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1. Pettinger------Patterson [1]
Elsie Mabel Pettinger b. June 22,1884 married Geeorge Ernest Patterson b. 1887-1925 CHILDREN: Ethel Marion George Wayne John Allen Richard Victor Lee
2. Richard Palmer Pettinger--------Australia [1]
Looking for information on Richard Palmer Pettinger who was a POLICE COMMISSIONER and shot and killed in the Govenors mansion by a disgruntled x employee, Seaver. Richard found his way from Canada to South Australia where he was killed on February 4,1862 and is buried in St. Matthews Church Kensington.
3. Pettenger & Tabilet/Tabeley [1]
John George Tabeley of Throg's Neck, NY bc 172_, will dated 16 Oct 1782 proved 24 Feb 1783. MB 20 Oct 1763 Hannah Pettenger. Issue *Catharine, Dorothy, Mary/Magdalene, Jacob. Ref.: Davis, Norman, WESTCHESTER PATRIARCHS (prior to 1755), pub 1988. Hannah, John and Catharine are my ancestors. Catharine Tabilet eventually married Abraham Belyea. I would like to know more about them all; have I come to the right place? Thanks, w.
Hi - Trying to find out more information regarding Arthur PETTINGER/PITTENGER, who was a stone mason supposedly from New York. Tradition says he was the builder of my stone house around 1841, so I would guess his date of birth to be somewhere between 1800 and 1820. I can't find him on any traditional sources. There is some confusion as to his identity, because he is alternatively referred to in documents regarding the house as Andrew PETTIGREW. Sandy Redmond Calhoun County MIGenWeb
5. Michigan [1]
Looking for connections toChester Pettinger born Jna 26, 1885 died Jan 1976 in Michigan. Also Ehel Pettinger born feb. 6,1891 died in Michigan May 1967. David Pettinger born Oct. 20, 1880 died Ma 1973 Michigan. Chester and Ethel were husband and wife and originally came from Canada.
6. Patterson-Pettinger-Bullock [1]
Looking for the family line of George Patterson who married into the line of Elsie Pettinger Has following children: Elsie Pettinger also m. 2nd John W Bullock. and had children. John Petterson m. Evelyn Morrison Richard Paterson m Lorna Higgs George Patterson Ethel Patterson m. Albert Fox Upstate NY area possibly canada.
7. Hannah m. Tabeley, 1760s [1]
Hello, Please help me find my Hannah Pettinger who is mentioned in WESTCHESTER PATRIARCHS: Prior to 1755 by Norman Davis, 1988 (pub.). I'm thinking Throg's Neck, NY and on to New Brunswick. Thanks, w.
8. [PETTINGER] HILL Family Photograph with connection to PETTINGER Family [1]
I've "rescued" an old photograph of Clair LeCount HILL which was taken at the C. I. Lehmer Studio in Syracuse, Nebraska. The photograph was a gift "To Mrs. Eva LITTLEFIELD" and notes Clair's birthdate as 13 Dec 1886. I would guess that the photograph was taken in the 1880's and that Clair was probably about 3-4 years old at the time it was taken. Based on limited research I was able to locate the family in census records as follows: 1900 census of Syracuse, NE: Daniel T. HILL, age 42, born July 1857, m
9. Cornelius Pettinger [1]
Clear DayDoes anyone have any information re: Cornelius (Case) PETTINGER (Pittinger, Petenger, Pettenga) Born - 12/23/1882 in Montague, Michigan M. - Effie BABCOCK of Atlanta, MI (don't have the date. Parents - Father - John PETTENGA b. Netherlands Mother- Anna BOUMA b. Netherlands One of the difficulties I am having is that various members of the family spell their surname various ways. Cornelius was born PETTENGA. He died PETTINGER in 1982 just before his 100th birthday.

Viewing 1-9 of 9 matches from 40,277,463 documents

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