sudden recollection of a piece of rope which seemed to perpetually burn and from which people would light their beeries. Nice warm memories . Sally P.S I did not appreciate the monkeys which would invade the train especially when passing through Toonla ... also 'famous' for hordes of green parrots.
14. Re: [India-L] Indian Railway Specialities [0.974932]
I am also reminded of my days in Bombay ( now Mumbai) in 1970s when I was living in area called Waudby Road. Best value for money was my regular dinner at Churchgate Railway station, where the canteen was on the first floor and "thali" (one meal, vegetarian) was the best choice. With best wishes, P.K.Saha rosie llewellyn jones wrote: As a final note, when I lived in Rajasthan in the 1960s, sometimes the only place we could be sure of decent food was by going to the the Udaipur rai
15. RE: Geography class [0.974932]
At 7:32 AM -0700 13/8/04, Miriam McDonald wrote: >"With respect, surely calling all the peoples of Burma "Burmese" is >much the same as calling all the ethnic peoples living in Britain >"British" or "Britons" - which of course is exactly what we do." > >Not exactly - Burmese is really an adjective relating to the ethnic >Bama. 'Burma' as the name of the country was slapped on by the >British. I still use it because it's the one people understand, but >in the country itself even the Burmese call the pla
16. Re: [India-L] Re: Vanishing trades of/in India [0.974932]
Yes, the darzi on the veranda still exists in small towns as does the 'fatakin man ' who did the upholstery and cushion covers Priti Vasisht-Quinn
17. Re: [India-L] A pastry in Calcutta [0.974932]
Shirley They are a breakfast speciality and are especially popular with stale curry or yesterday's dinner. Some have them with fried eggs and bacon. They are even good with cheeses & jams.They are set aside for Sunday breakfast unless you lived close to the baker who makes them then you can have them anyday. I usually fried them again to get the lardly taste out and to get a few flakes a wee bit crispy. The man does not come around anymore. The baker on Western Street near the Barracks in Calcutta is probab
18. Episcopal Church, Calcutta [0.974932]
Does anybody know if records from the above church are available to be searched please. My late father in law and his brother were baptised there, and I'm hoping to find a marriage for their parents at the same church. The surname was KIRSCHNER. The marriage would have been around 1900-1905. TIA Pauline Kirschner Victoria, Australia --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: 6.0.742 / Virus Database: 495 - Release Date: 19/08/04
19. Vanishing trades in/of India [0.974932]
Listers all this talk of food on Indian railways ...most a gluttons dream and just some still available....makes me think of trades that are soon to be recalled by old hands only.... The Kalai wallah - he used to plate the inside of brass / copper pats and pans. Varnish paint wallah - used to clean up iron gates and fences with his own special brand of 'varneesh' Dhonai wallah - come autumn all the quilts and mattresses used to get 'dhonaied' the cotton re-fluffed. Twang- thud was the rhythm of the simpl
20. 72nd regiment NI [0.974932]
Hi, I've just discovered that my ggg father was a sergeant major in the 72nd Regiment native Infantry in 1849, his name was Robert JONEs and his wife was Elizabeth.He was stationed in Ferozepore, Bengal. Can anyone help with information on them or the Regiment? Roger _________________________________________________________________ It's fast, it's easy and it's free. Get MSN Messenger today!
21. Aitken & Routh. [0.974932]
I was interuppted while making up my previous message and should have included the following, which may be of help. Taken From Kelly's Landed Gentry book of 1892..... AITKEN...Lt.Gen.William David R.A. ; in Persia 1856-7; in Rajpootana & Central India 1857-9. Col. Commandant R.A. from 1883 Two others.... Thomas Aitken JP. Lancashire, of Holcombe Hall, Ramsbottom. Sir William Aitken M.D etc. son of Wm.Aitkin of Dundee b.1825 married 1884 Emily C.Allen. of Grove Cottage, Woolstone, Southampton. ROUTH...
22. Calcutta specialities [0.974932]
Anyone remember these Calcutta specialities? - Kathi kebabs, especially the Wellesley street, and New Market Nizam's variety; - Haka chow, especially the Corporation street and Bentick street, pork chow and pigs trotters (the trotters were reddish in colour and sweet and sour). - and lastly Entally market pork sausages. I am satisfied that I have at last got a recipe for the sausages, thanks to Ozzie Knight. But although I have tried many recipes from friends for the Kathi and the Haka chow, I am stil
23. Fw: [India-L] BULK ORDER FOR PAGES [0.974932]
Prices at the Blackburn FHC here in Melbourne have changed also- $5.50 per film and $1 per copy. There has also been a limit put on the number pages copied per film - 10 in total. Mary Anne Gourley
24. Re: [India-L] Indian Railway Specialities [0.974932]
Hello, I have particularly fond memories of Indian Railway Chai and Railway biscuits. On the Hippie trail in the early 1980's through Afghanistan and Pakistan into India I got a really nasty tummy bug, which turned out eventually to be dysentry. For several weeks I was in severe problems, and found that about the only food that would stay inside me, or that I could face was chai and biscuits. I also remember ending up ankle deep in cast off sugar cane sticks in Rajastan, as all my fellow passengers desc
25. (Fwd) Sargent [0.974932]
G'day folks, Dorothy is not on the List. ------- Forwarded message follows ------- From: "Dorothy Topka" To: Subject: Date sent: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 01:15:48 +0200 I am trying to find details or information about my father by the name of George Alfred Sargent born 2nd August between 1880 and 1890 and information can be sent to me at this address.Thank you for your help. ------- End of forwarded message ------- -

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