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1. [IRL-KERRY] County Ignores 'Killarney House' [1]
Maybe they could make it into a shelter for Polish and other Eastern European immigrants! "The Kingdom" Thursday, January 24, 2008 Turning their backs on Kerrys priceless gem By: Mary Murphy THE government has been accused of turning its back on the people of Kerry by neglecting one of the hidden gems of the countys tourism industry. Eight years after the state pledged to provide the finance to give the historic Killarney House a new lease of li
2. Re: [IRL-KERRY] IRL-KERRY Digest, Vol 3, Issue 23 [1]
Dearest Jack , Please be assured with regard to the population of that cemetery that none of the original inhabitants has moved.
3. [IRL-KERRY] DOODYS IN Kerry [1]
GDAY:) Anyone researching DOODY From Co Kerry, my direct line from Listowel Anyone have access to please to Parish Records they could check birth of a MARY JOSEPHINE DOODY Born circa 1864, Father THOMAS, Possible mother CATHERINE Thanks Any does anyone know please when Irish Archives will be researsing 1901/11 Kerry Censuses Thanks Regards Cathy:) --------------------------------- Make the switch to the world's best email. Get the new Yahoo!7 Mail now.
4. Re: [IRL-KERRY] Trip to Kerry [1]
Hi y'all, Thank you so much for your detailed information. I am really hoping this trip "back home" will happen. One never knows in life what is before us. I am 61 (or rather will be next week) and my dd is 31, and I don't have particular health restrictions at this point except that I tire easily. I am newly diagnosed with cancer, so no oxygen or anything like that. We'd definitely be interested in flying in and out of Shannon (thanks for that information) since we are not interested in Dublin at all. We
5. Re: [IRL-KERRY] Mary Sheehan [1]
Sean, I'd like to compare our Brosna Sheehans----they sure re-used names, didn't they??!!! My family line is; Barth SHEEHAN,Morto,Daniel b. 1876 (my grfa)--Of Kilmanihan West, Brosna. I have some of the Brosna records--which Sheehan line is yours? There were 2 Morto's having children in this time; Morto & Ellen (my line) and a Morto & Johanna--this line in in the IGI as well as a record of my Mary Sheehan (Morto & Ellen)--I think it is an extraction from Caseys. Morto & Ellen had 3 children: 1)Mary,
6. [IRL-KERRY] Shea in Oak Park IL [1]
I'm emailing you Wm's obit -- he died in 1937 .... Lida's name spelled PAUWEN in obit. 1880 Census - Chicago, IL Catherine Pauwen, 38, Holland John, 13, Holland Bennie, 9, IL Myda, 12, IL Elizabeth, 7 IL 1920 - Chicago, IL - 1239 N. Avers St,Chicago Gertrude Pauwen, 77, 1843, Holland, wd, arrived 1869 John, 53, 1867, Holland, arrived 1869 Elizabeth, 47, 1873, IL April 2, 1920 PAUWEN - Gertrude C. Pauwen, April 1, 1920. In her 78th year, beloved mother of John, Lida J. Shea, Bernard and Elizabet
7. [IRL-KERRY] Kerry trip [1]
Hi. We've been planning to spend a summer in Kerry with our disabled son who's in a wheelchair, so I've been collecting information on disability/illness travel for a while. Assist Ireland at locID=2533&docID=-1 has a lot of information. You can also Google "travel + Ireland + disabled" for lots of help. Even if you do not need a wheelchair, the information these sites provide can help you with quick medical assist and other helps. If your illness restri
8. Re: [IRL-KERRY] Trip to Kerry [1]
Dear Pat, Your message is a keeper! I will file this and hope I can find it if I'm ever lucky enough to return to Ireland. Many thanks. Kathleen Researching Nolans / Flahertys, Co.Kerry; Nolans / O'Neills, Co.Wexford; O'Donnells / McNamaras (from?); Conways, Belfast; Linehans, Roscommon ----- Original Message ----- From: "Pat Delaney" To: "Kerry" ; "IRL-KERRY-L@rootsweb." Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2008 3:55 PM Subject: Re:
9. Re: [IRL-KERRY] County Ignores 'Killarney House' [1]
Why not? With Ireland's history of huge emigration to the four corners, no doubt it's right that the country should be sympathetic to people seeking to work to try to better the lives of themselves and their families. -------------------------------------------------- From: "Ray Marshall" Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 5:26 PM To: "Kerry List" Subject: [IRL-KERRY] County Ignores 'Killarney House' > > Maybe they could make it into a shelter for Polish and
