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1. Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 15:23:27 -0400 [1]
Hi Paul-roots I am interested in finding info on John Paul Born 1823 Indentured on the Thomas Ritchie 1837 at 14 yr. Married 1856 at Paddington London UK to Maria Holland Died on July 4 1890at Long Road. interned at Long Sutton July 10 . Children; Clara Fanny, Died as an infant William Theodore, Died as infant Frederick Thomas, Died at 28 yr. on Mar. 14-1897 in West Conchahocken, PA. USA. I believe he hade a daugther,Florence Paul Hertzog Born july 20-1897 Looking forward for a responce Regards Curt Michene
2. PA - West VA - Ohio - Illinois PAULS [1]
Does anyone have Scottish/English Pauls who may have immigrated to PA and then spread out from there? I have traced my Paul family to John Paul and Nancy Johnson, who married in Cabell City, Greenbriar County, West Virginia. The Greenbriar genweb site says most of the early pioneers there came from PA, where they found the Quaker religion incompatible with their beliefs or too restrictive. In looking at PA Pauls, I find mostly Germans. Our family tradition says very definitely Scottish. John Paul and Nan
3. Re: PA - West VA - Ohio - Illinois PAULS [1]
Carolyn, You replied to a message of mine on gen forum or "Paul's in Fayette Co., Ohio" I believe they actually started in Ross County or moved there at one time. I have not yet made a connection. I have a collection of information that I have obtained off of the internet that I put in a Word document. Of course there are lots of John's but not married to a Nancy. I have a Nimrod Paul in this information. I'll send you the file. --- Carolyn Branch wrote: > Does
4. PAULL, Berkley, MA ... 1700 - 1800's [1]
Info from the library in Middleboro, MA: _Berkley, Bristol, MA Cemetery Inscription_ by Gail E. Terry Heritage Books, Inc. Desire PAULL, b. 8/16/1788, d. 12/19/1858 Miss Ruth PAULL d. 10/13/1845 (rest under ground) Ebenezer PAULL, d. 9/2/1825 a. 88 Ebanezer PAULL d. 11/15/1824 Luther PAULL d. 10/16/1801 a. 21 Fanny, dau. of Ebenezer PAULL, (she) d. 7/25/1823 a. 42 Jeremiah, son of Lt. Jeremiah & Jane PAULL, d. 1/31/1795 a. 2 mos. Alethia, wife Edward PAULL (she) d. 4/3/1792 a. 39 Mrs. Olive, wife
5. John Paul [1]
I am researching my great grandfather John Paul. I am having no luck on his ancestry but, good luck on his descendants. Here is my line: Darryl Chapman s/o Joe Chapman and Evelyn Byrge s/o Henry Edgar "Ed" Chapman and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Paul, Daughter of JOHN PAUL and Elizabeth Maize (Mays, Maze, etc.) John Paul came from NC or VA. I don't have a birth date. Lizzie's is 1888. He lived in Campbell and Claiborne Counties in TN. I can prove him on the 1880 and 1890 census. But that is it. If any one can point
6. William and Joshua PAUL of Newport, RI, 1700s [1]
I've been working for a while on two PAUL families that lived in Newport, RI during the 1700s. Logic suggested that the only two PAUL families in town probably were related, but it has been hard to pin down a link. William PAUL married Penelope GOULDING circa 1715, and had a son William PAUL and daughters Mary PAUL and Niobe PAUL. The younger William PAUL went on to be quite prominent in Newport; he married Mary Haywood at Newport, July 25, 1736. Joshua PAUL married Sarah SANFORD at Newport, accordi
7. Re: [PAUL-ROOTS] Paul from Belzig, Brandenburg [1]
Sorry, my Paul family in the 17th and 18th century lived far to the southwest, near Stuttgart. Since you know the town and birth year, you may have luck with the microfilmed church records from the LDS church. I found them to be a tremendous resource. Bob Paul Jeanne Linley wrote: My great great great grandmother was Christiane Elisabeth Paul born in Belzig, Brandenburg in 1753. She married Johann Bernhard Joachim Christian Christinneck in 1771 and died in 1807 in nearby Dahnsdo
8. [PAUL-ROOTS] Paul from Belzig, Brandenburg [1]
My great great great grandmother was Christiane Elisabeth Paul born in Belzig, Brandenburg in 1753. She married Johann Bernhard Joachim Christian Christinneck in 1771 and died in 1807 in nearby Dahnsdorf, Brandenburg. I am searching for any Pauls from Belzig. I would like to know who her parents were in Belzig. Jeanne Lorf Linley .
