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1. rare web site update [1]
There hasn't been a significant update to the Keever web site for quite a while. I just finished adding a new line, Joseph Keever/Cynthia Garrett, submitted by Deb Blume, and approximately 100 additional descendants of Sally Keever/Orin Briggs, submitted by Eugene J. Martin. Even though there hasn't been a lot of activity lately, keeping the data out there does pay off now and then. Once again, thanks to all of you for your assistance. I'll do another update when circumstances justify it. Jim Woodworth
2. SSDI Index Great Article [1]
--part1_df.44d12e7.26503b42_boundary Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit I thought I'd send this off to the Keever group as many of us use the Social Security Death Index (SSDI.) After reading this article I found that I have made these mistakes when doing a search and thought maybe there might be others in the same boat. Take care and to all those women out there Happy Mothers day! Ann Rooker (Cypress, Calif.) From: Daily News, Weekly@gt
3. Re: Coyote Lake reunion [1]
I have passed this on to the keever rootsweb as well as those who I know in the family. mom wants to come for all the days anyone will be there, or as many as she can. I cant tell you how much the effort you put out to make it happen means to us. thank you. mother would like to find room in a motor home . If anyone has extra please let me know. ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Cc: Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 1:07 PM Subject:
4. Re: JOSEPH KEEVER, Jefferson Co.>Morgan Co., Ohio [1]
Hi Deb I have a Lydia Keever born abt 1843 I think Ohio married James Buchanan Via in Preble Co. Ohio 23 Oct 1879. This is all the Keever I have so far. I don't get a lot of e-mails on this line but every once in awhile someone sends out information. Is anyone else looking for Keevers in Ohio? Teresa Quist Jim Blume wrote: > I tried subscribing to this list a couple weeks ago, but have not received > any messages from it yet. Did I do something wrong? > > While I'm posting this message, I'll put in
5. the coyote reunion [1]
It has come to my attention that I neglected to give all the needed info like that coyote lake is a small one in central california near the town of gilroy about 3 hours south east of san francisco ca
6. JOSEPH KEEVER, Jefferson Co.>Morgan Co., Ohio [1]
I tried subscribing to this list a couple weeks ago, but have not received any messages from it yet. Did I do something wrong? While I'm posting this message, I'll put in my query: Does anyone know who the father of Joseph Keever, born Jefferson Co., Ohio, in 1817 might be? He is my great-great-grandfather and later farmed in Morgan Co., Center Twp., Ohio, where he and his wife Cynthia Garrett raised their children. His surviving children were: Sarah (possibly), Leander, Francis M., Philip W., John, Josep
7. [KEEVER] JACOB'S FORK TWP, Catawba Co NC [1]
Hi....I just went to the site below for Catawba Co NC and found this handy map that shows the general area where Lawson KEEVER and family were located on the 1880 Census (Jacob's Fork).....just FYI...malinda Catawba Co NC ...Townships in 1880
8. [KEEVER] KEEVER ...1880 Census [1]
Hello, A friend just sent me the result of a lookup (vide infra...see below) she did on the 1880 Census for the family of Lawson KEEVER. Can someone tell me where Jacob's Fork might be ? And what cemeteries would be close by ? Thanks...malinda KEEVER, Lawson 1880 Census for North Carolina > Census Place: Jacobs Fork, Catawba, North Carolina > Source: FHL Film 1254957 National Archives Film T9-0957; Page 484C > Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace > Lawson KEEVER Self M M W 67 NC Occ:
9. [KEEVER] CORWIN book [1]
Some whose Keever line is thru Mary Corwin may not be aware of a book I recently noticed in HERITAGE BOOK NEWS, June 2001, issue 211, page 5: THE CORWIN (CURWIN, CURWEN, CORWINE) GENEALOGY IN THE UNITED STATES, by Edward T. Corwin. They are offering a reprint of this 1872 book "324 pp, original index, paper, $27.50 #C1836. Pre-Publication Price until July 31 2001:$22.00" I have ordered a few of their books & reprints over some yrs & have been satisfied enough to browse their catalog each month. Ways
10. KEEVER at IGI...all countries [1]
Greetings... If you enter KEEVER as the surname and select 'all countries' and then hit the SEARCH button....these are the results that are produced. It is interesting how few Keevers there are in Germany...and how many there are in England in the earlier periods. I have been told on several occasions that Keever was not a German name (though they didn't tell me what other nationality they might be). I am beginning to wonder if they might not have been of Huguenot origin ...the Huguenots dispersed to many
11. German Keever [1]
According to an accounting of Martin H. Keever printed in the Ohio Gena Soc. Report Vol XI no. 1 p. 76 contributed by Mrs Geor.K. Reaske. Martin Keever brother of Michael Keever was of German descent and spoke very broken English. He may have been able to read and write because his powder horn and hunting knife and his initials carved in to them. The two brothers married Christena Schwister and Susan Shuester who married a Brandenburg before she married Michael. All very german names. Talma Klaassen tbk@wi
12. RE: [HWE] name changes/Keever [1]
I have Chris Leonard's permission to pass his messages on to you. Hope they are helpful. Malinda -----Original Message----- From: Chris Leonard [] Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 3:03 AM To: Malinda Jones Subject: Re: [HWE] name changes there is a very good web site for hesse... lots of info, and a query board on which you can sign up to be notified of all new queries posted as well as notified of responses to you
13. RE: KEEVER at IGI...all countries [1]
Thanks Vickie......your input certainly broadens the discussion. I've been told by several folks that Keever isn't a German surname. My mother's Papa Keever (maternal grandfather) spoke German and her daddy told her that her mother's people were Pennsylvania Dutch. Malinda -----Original Message----- From: Robin, Vickie, or John Brown [] Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 10:25 PM To: Malinda Jones; Subject: Re: KEEVER at IGI...all countries If you search
14. RE: History of Walloon Brabant [1]
HI Patience..... This site might be helpful from an historical perspective...hope so. It's entirely possible that our Keevers were there in the very early times. Malinda Here's an interesting site. It's a time line for the area. Michhle When answering, please leave original message along with all replies to jog my memory.
