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1. Re: Marendaz [1]
Hello Allen, It was a good idea to look for the 2nd marriage of DE Marendaz, which has been eluding us. Unfortunatley, I din't manage to find it, and I've now used up all my credit! I searched the period from 3Q 1837 (earliest PRO records) to 4Q42, so at least I've eliminated this period. There were no images available for 2Q and 4Q 1841. Maybe he got married again soon after the death of his first wife in July 1836. Another possibility is that the Marendaz name was mis-spelled (wouldn't be the fir
2. BMDs again [1]
Hello all, You will have seen on my last message that I've now used up all my available credit for 1837online. I did have one success - finding the marriage of Sarah Bowell's gg grandmother Jane Lovelock to Eli Partridge, but I wasn't able to satisfy the other requests, mainly because the range of dates was too wide. I did save all the page images involving Lovelocks (except for one page which I inadvertently forgot to save) and as soon as I find some time I'l transcribe them and send the transcri
3. Marendaz [1]
From: Date: 2003/06/27 Fri PM 02:02:06 GMT To: Subject: LOVELOCK-D Digest V03 #59 LOVELOCK-D Digest Volume 03 : Issue 59 Today's Topics: #1 BMD lookups [James Loveluck
4. James Lovelock [1]
Dear James I received a fascinating letter from James Lovelock (from his home in Cornwall) on Friday and e mailed him requesting his permission to circulate the contents of his letter to The List. James has since given me permission to share his genealogy and I therefore reproduce his letter in full below: " Dear John Lovelock 17 June 2003 A friend who lives in Newbury passed on your announcement in the Newbury News about a reunion of the Lovelock families. Alth
5. Re: James Lovelock [1]
Hello John, Well this is certainly an interesting connection - your announcement in the Newbury News is turning out to be very fruitful! Its unfortunate that James Lovelock doesn't give quite enough information to track down his Lovelock branch, or at least not in the letter which you forwarded. It would be nice to have a least the first name of his father, and perferably his place of birth. In fact, I have some credit left at 1837online, so I did a lookup for Lovelock births in 1919, and found the
6. BMD lookups [1]
Hello all, I have quite a bit of credit at the 1837online Web site, which has images of the complete PRO indexes from 1837 to 2001. I have to use this credit before the end of the month (next Monday!), and I don't have any more obvious need myself, so if anyone needs a PRO lookup please let me know as soon as possible (priority given to Lovelocks of course!). Previously the search results for earlier years were indexed only on the first letter of the surname, so one was often faced with having to pic

Viewing 1-6 of 6 matches from 40,277,487 documents

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