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1. Jan 1906 marriage [1]
WELLS-ATWOOD January 26, 1905 Canton Elopers Young People Go to Tennessee to Marry Mr. Ben Wells and Miss Nora Atwood, of Canton, eloped to Dover, Tenn., last Sunday where they were united in marriage. Mr. Wells is an industrious, honest hojng man, and has been married before, his first wife, who is dead, being a sister to his present one. Miss Atwood is a daughter of Mr. George E. Atwood, of Canton, and is a popular and industrious young lady. They have returned and will make their home at Canton. Be
SUSIE MOORE - THE CINCINNATI GRAVE ROBBER 1886 She is not quite forty years of age, medium size, lithe, active, nimble as a cat, with eyes that in a slightly darkened parlor glistened like two balls of fire. When younger she must have been handsome, and it is not at all strange that she should in the course of her lifetime have captured four husbands and several lovers. Her talk is voluble, nervous, but decided in tone. She emphasizes her periods with a stamp of her foot, occasionally tosses her head up
3. Slashing 1900 [1]
Hopkinsville Kentuckian Mar 1900 Slashed His Face Town Marshal of Gracey Cut by L. Lindsay Howard Dillard, Town Marshal of Gracey, was cut in the face by L. Linsay Saturday night. The side of his face was laid open for several inches but the wound is not considered dangerous. His clothes were also cut in several places. Dillard drew his gun, but was prevented from using it by bystanders who interfered. Lindsay immediately left and had not been arrested late yesterday afternoon. Betty Sellers
4. 1900 - Typhoid Fever [1]
March 1900 Hopkinsville Kentuckian We understand that Claude Wadlington is slowly recovering from a severe spell of typhoid fever at the Eddyville prison. His time will be out March 20th, and as soon as his condition will admit of his being moved he will be brought home. Cadiz Record. Betty Sellers
5. Copyright URL [1]
Thanks so much - you're the only one who turned up with it! I'm posting this to the list in case someone else might need it. -Jo ---------- > From: Jean Camas > To: > Subject: Attention Jo Re: Thanks for advice > Date: Tuesday, December 30, 1997 1:16 AM > > Hi, Jo, > > I read your message with interest and I have been following the thread. You > have received some very good advice I believe, and I know you will make the > most of it. > > Do you still
6. Scandal 1900 [1]
Hopkinsville Kentuckian Mar 1900 High Life Scandal Bowling Green Specialist Elopes With Strange Woman Bowling Green, Ky. March 04 - The town is enjoying a scandal in high life. Dr. J.L. Bass, a specialist who came here some time ago from South Carolina has eloped with a strange woman who followed him here from his southern home. Dr. Bass' wife was Miss Emma Lucas, of Carrollton, S.C. and the couple came here with the highest possible recommendations. They were admitted into the most exclusive circles of
7. Re: HOLLAND-PAR(R)ENT family [1]
Hi Marion (and all), I have a copy of the John A. Holland-Minerva Standrod family Bible on my website: John A. Holland was the eldest son of Richard HOLLAND and Rebecca D. INGE - they settled on the Trigg-Lyon Co. line in 1836. His direct descendents still live on the old home place today. Hope that helps! Rose-Anne Marion Donaldson wrote: > In searching my line of Hollands,Basil Holland whose children intermarried with my Wilsons,were from Donaldson Creek community,
8. Obituary - Cadiz Record 1934 [1]
Cadiz Record May 1934 Claude Gilliland, who lives near Cadiz, was informed last week of the death of his uncle, B.F. Gilliland, who was a resident of Hopkins county. The MADISONVILLE HUSTLER of monday 21 had the following to say: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GILLILAND, 82, a St. Charles resident 60 years died at his home at 7 o'clock this morning from the effects of a stroke caused five hours earlier by a clot ont he brain. He was born three miles south of St. Charles on Mar 15, 1852, the son of A.B. and SARA LINDL
