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1. [KOFOELD] Hints on Message Boards > better Sig Lines > Brick walls [1]
Dear All: Some of you have posted really nice and comprehensive descriptions of your brick walls on the roll call. There is also an very interesting method to utilize the combined benefits of the message boards and the mailing lists that could be of use to everyone. We can use of the archiving capability of the message board and the address of the URL of that message to keep your information available and easy to reach for viewers. The process is: A: Most genealogy software programs will allow you t
2. [KOFOELD] VIRUS ALERT = W32.Klez. H = Level 3 ( One time Advisory by List Admin) [1]
Dear All: A new level 3 Virus Alert was issued. The names will vary but it is generally a form of W32.Klez.X@mm While you will not get the virus from Rootsweb you may well get a email from a subscriber or a friend that you have corresponded with and it will look like a legit response to the email or post that you made. The Virus has two files attached. One will have a random file from the sending computer and the other will be the virus with a double extension with ******.txt.exe etc. So it appears to b
3. [KOFOELD] Email & other duplicates ( Apology for duplicates) & Roll Call [1]
Dear All: Sorry about the two emails on the Virus Alert . Our "friends" at Qwest decided to do two of each email that I sent on Wed. The only good thing was that I didn't get charged for the duplicates :-). Unfortunately you got twice the posts as well. In addition it appears that Rootsweb is doing something strange this week with email from the gateways as well < sigh> Now if we can only get more posts on genealogy .....? Perhaps it's time for a Roll Call again. Please post one inquiry ( brick wall
4. [KOFOELD] VIRUS ALERT = W32.Klez. H = Level 3 ( One time Advisory by List Admin) [1]
Dear All: A new level 3 Virus Alert was issued this week by most of the Major Anti Virus Test Sites and Software Programs The names of the virus will vary but it is generally a form of W32.Klez.X@mm. There is a couple of clever things that this virus does that makes it deceptive. While you will not get the virus from Rootsweb you may well get a email from a subscriber or a friend that you have corresponded with and it will look like a legit response to the email or post that you made. The Virus has two
5. [KOFOELD] Message Board Gatewayed Messages Removal Option [1]
Dear All: As many of you have noticed, there is a new influx of postings from the Affiliated message board. These posting are now always identified as coming from the Message board The posts on the message boards and posts to the mailing lists are somewhat different. On the Message boards the initial inquiry comes in ,usually with some detail. The follow on threads then are brief and to the point. Sometimes only a cryptic sentence or two. Since the full thread is easily visible, there is no need to
6. Firewalls and Virus Protection 8-11-2001 [1]
Dear ALL: A short introduction and a update on the issue of virus and security. My name is John A. Hansen and the new mailing List Adm. I'm retired ( mostly) with a Scottish wife, 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren. We live in Issaquah Wa ( near Seattle) and tracing a bunch of ancestors. Did you notice that your number of "dead ends" grows exponentially with the number of generations you try to go back :-). The virus issue is on everyone's mind today and will be even more so in coming months. T
7. [KOFOELD] Scottish History and Events From a web site in a Lighthouse in the shetland Islands [1]
Dear All: Here is another interesting web site. >From a web site in a Lighthouse on the West Coast of the Shetland Islands. The Shetland Island are about 60 degrees north ( about equal to Anchorage Alaska. They are above the Orkney Islands. This has to be one of the most northern web sites :-) Must be an interesting view to work from ! Complete History of Scotland Lots of other Scottish Background and maps
8. [KOFOELD] FW: New MSN Messenger Worm > Not Cool [1]
Dear All: Here is a real early warning of a new Virus fresh from the testing Labs. You already know about not opening attachments etc from people you don't know etc etc. The format of this new worm has been in development for some time and you have all heard me talk and write about it. So don't open any URL's that you don't know. The AV software programs may be late as well in getting updates out quick enough. But at least update your AV software 2 to 3 times a week for the next few weeks. I do mine dail
