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1. Re: [nz] Stanhope Sherwill SMART [1]
On Mon, 4 Apr 2011 "Karen & Peter" wondered >Subject: [nz] Stanhope Sherwill SMART > >Hello Listers, > >Am wondering if anyone could help me in the following: > >Stanhope Sherwill SMART was married to a Beatrice Eleanor COX in the >UK before sailing to NZ in 1919. In 1923 they had a son Robert >Grainger SMART. In 1927 a 2nd son was born Geoffrey Stanhope SMART. >There was a 3rd child born ???? not known. > >Stanhope died due to an accident in 1933 and Beatrice died in 1973. >
2. [nz] MOHN family in the Waikato 1900s on [1]
I am trying to trace a branch of my wife's family who left NZ to go to Australia and then back to NZ. In this particular branch Daphne MOHN (nee BIRTWISTLE) arrived in the Morrinsville area with her two sons some time between 1914 and 1928 from Australia She married William John NEELS in 1945 Her son Emil John married Zeta Isabel Mary BAN in 1946 while her son Robert Carl married Doreen Emma Mary DAVIES in 1947 I have traced these families in Hamilton and Morrinsville areas Jim Payne shampayne3@gma
3. Re: [nz] Inwood Death look Up [1]
Kay hSelect.m%3Fsort%3Dnatno#matches This will give you the Fred who appeared to have died in 1963 aged 90, and the third wife appears to have died in 1929 aged 53. You may find some children in the Births link, and etc ... Regards John Bright
4. [nz] Inwood Death look Up [1]
Could some kind person do some death look ups for me please. Frederick [ Fred] Arthur Inwood he b 23.1.1873 Motueka Valley, Nelson. When & Where did he die??? He married 3 times. first wife married 1901 Mary Jane Elizabeth Sharp b 1879 Brightwater Nelson. Where & when did she die?? 3rd Wife Married 1926 Margaret Lorette Morris b abt 1878 Grenfel NSW Australia Where & When did she die??? I had a look at the death CD but can't find them Any help most welcome Thank you Helen
5. Re: [nz] Inwood Death look Up [1]
Hello Helen Have you checked the records online. If not, I found the following which will mean purchasing the certificates, or perhaps going to a bigger library to research their records (if that was possible for you in your location) All these deaths are registered in NZ which discounts the theory that one may have returned to Australia. Frederick Arthur INWOOD b 1873 died 1963/34984 aged 90 that ties up with your date of birth (not s
6. [nz] Press Death Notice 17/19 Sep 2011 [1]
Hi There Is there anyone who may have a copy of the death notice for Alan Hopton Blackburn, whose death notice was in the press 17 & 19 Sep 2011. Have just found out that he had died when looking on teh BDM Website. Our local library does not have the Presss for these dates Thnaks in Advanced Michael
7. [nz] De Malmanche Family of Akaroa [1]
Hi List Wondering if anyone out there is a descendant of the DE MALMANCHE Family of Akaroa Emeri DE MALMANCHE and Rose Victoire GERZEAU (or Jerzeau, I have come across a number of spelling variations) came to N.Z on the Comte de Paris in 1840 The story goes that Emeri took 2 of his daughters back to France to continue their education and returned with them and Madeliene GERZEAU (my 3rd great grandmother, Emeri's niece through his wife Rose), possibly aboard the SS Caulaincourt? Madeleine GERZEAU la
8. [nz] Knox [1]
Is anyone researching the surname Knox. Don Horne
9. Re: [nz] British version of Paperspast [1]
Hi Murray and all Just a thought but as many of the papers on this new database are also on the Gale 19th Century Newspapers, and they are available for free for all Australian Citizens and many in the UK who may have a subscription with their Library it pays to check there first Also I notice quite a few notices that appear in the London Gazette , also free Many stories are shared around so its also worth checking the Australian and New Zealand online papers, both free Just a thought before spending
10. [nz] [NZ] Melville Babington SMITH d. New York 1887 [1]
Found this entry while looking for something else ... National Probate Calendar for England & Wales (the Index of Wills and Administrations) SMITH Melville Brabington [1881] 12 March. The Confirmation of the Commissariot of Dumfries and Galloway County of Dumfries dated 7 March 1888 of Miss Mary Smith of Castlemains Cottage near Lochmaben in the County of Dumfires as surviving Executrix Dative que Next of Kin of Melville Babington ['^' on 'a' in qua] Smith some
11. Re: [nz] Paddy Blanchfield [1]
Patsy it is on the NZGS CD Year 1938 Folio 14867 Surname BLANCHFIELD Given Names Patrick Sex M Spouse FAULKNER Anne Jane Glen cheers penne >> > Paddy Blanchfield (MP and Bard of Bellamy's) is the husband of one of > my husband's cousins. I am filling in the gaps but cannot find a date > for his marriage to Anne Faulkner.