Dear Listers, It's a long time now since I started searching for my grandmother and I have all but given up to concentrate on my grandfather's family, who have been considerably easier to trace. However, it's a new year, so I have decided to try again. I wonder if any of you could help me? Mary Sheehan was born about 1863 somewhere in County Kerry, to Daniel Sheehan and Kate Lynch. She supposedly had a younger brother who died. Mary came out to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1883 on the British Queen, where
11. [IRL-KERRY] IRL-Kerry: Patrick Brown Ahern & Andrew B. Ahern [1]
TUE 1/22/08 I am presently conducting a search for my Paternal Grandfather, Patrick Brown Ahern and his brother, Andrew B. Ahern. The Kerry Registration Office, St. Columbanus house, Killarney, was only able to give me names of John Ahern and Mary Burns, as possible parents. For reasons given below and other information obtained to date, I believe that information is incorrect. The following was mailed back in December, to Parish Priests near Listowel and best summarizes my search. No responses from P
12. Re: [IRL-KERRY] Cemetery Occupants! [1]
Nice to see the boys back here bantering again. I rather missed some of the chatter. Liz in Usually Warm and Sunny Florida, presently having a few days of below normal weather. **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
13. [IRL-KERRY] O/Sheas in Kerry Co, IRL [1]
Hi all-I am seeking assistance locating the parents of this couple below. -Marc Descendants of John Joseph Shea 1 John Joseph Shea b: 1846 in Kerry, Ireland d: Bet. 1889 - 1900 in NY? =3D2E. +Catherine "Kate" Sheehan b: January 1849 in Ireland d: Bet. 1910= -=3D 1920 in NY? =3D2E....... 2 ? Shea =3D2E....... 2 ? Shea d: in Died young =3D2E....... 2 ? Shea d: in Died young =3D2E....... 2 Mary Shea b: 1868 in NY =3D2E....... 2 Maggie Shea b: August 1878 in NY =3D2E....... 2 Julia Shea b: January 1, 1882 in N
14. Re: [IRL-KERRY] Cemetery Occupants! [1]
Oh Jack, I have to disagree with this: In a message dated 1/29/08 3:22:37 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes: << > And Noreen, your NEW house in Kerry is too NEW to have > attracted any ghosts, fairies, little people, so stop bothering > everybody with you paranoia. >> The HOUSE may be NEW but the property is not and the old souls are still hanging around watching what is happening to it! Marge in Southern California Searching: Golden, Sullivan, Kelly, Shea, in Kerry and Conne
15. [IRL-KERRY] Wm Shea/OShea from Co Kerry IRL [1]
Hi all-I am seeking assistance locating the parents of this couple below. -Marc Descendants of William Shea 1 William Shea b: 1861 in Ardea, Tuosist, Kerry, Ireland d: June 29, 193= =3D 7 in Oak Park, Cook Co., IL =3D2E. +Aleida "Lida" Gertrude Pauven b: 1867 in Lobith, Gerlderland, Ho= ll=3D and d: February 18, 1939 in Oak Park, Cook Co., IL =3D2E....... 2 Gerturde Marie Shea b: 1890 d: 1958 =3D2E....... 2 Leonard William Shea b: 1891 d: 1949 =3D2E....... 2 Helen Rita Shea b: July 21, 1893 in Chicago, Coo
16. Re: [IRL-KERRY] Kerry Trip [1]
I got back from a trip in December, and would recommend as others have, that you layer and bring a raincoat with a zip-out liner and a good hood (my raincoat goes down to my knees, so I get plenty of coverage and was never cold.) The weather wasn't as cold as I'd expected, but it was windier/gustier than I'd planned for... umbrellas are worthless. Rather than packing a bunch of bulky sweaters, I packed long silk underwear, cotton turtlenecks, a couple of light , thermal socks and gloves. I was plenty warm (
17. Re: [IRL-KERRY] Cemetery Occupants! [1]
I've been very quiet but now must add my own two cents. Our house in Kerry is finally finished and we stayed there for the first time this year and were expecting ghosts (friendly of course). Nothing came in the night but almost every morning a black cat came up the road and sat there staring at the house. Black cat or not we chose to believe it was Aunt Peg who was the last of the Teahans to reside there! She was certainly welcome! Noreen in NY **************Start the year of