9. [KOFOELD] IGI Database search for the UK [1]
Dear All: There is a IGI search program for the UK. This has been introduced yesterday. I checked it out today and it works fine. It allows you to search the IGI by parish and returns ALL the IGI records for that surname in that Microfilm. It covers both birth and marriages. It obviously took a lot of work to develop and cross\ index the IGI records by Parish in a database. Best Regards John A Hansen Admin
10. [KOFOELD] Bornholm Kofoeld [1]
This is a Message Board Post that is gatewayed to this mailing list. Classification: Query Message Board URL: Message Board Post: Dear All There is also now a message board specifically for Bornholm. Here is my ancestors and I'd appreciate your comments on any connections. Best Regards John A Hansen Descendants of Niels Christensen 1 Niels Christensen 1747 - . +Else Cathrine Poulsdatter 1759 - 1835 ........ 2 Marta Magrethe Ni
11. [KOFOELD] FW: New "concept" virus/worm = Nimba [1]
Dear All: This is the next step in Virus activity as previously described. Note that this virus infects even the user who does NOT open the attachment, but merely opens the basic email in a preview pane or otherwise even tries to read the basic email itself. So those that depend on their virus protection as being "don't open attachments" are going to get caught here. Also recognize that this virus is far worse that SirCam etc etc. I've also seen warning of the next mutant of this being a really dang
12. [KOFOELD] Nimba Email Worm [1]
Dear All: There is a nasty worm making the rounds today. Details at W32.Nimda.A@mm Discovered on: September 18, 2001 Last Updated on: September 18, 2001 at 12:38:50 PM PDT Symantec Security Response has received a number of submissions on W32.Nimda.A.@mm and is rating it as a Category 4. Please update your AV software ASAP. I subscribe to numerous virus and security email lists and will try to keep you advised of Class 4 virus threats a
13. [KOFOELD] List Admin Hints & Guidelines [1]
Welcome: It's been awhile since I've posted some hints and guidelines for this mailing list. This memo has been a joint effort with Sue Swiggum from the The Ships List. She has a creative writing ability and creates these really wonderful posts every 3 months or so. . I've modified the memo to cover our particular situation as compared to her list and added some other tidbits that I've accumulated over the years. I'd like to see her publish a book on the subject of Internet Mailing Lists quirks. H
14. [KOFOELD] Rootsweb Rebuild Status ( June 29-2002) [1]
Dear All: As you all know, Rootsweb is under a major reconstruction and upgrading program. New servers are being installed etc. >From time to time, there are problems accessing various parts of the sites. Here is the latest information from Tim Pierce as of last night. It looks like another week or so to finally get it all done. The lists that he refers to is primarily the mailing lists but also some of the search engines etc. Should be faster, better etc when it's all done. There are more details po
15. [KOFOELD] FW: Burke's Landed Gentry Today Newsletter [1]
Dear All: I generally don't endorse commercial products in these postings. However this one is close enough to Clan genealogy research that I thought it was worth while. Burkes is the standard by which all others are measured and the access now by web site is costing about the same as other genealogy research web sites. Nice way to save a trip to the library :-) Best Regards John A Hansen Clan Board and List Admin > -----Original Message----- > From: > [mailto:w
16. [KOFOELD] My Party Virus [1]
Dear All: Latest update from SARC : W32.Myparty.B@mm Discovered on: January 28, 2002 Last Updated on: January 28, 2002 at 09:20:50 AM PST It's a SARC level 2 alert ( high distribution). New Email Worm 'My Party' Surfaces, Begins to Grow LONDON (Reuters) - A new computer bug that tries to trick computer users into clicking on a virus-infected Web link masquerading as party photos emerged in Asia on Monday morning and began spreading to Europe, computer experts said. The so-called ``My Party'' wor
17. [KOFOELD] Admin> Helpful Hints on Postings > other misc items > 1-10-2002 [1]
