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1. [NYGENESE] Joshua CLARK Darien Twsp. [1]
Hello Everyone I am trying to locate the family of a JOSHUA CLARK living in Darien Twsp What I figured out so far is the he was born around 1758-60 either in New York or Rhode Island in the 1840 census I can't seem to find where he is living or who he is living with I think he may be related to ELISHA CLARK ( 1815 NY) and my BENJAMIN CLARK ( 1790 RI) according to the census Appreciate anything anyone may have on him or his family
2. [NYGENESE] DNA Study of 1710 Palatine German Descendants of Interest to Genesee County families [1]
Genesee County families that connect to the Palatine German Immigration group of 1710 will very likely be interested in a recent announcement of the "Palatine DNA Project." You can read about this on the Upstate New York Genealogy website at: and clicking on the "UNYG Blog."
3. Re: [NYGENESE] 1840 Census SIMON CLARK problem [1]
Susan, Susan, Ancestry has the image skewed. Report it to them. Here is what I found on Darien, Genesee Co., NY - pg. 595 Simon Clark 1 male 70-80 1 female 60-70 Below his name was: Alonzo H. Clark 2 males under 5 2 females under 5 1 male 5-10 1 female 5-10 1 male 20-30 2 females 15-20 1 male 30-40 1 female 20-30 2 in agriculture Bonnie Burkhardt jm86it at wowway dot com Contibute an index of the obituaries in your newspaper to
4. Re: [NYGENESE] Joshua CLARK Darien Twsp. [1]
Susan (and the rest of the list), This is going to sound weird, but to check for Clark's in Darien check the records of Maple Wood Cemetery, Pavilion NY (still part of Genesee County). It is my wife's family. What happened was when they widened Route 20 back in the 19 teen's they removed several rows of tombstones. For some reason rather than moving the Clark family headstone to another section they knew that my wife's family were decedents of the Clark's. So they loaded it on th train and shipped it
5. Re: [NYGENESE] Joshua CLARK Darien Twsp. [1]
Hi Susan, Did you find the cemetery records for Benjamin and Elisha at _ ( ??? Also, if you haven't yet checked into it, the archives of the Genesee County GenWeb page are a GREAT resource!! HAPPY HUNTING!!! Joan Falcone Arnold _GENESEE COUNTY and vicinity RESEARCH ASSISTANCE_ ( In a message dated 1/27/2008 11:20:40 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
6. [NYGENESE] 1840 Census SIMON CLARK problem [1]
Hello Everyone Does anyone have access to the 1840 Census records for Genesee County?? I am trying to get alook at the record for SIMON CLARK problem is the image only shows the edge of the page showing the schools I can't seem to get it to move over and I have tried to find other online records but no luck ( I have Ancestry) Would like to know who was living in his home and who his neighbors were appreciate any thoughts on this Thank you
7. [NYGENESE] USGenWeb Genealogical Events Project [1]
> The USGenWeb Genealogical Events Project is in need of a new coordinator. > This is a USGenWeb Special Project. Here is the link: > > > > > > If you are interested, please contact Kathy Stokes Hudson > [] > Betty Professional Genealogy Research - Boylston Historical Society & Museum Wicks,Hammond, H
8. [NYGENESE] Google investing in Genealogy and DNA testing of the whole world. [1]
Google has an interest in DNA testing. This is news for genealogists in all counties. Anne Wojcicki, Wife of Google co-founder, has started a company, 23andme, with goals to test the DNA of 98% of the whole world! Read about it on the Upstate New York Genealogy Blog by going to our website at and clicking on "UNYG Blog". Dick Hillenbrand
9. [NYGENESE] Fw: [1]
Hello! --------------- Sent: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 21:57:29
10. [NYGENESE] Fw: [1]
Hello, --------------- Sent: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 4:17:20
11. [NYGENESE] Fw: [1]
Hi! --------------- Sent: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 21:40:33
12. [NYGENESE] Stillman Pond family of Genesee County [1]
I am looking for information on the Pond family who lived in Alabama Township, Genesee County, New York. Darius Pond, born 1772, died 1857, married Persia ______, born 1774, died 31 May 1843. A son named Enos A. Pond, born 1793, Massachusetts, died 14 November 1861, buried Reed Cemetery, Oakfield, New York; married Sally B. _______. A son named Stillman Pond, born 1828, New York, died 8 April 1889, buried Reed Cemetery; may have married Jane Abigail Thorn. Two children: Wilbur C. Pond, born 1850, and Ann
13. [NYGENESE] a thought [1]
Hi i am enjoying reading all the information from everyone. i am just getting ready to start looking for land records. but i sure wish i knew the family names you were looking for. just read a response from(forgot the first name) Wells. in my family tree it shows marie charlotte call married elting wells. it will give me the change now to drop her a note to her e-mail. could we put the family names in question something like this (call-white-harper-hensel-chittenden) and say nothing more about it, an
