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1. Re: [MAR] More on SS.Leopold II [1]
I am willing to bet that it means the iron ore loading port of Wabana Nfld, on Bell Island. John Duerkop Kingston Ont. ----- Original Message ----- From: "barry.mort" To: "sealist" Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 3:08 PM Subject: [MAR] More on SS.Leopold II > Hi everyone. > > Here we go again, according to an itinerary we received, the Leopold II > arrived at Port Talbot from WABSANA on 21/08/41, then left P T for WABSANA > on 27/08/41, calling at Sw
2. Re: [MAR] Greenwich Pensioners - STOCK [1]
Judy., I appreciate your response and also Ted Finch with a very informative site but as you say I will post the details of my Ancester and who knows. I have scrolled through numerous sites at A2A but all likely documents only availabe for onsite viewing. William STOCK was born 1823 at Westbury Somerset and in the 1841 Census he is 18 years of age along with others appear to be lodgers and listed as Sailors. 1851 I cannot find him but on 21st October 1851 her married at the Parish Church of St. Mar
3. [MAR] Topsail Schooner SPRAY [1]
Good morning, I'm trying to identify a ship called the SPRAY. She was a 2 masted topsail schooner built in Maldon around 1848-1850, of about 100 tons, and younger sister to the WAVE o.n. 2650. She was reputed to have been used as the tender for the GREAT EASTERN when she was cable laying in the Atlantic, but I have found no other report on this apart from the reference in Hervey Benham's book: 'Last Stronghold of Sail' 1948, reprints 1950 & 1981 ISBN 0245 53784 8 page 119 At a guess her name
4. Re: [MAR] Eastern & Australian Mail Steamship Company [1]
Many thanks to those who responded to the above. Of course, I should have realised that "Australian" should have been"Australasian" and made life easier regarding a Google search. Regards, Tony
Bud Shortridge refers us to for ships making their last trip. Its worth a look. The Cabot-Dedalo at sunset in Port Isabel is quite poignant. But I think the site omits the most famous last trip of all - The Fighting Temaraire. Immortalised by Turner's painting, in a sense she will last forever. See Perhaps paintings of these "last trip" ships should be encouraged. Steve
6. Re: [MAR] Alexander Buick [1]
Paul: Thank you take care and be well Larry Daley On Mon, 14 Jan 2008, PBTYC wrote: > Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 16:42:59 +0000 > From: PBTYC > To: > Subject: Re: [MAR] Alexander Buick > > >> at least three spellings of Havana > > And another Anglicised version commonly used in the newspapers during > the first half of the 19th Century - Havannah. > > Paul > > On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 08:10:34 -0800 (PST), Larry Daley > wrote: > >> Jer
7. [MAR] Cadiz Packet - death while smoking rats [1]
Here is an interesting death in Gateshead St Mary burials Would these mean the crew were using hazardous chemicals? Burial "George Thompson; Gateshead; Sept 13 1848; age not known George Thompson was a black man; and was found suffocated on board the ship 'Cadiz Packet' lying at the Tyne Main Staithe. The crew had been smoking rats."
8. [MAR] "Pardo" 1877 [1]
Hello Again Judy Lester found some information for me about "Uncle Ned", Edward N P TROTMAN. It seems he went down with the "Pardo" late in 1876 en route between Saigon and Hong Kong. Lloyd's "Missing Vessels" list has the number 70880. Can anyone help with information on the "Pardo" and/or 70880 I would be very grateful. Thanks Mike
9. Re: [MAR] Fw: Royal Navy Service Certificate queries [1]
Hi Dave, Following your identification of Emile Nobel, I googled and came up with the probability that the HMS Mantis (Dunster xxxx) is actually Dunsterforce, a British military force hastily set up and commanded by Brigadier General Dunsterville. This force had a small RN contingent under Commadore Norris which commandeered ships etc Please see: What do you think? John
10. Re: [MAR] Merchant ships to RN [1]
Ted, Many thanks for all this super information. I think my person was on the Haydn outward bound but returned on another ship! I have the crew agreement for the Rotorua but for a different voyage. My seaman was the quartermaster and there is a copy of the ship's diet which is very stodgy! On one journey they carried horses and nurses for the war effort. The Armonia is interesting. Does 'in ballast?' mean that it was not carrying any cargo? Regarding the Rhine and New York. These were American ships
11. Re: [MAR] Greenwich Pensioners [1]
Moira, On balance, it seems very likely to be the same man. His age tallies, and he is apparently in the same street in both 1841 and 1851. In 1841 he is said to be born "in county" (Devon), but such statements are sometimes wrong. It is slightly puzzling that in 1851 he is stated to be a Greenwich Pensioner, yet he was apparently on Half Pay in 1841 (suggesting a higher rank?). But you are very lucky that the 1851 apparently states his out-pension ticket number, and that should help trace him in the out-
Hey You'all.............I am not "into" weapons....or "guns" goodness I don't even go hunting, but Mr. Jim Robinett sent me this "video" of........[I'm guessing here]....a relatively new weapon for the military. This guy laid there and unloaded 850 rounds in a tad over a lord!!!!....impressive to say the least and I don't know a darn thing about "guns." So....if your into "Military weapons"......this is big stuff!!!! Anyway...............if you'd care to view this "weapon"
13. [MAR] Collision of the Avalanche and Forest 1877 [1]
In the English Channel many lives lost On new snippets page Please support free sites Jane
