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1. [Neibaur] Alex Nibley [1]
Dear Bev, This is a rather round about letter. I am on the committee to find old members of the Pleasant Hill Ward ,Oakland Stake,California. We are celebrating the Jubilee year on Memorial Day weekend this May 2008. An Alex Nibley and his wife and two small children were in our Ward and I am trying to locate them. This could have been back in the early 1980's. I believed that Alex was the son of Hugh Nibley. Item 2. My father was from Preston,Lancashire,England. I am a convert. I was so thrilled l
2. Re: [Neibaur] Alex Nibley [1]
I received a copy of your email. My friend Shauna Anderson is related to Hugh Nibley and she said that he had a son Alexander born in 1956. You could call Hugh's wife and find out the information that you want and if it is the same person. Her name is Phylis and she is listed in the telephone book under Hugh Nibley name. The telephone number is 801 373-6173 and her address is 285 E. 700 No. Provo, Utah 84604. I hope this will help and you can find the correct person. Dwanna Riddle ----- Original Mes
3. [Neibaur] ADMIN NOTE - Please read [1]
While most of our personal information is easy to locate on the internet, most of us try to keep our private information private as much as possible. For this reason, I want you to be aware that all messages to this (or any RootsWeb) list are archived. Not only are the archives searchable, but Google (and other search engines) regularly spider through RootsWeb's archives, so individual messages can come up as a result of a search engine search. (See
4. Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles [1]
if you will send me your email address I will scan a document that tell the story of Thomas' was experience, I will send it to you as an attachment. ________________________________ From: on behalf of Kim Malacko Sent: Wed 12/27/2006 12:00 PM To: Subject: Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles He later had his name removed from the hymn currently in our songbooks because there were changes made to the original before it was published, so he felt he couldn't,
5. Re: [Neibaur] Neibaur Family Organization [1]
Okay, Here we go. Leroy Kelly or 929 N. 1200 W. Salt Lake City, UT 84116 (801) 596-0748
6. Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles [1]
It is great to hear from someone. Thanks!!! My great-great-great grandfather is Alexander Neibaur. His daughter Margaret married William Miller. Please let me know if you have any information about Alexander, particularly if you have found out anything about his father and grandfather. I seem to have hit a brick wall with that. Thanks so much again, and I look forward to hearing from you. Merry Christmas. A.L. Williamson >From: "" >Reply-To: gc
7. Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles [1]
Who did you intend for it to go to? ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Monday, December 25, 2006 10:14 PM Subject: Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles > Oh my goodness, my email was apparently sent to several----other people > when > I intended it to be sent to just one person. Guess I have learned a > lesson. > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > > To contact the NEIBAUR list administrator, send an email to > > > To post a message to the
8. Re: [Neibaur] Neibaur Family Organization [1]
I have and it seems to be an excellent way to do this. It's an easy way for everyone to get involved and upload their information. I am more than happy to pay the subscription fee. Bev ----- Original Message ----- From: "Kim Malacko" To: Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 8:24 AM Subject: Re: [Neibaur] Neibaur Family Organization > Maybe check out Our family has two websites through them. > I > believe it's $35.00 a year and you have to invite
9. [Neibaur] to Kim, LaVerne, Skywriter, Lois Ann, Liz, Amy, and others writing about Alexander Neibaur [1]
Hello Neibaur family members I might as well get in on all this info being passed around about Alexander Neibaur. He is my great, great grandfather. I am related through his daughter (my great grandmother) Sarah Ellen who married John O'Driscoll. It appears that some of you have correct info; some of you don't have anything much; some of you are not aware of what is available; etc. There is a wealth of information (correct information) about him. I have collected as much of it as possible and
10. Re: [Neibaur] Neibaur Family Organization [1]
Hi Bev, took a look at the website. It is great. I think we can all learn a lot and add a lot to it.Did I see something that referred to pictures on Jpeg? I would really like to see that if it is available. Also, I have all of my mother's family pictures (Miller-Wilde-Stallings.) Thanks again for your work. Linda
11. Re: [Neibaur] Website [1]
Hi Bev, this is a great idea. I'm having problems acceccing the ftp. so it is hard to change anything right now. This site of yours eliminates the need for a webmaster, so high five. Doug >From: "Bev Matheson" >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: Re: [Neibaur] Website >Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 08:55:33 -0700 > >The site said it could take 72 hours to get everything squared away but you >should be getting an email soon with your usernam
12. Re: [Neibaur] New President called [1]
I have sent invitations to the new Neibaur Family Gathering Place at I am happy to and have paid for the first year's premium subscription -- which means there is unlimited storage space for pictures, life sketches, genealogy databases, etc. I hope everyone will go there and see what there is to offer and participate. Thanks, Doug, for offering to go back as the president of the organization. We are all anxious to get together again. Alexander Neibaur gave us such a wonderful legacy
13. Re: [Neibaur] Neibaur Family Organization [1]
Awesome! Thanks, Leroy. I'd love copies of the patriarchal blessings. Do you have a scanner? I'd really appreciate it if you could send them to me. I'll get started on the website. Do you think we should make it private so we can put all these fantastic things on it as well? I'm not sure we would want patriarchal blessings public. Or we could have an area that is password protected. What do you think? ----- Original Message ----- From: "jlkelly1066" To:
