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1. Re: [KELLER] MICHAEL KELLER b. July 5,1781, d. May 22, 1834 [1]
Where did these folks live? ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 1:49 PM Subject: [KELLER] MICHAEL KELLER b. July 5,1781, d. May 22, 1834 > Seeking any info regarding this KELLER line: > > Michael KELLER b. 1781 d. 1834; m Sarah LYONS b 1794 d. 1844 > Mary KELLER, b. 1816 > Ira KELLER b. 1819 > Amos KELLER b. 1822 > John Foster KELLER b. 1860 d 1938; m Lucinda J. SMITH b. 1857 d > 1931 >
2. [KELLER] Parke County, Indiana Kellers [1]
Looking for information about Rheaboam Keller and his wife Melvina Staggs married in 1847 Can't find family after the 1870 census. They were in Sugar Creek area.. Thanks, Brenda.......OKC
3. [KELLER] Kellers of Seneca co, OHio to Indiana and beyond [1]
Jacob F. Keller married Mary E. Swander in 1854 in Seneca county, Ohio. I have tracked a few of their children, Erastus, Noble G., Harry D., and others. Noble was in CA in 1930, Harry and his family in Van Buren Co, Mi in 1930. Suppose to have had several other children. But can't find Jacob and Mary after 1880 in Noble county, Indiana. Thanks, Brenda.........OKC
4. [KELLER] MICHAEL KELLER b. July 5,1781, d. May 22, 1834 [1]
Seeking any info regarding this KELLER line: Michael KELLER b. 1781 d. 1834; m Sarah LYONS b 1794 d. 1844 Mary KELLER, b. 1816 Ira KELLER b. 1819 Amos KELLER b. 1822 John Foster KELLER b. 1860 d 1938; m Lucinda J. SMITH b. 1857 d 1931 Roy Avery KELLER b. 1887 d 1960; m. Bessie May MORRIS b. 1889 d. 1973 Louise N. KELLER b. 1915 John Morris KELLER b. 1917 Robert Alan KELLER b. 1919 d. 196
5. [KELLER] Surname Genealogy on FaceBook [1]
Hello Everyone, As we have discussed, there are more than 100 various spellings of the KALER, COHLER, KAYLOR, and such surname here in the Americas. A group has been started, on FaceBook, that welcomes all spellings. Due to the name getting spelled so many ways, when our ancestors, immigrated (and after), we don't always know who is related to whom. This also holds true because of the fact that each Germanic town had its own KCHLER family, who was not necessarily related to the KCHLER family in a town
6. Re: [Keller] KELLER/KELLEHER [1]
Robert, I would be happy if I could find out who the parents of my gg grandfather Riley KELLER would have been. Riley was born 29 December 1811 in NC but sure unable to find his family. What I do have is that he was in the Black Hawk War 1832-33 as he voluntered in Charlestown, IN and returned to the area when it was over. Where or who he stayed with is unknown until he married Harriet Miller of Clark County, IN d/o of Martin and Susannah Mitchell Miller. I have his war record and pension papers that his wi
7. Re: [Keller] KELLER/KELLEHER [1]
I am just starting on my genealogy. My grandfather is Clyde Keller and he was born in Spencer, Indiana in Owen County. He was born on March 1, 1907. His father's name was Otis and his mother died while giving birth to him. I was wondering if you had any information that would assist me in my search. ----- Original Message ----- From: kateb To: Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2000 9:56 PM Subject: Re: [Keller] KELLER/KELLEHER > Robert, I would be happy if I could find
8. Re: [Keller] David C. Keller 1839-1902 of Reading, PA [1]
Jan, Would you please share the names that are mentioned as I know that there are those of us that have not made it back that far [date] that are still looking for our realtives. You may be the one to open the door for us. I am at the "brick wall" with my gg grandfather, he was born in NC 29 December 1811, Riley KELLER but do not know who his parents or siblings may have been. Also think that he went by "Riley" but may have had another name that he was born with. All of the papers that I have on him, milit
9. [Keller] Just curious [1]
I enjoy being on this list very much. So far, I have not been able to help anyone on their requests for information. I am, however, hopeful for the future. Does anyone need (or already have) any information on any of the following people? Thomas Edward Keller, born between 1905 and 1915, died July 1976 in Maryland (Baltimore, I think)? Lived in Baltimore for a period of years, and also Nashville, Tennessee, and Dundalk, Maryland and Springfield, Tennessee. Had a wife, Drucilla Stuart Keller (born
10. [Keller] ListOwner message [1]
I will be out of the country beginning tomorrow (Wed, 24 May) until Sat, 3 June 2000. During my absence, Mary Ann Kaylor will be handling my duties here. Mary Ann is an experienced, ListOwner and will be glad to help with any problems that arise. Use to reach Mary Ann, if you need her. ~ Leslie (Bridges) Kohler ListOwner/Moderator for & GenConnect Boards & GenConnect Qu
11. [Keller] Christian Keller - PA & TX [1]
I'm looking for information on my gg-grandfather, Christian Keller. He was born in Krueznach Germany in 1863 (father - August, mother - Catherine Challenberger), emigrated to Altoona, PA in 1883 and moved to Texas circa 1900. I've located him through the 1920 census at 1916 Freeman St. in Houston, TX. Now I've lost him again. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.... Joe Keller
12. [Keller] Truman KELLER [1]
See for a Civil War soldier named Truman KELLER.
