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1. [Pfalz] Anne Scharffenberg Forchammer [1]
Hello. I don`t have any near relatives in Germany ,but I`, searching for a distant relative. He was christened Sven Scharffenberg Ulsaker ,and born in Larvik ,Vestfold County ,Norway 14 June 1902. Her father Sven Cassander Ulsaker 1879-1902 was a musician and died from pneumonia ,and the mother was Anne Cathrine Scharffenberg ,born in Stavanger 1876. In the probate of Sven Scharffenberg Ulsaker`s greatgrandmother 1917 ,Sven was called "Sven Ulsaker Forchammer" ,and it was stated that he was in German
2. [Pfalz] German first name sounds like Zennin? [1]
Was just talking with a woman I've been working with trying to tie our two families together and she mentioned that she had one first cousin over in Germany that she ever knew of and his first name was Zennin. She's sure she never saw the name written down so she doesn't know how it was spelled. She's a sharp 86-year-old and I have no reason to doubt her about this name. I've just never seen or heard of it before. I tried and tried every spelling I could think of. I'm sure it
3. Re: [Pfalz] German first name sounds like Zennin? [1]
Robin - I looked in Nancy Ellen Carlberg's "Names, Nicknames and Misspelled Names", for Zennin: Here is what I found, so far: Zenon (male) Cenon, Seni, Senon, Zennon, Zeno, Zenoah, Zenonas. Zewek, Zinon. Zenona (female) Cenona, Senona Under Seni, (male) see Asenath, Simon, Zenon Maureen Schoenky ************************************** See AOL's top rated recipes (
4. [Pfalz] Anne Scharffenberg Forchammer [1]
Erik, According to the German surname-mapping site , the names Scharffenberg and the more common Scharfenberg tend to concentrate in the northern fringe of the country near Hamburg, with only a sprinkling in the Pfalz. The north of Germany has a religious affinity with Norwegians, as well as old sea trade connections, so unless you have specific evidence pointing to a Palatinate origin for your Scharffenbergs, I would guess the north would be a likelier source. The n
5. [PFALZ] Neustadt Thanks [1]
Thanks to everyone for all the help!! The translation site, etc. worked fine, some chuckles over some of the words, but it certainly is a wonderful service. I was able to get pictures, history, etc. of the area. It is a well known area for wine and oddly enough I'm from the Central New York, near the Finger Lakes area which is the wime growing area in New York. Also, I found the _ on my keyboard. Thanks for the help with the name and pronunciation of the _. Most people think that Hause is pronounced "ho
6. [PFALZ] Re: PFALZ-D Digest V00 #139 [1]
Sorry, I must have missed to resource place to purchase German Research Companion. Could someone email me personally the supplier? Thanks, Susan Spano FHC Director CSNStake, Colorado ________________________________________________________________ YOU'RE PAYING TOO MUCH FOR THE INTERNET! Juno now offers FREE Internet Access! Try it today - there's no risk! For your FREE software, visit:
7. [PFALZ] Paraguay [1]
The Paraguay left London, England 29 August 1869. As far as I can tell it made no stops before docking in New York City about 3 weeks later. The ships list can be obtained from LDS. My g-g-grandfather was a passenger from London on the ship. Good hunting, Kay -- Genealogy without documentation is mythology!
