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1. Re: [MELUNGEON] Feliz Anoyo Nieveo [1]
From: > Not spelled correctly in Spanish but I wish everyone a very Happy New Year. > > Cleland Happy New Year to you, too, Cleland. I believe the correct spelling: Feliz Aqo Nuevo. I advised all my kids to take Spanish in high school, not that they paid any attention to me! LOL Dennis
2. Re: [MELUNGEON] Stinnett [1]
I have a Mary Martha Gibson, b. 1937 in Waco, > who married a Charles Edgar Stinnett, Jr., b. 1934 in Ft. Worth. Is this > any > of your line? > > Cindy Could be and probably is. They came into Fannin county in 1847 and settled later in Collin county. My gg grandparents never made it quite this far, but bought a mill at Smithwick, Burnet County and sent their two youngest sons to run it. The sons both married local girls and settled here. Their parents owned the Stinnett Mill at Salado, which is a t
3. Re: [MELUNGEON] Melungeon Research [1]
This family sounds interesting and I'd like to do some research on them, just for the experience of it and because I'm interested. But you haven't given me a single name or date to start with. If I just start looking for Collins and Bunchs in Berie County, NC, and Louisa Co, VA, I don't think I could narrow my search down to your specific family. Do you think you could give me just a few details to start with? I'm not asking for all your research. That would certainly be too much information for yo
4. [MELUNGEON] Poor Al Goins - Eddie [1]
The ballad to which you refer is called "Poor Goins" and is credited to Gabriel Church. It is a story of Alexander Goins, "man of the Melungeon people of southwest Virginia and Tenneessee." There are at least two different versions of the reason behind Goins' ambush and murder on the ridge (known as Goins Ridge) of the nine mile spur of Black Mountain, near Stonega, Wise County, VA. The Maggard family tells one version, while the Church family tells a different story. Tradition has it that Goins' grandfa
5. Re: [MELUNGEON] No More than this -Re: DeMarce/Elder [1]
In a message dated 1/17/2008 3:42:04 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: I am sure you are going to find what you consider attacks on them but I do not believe that I have ever attacked their CHARACTER as you have Brent's. God doesn't need to forgive me, but you should ask him for yourself. ======================== No I'm not going to waste my time finding them. You and I both know they are in the archives. I did not attack Brent Kennedys 'character' This is what I said;
6. Re: [MELUNGEON] Notes From Dr. Jones' Conclusions [1]
Still reading the emails. Is there an existing tape or verbatim transcript of Dr. Jones? I trust Karlton's note-taking content-wise but would prefer to refer directly to Jones's quotes. Tim Hashaw In a message dated 1/16/08 10:14:15 AM Central Standard Time, writes: > >