9. Re: PAUL-ROOTS-D Digest V03 #9 [1]
Did James have a brother. I have a Alex Paul born in IL in 1825. Is there a Mitchell Paul in your family? Maria from Michigan
10. PA Pauls [1]
Still looking for Pauls in Washington Co., PA- James (b. 1845) & Hannah Paul and forward. Any info would be appreciated! Susan
11. James Paul b. c1820 IL [1]
After having been gone from the list for a very long time and now using a new email address... I figured it was time to query again. James Paul born c1820 in IL, possibly; married to a Margaret born c1824 in IL, again possibly. The only child I am aware of is Margaret Ann born Dec 23, 1846 in Montgomery Co., IL and she married a Thomas D. Anderson born April 11, 1844. Anyone have these people in their tree? Sure could use some help on the Paul family. Thanks. Ed Crabtree From the State of Missouri in
12. [PAUL-ROOTS] PAUL Family Photograph [1]
I've "rescued" an old ambrotype photograph of Burlington PAUL. The photograph is mounted on glass, wrapped in brass, and indicates that the photograph was made by Davis Brothers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1859. A sticker placed on the back of the photograph indicates that he is connected to the WITHINGTON Family as well, though no specific relationship is referenced. I would guess that Burlington was likely in his 40's or 50's at the time the photograph was taken. I'm hoping to locate someone from t
13. Re: TELEPHONE rates paid ?? [1]
Thank you for that message. It may help me save a lot of money, expecially when I call home to my parents. I will call AT"T and find out about it. Again Thankyou. Jody Paul
14. (fwd) Your kind offer ..... [1]
The following may be of interest to those with English PAUL interests. Victor On Wed, 2 Apr 1997 12:56:39 -0500, Stuart Tamblin wrote: >Victor, > >No Judsons or Clutterbucks in the DB but remember I have concentrated on >the early years. > >Pauls: > >Ann Paul Summer assizes accessary to felony not = guilty >31 1826 CWL =20 >Ann Paul January session City of Westminster larceny = 7d >4 1808 MDX =20
15. Paul Surname [1]
I would be interested in your Paul surnames. I maiden name was Paul and I have started researching my family tree. My great grandfather was Joseph Paul and married Florilla Osborne. I have been trying to find a town in Indiana named Oldenburg. His baptismal records are from there in German. Could you please let me know of this place. Thanks Tammy Lewis (Paul). TLEWIS@ACXIOM.COM FMIS/FIT HQB/2 EXT. 1261
16. PAUL in Portsmouth/Hampshire/Somerset, England [1]
I am looking for ancestors of Nicholas PAUL, born about 1700, in White Lockington, Somerset, England. He married Grace BARBER in Brokenhurst, Hampshire, in 1736 and also married Mary SANCHY (later? earlier?). Their children were Nicholas, Silas, James, John, Charles, Jane, and Grace. Nicholas PAUL Jr. married Elizabeth REEVES 12 Jun 1767 in Alverstoke, Hants, England. They had the following children: Mary, Elizabeth, Jenny or Jane, John, William Alexander, and James. Any of this sound like a match fo
17. TELEPHONE rates paid ?? [1]
If you make long distance telephone calls within the U.S. while researching your genealogy, and are also using AT&T, be SURE to ASK FOR their cheapest rate!! I was in AT&T's "True Savings" plan (which I heard about through the grapevine and previously asked them for) for which I was eligible for a 25% discount on my long distance calls. But I recently learned, also via the grapvine, that AT&T would give customers a dime a minute rate IF YOU CALLED AND ASKED FOR IT!!! No notice from AT&T of this spcia