8. Re: [PFALZ]Balborn, French Republic [1]
Hello all...... I am looking for the town of Balborn, or might be Belborn, or Bolborn. When Barbara Qahm or Rahm was born in 1805 in Balborn that was part of the French Republic,,, I would like to know where Balborn is today... I am reading a marriage record from Otterberg, Germany dated 1840 and Barbara Rahm is to marry Franz Melkus. Could any one let me know more about the location of the French Republic? I know that this country exhisted from 17
9. [PFALZ] Bergen_town / Risch_family [1]
I am looking for location of town of Bergen. Here is record I am working with: Volume 1 (marriage records) "(page 8, 1853, entry 17) In preacher's home, in Green Bay on 11 August, August Speerschneider born in Blankenburg, Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt married Caroline Risch born in Bergen, F|rstenthum Birkenfeld." Translated from East Side Moravian Church, Green Bay,Wisconsin by Ellen Marie Piehl accredited genealogist in 1984 in book named "German Birthplaces of Green Bay Area Immigrants" On 1860 Wisconsi
Henry HOTEL b. abt. 1865 Rheinfalz Eliza HOTEL b. abt. 1866 Rheinfalz Fred HOTEL b. abt. 1878 Koblenz stating on census record that father and mother born in Alsace-Lorraine Also Henry HOTEL married to Barbara HODERLEIN. Family says this Henry Hotel was born in Alsace-Lorraine. Barbara may also have been born there or somewhere else in Germany. Thanks. Delores
11. [PFALZ] Rüdesheim [1]
Would the city of R|desheim that is currently in the district of Bad Kreuznach have been in the State of Nassau in the 1850's? Roger Nichols
12. [PFALZ] DIETZ Surname in Rhineland-Pfalz and Westphalia [1]
I am trying to locate additional information concerning my German DIETZ ancestors. If any of these names are familiar I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Johann Steffen DIETZ (b. 1600s, Raubach, Rhineland-Pfalz) Wilhelm DIETZ (b. 1600s, Raubach, Rhineland-Pfalz). Married Elsbeth KNIE (b. 14 Feb 1660, Siegen, Westfalen) on 10 May 1698 in Niederschelden, Siegen, Westfalen. Johann Adam DIETZ (b. 15 Jan 1699, Siegen, Westfalen and d. 2 Dec 1760, Siegen, Westfalen). First married Anna Catharina W
13. [PFALZ] Need Help! [1]
Good afternoon: I am trying to find the location of birth of my gggrandparents: LUKAS, Michael b. 1827 and MIEDEL, Magdalena b. 1837 in Rheinland, Bavaria? Michael LUKAS and his wife and five adult children immigrated about 1888 with five of their adult children. One child for sure, remained in Germany. Michael was 61 years old when they immigrated. For some of their children, census records say they were born in Niederberg, Bavaria. One child's marriage records says, Varsaw. Another says Hvmannsberg. My f
14. [PFALZ] PORTZ surname post [1]
Jakob PORTZ b. 1817 (Ruppertsecken) = 1840 Christine EBERLE (b. Steckweiler 1816). (Johann) Phillippe PORTZ b. 1784 = 1813 Sus. Marg. SPIES (1791-1830). Michael PORTZ b. 1737 = Elise Marg. METZ (1747-1833). It is said that the PORTZ name came from early Portuguese immigrants (PORTAS). Trying to find info on that tale. My PORTZ family was later centered in Rockenhausen. Grateful for any links, Larry Koch
15. [PFALZ] BRAUSER, REMÜNDER, HECHT:Imsbach 1790s+ [1]
Hello All, My first post to this list. Does anyone's research take them into Imsbach or Winnweiler...(part of the Rhine-Pfalz). Recent find: GGG/grandfather, Georg Heinrich REM\NDER , a basketmaker, was born about 1792 in Imsbach/Pfalz as a son of Karl Friedrich REM\NDER. Georg married about 1820 in Imsbach to Juliane HECHT, born about 1795 in Otterstadt, daughter of Franz Xaver HECHT and Margarethe BRAUSER. Good evening, Deb Tallahassee,FL
16. [PFALZ] Wollnau Church? [1]
Can anyone tell me if Wollnau has a church to which I could write for records or whether it is part of another parish? I'm looking for Lutheran church records from 1843. Thanks, Nancy homepage: SEARCH my GEDCOM at Rootsweb: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Researching Surnames England - ATKINSON, GLEDHILL (Halifax Yorkshire), TAYLOR (Lanchester, Durham) Germany - DICK, JUNG,
17. Re: [PFALZ] Grossmaischeid [1]
