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1. Brooks [1]
Came across this in some old Quaker Quarterlies. Would like to correspond with others researching Jacob brooks bapt. 21 Nov. 1702 s/o William brooks and Sarah ?. His wife was Elizabeth Warren d/o Thomas Warren and Mary Hackley. Nadine Williams brinton 715 Sequoia Dr., Exeter, ca 93221 This IS OLD BUT THOUGHT YOU MIGHT LIKE INFO. Also found Warren County, Ohio, Caesar creek pioneer, Friends and Quakers cem. listing among others JAY, Moon, Mendenhall. by a dana Pruitt. Beryl
2. Re: [OhClintonCty] MOON - BROOKS - BEALS [1]
Hi Diane: Vashti Brooks who married Richard Moon was the daughter of James and Sarah Wright Brooks. His mother was believed to have been an Elizabeth Warren Brooks. Sarah Wright's parents were the well documented family of John and Rebecca Wells Wright. All good Quaker families. I am still checking for my notes on Vashti Brooks b. 1809. Beryl
3. BEAL - BEALE [1]
I saved these OH census listings because they contain BARKLEY/BARCLAY's in them, but I just noticed they also contain BEAL and BEALE. Since I remember there are a number of BEAL families in Clinton county, I thought the info might be helpful to Clinton BEAL searchers. Or someone on the list might know the connection between the BEAL's and the BARKLEY's, who are listed in the same households. Diana :-) (Searching for ancestors of Harriet BARCLAY b 1815 OH+Nathan REED b 1814 VA, married 1826 Muskingum, Adams
4. BAILEY - MOON -- Military Land Grants - Clinton Co OH [1]
D. BAILEY - 12-5-1804 - 400 acres - Liberty & Union Co's. Daniel H. MOON - Date Established 1828 - Jefferson Twp - Westboro (Quaker Now Abandoned)
5. Benjamin BABB - War of 1812 - Dartmoor Prison [1]
I remember there are many BABB's in early Clinton history... This website was posted on another list, which contains the name Benjamin BABB as a seaman prisoner of War in 1815. There are many surnames listed as well. Hope this information will be helpful to someone, Diana Chapman Owen
6. 1810 Land - Clinton Co., OH - MOON, BAILY, BARKLEY - NELSON - STANTON - BUCK - RIDLEY [1]
MOON, James - # of Survey-1558 +67 - Chester Twp, Clinton Co., OH BAILY, Daniel - # of Survey-4613 - To Whom Entered-Daniel BAILY 300(acres?) - Clinton Co., OH BAILY, Daniel - # of Survey-1733 - To Whom Entered-William NELSON - Clinton Co., OH BAILY, Daniel - # of Survey-4675 - To Whom Entered-Fred STANTON - Green Co., OH BARKLEY, John - # of Survey-2754 - To Whom Entered-Christian BUCK - Vernon Twp, Clinton Co., OH BARKLEY, Edward - # of Survey-1606 - To Whom Entered-Thomas RIDLEY - Clinton Co., O
7. William BAILEY - Martha BAILEY WALTHOL - from "The Old Folks Of Clinton Co., OH" (over age 80-written-Oct 1867) [1]
From FHL microfilm-- Taken from "The Old Folks of Clinton Co. .....who are over 80 years" October 1867 "William BAILEY, near Township House, Chester Twp, (Clinton Co., OH) born 30 Oct 1781 in Amelia Co., VA. To Ohio at early period. First residence on hill above Corwin, Warren Co., (OH). To Clinton County on Turkey Run, date of settlement not definitely known, but he recalls that it was before the first house in Wilmington was built (1810)." Note (by Diana) - William BAILEY died in 1869. He was marrie
8. Early Methodist Church Member List ? [1]
Is anyone aware of an early Wilmington, Clinton Co., OH, Methodist Church Member list, please? Still looking for my BROOKS -- Abidan BAILEY(Quaker) and Vashti BROOKS were married 3/30/1826 by William Millikan, ME Minister of the Gospel. Thank you, Diana
9. Mt. Pleasant High school [1]
am looking for any pictures of the Mt. Pleasant High School, located on US 68 and Mt. Pleasant Rd, near Wilmington, in Clinton County, Ohio. Jerry Edgington
10. BROOKS - SEWELL marriage [1]
Brooks, Elizabeth Married: June 25, 1832 in: Clinton Co., OH Spouse: SEWELL, AMOS T. Gender: F More: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0568594.
Hi Beryl, Hope you are feeling better. Thank you so much for the information about James and Sarah WRIGHT BROOKS being the parents of the elder Vashti BROOKS b 1766-1768 NC. I think we are getting closer to finding my younger Vashti BROOKS b 1809 OH. Excerpt from book-- "Quakers in the SC backcountry, Wateee snd Bush River" "John, Joseph and William Wright, next mentioned in thr annals, settled and died, I think (except John, who died in Newbery) in Clinton County, OH, in Indiana and Illinois Two other brot
12. BROOKS names on - OHIO Tax List - 1810 [1]
BROOKS, James - Fairfield BROOKS, Aaron - Columbiana BROOKS, Absolom - Clermont BROOKS, Amedeus - Trumbull BROOKS, Benjamin - Cuyhoga BROOKS, Benjamin - Highland BROOKS, Demascus - Adams BROOKS, George - Ross BROOKS, Hannaniah - Geauga BROOKS, Humphrey - Adams BROOKS, James - Highland BROOKS, Jeremiah - Trumbull BROOKS, John - Clermont BROOKS, John - Jefferson BROOKS, Micagy - Trumbull BROOKS, N. - Ross BROOKS, Nang - Highland
13. History of Clinton Co - Wm MILLIKAN - Amos T. SEWELL - THATCHER - MOORE - ZAINES - SABIN and more [1] William Millikan, a saddler, settled in Wilmington between the years 1812 and 1815. He served for some years as Justice of the Peace, and finally removed to Indiana. Amos T. Sewell settled about 1814. His vocation was that of a school-teacher, and be sometimes worked at shoemaking. He was for some years a Justice of the Peace, and was County Recorder by appoint. ment until the office became elective, being afterward elected to the same office. Mr
14. BARKLEY - SEWELL marriage [1]
Found on Marriage Index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850 Barkley, Silvanus Married: May 07, 1844 in: Clinton Co., OH Spouse: SEWELL, NANCY JANE Gender: M More: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0568594.