I'm sorry, I neglected to add the date for the PRATT obituary. It was taken from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle of March 11, 1910. Heidi Quider Gohn
15. Re: [NYGENESE] Land Record questions [1]
Ah Yes Tom! A very good point. Being an Abstractor as well as a Historian I have run across that several times. Let's not forget the "deed by will. " Always check probate files if you know other family members. Families do what they want with their land, and not always what they should. Example: Joseph Smith dies in 1850 and wills his land to his son Robert. Let's say you don't know about Joseph yet. You have Robert but can't find the deed where he lives. You look for 20 years ahead and stil
16. [NYGENESE] Holland Land Rec [1]
The Holland Land Records --which contain, names, dates, places, payments and sometimes other people either making payments or taking over payments can be ordered from you branch LDS library. I have seen them and found many of my Wells in Genesee and Orleans county. Rita Wells
17. [NYGENESE] Land Record questions [1]
Can someone out there answer a few questions on land research? I found some names in the book "Land Records of Western New York" and I want to do further research. I used the Section/Range/Township codes to identify the township & county but I can't find the names in the deed index (grantee or grantor). What is the best way to research land records in the Genesee/Niagara area? Are Holland Land Company records different from other types of land and deed records? Thanks for any advice, Roberta Fresno,
18. [NYGENESE] Cemetery photos [1]
To Heidi - My name is Will Dodge, living in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In 1999, I visited the Evergreen Hill Cemetery in Corfu, to take photos of the graves of my 4GGFather Josiah Dodge, his wife Phebe Wilson, and some descendants and collateral families such as Carter. I inadvertantly missed Josiah's brother, Zebulon, and his wife, Salome Thayer. If you could provide me with photos of these two stones(.jpg format), I will trade you grave stones of Leander and Josiah Dodge, sons of Josiah and Salome, plus
I am forwarding this from the Monroe county list in case it is of interest to anyone. Heidi Quider Gohn ERNEST PRATT Attica, March 11 - The remains of Ernest PRATT were brought here for burial yesterday from Rochester, where his death occurred Wednesday morning at the Rochester Municipal Hospital. Hospital of tuberculosis, Mr. PRATT was a son of Mrs. Nellie PRATT, formerly of Attica, but now of Alexander. He was 34 years old. He leaves, besides his mother, five brothers, Edgar, of Grand Ra
20. [NYGENESE] Land Records [1]
Thanks to all who have responded to my questions regarding the Holland Land Company and deed records. I haven't quite gotten what I need yet and I'm afraid I may have stated it poorly so I'll try again. I found names in the book "Western New York Land Transactions, 1804-1824" by Karen E. Livsey, that I think are my ancestors. The book gave me transaction dates (1817) and the Section/Township/Range number which told me the land was located in what is now Niagara County. I wanted to order the microfilm wi
21. Re: [NYGENESE] Batavia marriages [1]
Ben, I found the following in Beers' 1890 History Gazetteer and Directory of Genesee County, NY: p. 266 "Robert Clark came to Batavia in 1839, from Pennsylvania. He died in 1847. Only two children are living here: Mrs. H. Colby, wife of Jerome Colby, and Mary Clark. Rachel Spencer lives in Mahomet, Ill." Hope this is helpful! Nancy Cook
22. [NYGENESE] Re: Holland Land Records [1]
I believe that it is true that most of the records were returned to Holland, but at least some have been microfilmed. You may want to check out the following websites: I have borrowed on interlibrary loan one roll of film, but it looks like they have a lot more items of interest. Marie > Margaret Behnke wrote: > > I have corresponded with the "historians" in Batavia, and am told that the > > > > Holland Land Company so
23. [NYGENESE] BROWN / KEITH family info [1]
Would anyone on this list have any information on Nathaniel Brown (b.1800, Bethany, NY) or his wife Lorana Keith (b. 1798, Bethany, NY)? I would greatly appreciate any info concerning their parents or origins. I know that they emigrated to Ohio (Western Reserve) about 1826.
24. [NYGENESE] Holland Land records [1]
Phil, I would also like a copy of the six pages of records. Thank you. Thank you. Bev --
25. [NYGENESE] Cemetery photos [1]
I just wanted to let the list know that I live in Genesee county, NY and I'm willing to take cemetery photos at no charge. Heidi Quider Gohn

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