14. Re: [Neibaur] Neibaur reunion [1]
Karen, I am also descended from Morris David Rosenbaum and Alice Neibaur. I have been doing some research in Unruhstadt etc. I would love to correspond with anyone who is interested in the Neibaur family. Keep me posted and share my email with anyone working on the family. I have been trying particularly to trace Alexander's brothers and sisters and have a little bit of success. Thanks, Virginia Fife Pocatello, Idaho 208-232-1609 ----- Original Message ----- From: "~Love is the Answer~"
15. Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles [1]
I am the granddaughter of Ada Jane Neibaur (Miles). She is the sister of Thomas Croft Neibaur. Interestingly, the hymn Alexander was credited in writing has been changed to Parley P. Pratt as the author. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Welch, Lois Ann" To: Sent: Saturday, December 23, 2006 9:12 AM Subject: Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles > Alexander Neibaur is also my great great great grandfather, my grandfather > is Thomas Croft Neibaur,the war hero. >
16. Re: [Neibaur] Neibaur reunion [1]
I am interested in joining the Neibaur group. I too had no luck in contacting anyone of the old organization. So perhaps we should go ahead with a new one. The idea of a web page devoted to Alexander Neibaur is a great one. Please let me know when it comes online. I'll try to help with things, but am not computer literate--I know just enough to do a little genealogy. I am a descendant of Margaret Neibaur Miller through her son, William P. Miller. She is my gr grandmother. Hoping to hear from you
17. Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles [1]
Hello, I think we are second cousins or third. My great grandfather was James Nathan Miller married to Lily Dale Stalings in Salt Lake City. I found Alexander three years ago. There is all kinds of information about him including a journal which is really great. He was Jewish and from Prussia or Germany. I found it all through He was Brigham Young's dentist and a writer of Mormon hymns. There are also hundreds of relatives. They have a huge picnic every year. I haven't gone. Y
18. Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles [1]
Oh my goodness, my email was apparently sent to several----other people when I intended it to be sent to just one person. Guess I have learned a lesson.
19. [Neibaur] Alexander Neibaur [1]
LuJeanne and all the rest, Adding to your great list of information on Grandfather, (I come through Hyrum Smith Neibaur) I can add to the information with copies of Patriarchal blessings for both he and Ellen. Actually there are two each, one given in Nauvoo and another after they came to the valley (common practice). Both blessings are beautiful and give some tremendous insight into both of these people. Oh, by the way, thanks for the comment about the "other two wives." i'd like to kick the individua
20. Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles [1]
Kim, there's lots of information about Thomas Croft Neibaur on the web. I hadn't heard the story about the changes made to the original. I know Alexander was credited for the song until this last publication of the hymn book when it appeared as part of the Parley P. Pratt collection. Alexander had been deceased for many many years by then. It would be fascinating to know the real truth, wouldn't it? By the way, your great grandmother, Cora, and my grandmother, Ada, are sisters. ----- Original Message
21. Re: [Neibaur] Help reply [1]
Poor Doug, no need to throw eggs at you. I'm looking into a family website that is can be accessed by everyone and they can upload their own information, communicate more easily with each other, etc. I have belonged to a couple with our family organizations and it works really well. I am happy to pay for the first year and we will see where it goes from there. We will gladly include you if you would like to participate with us. Maybe you could scan and upload all the information your received from Wil
22. Re: [Neibaur] Neibaur reunion [1]
I agree that either the old organization needs to get things going again or we start a new one. There are a lot of us and I think it's time to get this family organization back together again. I'll email the past president and see what's happening. ----- Original Message ----- From: "jlkelly1066" To: Sent: Saturday, December 23, 2006 11:42 PM Subject: [Neibaur] Neibaur reunion >I requested information about the Neibaur reunion in SLC lst > year and neve
23. [Neibaur] New President called [1]
Hi everyone, I have been talking to Maxine Droge on the phone. She is the current President. It was good to talk to her. To make a long story short she wouldn't mind stepping down as President and asked if I would be interested and I said I would fill the post until such time as we can have some sort of proper election. If there is anyone who is interested now is the time to speake up. It has been a while and I am a bit rusty especialy on my writing skills spelling ect. If there is any objection please l
24. Re: [Neibaur] Neibaur reunion [1]
I tried to email the president and got this back: A message (from ) was received at 24 Dec 2006 16:09:42 +0000. The following addresses had delivery problems: Permanent Failure: 550_Requested_action_not_taken:_mailbox_unavailable Delivery last attempted at Sun, 24 Dec 2006 16:09:42 -0000 It would appear things are at a standstill. Any suggestions as to how to go forward? I have a son that designs and develops web pages, maybe he would help us set up a n
25. Re: [Neibaur] Obits and Articles [1]
Alexander Neibaur is also my great great great grandfather, my grandfather is Thomas Croft Neibaur,the war hero. Alexander was Joseph Smith's dentist also, if you remember the story of Joseph being tarred and feather, his front tooth was chip and Alexander took care of it. Alexander was in Nauvoo when Joseph was killed. To my knowledge Alexander only wrote one hymn. ________________________________ From: on behalf of Sent: Sat 12/23/2006 12:05 AM To: neiba

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