Dear All: This Post was created by Sue Swiggum from the The Ships List. She has a creative writing ability and creates these really wonderful posts every 3 months or so. She has gracefully agreed to let us publish her memo. I'd like to see her publish a book on the subject but until then the rest of the admins will just continue to plead with her to let us send her memos to our lists :-). I've modified her memo slightly to cover our particular situation as compared to her list. So thanks again Sue. Best
18. [KOFOELD] Scottish Clan and Sept DNA testing proposals [1]
Dear All: There is an emerging interest in looking at the possibility of developing a database of the DNA markers for the Scottish Clans and Septs. The Scottish clans are very unique in that the Clans have been identified and family relationships tracked for hundreds of years. Some Clan family have documented histories stretching back to before 1000 AD ( and some back to 500AD) . So this leads to some interesting possibilities of identifying current clan and sept family members and determining if the
19. [KOFOELD] Roll Call time [1]
Dear All: Generally speaking a roll call does not do much for the genealogy of our list. However, once a year seems to be an appropriate timing to dust off those brick walls and see where things stand. I know from the various emails that I receive that many of you have made great strides this year due to new databases on line and new web sites etc. So what I propose is as follows: A: Post the brick wall ancestor and other ancestors that seem to have been created to give you a a hard time. Some
20. [KOFOELD] Virus Alert ( Goner) ( Dec 4-2001) [1]
Dear All: There is a new virus announced as being out as of 7.30 am this morning Dec 4th. The general announcement from is below. It is not a really serious virus except for it's wide distribution already this morning. A couple of significant points. A: get your virus definitions updated as of today B: It's purely an attachment virus ( so simpler to handle) Let's get ahead of this one and avoid the mess we had two weeks ago :-) Best Regards John A Hansen W32.Goner.A@m
21. [KOFOELD] Update your AV software Now ! ( I mean right now) ( 12-19-2001 [1]
Dear All: This is a one-time heads up notice. There are 3 new and one oldie and toughie virii out "in the wild" Three are rated level 2 and one is rated level 1 ( low risk) Please don't start numerous threads on the mailing list on this subject. If there are more warning please send direct to me for checking. Lets keep these lists focused on genealogy. If you get an infected message from someone then let me know so they can be removed temporarily from the list. All the AV software companies have
22. [KOFOELD] Update your Virus "dat" file now ! > Gokar Virus [1]
Dear All: This is a one-time heads up notice. Please don't start numerous threads on this subject. The new virus Gokar is out "in the wild" today. All the AV software companies have updated their databases. Get it now! See the following AV web pages describing Gokar:
23. [KOFOELD] Corrections from Hugh Wallis and one more search hint [1]
Dear All: Here are the corrections to my previous post regarding the search engine by Hugh Wallis. A: The index searches the LDS index.It is not a separate database. B: The index is North America ( with Canada first :-) C: Europe is limited to the UK at this time. The other search hint comes from one of the users. If you insert the batch number in the marriage index, it will list all the surnames in alphabetical order. A nice touch if there are potential spelling variations. My apologies to Hugh for
24. [KOFOELD] Scottish Clan DNA Test Program Status Report march 1 2002 [1]
Dear All: A Status Report on the Scottish Clan DNA program was emailed this morning to all the registered parties that had expressed interest. If I somehow overlooked you and: A: You are interested and and had sent a email to me B: You didn't send an email and are interested now C: And you did not receive a email today then please send an email to : This is the address that the DNA testing program will use for their future communications. Brief Status: A: GeneTree was selected as the
25. [KOFOELD] Hugh Wallis Updates his IGI Database ! [1]
Dear All: The IGI parish database has now been extended to the USA as well as UK and Europe "So whats the big deal"? As many of you know and can correct my mis statements below :-) The IGI from the LDS has several components: A: The microfilm of the parish vital records took many hours to convert to digital format. There are of course still errors. There are also the normal errors from the basic data at the parish. These raw data errors on birth, baptisms, marriages, deaths etc are com

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