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1. Re: [MSCLAIBO] Brandywine [1]
Does anyone have information on Claiborne Harris, who moved to Port Gibson about 1816, he died there in 1822, leaving a dau. Malvina Harris, who married William R. McAlpine in 1824. thanks Lea ----- Original Message ----- From: "Sue Moore" To: Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 4:23 PM Subject: Re: [MSCLAIBO] Brandywine > Ms. Bass, > > I don't think you will ever find a street map of Brandywine, but I hope > you > can. Here is an 1895 map of Claiborne Cou
2. Re: [MSCLAIBO] Brandywine [1]
Ms. Bass, I don't think you will ever find a street map of Brandywine, but I hope you can. Here is an 1895 map of Claiborne County with Brandywine marked on it. This is what I found and put online at the Claiborne Genweb site. It is taken from Riley, Franklin L. "Extinct Towns and Villages of Mississippi." Publications of the Mississippi Historical Society, Vol. V, MHS, ed. Franklin Riley, Oxford, MS, 1902, pgs. 329-330. BRANDYWINE - The village
3. [MSCLAIBO] SMGHS 2008 Seminar [1]
Saturday, April 12, 2008 is the date for the South Mississippi Genealogical and Historical Society's 2008 seminar. Learn about some of Mississippi's earliest written records as Dr. Don Edward Carleton, director of the Center of American History at the University of Texas in Austin, discusses THE NATCHEZ TRACE COLLECTION. Learn how the collection was acquired by UT, what is contained in the collection, and how you can access this collection for genealogical and historical research. Having trouble fi
4. [MSCLAIBO] Brandywine [1]
Patricia A. Bass Boston, MA According to census records, a lot of my maternal grandmother and grandfather's ancestors lived in Brandywine (a now extinct town in Claiborne County). Without luck I have tried to find a source for a map that would show the actual location of Brandywine. Also I would be interested in an actual "street map." I've read the few snippets in a publication about extinct towns of Mississippi, but I'm looking for more. Finally, I would like to locate other information such as news
Looking for any information on the following persons: Descendants of Jemima Lym or Lum 1 [1] Jemima Lym or Lum .. +Unkown m: Bef. 1807 ....... 2 Alvey Unkown b: Bef. 1807 *2nd Husband of [1] Jemima Lym or Lum: .. +Robert Moor b: in South Carolina (Probable) d: 1817 in Claiborne Co., MS m: 09 December 1807 in Claiborne Co., MS ....... 2 Calvin Moor ....... 2 Allen Moor ....... 2 Thomas Moor ....... 2 Sally Moor *3rd Husband of [1] Jemima Lym or Lum: .. +George Tannehill m: 15 Decemb
6. [MSCLAIBO-L] Flowers [1]
In response to the inquiry regarding David FLOWERS possibly being the son of Elisha FLOWERS and Margaret WHITE, the will of James Harmon dated 16 Sept. 1817 mentions "To my daughter Silence the wife of Elisha Flower I give two hundred dollars" ............... Perhaps he was married more than once. Judy
In a message dated 5/24/2000 6:45:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes: I'll have to get back to you on the name of the book. << << In a book of Mississippi Land Claims, Jesse LUM claims a donation of 640 acres in Jefferson County (which included Claiborne County at the time) on >> What is the name of the book, please? >> Jesse Minkert Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences 332 17th Avenue E. Seattle, WA 98112-5107 206-323-7190
8. Re: [MSCLAIBO-L] Orphan's Court Records for Richard Curtis [1]
Tom Curtis - Have you done any research on Rice Curtis in Spotslvania Co., VA, early 1700's? He was wealthy, left a Will, etc. He isn't my family (I don't think), but have wondered about him. Jan Curtis -----Original Message----- From: Tom Curtis To: Date: Sunday, April 30, 2000 6:17 PM Subject: [MSCLAIBO-L] Orphan's Court Records for Richard Curtis >Jan, > >A couple of years ago I paid a professional genealogist to do some
9. [MSCLAIBO-L] Irby [1]
Jan, Sorry, have no idea what IRBY means. Ona
10. [MSCLAIBO-L] Re: Wine bottles [1]
hummmmmm how interesting. I surely hope someone can help with this one. Joyce
To: Elaine and all other listers From: Ona Sanders Patrick >Thanks for the tip on the THEDFORD reunion. Does anyone on the list >know someone to contact about it?...a phone # or something?...< After reading your e-mail, I did a little sleuthing and came up with the following: 1) Directions to WOW Hall: I-55, take the N. Brookhaven exit # 42 (this may be Industrial Park Rd.), go East approximately one mile turn north WOW Hall can be seen before you turn - if get to Hwy. 51 you have gone too far. 2
12. [MSCLAIBO-L] Irby - Dean [1]
A copy of the following marriage license was received...information on couple would be appreciated. Ona (Sanders) Patrick State of Mississippi By the Clerk of the Probate Court County of Jefferson To any Judge Minister of the Gospel or Justice of the Peace lawffully authorized to celebrate the Rites of Matrimoney. You are hereby authorized to celebrate the Rites of Matrimoney between Mr. Harrison Irby and Miss Dehlia Dean and for so doing this shall be your warrant.