18. [IRL-KERRY] Fw: Cemetery Occupants! [1]
> Dearest GiGi, Noreen: > > Check the level situation of the buffet, especially front to back. > The situation has nothing to do with the locks. Your grandmother > is with you anyway, regardless of an errant unleveled buffet. > > And Noreen, your NEW house in Kerry is too NEW to have > attracted any ghosts, fairies, little people, so stop bothering > everybody with you paranoia. > > If it were an OLD house I could understand your concerns > and provide advice and counsel. > > Love, Jack Sweeney, still
19. [IRL-KERRY] About Skype and traveling [1]
Hi all. My son in Japan put me on to Sky[e and now we chat, free and for as long as we wish, with a camera at both ends. I gave my 82 year old mother a camera last Christmas and she can now chat with her grandsons and see them. Highly recommended and easy to use. Maureen in Colorado
20. [IRL-KERRY] Patrick Sullivan and Mary Shea - Yeah I know - which ones? [1]
Time to post my Sullivans in hopes there may be a connection to someone on this list: I have been told that mine are Cumbaw/Cumba Sullivans. They lived in Kerry on the Island of Valentia in the townland of CoarhaBeg. Patrick Sullivan married Mary Shea about 1860. Children were: Eugene, Timothy, Barry, Michael, Mary b. 1871(my grandmother), Patrick, John, and Daniel. All born between 1860-1879. Eugene came to Bridgeport, Connecticut in the 1880s and Mary followed in 1894. She had a cousin Bridget Sh
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has connections too or can help with locating a marriage for Jane/Jenny McCARTHY and Thomas DUGGAN possibly during the 1830s, and baptisms for a Cornelius and Mary DUGGAN - late 1830s, also any other children of the above mentioned marriage which could have taken place in parishes around the Limerick border. Three children from the family were baptised in Abbeyfeale, Limerick (Daniel, Joanna and Honora) but there seems a strong possibility that Jane and Thom
22. [IRL-KERRY] Request Assistance - Collonan / Manning / Prindiville [1]
B Requesting assistance locating any information onB Maternal great Grandmother Mary Ann Manning and her family, from area over looking Lakes of Killarney.B B Her parents were Michael Manning and Catherine (Jane) Prindiville. Her brother was Cornelius Manning. Her cousin was Maurice Andrew Prindiville, believed to be from Fossa, KerryB B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B
23. Re: [IRL-KERRY] Trip to Kerry [1]
Kerry Whilst Kerry is a wonderful place It would be a great pity if you did not see a little more of Ireland during your visit. I suggest a little detour maybe as follows. Having arrived at Shannon and collected your car arm yourself with a good map. Just a 10 minute drive away on the Limerick road is Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. Here you can have some food and your first pint of Guinness at Durty Nellys pub. A visit to the Castle will give you your first taste of Irish history and how previous gen
24. Re: [IRL-KERRY] Trip to Kerry [1]
Hi KerryKate, My great-grandmother Bridget Day was one of 6 children: I don't have birthdates for the others, but her brothers were Thomas (Tom, who was killed on a rainy night while driving Lord Ventry's coach, when the coach had an accident), Patrick (born in 1859, 9 months after his parents' wedding; this information from the parish priest in Dingle to my great-aunt who was there. I don't have those dates, however), and her sisters were Mary, Katherine and Nora (Ellen) (born in 1866 according to the sam
25. [IRL-KERRY] Meeting at Worcester MA Public Library [1]
A group of Irish genealogy researchers are getting together on Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 2:30 in the Genealogy Section of the Worcester Public Library, Massachusetts. Everyone is welcome to join us. Directions to the library _www.worcpublib.org_ ( and posting on the Worcester Talk Genealogy Board _http://www.worcestertalk.com_ ( If you live in the area, stop by and say hello. The Other Cheryl **************Start the year off right. E

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