12. Re: [nz] RNZAF in Canada [1]
Angie, This may not be exactly what you want but it does give some information on individuals who died while serving with the RNZAF and their training. I have a relative who was killed in 1944. He was in the RNZAF and trained in Canada. When I found his entry in the following book I was able to trace his postings around Canada and then later in England. Each place they were posted covered a different aspect of their training, eg flying, navigation, gunnery etc. Basic training was done in Canada and then
Hi Peter What do you need to know or maybe what I mean is what do you know so we dont go over the same ground. And probably the answer to the list would be best so we dont all do the same searches. Do you have burial places etc or just what is missing in your research Diane Wilson -----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Peter STRAUSS Sent: Thursday, 10 November 2011 4:58 p.m. To:; NZ-AUCKLAND@r
14. [nz] Ethel Rita Brown [1]
Perhaps someone may know or have this lady Ethel Rita Brown in their tree. I have been asked by a friend to try and find the above persons details. Ethel Rita Brown was born about 1890. She married a Leslie Stewart in 1912. Census 1914 Leslie Stewart lived High Street Blenheim. What year did she die and where??? Who were her parents??? I tried to find her birth on the NZBDM site but nothing came up for her. Regards Helen from lovely sunny Nelson
15. [nz] [1]
My thanks to all those who replied re my Monday-morning moan about the above! I don't myself think it was spam or a scam. They are a legitimate web-site, and have recently purchased a site called something like that, that I have used in the past. What annoyed me was the fact that they didn't have the sense to provide a return email address, yet in the body of their email told me to reply "No Thanks" if I was not interested in their offer. If anyone would like to take a look, the
16. [nz] Hospitall record for birth [1]
Angela, Are you certain that the 1922 child was born in a Maternity Home or a Hospital ? Back then, many were Home Births. If you are looking for an unmarried Mother the Salvation Army may be of help, as there must have been something like the Bethany Home in the Wellington area. It is possible that not all Hospital birth records have survived, e.g. renovations of buildings, buildings closing, private hospitals going out of existence etc. Good luck with your research , this may be difficult. Mary -----
17. Re: [nz] British version of Paperspast [1]
My message below is slightly ambiguous. I emphasize that one can access free the British Library's online newspaper collections, as described, also The Times archive, from home via one's library card and pin number, not just from library terminals. Peter -------------------------------------------------- From: "Peter Dillon" Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 9:04 AM To: Subject: Re: [nz] British version of Paperspast > not to mention libraries in
18. Re: [nz] sending family tree [1]
Hi Jean, > I have emailed my family tree in Gedcom form to a family member. > Unfortunately she can't open it. Anyone able to pass on a few tips on > how to go about this? A GEDCOM file is a plain text file, which can be opened and read in any text reader, such as Notepad, Word, etc. Not that that's the easiest way to read such a file, but it can be done to confirm the file contains what you expect it to. What program are you using to create the GEDCOM file? If it is one that has a free version (s
19. Re: [nz] NEW-ZEALAND Digest, Vol 6, Issue 250 [1]
Hello Many thanks to all you girls. Angie On Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 3:27 PM, wrote: > > > Today's Topics: > > 1. Shorten Name (Angela Barnett) > 2. Re: Shorten Name (Christine Tregonning) > 3. Re: Shorten Name (Judith Harper) > 4. Query of names (Catherine) > 5. shortened name (Phoebe) > 6. Re: Shorten Name (Somers) > 7. NZSG magazines needing a new home (M & P Parkes) > 8. Burial lookup - Alice Emily Borer (Mary Skipworth) > 9. Re: [NZ] Melville
20. [nz] NZ Army 1864 [1]
Can someone with some military knowledge help me please?.In 1864 Captain Hunter went to Adelaide SA to enrol men to come to NZ for the Land wars with the enticement of being granted land., initially it was meant to be single men, but ended up with quite a few ,being familes, which caused some ill feeling in Australia, they often having had paid 15 pounds for the man and family to settle in Aust.(Trove) Around 25th January 1864 Edward Beatty,33 years shoemaker, the newspaper 28th Jan 1864 naming him as Beall
21. Re: [nz] NZ Army 1864 [1]
Hi Penne, Your Edward BEATTY/BEALLEY isn't mentioned in Discharged in NZ, nor is the ship Brilliant. It would seem therefore he wasn't in one of the British regiments, or at least didn't take his discharge in NZ. (Could have joined one of the militia groups perhaps?) Graham Jones Dargaville
22. [nz] Fiji Encylopaedia [1]
Hi Helen Is there any mention of RAGG family members in the Fiji Encylopaedia? Any info greatly anticipated and appreciated. Cheers Jenny Gambirazzi
23. Re: [nz] RNZAF in Canada [1]
My eldest brother trained in Canada (Calgary) at that time and graduated with the rank of Flying Officer. He was a WO/AG. If you locate a source could you please post to the list as I would like to follow up. Graham Jones Dargaville
24. Re: [nz] Wartolow [1]
HI Helen just found this on the Family tree maker online site probably worth a look below is the link, it looks like it might be a family tree which includes the "Richard Frederik WATERLOW that Angela refers to. Mabel On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 8:28 AM, Angela Reynolds wrote: > Hello Helen > > Try WATERLOW; when spoken it might sound like WARTOLOW or WORTOLOW. > > Entries in the Elec
25. Re: [nz] Slightly off topic [1]
I have used Microsoft Office Publisher and found it satisfactory. But, from memory, I had to pay extra to buy it as an add on to the normal MS Office package. A quick Google shows that there are several free programs available. Regards Ian Westergaard But I believe that there may beOn Wed, 9 Nov 2011 09:00:15 +1300 (NZDT), Sharon Price wrote: > Good Morning everyone > B > I am sure many of you have written your family story. > B > B I want to do the same but am unsure what the b

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