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1. Re: [NS-CB-L] research questions [1]
$25/day is already ridiculous and is the reason I have not, nor do I plan to go to your Village. I would rather spend my time at PANS or at the Beaton. I'm sure you will have success with selling CDs though. Andree MacMillan, St. John's, NF > > > I have been asked by my committee to sound out the list about a fee > structure for Roots Cape Breton. Because of anticipated growth and the hope > of new space, I would like some debate on the fees we charge now, possible > yearly memberships in Roots with s
2. [NS-CB-L] New Census transcriptions from Tony McNeil [0.981813]
Big Pond, Lingan, and Creignish. Look for Update 30/11/02. Thank you, Tony.
3. [NS-CB-L] The Story of Iona Parish [0.981813]
Hello; In a recent posting, I think possibly(not certain) from Vince MacNeil, there was reference to a book/document/manuscript of the above name or something similiar by a Roddie C. MacNeil. Is that material still available for purchase and if so how might one obtain a copy? Regards, Bill C.
Hi Listers; This article was in the Inverness Oran on Feb. 2nd, 2000. Regards Juanita MacDonald CENTREVILLE SOLDIER'S MEDAL COME HOME 80 YEARS LATER by Frank MacDonald The United States government has delivered a Victory Medal to a Centreville soldier's family 80 years after his death. JIM MACLELLAN, who was working in the United States when the Americans entered World War I, enlisted and was sent overseas with the 108th Motor Cycle Corps. MacLellan, a brother to LAUCHIE MACLELLAN who lives in the famil
5. Fw: [NS-CB-L] Louis Frost Notes website [0.981813]
Here is the message I recalled reading. ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 10:42 PM Subject: [NS-CB-L] Louis Frost Notes website Hello, For anyone looking for the Louis Frost Notes website, I found an e-mail address for their website from some pages I had printed out. I e-mailed them and here is what they say: TRICIA: The University College of Cape Breton shut down the EAGLE server. The mining history web site was on t
6. [NS-CB-L] Early census data [0.981813]
Does anyone know of census or other population data/records for the Sydney area circa 1790 to 1805? Names of interest are John Liscomb and Flora Mcdonald, who married by banns November 18,1806. I think I've covered all bases, but hope someone may be smarter than me. Records I have found show Spanish River, East Side Sydney River and Sydney as residences.
7. [NS-CB-L] Mac and Mc [0.981813]
Hi again everyone, Thanks again for you response to my religion question. My grandfathers father was Catholic and his mother was Presbyterian. In the 1881 census the children show up as Presbyterian but in the 1891 census the whole family shows up as Catholic. I know for a fact that my grandfather was not Catholic. As an adult he was not affiliated with any church. My father was Catholic as his mother was Catholic. I have been going over the census for 1881 both through LDS and SOCCGS. I noticed th
8. [NS-CB-L] PLACE NAMES [0.981813]
Lets see if we can help Rita out with her geography. So we'll take a little drive to include her names of interest. We'll start at the Canso Causeway, where you'll find the welcome mat at the door. Of course if the lock is open to allow the ships through you might have a bit of a wait before we let you in. The best Tourist Centre on the Island is here, of course I am prejudice because my cousin works here. Truly though they really are all sweet and know their job. They are Hospitality Plus. The Tourist Cen
9. [NS-CB-L] A Few Early Big Pond Marriages [0.981813]
1892 Aug.2 - Donald Johnstone of Red Islands and Maggie McInnis of Rear Big Pond. Witnesses: John Johnstone and Mary Anne McLellan 1892 Nov.21 - Alex McLean of Middle Cape and Lizzie Kennedy. 1893 Nov.21 Middle Cape, John McLean to Mary Campbell.(This one could be 1892 ) No date - James McLeod of Benacadie to Mary McNeil of Big Pond. 1893 Jan.23 - Peter McLean of Boisdale to Mary Johnstone of Glengarry. 1893 Jan.23 - Joseph McNeil, Glengarry to Mary Jessie McDonald of Irish Cove. 1895 Nov.24 - Step
10. [NS-CB-L] Early Marriage Bonds Page 1 [0.981813]
Chronological Index of NS Marriages Bonds 1763-1820 extracted. For originals see M/f R.G.32, Vol.132-172, PANS. (Taken from the Cape Breton Genealogy Society Newsletter - 1987) 1800 - Oct.28 - John Lee, Sydney, C.B., bachelor and Jane Hall, widow. (Directed to Mr. Wright) 1803 - Mar.7 - Lee Hart, Yeoman of the County of Sydney in Nova Scotia, (Blank) and Margaret Longell, Spinster. 1807 Nov.17 - William Capstick and Mary Whitty of Cape Breton. 1811 Oct.19 - Charles Edward Leonard of Sydney and Isab
11. [NS-CB-L] Requesting Obit - Cape Breton Post [0.981813]
Hi Folks, Would anyone have a copy of an Obit that appeared in the past two weeks for an Allan MacEachern. Appreciate your assistance. Stan
12. [NS-CB-L] Records by M.R. Johnston 1879 -1925 in Big Pond, C.B page 1 [0.981813]
Records kept by Michael R. Johnston from 1879 until his death in 1925 in Big Pond, C.B (The Cape Breton Genealogy Society Newsletter 1987 & The Highlander 1969) Marriages: 1885 - (Little John) Jonathan MacKinnon, Northside East Bay, and Mary Anne MacNeil 1887 - Jonathan MacIntyre and Katie MacNeil 1888 - A.D. Johnston and Mary Anne MacDonald R.D. Johnston and Mary Johnston A.J. MacNeil and Mary MacNeil Jonathan McInnis and Flora MacKinnon Sandy MacMullin and Katie D