15. Re: [OhClintonCty] Obits - Wilmington, OH - JAMES [1]
Thanks. Joan/Ohio
16. Re: [OhClintonCty] Obits - Wilmington, OH - I'M DONE :-) [1]
My appreciation is unlimited I lived in the area 79 years ago and know lots of the names you refer to. Bless you for your kindness.
> I posted part of this ancestry earlier today, but new names have been > uncovered. This is not my BAILEY line, but hope this information is helpful to other BAILEY searchers-- > > Thomas BAILEY b 1730-1759, d 1784-1844 Warren Co., OH > + Mary CRITTENDON b 1739-1762, d 1784-1850 Warren Co., OH > > children- Anna BAILEY Mary BAILEY Rachel BAILEY Elenaor BAILEY Thomas BAILEY Maria BAILEY William BAILEY b 6-30-1781 VA, d 5-22-1869 Clinton Co., OH marriage 1 - Sarah RISON b 1770-1784 VA, d 1819 Warren Co
18. William BAILEY b 1781 VA - son of Thomas BAILEY + Mary CRITTENDON [1]
Pat Vanderwerf, I am soooo excited !! In Family Tree(s) I found the parents of both your WILLIAM BAILEY b 1781 and his wife SIDNEY (LYDIA) MILLS 1802 :-) Thomas BAILEY b 1730-1759, d 1784-1844 Warren Co., OH + Mary CRITTENDON b 1739-1762, d 1784-1850 Warren Co., OH child-William BAILEY b 6-30-1781 VA, d 5-22-1869 Clinton Co., OH marriage 1 - Sarah RISON b 1770-1784 VA, d 1819 Warren Co., OH, m 1770-1794 VA marriage 2 - Sidney (Lydia) MILLS b 2-9-1801 Newbury SC, d 3-3-1884 Clinton
19. Methodist Episcopal Church, History of Clinton Co., OH (1849 Cyrus BROOKS, Presiding Elder) [1] (Anyone know anything about this Cyrus BROOKS, Presiding Elder in 1849???? Thanks, Diana) Methodist Episcopal Church.-The history of this organization in Wilmington begins with the year 1814, at which time the village belonged to White Oak Circuit, Miami district. It was subsequently assigned to Cincinnati Circuit, to Milford, Lebanon, etc., and, in 1849, was detached from Wil- ----------------------------------------------------------------
20. How Do I Order a Probate Record for Clinton Co., OH??? [1]
Hello Fellow Listers, Thanks to Beryl checking in her Clinton Co., OH marriage record book, I now know Vashti BROOKS and Abidan BAILEY were married-- March 30, 1826, Clinton Co., OH, by William Millikan-J.P. Beryl said there was an (*) Asterisk next to Vashti Brooks name (listed in the marriage record book as BASHTI BROOKS). In the front of the marriage book, the asterisk indicated it means there is a probate record. So, I don't know the date of the Probate Record (other than the marriage date). Is it poss
21. BARKLEY - FANNON marriage [1]
From Marriage Index: Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850 Barkley, Martha J. Married: Sep 17, 1846 in: Clinton Co., OH Spouse: FANNON, JAMES Gender: F More: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0568594.
22. Re: [OhClintonCty] Mary HAWORTH - Daniel BAILEY (and many other HAWORTH names) [1]
I know this message is a month old and my question might be really obvious but... 'Twas writ: > MARY HAWORTH was born in Greene County(Tennessee) on Feb 19 1788. > She went with her family to Ohio and in about 1807, she married DANIEL H. BAILEY. > Daniel was born in Prince George County, Virginia on December 31, 1777 > and moved with his parents to Ohio in 1804. He was a son of ABIDAN H. BAILEY and SARAH SEARS. They remained in CLINTON CO.,(OH) all their lives. Daniel died July 12, 1844 and Mary died July
23. 1810 Tax on Land -Clinton County, OH (partial list) ANDERSON, BAILY, BARKLEY, MOON, SEWELL [1]
ANDERSON, Jno (7 entries) - Richland Twp BAILY, Daniel (4 entries) - Richland Twp BARKLEY, Edward - Vernon Twp BARKLEY, John - Vernon Twp MOON, James - Chester Twp SEWELL, Aron - Vernon Twp SEWELL, David - Vernon Twp SEWELL, John - Vernon Twp Information taken from FHL microfilm Diana Chapman Owen
24. Vashti BROOKS m. Abidan BAILEY [1]
Found on Brooks, Bashti Married: Mar 30, 1826 in: Clinton Co., OH Spouse: BAILEY, ABDIDAN Gender: F More: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0568594. Oh where, oh where are parents of Bashti/Vashti BROOKS ??????? Diana

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