Hello Marian, Grossmaischeid belongs to the district (Kreis) Neuwied North of Koblenz. The district Neuwied became 1815 part of the Prussian Rheinland but never belonged to Bavaria. Since 1946 it is integrated in the federal state (Bundesland) Rheinland-Pfalz whose Pfalz-part was Bavarian. Best regards Ernst Dierich ----- Original Message ----- From: Marian Dietrich To: Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2000 8:17 PM Subject: [PFALZ] Grossmaischeid > I understand there
18. RE: [PFALZ] Ortspedell [1]
Perhaps a native German speaker has already answered question in private, but if not, here's my two cents. My German-English dictionary translates Pedell as "caretaker". Duden's Rechtschreibung offers further information, in German, which I translate as follows: Pedell: mostly Austrian. Archaic for: Caretaker of a school or college. Unfortunately, neither my dictionaries nor my Duden's have an entry for Ortspedell. This is just a random guess then, but perhaps then Ortspedell meant "local caretaker",
19. [PFALZ] JETTER/YETTER, WUST, MEYER in Vollmersweiler & Freckenfeld [1]
Researching JETTER./YETTER/JEATTER, WUST and MEYER in the areas of Vollmersweiler and Freckenfeld in Rhein-Pfalz. I have some sketchy info from about 1780-1835 and then more documentation from 1835-1854. My branch of the family moved to America in 1854, settling in Northern IL. See my info below: Mary Spurgeon My Yetter Page: 1. JOHN GEORGE1 YETTER1 was born 27 August 17741. Child of JOHN GEORGE YETTER is: 2. i. MATHEUS2 YETTER, d. 01 Au
20. RE: [PFALZ] German Research [1]
Hello Kay I highly recommend you use Interlibrary Loan to borrow the three-volume first edition of Strassburger, Ralph B., "Pennsylvania German Pioneers: A publication of the original lists of arrivals in the port of Philadelphia from 1727-1808." The original 3-vol edition from, I believe 1934, includes a volume containing the passengers' facsimile signatures; the 1966 reprint by the Geneaological Publishing Company omits that volume. You already have the relevant passenger list, apparently, but Strassburge
21. [PFALZ] Erbach - correction [1]
In the reply about Erbach I put in the wrong direction for the last two Erbach. The correct is they are east of Worms (not west).
22. [PFALZ] Researching Ringeisen [1]
Researching RINGEISENs in the area of WALDMOHR on the Saarland border. If anyone has any information regarding this name in this area, I would appreciate the help. Specifically I am looking for information on: Friedrich Jakob Ringeisen b. 20 March 1772, Webswiler, Pfalz, Germany m. abt. 1799 to Katharina Marx (d. 9 Dec 1815) m. 16 April 1824 to Anna Katharina Schmidt d. 3 Nov 1838, Altbreitenfelderhof (near Waldmohr) Children to 2nd marriage: Charlotte, b. 24 March 1829, Altbreitenfelderhof, Pfalz Phili
23. RE: [PFALZ] Rheinhessen [1]
Carol, One name in your email was very familiar. There are Christmanns sprinkled throughout the records I researched in the Feilbingert/Ebenburg/Altenbamberg region, they're all over the graveyards, and there are Christmanns still living in the region, one family running a large nursery in Feilbingert. Grunstadt is southeast of the Alsenz river valley in which the above towns are located. But not too far away to intermarry. The French were in control of the region between about 1789 and 1815, accordin
24. [PFALZ] Bengel Family from the Maxdorf Area, Rheinland-Pfalz [1]
I am attempting to trace the Bengel family who came from the area of Maxdorf. I would like to determine the birthdates of Karl Bengel who was reportedly born in 1814 and his wife Sara Lauer (year unknown). I would also like to find out where they were born and where and when they married. I know that they had at least 6 children whose names were: 1. Johann 2. Andreas 3. Maria 4. Karl 5. Martin 6. Apollonia Any information that anyone has concerning this family would
25. [PFALZ] BECKER and other surnames [1]
All the talk of Zweibrucken and Kaiserlautern prompts me to enter some of the surnames in my BECKER family tree. My BECKER family had a farm, Klosterbergerhof, in Winterbach, near Zweibrucken. Some of the names associated with my Beckers include BLINN (from Kashofen), RUNG (from Thalfroschen), DANNER and LANG (Winterbach) and SCHAFER (of Beidershausen). I would enjoy hearing from anyone who might have a connection to my BECKER family. Graechen Becker Stewart

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