In a book of Mississippi Land Claims, Jesse LUM claims a donation of 640 acres in Jefferson County (which included Claiborne County at the time) on the south fork of Bayou Pierre, which he improved in Aug. 1797, and moved personally to the tract in Oct. following. The date of the claim is 19 March 1804. The register of land claims includes several references to Jesse LUM and his relatives. In a message dated 5/24/2000 10:58:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes: << Looking for any i
14. [MSCLAIBO-L] Pisgah - Patton Cemetery Claiborne Co., MS [1]
Dear Claiborne Co., Researchers: Below is a copy of the letter that Dorothy Brewer sent to me on the Pisgah - Patton Cemetery maintenance, cleanup and preservation.This is a good project for all the kin that are listed or may be buried in this cemetery to get involved. Please support Dorothy and and the cemetery committee in this worth while project. Thank all of you, Harry A. Irvine Ft. Myers, FL E-mail addresses: Date: March , 2000 To:
15. Re: [MSCLAIBO-L] Sanders and Irby [1]
Ok....Irby is a surname....I was going Uh? Thought it was initials for something... I sometimes get swamped looking at family histories (various Lists) on my puter...and don't know what the heck is going on! Thanks, Jan Curtis -----Original Message----- From: Greth Dunn To: Date: Thursday, May 18, 2000 4:58 PM Subject: Re: [MSCLAIBO-L] Sanders and Irby >Elizabeth, thanks. The IRBYs in Claiborne are related to some in >Lauderdale
16. [MSCLAIBO-L] Jackson [1]
Was wondering if anyone has any information about a Mary Jane Moore JACKSON. Married Henry GIBSON. Children were Leon,Emett,Charlie,Lois,Edgar,Earl,Thomas,Estelle,Georgia Ann,Myrtis and finally Ruth. Lois was a school teacher and would have had to have training in the surrounding area of Crosby. Please let me know if you have run across these names. This would have been around the time period of early 1900's. Thanks. Tangela ________________________________________________________________________ Ge
17. Re: [MSCLAIBO-L] Sanders Ancestors [1]
Hey fellow former Vicksburgers! ...I just HAD to say "Hi" seeing as I was raised in Vicksburg and went through all 12 grade school years there...from Grove Street Elementary, to Carr Junior High to H.V. Cooper High, graduating in 1966. Also spent lots and lots of time wandering around the National Military Park.....we lived within visual distance of it and I could just cross the street and be there! Funniest thing...all the years I lived there...from about 1953-1966 and again from 1979-1987, I never even k
18. [MSCLAIBO-L] Flowers [1]
Margie was looking for information on the surname FLOWERS. I looked at my family scroll and found I had a Prince FLOWERS married to Birdie Lou WILSON HAVARD. Let me know if he is either a direct or possible owned slave of your family. Would like to fill in the blanks. Thanks. Tangela ________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at
Hi Ona: Thanks for the directions to the reunion....I'm MUCH to far away to actually get there...was hoping to find one of the family members and maybe try to call them or something to find out who Marion Thedford belonged to...I THINK I know...but need verification.... Anyway...I have an old phone book here at my home in GA, so might just "let my fingers do the walking"! Thanks for tyring to help though! Maybe someone else on the list will be able to go to the reunion..wish it was me! > Yes, the listed TH
In a message dated 05/10/2000 8:44:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes: << He was living in the same county that THETFORD-STURDIVANT and THETFORD-FLOWERS families had moved to from Claiborne/Copiah Co., MS areas... >> Elaine, This may not be of much help, but it may open a direction for you to look. In mentioning the Sturdivant family, I served on a state council with Mike Sturdivant about thirty years ago. He is from the delta area in the Northwest area of the state. You might t
21. Re: [MSCLAIBO-L] Rocky Springs [1]
I have been to Rocky Springs several times in the last year. Really worth seeing. I originally went there searching for Sisson ancestors. There is a Jane Sisson buried there in a brick enclosure. I know some info about her but not a whole lot. We were always told that she was related to us; and my aunt who lived in Utica, Ms. used to tend to her grave, but so far can find no connection. If anyone knows of her and can help me PLEASE......It seems my Sissons are some of the ones that noone seems to kn
22. [MSCLAIBO-L] Rocky Springs [1]
Could someone please give directions to Rocky Springs area? Thanks, Ona S. Patrick
Hi--noticed your name Furr--have two Mullins in Lawrence Co who married Furrs? Are you doing your family? ----- Original Message ----- From: "Rick Furr" To: Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2000 2:54 PM Subject: Re: [MSCLAIBO-L] TANNEHILL-MOOR-BRYCE > Don't know if it will be helpful, but I have an Alva Lum married John Goza, > 9/14/1820 and then a Martha Lum b. 1/31/1811 married same John Goza in 1826. > All the info I have but the assumption would be that they
24. Re: [MSCLAIBO-L] teachers [1]
Does anyone know how many institutions there were in the late 1800s which specifically were teachers' colleges? Was there a teacher's college in MS? Or was this function served by several institutions?
25. Re: [MSCLAIBO-L] Sanders and Irby [1]
Iam searching my Rogers family. I know that Bessie Rogers, daughter of George C. Rogers, married Boone Irby in Claiborne Co. Do you have information on this family? Thanks Tommy Rogers -----Original Message----- From: Greth Dunn To: Date: Friday, May 12, 2000 12:51 PM Subject: [MSCLAIBO-L] Sanders and Irby >Recently while visiting a SANDERS grave at Wintergreen Cemetery, a man (Albert) approached wanting to know the relationship be

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