18. All I Want For Christmas [1]
All I Want For Christmas Dear Santa: Don't bring me new dishes; I don't need a new kind of game. Genealogists have peculiar wishes; For Christmas I just want a surname. A new washing machine would be great, But it isn't the desire of my life. I've just found an ancestor's birth date, Now I need the name of his wife. My heart doesn't yearn for a ring that would put a real diamond to shame. What I want is a much cheaper thing: Please give
19. Paul family query [1]
Hello, I am searching for information on a Paul family. Samuel PAUL was born in 1850 in Germany and emigrated to Evansville, IN. His wife's name was Pauline and she was born in 1857 in Germany. His family was Jewish. They lived in Evansville and across the border in Henderson, KY. They had many children, namely Ben, Jacob, Bertha, Herbert, Lee, Abraham and Augusta. If anyone has information on this family please e-mail me at
20. Wiley/Wm. PAUL [1]
Searching for info on Wiley/Wm. PAUL, b. 1799-1805 (PROBABLY in NC). MAY be same Wiley Paul who m. Rebecca BIGS in Robeson Co. NC in 1829. They had following children in NC: Malinda c. 1830, Macon c. 1832, Lewis c. 1834, Elizabeth c. 1836, then Abraham c. 1838 in TN. Wife #1 died 1838-1844 & Wiley/Wm. m. 2nd Mary (McDonel?) & had following children in Tippah Co., MS: Pearson c. 1844, William R. c. 1846, Phely/Pheby Clementine c. 1847, Thomas S. c. 1851, Tabitha Ann b. 1853, Emiline b. 1855, and
21. PAUL Family-Woodford Co., Kentucky [1]
Hi- I am interested in the PAUL family from Woodford Co., KY. Believe they lived in the community of Mortonsville. There is a road in that area named Paul's Mill Road. Thanks for any help. Linda GUDGEL FINNELL
22. PAULS in Louisiana [1]
Hi, I'm new to the list and would like to know if anyone knows of any of these PAUL families. My grandfather and father were named Lewis Paul WALKER. My grandfather was born in Ouachita Par., Arkansas in 1894 and my father was born in Lasalle Parish, Louisiana in 1928. The following PAUL graves were found in LaSalle Parish, LA in Chalk Hill cemetery: PAUL, Willie Bond b. 01 Sep 1902 d. 19 Mar 1948 PAUL, William Henry b. 06 Oct 1861 d. 07 Feb 1935 PAUL, Estella b. 1870 d. 1936 PAUL, J.A. b. 12 A
23. PAUL, WILEY [1]
In search of Wiley/ Wylie PAUL abt 1862 d unk. He married April 25, 1886 Campbell Co, TN to NANCY HARMON. She was b abt 1866 Campbell Co, TN to Ephriam Harmon & Elvira Stokes. 1870 Campbell Co, TN census records Jackson Paul 30 TN 1840 Druce 28 1842 WILEY 8 1862 William 6 1864 Catherine 4 1866 Margaret 3 1867 I searched for a marriage record for Jackson & Druce in Anderson, Campbell & Knox Co, T
24. PAUL WYLIE [1]
In search of Wylie Paul b&d unk. He married April 25, 1886 Campbell Co, TN. She was b abt 1866 Campbell Co, TN to Ephriam Harmon & Elvira Stokes. This is everything I know on Paul & Nancy. Obviously they moved away from Campbell Co or died before the 1900 Census Records. Can anyone help? Gloria Fay Burris
25. Re: Paul [1]
In a message dated 98-10-26 18:27:40 EDT, you write: << >> Hello, my name is Steve Forehand. I am working on my Mom-in-Law's family, can you help? Her name is Doris Jimmerson Robbins, her mother's name was Lois Paul Jimmerson. Lois' Father was W.A. Paul...I believe the W.A. Stands for William Augustus. The family was originally from the Coffee Co. Alabama area, before moving to FL in the mid to late 1920's. Gussy Jane Paul, was also a daughter born to W.A. Paul and Jenny B

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