13. [NS-CB-L] Early Anglican Church history, including reference to a few BMDs [0.981813]
--=======58046407======= Content-Type: text/plain; x-avg-checked=avg-ok-6DF03D80; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Bicentenary sketches and early days of the church in Nova Scotia [microform] / by C.W. Vernon ; with an introduction by the Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia, and a chapter on Vernon, C. W. (Charles William), 1871-1934 1864 Table of Contents Cover Contents Illustrations An Introduction: The Lord Bishop of Nova Scoti
14. [NS-CB-L] OBIT: SADIE MAY (LUTSIE CURRIE) SHAW, APRIL 18, 1994 [0.981813]
Source: Cape Breton Post S.M. (LUTSIE CURRIE) SHAW 74, NEW ABERDEEN Sadie May (Lutsie Currrie) Shaw, a resident of 334 5th St., New Aberdeen, was born into Eternal Life and Glory, April 18, 1994 following a lenghty illness. Sadie was born on May 01, 1919 and expired at Glace Bay General hospital. Sadie was the daughter of the late Joseph Currie and Sarah MacIntyre of the Sterling and attended St. Anne's Parish and school and (the old) Glace Bay High. She was the beloved sister to the late Allie, Dannie,
15. [NS-CB-L] New 1901 Census transcripts from Tony McNeil [0.981813]
--=======5EB421F1======= Content-Type: text/plain; x-avg-checked=avg-ok-6DF03D80; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Several of Tony Mcneil's transcripts of the 1901 census for parts of Cape Breton and Inverness Counties are now available for downloading from Check the update column to identify new additions. Also added is a link to Michele Pottie's transcription of 1901 L'Ardoise. Ann --=======5EB421F1=======--
16. [NS-CB-L] River Inhabitants / West Bay Road [0.981813]
Hi from Boston. Hope someone can help me. This is what I have. Maggie MacInnis (widowed- do not know husband's name) was born approximately early 1840's. She had at least three children; Neil b. 1866, Sarah b. 1863?, Maggie Ann b. 1869?. They lived in River Inhabitants at least until the turn of the century. Then they lived in West Bay Road. Neil MacInnis married Kate Gillis in 1889. They had at least five children; Margaret Mary 1889, John A. 1891, Sarah 1894, Angus 1896 and Dan 1900. It is possible / p
THE MAIL-STAR CHRONICLE-HERALD The Journal Section C Sat. Nov. 09, 2002 58 YEARS LATER, A FORMER POW COUNTS HIS BLESSINGS A wartime pilot makes a harrowing escape out of a burning Halifax bomber only to be caught three days later by Nazis in Holland and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp in Poland. By Bill Spurr Military Reporter It was supposed to be a dark and stormy night. The RCAF pilots were told at their weather briefing that the skies over the German city of Essen on June 17, 1944, would be black, wet
18. [NS-CB-L] Barra [0.981813]
Hi listers While researching my Nicholson ancestors I encountered references to 'Fuadh' as a residence. So far I have been unable to locate this community on maps of Barra (new or old). Among other things I'm wondering if it might be an old spelling of Fuday??? Bill Nicholson Fraser Lake, BC "Dear Lord, please make me right, for Thou knowest I won't change my mind!"
19. Re: [NS-CB-L] Census returns [0.981813]
I was able to open all of them and managed to save Tony's spreadsheets to my files as well. Elizabeth
20. [NS-CB-L] OBITS [0.981813]
OBITS: INVERNESS ORAN, NOVEMBER 06, 1996 MUISE MUISE, DENIS S.- 76 Cheticamp, died Oct. 22, 1996 at the Scared Heart Hospital, Cheticamp. Born in Cap Rouge, he was a son of the late Simon and Malthide (AuCoin) Muise. He was a member of St. Peter's Church, Cheticamp. He is survived by his wife the former Marie Louise Boudreau; four sons, Simon Pierre; Bernie; Aurel; and Gerald, all of Cheticamp; four daughters, Claudette (Mrs. Jean Paul Gaudet), Thelma (Mrs. Patrice Poirier), Diane (Mrs. Gerard Poirier), P
21. [NS-CB-L] Gouthro-McNeil [0.981813]
Can anyone help me with this family? I am trying to find the families of a John Gouthro who married a Martha McNeil, daughter of Michael McNeil. Both families lived in Glace Bay about 1900 and John and Martha lived in the Boston area after their marriage, 1910-1920. Thanks, Maureen
22. [NS-CB-L] West Wind to East Bay [0.981813]
Would anyone know any information on the Morrison family in the vicinity of Gillis Lake mentioned on page 572. Mark Steele Rutledge Londonderry NH
23. Re: [NS-CB-L] Barra parish records - partial list [0.981813]
Where can I look at the Barra parish records? My line of MacCodrums came to work from N. Uist and then to CB. Any info. on MacCodrum or MacOdrums would be most interesting. Thank you. John Stinson
24. Re: [NS-CB-L] Re: Lingan 1891 [0.981813]
Thanks Ann and Tony snowseeker
Hi Jane; PORT MORIEN is about 13 miles from the town of DOMINION which was called DOMINION # 1 before it became incorporated as a town in 1906. Though the area was known as Bridgeport (which included Old Bridgeport, Reserve Mines and Gardiner Mines) before 1906. It was with the sinking of the # 1shaft into the Phalen Seam of coal at Old Bridgeport, that it became known as Dominion #1, in 1894. The coal companies used numbers for their mines and people referred to the areas by their numbers till someone gav

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