13. [Keller] Fw: [KALER] Fwd: PML Search Result matching KAYLOR [1]
Mary Ann, owner of the KAYLOR & KALER lists, sent this along. I am now sending it to these lists. (Please remember that a reply to a list might well not reach the original sender.) ~Leslie~ ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mary Ann Kaylor" To: Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2000 7:34 PM Subject: [KAYLOR] Fwd: PML Search Result matching KAYLOR > FYI - Possible Eliza Kaylor married to a Thos Camp. > > Mary Ann > > >Date: Thu, 4
14. [Keller] Baltimore KELLERS [1]
I am looking for information on my g-grandfather, Charles B. KELLER, believed to be originally from Baltimore, MD. He lived in Jacksonville, IL in the 1890s, married a Nora HOWARD, and had 5 children - William, Raymond, Homer, Edna, Gladys, not necessarily in that order. I have no birth or death date for Charles, or any information on his parents. Please let me know if you have any information.
15. [Keller] Robert Monteith Keller [1]
Robert: I hit the delete button regarding a reply from you to the Keller-list. Would you contact me at the above email. Are you connected to the Magdalena Keller and Issac Monteith from Fairfield Co., Ohio? Thanks, Rachel __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Send instant messages & get email alerts with Yahoo! Messenger.
16. Re: [Keller] KELLER/KELLEHER [1]
Several years ago (about 10, I guess), my wife and I spent a couple of days researching the Keller name in the Public Records Office in Dublin. They had ALL the Ks in one book, by year or decade. We were able to trace Kellers in Ireland back to about the early 1700s. Kellehers also. But we couldn't find any before that. I suspect that Keller MAY have come over in the "Palatine" immigration, where the British were trying to populate Ireland with Protestants from Germany. Keller is a popular German name, as w
17. [Keller] Fw: HOHLER/HOLLER Immigration 1866-1907 from Baden GY [1]
Maybe this will help someone here. It came through the list for Booklyn, NY. Questions will need to go directly to Leslie Kohler -------- Original Message -------- Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 21:15:34 -0700 From: Source: Subject: [NYBROOKLYN] BEI/HOHLER/HOLLER Search Terms: HOHLER (2) Database: Baden, Germany Emigration Index, 1866-1907 Combined Matches: 2 Record # Surname Given Name(s) Place of Origin Year Emigrated O
18. [Keller] Christopher KELLER [1]
See for a Christopher KELLER who was a Civil War soldier.
19. [Keller] Fw: KALER/KALAHER [1]
FYI. ~Leslie (Bridges) Kohler ----- Original Message ----- From: "Mary Ann Kaylor" To: Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 Subject: [KAYLOR] KALER/KALAHER > > Found these while indexing this Census: > > 1860 Greene County IL Census: > Page#, House#, Family# from original Census: > > 812 1348 1348 KALER JOHN 40 M W LABOR 400 50 IRE > 812 1348 1348 KALER BRIDGET 28 F W IRE > 812 1348 1348 KALER PATRICK 12 M W IRE > 812 1348 1348 KALER JOHN 5 M W IL > > 815 1372
20. [Keller] Rebecca Elizabeth KELLER [1]
Hi, I am new to this list. I am trying to find my 2xgraetgrandmother. She is Elizabeth Rebecca KELLER DAVIS. She is from Va, Harrison county. She Married William DAVIS of Harrison Co. She died 1888. She is d/o John KELLER and Rebecca HAMILTON KELLER I assume from Harrison Co. If anyone has any ideas or tyhoughts, I would love to hear. Thank you Cathy
21. [Keller] KELLER/KELLEHER [1]
Good Morning-- For those of you who have Irish KELLERs... Soundex groups the name KELLEHER with KELLER (and, for that matter, also with KOHLER). Anyway, I am wondering if anyone here has ever found the KELLEHER spelling intertwined with KELLER in the old records. ~Leslie(Bridges)Kohler: List 'owner'/moderator for & GenConnect Boards & GenConnect Query Board & GenCo
22. [Keller] David C. Keller 1839-1902 of Reading, PA [1]
Krista's comments reminded me, although I think I have put this on here before, maybe there are new members. The above David C. Keller was a brevet colonel from the Civil War who kept the title all his life; in later life he was a hotel keeper in Reading. I have a couple of obits and a copy of a holograph will written on the stationery of his hotel. He turned out not to be my David C. Keller (roughly contemporaneous, mine was a physician in Lebanon County). His wife was Rosa and his son was Frank (ment
23. [Keller] Surname Variants in Greene Co. IL [1]
Ran across these while working on this census. Believe I sent the Kalaher version before, but just in case . We have them from Germany and Ireland. Mary Ann Temp. Mail List Administrator KAYLOR, KOHLER, etc.. till Leslie returns :-) 1860 Greene County IL Federal Census PAG DWE FA LAST_NAME FIRST__NAM AGE S C OCCUPATION REAL PERS BTH M A I COMMENTS ---- ---- ---- ------------- --------------- ----- - - ---------- ----- ----- --- - - - ---------- 640 297 297 KEALER JACOB
24. [Keller] Park Morton KELLER [1]
To the list: I am doing a little research for a friend. She is the daughter of Park Morton KELLER - born 3 July 1903 and died April 1986 - and Rosa Ann SMITH. Park Morton KELLER's parents were John KELLER and Sarah GAMBLE. Is anyone else researching these East Tennessee families? I would appreciate any information anyone could give. Thanks, Colleen
25. a K-L-R marriage [1]
Good Morning Y'all, In a fun, ongoing conversation with another genealogist I have received the following information: Margaret Mary WATKINS b: January 25, 1839 m/John KOHLER If this seems to be someone in your family, let me know. I will then see if this genealogist has anything about where the marriage took place. Leslie Kohler List Administrator for *most* of the K-L-R & C-L-R lists =========================================================

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