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1. Minerva M. Root-Thomas' Obituary [1]
Minerva Thomas' obituary publish in the August 5, 1943 edition of the Kalamazoo Gazette, page 2, column 2 reads: Claimed by Death PHOTO INSERTED Minerva M. Thomas Minerva Thomas, Pioneer, Expires ---------- Had Lived with Daughter For Ten Years ______ MINERVA M. THOMAS, 91, hardy pioneer, who for 10 years had made her home with her grand-daughter, MRS. JOSEPH DOUGHERTY of Dougherty's Corners, Route 9, died Thursday morning. She was born in Texas
2. SSAN Solution [0.980591]
Fellow listers, Heres an appeal to all of you to pull out the copies of the SSAN application forms you already have filed away in your "stuff" and post them at Rootsweb. I just did it for the ones I have and its really easy. :O) 1. Go to: 2. Scroll down the home page to Social Security Death Index and click on it. 3. Enter the name of the person who is on the form you have into the search engine. 4. When the right entry comes up, go over to the far right and click on "Add Post-Em"
3. Kalamazoo:Bissell/Stevens marriage? [0.980591]
Hello again Kalamazoo List: It has recently come to my attention through info in a death notice in Joliet, Illinois, that a Mary A. Bissell (b July 15, 1815) married a Henry K. Stevens in Kalamazoo in 1834. I have the FTM Marriage Index for Michigan and Wisconsin #251, but their marriage does not appear on it. Does anyone have a local index for Kalamazoo marriages for that era....that they could check via both Stevens and Bissell surnames? Stevens could be spelled with one s, or Steevens or Steph
4. FYI [0.980591]
I just thought I would spread the word that the fees for getting a copy of a Social Security Application are going up drastically on 1 July 2001. If you apply before then you will be charged the old amount which is now $7 if you know the number, and $16.50 if you do not. The new fees are posted at: It appears that the increases are more than substantial, they are gigantic. This means that the time for procrastination is over. The address you need to send them to i
5. Birth Certificates [0.980591]
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------AB3F945DD9960DCCAE09CBFB Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit I recently discovered that my great great grandmother, Margaret Brotherston, who was born 5-2-1872 was listed as being born in Kalamazoo County. We've always been told she was born in Canada and three census reports bear that out as do various pieces of family history including a scrapbook with every relative's date of birth, marriage, and death. Th

Viewing 1-5 of 5 matches from 40,277,487 documents

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