15. Fw: Keever [1]
Malinda thinks it might be useful to share with the group the private discussion we have been having. The things she says are all valid and hopefully there are others on the list who will find this interesting as well. Bonnie > From: Malinda Jones > To: > Subject: RE: Keever > Date: Friday, April 07, 2000 5:13 PM > > No...wait !!!!.....stay on your soap box ! > > I had heard that Mennonite farmers used different farming methods ...far > superior to the ones in
16. RE: Kever [1]
-----Original Message----- >>>>Malinda, Where in PA did your Keever ancestors live? My ancestor's land bordered on the property of Frederick Keever in what was then York Co., PA, literally on the border of Maryland. Frederick was there before 1768. I am interested in Frederick Keever, since he might yield a clue as to the origins of my ancestor, who has left few clues. Stef >>>>>> >Does anyone have access to either of these two books that could look for >the name KEEVER ? ---------------------------
17. RE: Kever [1]
Hello again.....I went to the IGI and searched on the parameters of "Keever" and "Germany" . When the results page came up, I realized that I had already done this exercise a long time ago. There were 11 of which is a website for a lady in Guam. The IGI says that my Henry KEEVER was born abt 1760 in Hessen-Nassau, Preussen. The other 8 KEEVERs are listed as being from : 1) Kalterherberg, Rheinland, Preussen (2 babies who appear to be fraternal twins in 1788 and 2 others in the late 1700s)
18. Re: KEEVER at IGI...all countries [1]
If you search on and substitute Kaeufer for Keever you'll get a different outcome. Keever could be Keefer, Kiefer, Keiffer, Kefer, Kiever, Keffer, Kever, Kifer, Kiver, Kaufer, Keiffer, Kaefer, Cafer, Caifer. All variations I've seen. For now I believe that Keever is German--the name now Americanized. I've been through this with my father's family, also German. Remember, when our ancestors arrived in America they couldn't all spell their names, let alone spell in English. We could use a
19. [KEEVER] Web site update [1]
I have just completed what will be my last update to the database. It isn't a burden, but it does take away from other things where I'd rather be spending my time. I'll post a notice on the web site that it is no longer being updated, but will remain available for the benefit of other researchers. I also submitted these updates to the RootsWeb WorldConnect ( databse, they should be posted by this time tomorrow. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who contributed the data to make the web
20. [KEEVER] Joseph Keever [1]
Looking for any information about Joseph Keever, Ohio or Pa. Patience
21. [KEEVER] Rev. War [1]
Does anyone know of a Keever that fought in the Rev. War? I found in the Rev. Pensions that James Keever received, or applied fo, a pension. It seems to me I have known or read of a tomb stone in Warren Co. Ohio where a Keever had some Rev. War info. Maybe it was Civil War??? Has anyone entered the DAR through the Keever family? I know that it can be done through the Replogle family. Tina Replogle married Mose Keever. Patience
22. [KEEVER] Keever web site [1]
My great grandmother was Martha "Alice" Keever who married Elias Jackson Cox. I have a lot of the Cox/Townsend line.
23. Re: [KEEVER] Keever web site [1]
Thank you for replying. I'm looking for my grandmother, May C. Keever, who gave birth to my father in Dayton, Ohio in October of either 1915 or 1916. She gave him up for adoption shortly after birth to the Franks family in Dayton. My best to you, Kate Keever Kate M. Keever, Clinical Research Coordinator, Health University of Michigan Radiation/Oncology Phone: 734-936-7809 Fax: 734-763-7371 >>> "Don & Pat Goulet" Monday, August 20, 2007 9:58 PM >>> My great grandmothe
24. Re: [KEEVER] Keever web site [1]
I'm sorry I can't help you. I don't have a May Keever in my line. Good luck. -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Kate Keever Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 10:38 AM To: Subject: Re: [KEEVER] Keever web site Thank you for replying. I'm looking for my grandmother, May C. Keever, who gave birth to my father in Dayton, Ohio in October of either 1915 or 1916. She gave him up for adoption shortly after birth to
25. web site update [1]
The Keever web site has been updated again. There are about 60 new individuals, mostly from the line of Henry Keever (1755-1831), and mostly from North Carolina. This information has been provided by George Rogers, a fourth great grandson of this Henry. Mr. Rogers provided a lot more information than you will see now, I will continue working on it and will eventually get all of it on the web site. Jim

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