DEPUTH SHERIFF GORDON HANBERRY had quite a lively experience one day this week. He went out in the country to arrest a man on a warrant from Lyon county. The fellow was mixed up in a shooting scrape down there. Gordon says that when he arrived at the place he met first the father of the young fellow who invited him into a room where his man and a brother were sitting. He read his warrant and proceeded to make the arrest, when the older brother grabbed a shot gun and presented it at him tellin him "not to
10. Obituary - Lydia Doom - Livingston Co, KY [1]
Livingston Ledger, Smithland, KY 20 Aug 1942 Mrs. Lydia Doom, 92, one of Livingston county's oldest citizens, died recently after a long illness. Born May 6, 1840, Mrs. Doom had lived all her life near Tiline. She was the widow of Felix Doom, who died in 1893. Funeral services were held in the First Baptist Church in Tiline, Rev. Olen Sisk of Princeton, officiating, assisted by the Rev. Allie Sullivan of Morehouse, MO. Interment was in Leeper Cemetery. Mrs. Doom is survived by three sons and two daught
11. Western Ky [1]
There is a book entitled "JEFFERSON'S NEPHEWS," that is a must for Western Kentucky researchers, and also anyone who may be researching the LEWIS families of Livingston Co. or Albermarle Co., Virginia. Anyone who is researching their ancestors in Livingston Co. may find them either mentioned or even a good description of them. It gives an in-depth look at how our ancestors of that area lived in the early 1800's. The book is about Lilburne and Randolph Lewis, Thomas Jefferson's nephews, who along with their
Hello Marion: I have Hannah Grimmett's ancestors but sorry I don't have anything on the Clark branch. Hope you have a Happy Holiday. Cheryl Marion Harris (by way of Marion Harris ) wrote: > Searching for info on John Clark in War of 1812 from Roane County and died > in 1827, Roane County TN and married a Sarah Stevens or Stephens. Son > George Matterson or Madison Clark b. June 1821 Roane TN. Married Hannah > Grimmet March 1845. > > ch: Ruth Caroline Clark b. 1846 TN > Samuel Grimmet Clark 1847
13. Re: KY Land Grants [1]
Under the Ancestry website and under Land Grants - I found a file for KY. In this file there was a William Kidd that was the Grantee of 153 acres, Book 21, Page 240, Date of survey:12-31-1846, and Watercourse: Blue Springs Creek in Trigg Co. Description: This wonderful database contains the records of the Kentucky Land Office from 1782 to 1924. The work is intended as a source book for historical workers, genealogists and others who need a complete and chronological index to the early documentary land
14. RE: 1900 - Typhoid Fever [1]
------ =_NextPart_000_01BD148A.29D4DBA0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit It may - I have a "C.C." that I haven't been able to put a full name with. The time frame and area are correct. ---------- From: Betty Sellers Sent: Monday, December 29, 1997 6:28 PM To: Subject: Re: 1900 - Typhoid Fever Judi I don't know - I thought maybe I could find out when he was released... It might have an article. does this fit in to your family? -----Origina
>To: >From: Marion Harris >Subject: CLARK (e)/GRIMMET/STEPHENS OR STEVENS >Cc: > >Searching for info on John Clark in War of 1812 from Roane County and died >in 1827, Roane County TN and married a Sarah Stevens or Stephens. Son >George Matterson or Madison Clark b. June 1821 Roane TN. Married Hannah >Grimmet March 1845. > >ch: Ruth Caroline Clark b. 1846 TN > Samuel Grimmet Clark 1847 TN m. Ellen Caroline Dorroh i
16. Rober Rogers, Sr. [1]
Robert Rogers Sr., Christian (later Trigg) Co. KY, farmer, was born in Virginia between 1760-1770. His Wife Ann Beech was born also born between 1760-1770. The had nine children, all born in Virginia. Their children were: John Rogers (b. May 8, 1783 d. Apr. 4, 1829) Jane McFarland (1788-1876) 1080 lived on Muddy Fork Creek, Trigg Co. Lettishey Rogers (Jan 2, 1786-Sept. 19, 1832) married Wm. Tear pm 12/17/1804. lived on Muddy Fork Creek Nancy Rogers (Mar 111,1
17. 1886 Madisonville Times [1]
1886 Madisonville Times The MADISONVILLE TIMES reports a most thrilling episode. " A young lady here, MISS MOLLIE BACON, had a terrible experience last Sunday. she had been visiting at her grandfather's, int he country, and the parlor of her father's house had b een unused for several days. She returned Saturday and Sunday she went into the parlor, laid down and fell asleep. She was aroused by a sense of suffocation and felt something on her neck and face. She sprang to her feet, when to her horrors s