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7. Re: [MELUNGEON] Diseases ; Cleland [1]
"Second, with all these exotic deseases, how come you don't find any of them= in Hancock County, a known and well documented fact that this area is/was= a Melungeon stronghold" Cleland, you are growing OLD. Have you forgotten you have asked this question in any number of ways numerous times before? None of these diseases are exotic right off the bat, so your question is moot. But if you must.... First PROVE to me that absolutely NO ONE in Hancock Co., TN has one of these diseases. Then we'll ta
8. [MELUNGEON] Collins [1]
Mendy Queen The McKee Group, Inc. P.O. Box 523 Cashiers, NC 28717 828-743-4609 828-743-5068 Fax -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Don Collins Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 11:30 AM To: Subject: Re: [MELUNGEON] Becky and Twanda Joanne, I wonder why we haven't heard from the MHA ? Do you think Winkler's statement was it ? I have web space I pay for but never use. It is capcollins.o
9. Re: [MELUNGEON] Who is giving permission to cite emails on this list? [1]
and they called Dromgoole a damfool? **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
10. Re: [MELUNGEON] Melungeon Research [1]
Wow. Wasn't expecting that. You're kind of touchy. WWBKD? (smile) Tim Hashaw In a message dated 1/8/08 4:22:40 AM Central Standard Time, writes: > I am intimately familiar with the existence of, and the problems implicit > in, race as a social construction and of tracing families we'd now call > "Melungeon" back through time. Please do not insult my intelligence and > disparage my skills when you don't even know me. As the author of books I > admire, I expected
11. Re: [MELUNGEON] Turkish Melungeons Apologize for Turkish atrocities [1]
Dennis, you are the King of the equivocators. If I said that the sandflies were buzzing over the corpses of the dead Armenians, you would write a post taking me to task because you KNOW they were blue-bottle flies. You need another history lesson, but this isn't the time or place. Suffice it to say that the young men who emerged FROM among the Ottoman's most promising to stand with Attaturk, that is, those who BECAME the "Young Turks" WERE Ottomon Turks the day before they took the pledge,
12. Re: [MELUNGEON] Don [1]
From: "Curtis Christy" > Now you're cookin' with grease, Dennis. > > You've kept this side of yourself bottled up. > > Very interesting. AND you're making sense and citing real examples that drive home you points. If you felt this way, why didn't you speak up before? > > This reminds me of a woman I men it a dance club some years ago. After a few dances, we were talking on the dance floor during a slow dance, and she admitted she was a widow. I told her I was sorry for he
13. Re: [MELUNGEON] MELUNGEON Digest, Vol 3, Issue 8 [1]
Tari, "When will these non-Melungeon "researchers" quit." LOL, do you know how to say "Tar and Feather" ? I see it this way, since our forefathers/mothers are not here to stand up for themselves, well I guess that is our responsibility. I know they would be standing up for us if the situation was reversed. I also find it interesting that the MHA supports these "researchers". Thieves are just that. Don Collins ----- Original Message ----- From: "Tari" To: "'Don Collins'"
14. [MELUNGEON] Janet, I am honestly trying!! [1]
The 'story' IF it was subjective, was such to TWO people who were friends but did not know one another well; had not talked about Joanne before. When two people agree on something and the incident HAPPENED exactly as I wrote it, then there must be something less than subjective. AND as to the following statement from Joanne: Fabricating stories to prove a point is one thing but Nancy this 'story' is one of your best. She just called me a LIAR and isn't that really subjective? I will write n
15. Re: [MELUNGEON] Dennis Maggard [1]
From: "Elizabeth Whitaker" > Before the Turks were anything other than a group of > horse-riding nomads in north central Asia, the > Phoenicians, ancestors of these Lebanese Christians were > sailing the Mediterranean, the Black Sea > and the Atlantic Ocean. (The Phoenicians were also ancestors > of the Carthaginians.) There's a long > list of cities founded by these people: the modern names of > two of these cities are Marseilles and > Cadiz. I don't see any reason to believe that th
16. Re: [MELUNGEON] Melungeon Research [1]
Dennis and all, Sorry to have to correct a newly found cousin. You are correct in that Bud Phillip's latest book is called Coming Down Cumberland (published in 1991). His first book, published in 1958, MAGGARD FAMILY HISTORY (and probably self published), has been out of print for decades. It is only 19 pages long. It was from this book that I referred to his mention of Panther Jim's family bible. The Bible is also referred to in his book Coming Down Cumberland. I was lucky enough to obtain my co
17. Re: [MELUNGEON] Welcome to the MELUNGEON mailing list! [1]
>His mtDNA shows Siddi ancestry, which is not indicative of Turkish >ancestry. I don't think it even showed that. Dr. Jones said it was "unquestionanably Siddi" but no one on the Genealogy-DNA list had ever heard of any sequences to show that, neither did the PubMed site I was refered to shed any light. I do think Brent believes this. Janet ----- Original Message ----- From: "Dennis Maggard" To: Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2008 1:15 PM Subject: Re: [ME
18. Re: [MELUNGEON] Hi Twanda! [1]
Helloooooooo Felicia It is so good to hear from you. Yes, Nancy is still out there. I sometimes wonder about those that have no life other than sitting before the monitor and arguing. Isn't it uncanny how people can hide behind that screen. When I was in Nancy's company at the unions and such, she is not like this. She is not as agressive. Oh well, sigh I am good and getting older and meaner each day. You be safe and know that I do hold fond memories of you and your posts. Twanda
19. [MELUNGEON] VERY OFF TOPIC but changing the tone of the list!! :-) [1]
Very FUNNY comedian/songster: Some of the folks on here look like they might have Melungeon ancestry. _ ( Love Nancy **************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
20. Re: [MELUNGEON] i before e [1]
I before E except after C - and you have English teachers writing 'peice' -- want a good chuckle -- go to the archives and in BODY just type in the word 'peice' YEP, I do that. My fingers don't always do what I want them to do. Sometimes I catch it and sometimes I don't. Don't know why because spell check ALWAYS catches it. My Mother did not finish the 7th grade. She educated herself and was probably one of the smartest folks I have ever known. She was also a wonderful judge of chara
21. Re: [MELUNGEON] More on Joanne's Post [1]
To find the $$$, add the name, "David Arnett". Tim Hashaw In a message dated 1/19/08 5:57:22 PM Central Standard Time, writes: > wrote: > > >Is this "news" or just Turkish propaganda? > > >Who knows until the sources are tracked down. > > Try doing a Google search for Turkey + Armenia + Melungeons. It will keep > you busy reading for weeks! >

Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.
22. Re: [MELUNGEON] DNA [1]
Darcy, There are "mysteries" in most all families. We also have a case in our IVEY/IVIE/IVY project where the paternal line of one of 6 "brothers" is completely different from the other 5. The descendents of this ancestor had not a clue of this until Y-DNA testing. The ancestor lived with and near his "presumed" mother from the mid 1850s till the mother died in the 1870s. He also lived in the same household and later next to one of his presumed brothers. Life in earlier times was not as simple as we
You may be right, what I said, I said from memory. One of the counties where the Shumate's / Conway's ended up became part of WVA. I thought it was Fauquier. I'm in CA, my files on the Shumates are in FL. Sorry. But I thought you weren't speaking to me, SueBee. I should make mistakes more often! CCC SueBzy wrote: Someone wrote: >Fauquier County, VA was eventually absorbed by another county and then was annexed into what became West Virginia. That's part of wh
24. Re: [MELUNGEON] [1]
I'll make a long story short ... A guy walks into a bar ... [... Things happen, he keeps making stupid bets, and one-by-one parts of him fall off, etc., etc.] Finally, after his neck falls off, a guy saunters over and asks him if he wants to bet one more time ... [Ready? Here's the punch line ...] And he says, "No, I think I'll quit while I'm a head." Thanks, again, Dennis! Curtis friend9 Dennis Maggard
25. [MELUNGEON] Fwd: To Janet [1]
**************Start the year off right. Easy ways to stay in shape.

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