14. [MAR] Lady Fraser [1]
Bert Lady FraserB B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B 138905B B B B B B B B B B B B B B VWDZB B B B B B B B B B B B B B 1908 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng Co. LtdB B B B B B B B B GlasgowB B B B B B B B B B Yard No. 458 1908 Fairfield Shipbuilding & Eng Co. LtdB B B B B B B B B GlasgowB B B B B B b
15. Re: [MAR] The Mossbrow Steamship [1]
Hi Rhonda Thank you ever so much for the info on the ship. My eyes are being opened to a world that I had never stepped into until last month Suzanne -------Original Message------- From: Rhonda Staskow Date: 05/01/2008 14:06:42 To: Suzanne Subject: Re: [MAR] The Mossbrow Steamship Hi Suzanne - The Times, Wednesday, Nov 25, 1896 Wreck Inquiry - The Moss Brow An inquiry was held today at the office of the Local Marine Board, Dock-street, EC, into the stranding of the steam ship Moss Brow n
Greetings to the Lists, Yesterday I offered one of my articles titiled, "BATTLES OF THE ATLANTIC." In short it was an accounting of how the U-boats were finally defeated.....or maybe a better term would be "how the British & Americans" whittled them down to a manageable number. As you recall..........somewhere in this "planning" of how to deal with the "wolf packs" that was making "life as a merchant seaman a very hazard occupation to even consider"......carriers were introduced as a means of "locate,
17. [MAR] Alexander Buick and the Champion [1]
I am hoping someone may be able to shed some light on the death of Alexander Philip Buick (born 1828, St Vigeans) in Havana on 17 September 1861. Alexander was a brother of my husband's great grandfather (David Weir Buick). I was helped by members of the list in establishing his mate's ticket number and various voyages. Since then I have obtained details of his voyages as a master and his records show that he was master of the 'Champion' at the time of his death. His records end with the
Greetings to the Lists, Ok....this is my last article for a few day while I "recharge my writing batteries"..... Title is "LEAVE THEN THE ASHES OF THE PRESIDENT"......the article is a short one...about 6 pages long..that I've had on the back burner....along with a few others I it is time I clean the top of the desk off.....and get these out to you all...... This little article involves the "USS President", manned by Commodore Stephen Decatur.....and a British squadron intent on the capture of thi
19. Re: [MAR] Werry family, mariners of Cornwall ,Southwark and Shad [1]
Have you tried ? You can download the 300 page tome (for free) of Personal memoirs and letters of Francis Peter Werry, ed. by his daughter. It was written mid-19th century. You could also try variants of Werry and Trinity and locations. This will turn up some interesting refs if you work creatively. Chris Maxworthy Sydney --------------------------------- Make the switch to the world's best email. Get the new Yahoo!7 Mail now.
20. [MAR] CS Cambria [1]
Can anybody give more information on CS Cambria other than what is listed on the net......are there any crew lists? I have a photo taken on board at Nova Scotia in Jul 1940 which bears out she was based there1940-41, returning to the West Indies in 1942 and on 8 Nov 1945 sank at Montevideo harbour. Tom Edwards.
21. Re: [MAR] father of Admiral (William) Swiney [1]
I've now been told, off-list, the name of the Admiral father as George Swiney (obtained from the IGI - confirmed by expected location and similar record for his brother John). A son of Matthew Swiney was named George, so that fits as well. Sorry to have bothered you. I thought I had looked there. (Though I am still mildly curious about the paperwork question - it might help with the next chap.) ----- Original Message ----- From: "cecilia" To: Sent: Friday, Ja
22. [MAR] ss Aquitania [1]
Hi all, My mate Mark Chirnside has a new book on the Aquitania out imminently. More details here: (Sorry if this has been posted before: my original email failed to get to the mailing list it seems!) Best wishes Paul -- -- **** If your email is returned, please resend to ****
23. [MAR] BRYANT Charles Thomas and GRAHAM John - Sea Captains/Master Mariner [1]
Seeking advice or information on the above named ancestor/s. He was born 1832 Frampton Cotterell., Gloucestershire and married his first cousin in 1858,and together they sailed and had 3 children giving such names Kate Horn born at sea 1863 and Bessie Gillolo 1865 - a ship? It is believed he died in Callao Peru in April 1867 . The widow returned to the U.K. aboard ship with the 2nd officer John GRAHAM a Scot and were then married in the U.K. in Sept 1867. They sailed on and had 7 more children one Bes
24. Re: [MAR] Charles CORLETT - Trafalgar Roll [1]
Hi Chris, Rightly or wrongly - I took this from an article written by A.W.Moore 1901. A number of Manxmen also served in the Navy before the mast. Of these. the seven following are known to have fought at Trafalgar: - * _JOHN COWELL_ ( (b. 1786, d. 1863), CHARLES CORLET (b. 1771, d. 1862) was present at the battle of the Nile in 1798, at Copenhagen in 1801, and at Trafalgar in 1805. He was also at the siege of Rangoon,
25. Re: [MAR] Cybele [1]
Hi Many thanks for info best Regards Dave ----- Original Message ----- From: "Ted Finch" To: "david ramsey" ; Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 4:50 PM Subject: Re: [MAR] Cybele > Hi Dave, > > CYBELE O.N.87104 > 1,287 g.t., 235ft x 32.5ft, iron hulled steamship, built 1883 by M. Pearse > & Co, Stockton for H. Cloake, London. 1887 ownership transferred to H. T. > Cloake, jr, London. 21st Dec.1891 wrecked while shift

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