18. Re: My Families in Caldwell, Trigg and Livingston Counties [1]
I have kept your message, intending to respond sooner but I am sure you know what a Christmas rush is like. I too have ancestors and family in this area. One family which you list may in some way be connected to the Phillip Smith, Rev. War pensioner of NJ who settled in Trigg Co about 1820. He applied for a pension from there after 1832. Families connected to his were the Moses Thompson family, George Petty, and John Wharton. If any of these families connect with yours, perhaps we could be of help to each o
19. Re: Western Ky [1]
Hi, Is there an index to "JEFFERSON'S NEPHEWS"? My Dunn family lived in Livingston Co KY in the early 1800's. It would be interesting to know if they are lisited in the index. Jane KyKid10062 wrote: > There is a book entitled "JEFFERSON'S NEPHEWS," that is a must for Western > Kentucky researchers, and also anyone who may be researching the LEWIS > families of Livingston Co. or Albermarle Co., Virginia. Anyone who is > researching their ancestors in Livingston Co. may find them either mentioned > or even
20. Bethesda News 1906 [1]
January 26, 1906 Bethesda Bethesda Editor Record - It has been a long time since I wrote to your valuable paper, but have greatly enjoyed reading the letters written by other correspondents especially Dr. John Cunningham's letters. I see quite a number of marriages in the last issue of your paper, several with whom I am personally acquainted and wish them all much happiness. We had a nice time during the holidays, although there was but few entertainments given. There was a pound supper at the residence o
21. Trigg Co 1915 [1]
June 1915 MR. JOHN REENEY died at the home of his son in Cadiz Monday at 12:30 o'clocl of chronic diarrhea from which he had been suffering for about three years. Age of 74 years last April. July 1915 MRS. MARY ROACH, young wife of MR. CUTTIE ROACH of near old Montgomery, six miles east of here, died Wednesday morning after an illness of about four weeks of a complication of diseases. About a month before she and her two children had been thrown out and injured by her horse. She was formerly MISS MARY
22. obituary - Cerulean Mar 1900 [1]
March 27 1900 Hopkinsvillle Kentuckian Spotted Fever Causes the Death of Well Known Cerulean Farmer Mr. Martin Stewart, a well know farmer of the Cerulean Springs neighborhood, died at 11 o'clock Sunday morning of spinal meningitis. He was only ill a few days. He leaves a widow and several children. Deceased was a prominent farmer, a good citizen and will be much missed from that community. The interment took place yesterday afternoon in the Stewart burying ground, not far from Gracey. Betty Sellers
23. Wedding March 1900 [1]
Hopkinsville Kentuckian reports: Married in Clarksville A special from Clarksville says Will Boyd and Miss Bessie Boyd, a young couple from near Gracey were married at that place Monday. Betty Sellers
24. Re: Dever/Dillender [1]
1. Elijah P. Dever, b. 1852, d. 1912 .....+ Margaret E. Atwood, b. 1861, d. 1947 .........2. Alma Dever, b. 1889 d. 1967 ..............+ Perce Alley, b. 1889 d. 1961 s/o Thomas J. Alley (1846-1910) and Julia Ann Wilson (1855-1940) ..................3. Thomas Jewell Alley, b. 12 Jun 1911 1. James Riley Ryan, b. 24 Jan 1844 Caldwell Co., KY d. 22 Feb 1922 Liv. Co., KY .....+ Mary Alice Oliver, b. 22 Oct 1852 d. 29 Oct 1889 .........2. James Riley Ryan, Jr. ..............+ Gertrude Dever
25. West KY surnames [1]
Saw a BAYNE post so I thought I'd better post my similar surname. I have Louisa Jane Baynes born about 1824 in Livingston Co KY. She married Demby Mizell and had children: Mary Jane b 1846, Martha Jane b July 1849, John M. b abt 1854, Kitty Gray b Jan 1857, Demby b Sept 1861. Kitty married Joseph GRACE, son of Solomon GRACE and Mary Ann COWGILL. I would love to correspond with any researchers of these KY names. Also Kentucky names: MORRIS, YANDELL, KEYS, LYTTON, LITTON, BABB, HIGGS, STEPHENSON, MCB

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